SONIC WAVES….Current River/Masonry Man


As 1992 rolled into 1993 January to be precise. From Tbay a part of town that housed no Rock N Roll came Rock N Roll in the form of Current River named after the part of the city that TBone and myself grew up in! Current River was formed by myself and TBone  and we played to a few hundred people over a few years and we rocked em all!  Were getting ahead here….

Due to TBone digging thru the vaults in Graceland North In early 2014 came the discovery of the tracks from Current Rivers 1993 cassette only release Hodder To Hell! ( for all you out of town friends Hodder  is the street that young Deke grew up on in Current River) . This song posted here is a true story of a friend of ours that well has a hard head hence his nickname was Cementhead!( you will read about him on certain concert road trips thru the pages of this blog) TBone found inspiration and well he had a four track fostex recording deck that we jammed up with a ton of Maxwells and pushed record!


Now TBone and especially myself  had no real live jamming experience well TBone did as he was always f*%kin around with the fostex, recording stuff solo kinda like if  Aldo Nova   was on a year long bender! But give the guy credit he was honing his chops and figuring shit out while I was figuring out a four letter word called Bass!  So one night in Jan of 93 TBone called me and I sauntered up to his place in the cold dead of the night kicked the snow off of my boots said hello to Mrs E and went into Tbones recording studio..well basically a store room in his basement which housed his amps/drums and the furnance!

He played me  a ruff copy of Masonry Man and I laughed my ass off this is what’s missing  from rock. We gotta go live I bellowed at him he laughed I said we need to do a full album about Current River,growing up ,high school,goofing off…..I said we need about only 8 more songs and we got a record! Ha! This is a concept record about growing up in Tbay! Rush has there concept record with  2112. Current River has well ,Hodder To Hell as there  record! Never had been done before and even Neil Young who lived in Tbay never thought of it!!

So Masonry Man is the first song on the Hodder To Hell cassette! (I will review and post more Sonic Waves as I receive them from Bob Rock errrrr I mean TBone). But here’s like I said the first track as Current River! I just want to share this with all my friends and basically tell ya you can have zilch experience (like me) and bang out some noise and have a laugh about it!

Sit back and crank the video! Give TBone full props he did it all the video editing himself! Just remember this is the original recording from Jan 1993, just two guys back than being a couple of Knucklehaeds!

Current River Hodder To Hell (1993)credits

Tbone-lead and backing vocals/guitars


Paul Mitchell-drums*

* Paul Mitchell was the drummer on the studio tracks of Current River. He was never seen or heard again after the recordings.


Bad Medicine In The Peg


Bon Jovi/Skid Row/Winnipeg Arena/Aug 25 1989

So basically the biggest tour of 89 next to the Stones/McCartney was the Jovi Jersey Syndicate road show that waltzed its way to the Peg with me and TBone in tow! This show was packed to the rafters and leading off that nights festivities was Skid Row who were selling a ton  of records at the time with the big single being 18 & Life at show time.

Skid Row hit the stage to Makin A Mess and basically ripped thru the debut album. They were energetic and wired up with enthusiasm  even Sebastian Bach name dropped Thunder Bay at  the Winnipeg show. When me and TBone ever heard shit like that we just Jesus man..its Thunder Bay??? But hey Sebastian thanks for noticing that we drove 9 hrs to get to the show!


So once the  house lights are killed, on the screen above the stage were now backstage with the guys in Jovi and one by one they come out of the dressing room until the last two guys Sambora and Jon himself get the loudest cheers and bam were into Lay Your Hands On Me and its shrieking women everywhere holy crap TBone were on a desert island except the shrieks are towards those two guys (Jon and Ritchie) and not us (two schmucks from Tbay) damn…oh well and man it’s loud,no not the band but the crowd. I guess this was Jovimania 1989 style. Were not even thru the first song and  its an Olympic Bra toss to the stage!

So once my senses are a little clear from the crowd I realize there having issues with Jovi’s mic and it’s only about halfway thru song two I’d Die For You that all mic issues are resolved. It’s becoming pretty evident about halfway thru the show that the first two albums are gonna be ignored and they were. Nothing was played off of the debut or  7800 Fahrenheit ! Bummer I was hoping Only The Lonely would be played so David Bryan could reprise his tuff guy role from the video ,sadly tonight it was not meant to be! All the hits are played but I wish they would thrown down Homebound Trainimage

JBJ was on the front page of the Winnipeg Sun.
JBJ was on the front page of the Winnipeg Sun.

or sumthin but na only so much you can plug even there current single at the time Living In Sin wasn’t even played. That’s how deep the Jersey album was with singles. That and  Leppards Hysteria must have had at the time the most released singles from said releases.

