Long Way To Heaven,Three Short Steps To Hell….

August 27 1985…..Helix/Honeymoon Suite

So the big Helix arena rock tour shows up to Tbay in the soon to be back to school season. What a better way for me, my best friend TBone and his two younger brothers Rugg and Darr to cap off the summer with some Rock! Honeymoon Suite opened the show  as there debut album was still selling like hot cakes on the back of the tracks New Girl Now and Wave Babies so off go the lights and there At the back of the arena floor is Derry Grehan (guitarist)and heads to the front of the stage playing the opening number Funny Business pretty impressive that I remember the manouver all these yrs later,more impressive was the fact that it was the opening band. Goes to show ya that Helix were chill with there support and were confident in there own abilities to not feel upstaged by the opener.

Helix comes out ripping into House On Fire and showing off there slick new arena rock stage ramps included and me and the brothers go bonkers! Here’s Helix punching out Ride The Rocket hahaha(gotta love the 80s),Young & Wreckless, and many more of Helix classics. Big time  rock show from Helix and how they stepped up from playing our University the year before into the big stage of arenas they looked like they have been playing arenas forever. Vollmer was on his game,the Doctor/Hackman/Gray/Fritz were all doing there synch rock moves and the playing was tight. I remember there lighting truss came down during Rock You and would spell ROCK. Great show when all was said and done.  Now Helix was promoting the current release Long Way To Heaven which to me was a smart marketing move with the cover. Here they are standing all decked out in black except Volmer who is in the middle wearing white with a blue backdrop. Considering bands of the time were all about black heavy album covers Helix goes the opposite way. Good job. The album itself was ok I liked the two previous studio outputs more  but hey who cares Helix in the year of 1985 is headlining arenas!!!

Of course the vid above is not from 1985 but the song is…it has 4/5 of original members (r.i.p P Hackman ) unfortunately I could not find any live footage from the Long Way Tour but this is a great version and as you can see Brian and the Boys still play like there lives depended on it. Vollmer deserves respect man and the band still take there craft seriously ….

Check out Mikeladano.com for a great review of the current Helix release Bastard of The Blues..






Intensity in Thunder Bay???!!!

JULY 27 1981…Ted Nugent /The Wilderness Tour……

Ted roared his way into Tbay promoting his Intensities In 10 Cities release an album that was recorded in 10 different cities with 10 new songs. By 1981 Kiss was spiralling down the drain and thinking of concept records. My 2nd fav band Cheap Trick was also starting the tailspin so when it was announced that Ted was playing here it was like Holy Crap the Nuge is playing Tbay!!!??  but in all honesty Ted was also in a tailspin career wise but hey the Nuge is playing Tbay, career can’t be too much in the shitter right ??! So off to purchase the Intensity record before the show which was my first Nuge album. Even all these yrs later I love this album I mean titles like Spontaneous Combustion,I Am A Predator,Jailbait,My Love Is Like A Tire Iron you can’t go wrong perhaps to other Nuge freaks out there this may be a weak album to me it resonates even after all this time passed.

So come show time the opening act was a band from Australia called Cold Chisel whose frontman was supposedly one of the dudes considered to replace Bon Scott in AC-DC. They were ok from what I remembered but hey where’s Ted?!!!

And than it’s Ted Time! Here he is decked out in army gear and woah check out the band that’s with him a backing band called the DC hawks from Washington( Ted canned the 3 dudes that played on his Intensity record) who were all decked out in army garb as well. The thing is this was a 5 piece unit 3 guitars/bass/drums…there’s Ted going for the 3 guitar attack ala Molly Hatchet and April Wine. I also remember at this show that Teds drummer was puking his brains out for half the show so for a bunch of 14-year-old boys we giggled endlessly…Ted  played and from all accounts I enjoyed this show the cost was $9.50 and there was about 3,000 or so in attendance…..

Hey Ted thanks for coming out!


1979 The Return Of KISS

October 6 1979 …

It was two days away from my 12th Bday and my parents surprised me with Tickets to see Kiss live in Duluth! Needless to say I was stoked beyond belief ! I mean think about it, for me as 11 yr old it was Kiss non stop 24-7. The saga began two years earlier when a buddy John Young had the Kiss Originals which was the first three Kiss albums packaged as one! As soon as I saw the black cover with the fire coming out of Simmons yap I was hooked! But by 79 when Dynasty was out and Kiss subjected the world to rock disco ( I Was Made For Lovin You) they were calling their latest tour The Return Of KISS,huh they never left  well not in my mind anyways so when I made It to the show that night in October it was like an epiphany for me. Here they are in the makeup and supposed million dollar stage show .. And up they come up beside  the drums Ace,Peter,Paul and Gene….they launch into King Of The Nightime World and I’m gone and now they keep going and going  little did I know that yrs later there were cracked foundations within,Ace was loaded,Peter was coked,Gene banged groupies,Paul well Paul was Starchild but it didn’t matter to me I was too young to realise about inner band personal problems! For me a personal problem back than  was not being able to get my math homework done by Monday!

Looking back nowadays I remember the show pretty good…I remember them playing songs like Radioactive, New York Groove and Move On from the solo albums sorry Peter you weren’t represented that night. Also of course Black Diamond with the huge drum riser….and pyro lights smoke man talk about a mind blower from a kid who had posters on the wall!

Thanks Mom&Dad…..

Also it was advertised that Judas Priest was gonna be the opening act…but they cancelled and were replaced by a young Johnny Cougar who royally was booed from the get go! The only cheer that was mustered for him was when he announced his final song. But don’t feel bad for him three yrs later in 1982 out came Hurts So Good and Jack and Diane and I’m sure playing Duluth that night back in October of 79 did not register……



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