The stage was a slick-looking affair with no obstruction behind meaning they sold seats behind the stage was packed as well I think about 16,000 and it has to be one of the most packed Peg arena shows I ever seen. When they played Let It Rock the lighting truss lowered from the ceiling(see vid)  and Jon and Ritchie could run the length of the arena  just above the floor crowds heads. Pretty damn impressive. You can also see the lighting truss effect on the Lay Your Hands promotional video.

Born To Be My Baby,Wild In The Streets,You Give Love A Bad Name,Wanted,I’ll Be There for You,Bad Medicine,Blood On Blood were played as well as a cover of Were An American Band.

For the time this was THE big band in the year 1989! I still have never been to a show since where the women were screaming like there was no tomorrow and that’s how Jon the corporate guy liked it.  This equals -$$$$$$

2014 I couldn’t care less about this guy and his music. I will say New Jersey has stood the test of time perhaps it was this tour but the album as a whole is very solid.


It’s been years since I left the Jersey Syndicate due to well after Keep The Faith I found there albums lacklustre  to say the least but back than me an T were full-fledged card-carrying Jersey Syndicate members so no complaints back that night in August /89.

Give Jovi credit though and I will say that he had one impressive show back than….

Dan Takes Five In Thunder Bay!

Georgia Satellites/Dec 1989/Thunder Bay/Community Auditorium


Woo hoo it’s December 1989,it’s snowing outside and here comes the Georgia Satellites from the warmth confines of Atlanta to kick our asses! And that they did. Come show time me and TBone walked into our local community auditorium and out of about 1500 seats I would like say 600 people were there or so…pretty good turnout considering the Satellites were basically playing bars through out Canada as Dan Baird(singer/guitarist) acknowledged from the stage!

Basically the Satellites stage set up was a drum set,few amps and a huge Confederate Flag! At the time the Satellites were plugging there latest release In The Land Of Salvation And Sin and it’s a very good record and also there second kick at massive radio airplay with Hippy,Hippy Shake (Tom Cruise movie Cocktail soundtrack song)sung by Guitarist Rick Richards( who would be once again 4 yrs later be in Tbay with a Izzy less Ju Ju Hounds)…any-hoo the Boys from Atlanta came out blazing with the opening number called I Dunno and blazed right into Battleship Ship Chains,Don’t Pass My By,Myth Of Love,All Over But The Crying, and one song that is like a ACDC runaway locomotive slamming into the Satellites tour bus at the tracks entitled Dan Takes 5 which is a cooker,also played was Games People Play(sung by bassist Rick Price) Can’t Stand The Pain( with some cool slide and lead vocal from Rick Richards) Railroad Steel followed up with of course Hippy Hippy Shake and Keep Your Hands To Yourself.

All these years later,three things stand out to me….in no red neck order comes…..

1-off the current album (Salvation & Sin) they played the song Another Chance which they all dropped there electrics and Mauro the drummer came from around his kit and they did a acoustic version complete with acoustic/mandolin guitars and the Mauro took over a bit on the mic… The other three guys just laughed at him like look folks he sings!!!….probably the first show I ever seen(1989) where the band just pulled off a move where they just shut it down for a bit during a show to,go,acoustic like  a good full year before Tesla rang up the cash registers with the Acoustical jams…..

2-LOUD LOUD LOUD….one of the loudest rock shows in Tbay I have attended! These guys just cranked there amps to 10 and just blew us away….

3- Red Light…when the Satellites came on for the encore they asked us if we had any requests and since we were sitting above the stage on the right side they could hear us and within a milli second TBone hollered Red Light…Baird acknowledged and the band tore into it…after the show as were driving home I asked TBone what made that tune(Red Light) pop into your noggin? Simple he said they have a line in the song that goes ” got Van Halen wailin on the stereo 8 track” ….uh huh….well played TBone ..well played…..


This pic apperaed the next day in the Winnipeg Free Press. We were that close to the stage and oh yeah that's me wearing the horn rimmed Geddy Lee type glasses circa 1992. (Also that's my hand waving)Pretty cool knowing there was 27,000 rockers behind me! Now where's the bathroom !??
This pic apperaed the next day in the Winnipeg Free Press. We were about 10 feet from the stage and oh yeah that’s me  dead center in the hood wearing the horn rimmed Harry Potter  type glasses circa 1992. (Also that’s my hand waving)Pretty cool knowing there was 27,000 rockers behind me! Where the hell are ya TBone ??

Bryan Adams/Steve Miller Band/Extreme/Sass Jordan/Deadbeat Honeymooners/ Bird Hills Park/August 29th 1992

So Bryan Adams is cruising Canada with Nuno,Steve,Sass and some Deadbeat guys! Playing out door shows along the way so when word reached Tbay we were in for the drive to Winnipeg to catch this show outside of Winnipeg at a huge outdoor field you know the deal one road in the same road out so you know there was massive amounts of cars,trucks,Busses and of course it rained out all day and it did affect the show(more on that later)

So we (myself,Al and Cementhead)arrived at the Birds Hill Park which was I think about a hours drive out of the Peg or so and it was around noon time and the show wasn’t starting til 3 so we made our way to the stage and not too many people were around and so we wandered right up,to the stage pretty much right infront of the  barricade. Man it was pissing rain and pissing rain. One of the roadies on stage we chirped him as Mr Squigey as that was his job to get the water off of the stage. He was cool about though but by the end of it he would Squigey the water right into the crowd! Hahaha. I think he eventually  snapped!

First up,to bat was local Peg boys Deadbeat Honeymooners and from what I remember they were good and I think they may have formed out of the ashes of another Winnpeg band called the Pumps. Good band and I may have bought there disc as well but who knows where the hell it went just like there career!

Sass Jordan came out and started plugging away and well she’s got a good voice and such but man I think she was liquored up or sumthin was going down. I mean she had a ok show but she just did not seem into it and quite frankly neither was I!

One band I did look forward too was Extreme and shit man did they deliver live. They came out and just got it going with Its A Monster and from there it was there hard funkin rock that really got the crowd going. All the vocals were air tight,Nuno was blazing leads off the guitar,Pat Badger on Bass was holding down the fort with Paul Geary  on drums and Gary Cherone was entertaining as well. The man put on a show and I remember some girl next to me said how many times is this guy gonna grab his crotch?? Who the hell cares man if you don’t like what you see Get The Funk Out. Of course they played The Song(More Than Words) you know that one that made em huge but also some what detroyed em as well which ever way you look at it! They also played Rest In Peace single which had just come out but not the Three Sides To Everystory album yet. Extreme 1992 just out rocked. After a Sass babbling around for a hour Extreme brought me back man….they were oh so good that day!

Steve Miller mildly cruised out to the stage and opened with Swingtown and basically it was the Greatest Hits show or well it was for me but man he did not play Jet Airliner so I could not yell out the line ‘funky shit going down in the city”… But all the others off the Greatest Hits album were played. It was real cool seeing Miller live. Ol Buzzard is chill but he knows how to play and deliver songs man he was that day indeed CLASSIC ROCK! Amazing he’s still out there doing it too

So by this time the weather is picking up big time,rain and now wind and now Bryan Adams! Sure man I got no prob saying I like Adams. Let’s see I had Reckless,Into The Fire and Waking Up The Neighbours but my personal fav is the Live Live Live from 1988 that I payed some goofy import price for but man that’s a raw sounding Adams live show(geez I may have to review it) but Adams came out and opened with House Arrest and played the hits you know em,you heard em countless times the ones that stood out to me was stuff like Cant Stop This Thing which Keith Scott ripped out lick after lick and the song just jammed out. Scott is a fantastic guitar player man. People focus on Adams but the dude has a solid backing band. The show rolled on and so did the winds as you could see the lighting truss starting to sway back an forth and next thing you know shortly after a hour or so into his set the road manager apperaed at the side of the stage waving the band off so they all went off except Adams he stayed out and played for a few minutes and than the road manager had enough and cut the power…Bam out went everything and it had too it was brutal out. Since I stood in muck for 11 hrs the mud almost pulled my sneakers off! It was a diaster getting out of there but we did find our bus and out of Bird Hills Park.  Also of note since Adams cut his set short that Robin Hood tune wasn’t played and I was real OK with that!

It was worth it to stand out in the muck/rain/wind for about 12 hrs man…….


Also of note TBone was on the fence about attending this show and at the last minute with me ,Al and Cementhead already gone,TBone hoped in his Mustang and punched the gas to Birds Hill  Park  solo to and from the show and I had no idea he had even left Tbay!  Now in this day and age with cell service that wouldn’t have been a issue..but give T credit man he slogged and stuck it out solo no matter what Mother Nature tossed at everyone that day!


Holy #%^* It’s Beatle Paul…


Thursday December 7 1989/Paul McCartney/Skydome

Now I love me the hard rock lets not kid ourselves here but also in the 80s I got on a good sized Beatles kick with TBone, man we wore out his cassette copy of  Rock N Roll Vol 1. We must have played Revolution a million times ,anyways later on around early 89 I got the cd Wings Over America and man I just fell in love with that record.Triple live album which was unheard of at the time(1976) and it rocked! Shortly after it was announced that Paul was gonna be playing Toronto and it was his first tour since 1976. I quickly did the math and figured if it took him this long to do a tour(first tour in 13 yrs) who knows how much longer til his next one( he tours all the time now)so i scooped a ticket flew to Toronto hooked up with some buddies and off to the show .

There was no opening act,but it was packed out like 58,000 or maybe more. So anticipation was building for Paul, cool and casually he strolled out under a white light, waved grabbed his bass and kicked off with Figure Of Eight it was a quiet freak out,than he played Jet, freakin got a little louder ,than he played Rough Ride( another new song) freakin went reverse THAN….he launched into Got To Get You Back Into My Life his first Beatle tune and people totally lost there shit in the Dome and from there it was hit after hit. The crowd ate it up,I loved it man here is a icon belting out Live And  Let Die,Let It Be you name it he played it(no one ever talks about his bass playing=fantastic) and for the encore he played the whole second side of Abbey Road. Man the Dome was bummed when his show finished he coulda played all night….

It was cool that  someone posted the actual version of Got to Get You Back In My Life from the Skydome  as For the title of this blog it was an older geezer in his 50s who belted out HOLY #%^* It’s  Beatle Paul! when McCartney launched into this song(the geezer  was standing next to me I howled man)Thanks pal wherever you may be……hopefully spinning some Beatles vinyl somewhere!





Man I love the Headstones! Ever since I seen em on Muchmusic being interviewed and plugging there debut album Picture Of Health(1993). Of course Hugh Dillion back than was the anti everything to Canadian Music at the time which was good cause he would tell it like it was.

Well come 1995 and  check out the new vid for Unsound off of Teeth And Tissue! I’m getting ahead here, but  the Headstones headed out on tour and I seen em here in Tbay in the summer of 95 with my wife and we have gone everytime since than to catch em live when they have rolled through  and on occasion TBone has joined us as well but let’s talk about one of my fave albums  from em!

Lets check on Hugh/Trent/Dale and Tim and see whose ass there kickin…….

HINDSIGHT-Trent starts the action with some cool riffing and the boys rock it out of the park. This song sets the tone for the record it’s like Hugh’s telling me ya better listen or Hugh will use my forehead as a ashtray!

UNSOUND- cool bass in this tune by Tim. Loved the video for this. Check it out….great rock song period!

MARIGOLD- Trent starts off with some acoustic and of course it goes Headstones Heavy just the way I like it and man it clocks in over at 5 minutes but man who cares like I said the Headstones never played by the rules and I thank em for that!

HEARTS LOVE AND HONOR- Hugh sounds like he’s possessed in this song! Man it’s like you wouldn’t want to meet him in the alley way back in 95 but in 2014 I think he would be cool! The rest of the band push along this mid tempo tune!

MILLION DAYS IN MAY- Hugh kinda sings,kinda talks, verses are chill and than the Chrous kicks in and some cool  Tempo changes and a good solo by Trent. Dude never gets the credit on guitar but he swings a mean axe!

DRIPPING DIME SIZE DROPS- coolest title and coolest song on the record I say !  You know the deal …cops are after Hugh and he’s Dripping Dime Size Drops! Cool interplay between vocals and guitar. This is Headstones at the there best just a all out Shit Kicker! Solo is wickedly good! Don’t believe me …buy the F*#kin thing will yah!?

SWINGING-Tim and Dale take a breather on this track and there’s nice little guitar strum and Hugh spewing forth knowledge you know like…..pick yourself up and grab a addiction, alcohol is a good one along with sports,hunting and fishing..haha…love Hugh’s lyrics. Like I said he tells it like it is!

LET IT GO- heavy bassy Tune….Hugh and the boys deliver on this tune. Kinda like them showing up to your wedding reception and kicking all the grooms asses and leaving with the bridesmaids!

SAY GOODBYE- Hugh’s destroying your town and splitting, this song rocks…fast guitars ,faster drums ….man these guys don’t let up !

BURNING- another single and just a cool little strumming tune about lost love man Hugh’s got a heart but it’s black! And hey …everyone burns or so Hugh says! When Hugh speaks ..ummmm I listen!

LOOK AWAY- is another all out rocker just Headstones kicking ass and leaving us in the wreckage! Geezus these guys are a gang not a band!….this album is just a little simmering masterpiece !

TEETH AND TISSUE- cool bluesy tune and the title track. Just the title is cool. Cool that they can shift gears in musical midstream. But than again they don’t give a *#%^!

ONE MORE MOVE- Hugh goes off and  on about the radio and radio saves and the radio plays! Wonder what he thinks of Sirius radio? Hugh you reading this??? The music is kinda demonic on this track…kinda like Headstone/DC ish !!!

IN CONCLUSION- Headstones filled a void for me back in the 90s when I wasn’t getting into too much new music but here they came with there own unique spin on things and there own style. We all know they went away for a few years but they put out a killer album last year Love + Fury (which I will review)  and it’s a very good album as well.  It’s just good to know that there’s some no  ass kissing  Canadian bands out there who like I said don’t answer to anyone. Headstones are one of em!

3/4’s Filler…Y&T/Down For The Count

TBone asked me to do a review on the flip side of a sonic wave and that would be a album or two that irked me at the time and I thought hey man what a challenge and there are some albums that I just could not wrap my head around at the time and now is a good time as any to do this….

So Batter up!

Back in highscool me and TBone would like to try too out album scoop each other at times,of course when the huge releases would come out we would be there in line together buying the latest sellers ie Halen,Crue,Ratt etc. but than there would be times when we weren’t in line together and this is one em……

So one day back in late 1985 as I was headed out of the door of my Highschool (Lakeview) and going home TBone and a buddy who we called JackLoaf roared up beside me in Jackloafs truck into the parking lot with windows down and tunes a blaring!

The conversation went like sumthin like this….

deke- ‘hey man what’s up?

Tbone- ‘Nuthin much check this out’

(TBone cranks up the tape deck in Jackloafs truck)

Tbone-‘deke! Do you know what this is?”

( I knew I heard the toon from years past and it was Your Mama Don’t Dance)

deke-‘I dunno man sounds really weak”

TBone went from I’m gonna fool this bastard look to a look of horror when I didn’t take the bait put forth by his rock trap! One of the very times in our 40 yrs of friendship I  have seen TBone dumbfounded!

deke- ‘ well man what is it ??

At this point TBone said Nuthin JackLoaf was speechless and TBone finally put forth a mild ‘Y&T’ …what? How could it be ? I mean Y&T I first heard a few years earlier with BlackTiger and Meanstreak thru a pal named John Young. Of course I picked up on his lead and purchased those along with there latest release at the time In Rock We Trust but you could hear in the grooves the change of commercialism in there sound and even though this was the case I still bought into it . John Young did not, he got off at the next bus stop in regards to Y&T saying they sold out. Hardcore that fellas was!

Sure my first impression was Your Mama Don’t Dance and the snapping of the fingers in the track at the beginning were just plain right brutal ! Of course a few years later Poison put Your Mama ….out as well as a single and it sold like gangbusters. Dave Menketti must have lost it back than.

Upon further inspection what a appropriately named album Down For a The Count.Yep  as far as I was concerned Y&T were and man what a goofy album cover. Compared to the Maiden covers and even Black Tiger and Meanstreak covers this was aweful.

I did borrow Tbones cassette and man the use of keyboards just bogged this album into like a bunch of Journey scraps left on the floor and Y&T came along and went thru the trash and manufactured this into Down For The Count! The songs don’t do it for me (Don’t Tell Me What To Wear,Look like Trouble,In The Name Of Rock)man I dunno what else to tell ya…TRAINWRECK  comes to mind but this may be a result of record company politics calling the shots!

I had bought in the summer of 85 Y&T  Open Fire the live release they put out which was good and it had the studio version of Summertime Girls on it and it was so out of place with the rest of Open Fire meaning Y&T were a serious rock machine live and than the twiddly keyboard infested sonics of Summertime Girls just ruined the vibe of Open Fire! This my followers is what you call a Red Flag!

Having said all of this about Down For The Count I did still buy there next release Contagious with the title track featuring some whoah whoah whoah your Contagious so Dangerous! Ha somewhat goofy but a better effort! The album after Contagious I bought was there farewell live album from 1990. It had a ripping version of Meanstreak man I couldn’t get enough of that version ! Don’t believe me ask my bro Todd he must have heard that tune a million times over in the summer of 91!

But back to 1985…it’s ok TBone ya got duped and the Y&T ship was sinking and I had to throw ya a life preserver and well since there was only one life preserver I had to let Jackloaf go down in the S.S Y&T !

IN CONCLUSION – hey if you think a Down For a The Count is a classic that’s alright and your still ok in my books! It’s good to agree/disagree at times, makes conversation especially in the musical realm interesting! I gotta get too work on another one of these 3/4 Fillers shortly….

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