SONIC WAVES….Van Halen/Women And Childern First

Well, ladies and the gents! Here it is the gamechanger that set my world on fire and which to this day is my número Uno all-time #1 studio album. Here’s my story…

January 1981. Beatles and Lennon solo records were flying out the door of all record shops at a frenzied rate, and we all know why. How could you not be impacted by Lennon being gunned down by Chapman I mean I had just turned 13 and on my walls were Kiss/Cheap Trick/ACDC/Judas Priest and then this happens. So I couldn’t wrap my head around that fact someone would gun down a musician of all things. So with so much Lennon being heard I went and took my allowance and went down to the local record shop (Sam The Record Man) to buy a Beatles album. When I walked into SAMs and kicked the snow off of my boots sure there was a massive display of Beatles/Lennon albums but off to the left at the front of the hard rock section was a green cover with 4 long haired dudes doing a pose in true Rockstar fashion. I was drawn to it. I picked it up, and wow look at these renegades. That picture on the front cover sold it to me along with with the song titles as well and the fact that it came with a poster! ( more on that  later!)

So well the Beatles/Lennon purchases would have to wait. I was mesmerized, it’s like that picture of the band on the back cover was calling me ‘ c’ mon little Deker come and join the party’ uh ok sez I, I’m only like 13 but ….yeeeeeeeeeah! So there it began friends once I got home and dropped the needle on the vinyl I was hooked! The liveness, rawness, the songs, the musicianship, the vocals man these guys were heavy but heavy in my way that was in line with what I was listening too…..and ah here’s the poster that came with it ..I remember clear as day the sticker on the outside of the album that said VH poster included. Well much to my dismay the poster was not of VH but Roth topless tied to chain link fence!!? Arrrrrrrgh ..hello trash can! But who cares about the poster here’s comes the tunes and Boy were they are rocking! Now what you are about to read below I can’t really add anything new to it cause this is VH for god’s sake, but I will give my spin on how I felt and still do in regards to this Maximus Opus!

Also of note, I caught Halen live on the 2012 tour, and they played three tracks from W&CF which were Cradle Will Rock, Everybody Wants Some and Romeo Delight!

Let’s see how Dave/Eddie/Alex/Micheal took a 13 yr old boy (me) at the time and gave him a swift hard kick of musical supremacy outside the head!

AND THE CRADLE WILL ROCK- wow man, this is a keyboard driven through a Marshall stack! The VH boys lay it down thick and hard right out of the gate and Dave begins the album as the ringleader and when he says….’have you seen Junior’s grades” holy shit! Dave must be talking to my Parents about my grade 8 math marks through the grooves of the album!

EVERYBODY WANTS SOME- Alex lays down some Amazon war tribe beats as Dave interrupts swinging off of his vine with some off-key Tarzan yodeling and then Eddie interjects with his guitar and holy crap I have never heard the guitar at this time sound so heavy on record. Man it’s just plain sick and geez were not even 10 minutes into this album and VH is my favorite all time band circa 1981!

FOOLS- Eddie makes noodling guitar thingy noises at the beginning. With Dave as his sidekick and then the long intro sounds like the ending of the song but actually, it’s the beginning of the song. The band with Mike and Alex just chug along, and Dave lays down his sermon on all things like  School and being tired of Golden Rules, being tired of pushing broom in the workplace and they don’t want no class reunion the circus just left town! F*%k, Dave has spoken, and I’m a follower! All Hail Roth-isms!

ROMEO DELIGHT- what an opening few bars of Edward doing whatever it is he’s doing and then Mikey and Alex blasting in at super speed and here comes Dave telling us about his quest to find a squeeze for the night! Wow, four songs down and this is so friggin good! Why could KISS not sound this heavy on studio albums?? Especially since cash flow in the late 70s was not an issue for $immon$ and Stanley….man what a song and what a way to end side 1 Whew…

TORA TORA-is basically when cranked in your house a VH B-52 Bomber dropping military shell after shells onto your senses. Take cover people there’s no escaping VH.

LOSS OF CONTROL- is basically that. It’s VH being Loss Of Control at the speed of sound! This song just pounds whatever senses you have left into the ground! No wonder they called there Women and Children Road Trip the Van Halen 1980 Invasion Tour. Yep there taking no prisoners! Eddies solo can peel paint off of the barn door with this little number!

TAKE YOUR WHISKEY HOME- if memory serves me correct this my brothers (Todd)if not fav but one of his fav VH tunes ever. Ed strums some acoustic Dave rolls off some lyrics out his baby not wanting him around…and then Alex and Mike join the bash and they say f*#k that were drinking the whiskey before anyone goes home.

COULD THIS BE MAGIC- wow VH makes a u-turn heads into the liquor store parking lot and realize they’re a little short on the change to buy some Jack Danniels or Whiskey and pull out the acoustics and try and panhandle for the rest of the money to buy there stash. Dave and Eddie take it all acoustic it’s a little break in a pretty damn heavy album!

IN A SIMPLE RHYME- this song ends the album with a hard kick to the crotch. It’s VH flying on all the cylinders and headed towards the finish line kicking ass and taking names later. The solo in this song is so friggin good.

GROWTH or TANK- take your pick. This was a little outro of the album that was gonna segue into the next studio album(Fair Warning), but it never happened cuz um VH forgot!

IN CONCLUSION – This album assaulted my senses back then and still does to this day! Perhaps if Fair Warning was my first purchase or 1984 was those could easily be my fave or actually any of the Dave era albums. Pretty surprising that Women And Children First could overtake another fav album of my at the time ACDC Back In Black, but VH did! Amazing how It only took VH under 35 minutes to change my musical landscape forever!


SONIC WAVES …RIOT live 6 song Ep


Let’s don’t get confused here kids..This is Riot the New York version not the LA version of Quiet Riot. Two different beasts here NYC RIOT if they got in a street fight with LA  Quiet Riot the only way Dubrow and the boys woulda won would be by spraying Hairspray in the eyes of Rhett Forrestor and his NYC Riot cronies…..

Riot was one of those high school  bands that you pick up on and my intro to them was there Fire Down Under release . That is a great rock album,all solid and I could go on about it but hey I’m here to talk about there 1982 little release that is so hard to find you can thank youtube for having it. 1982 was a year of change for Riot gone was original throat Guy Spearanza and enter in Rhett Forrestor the new throat! They put out a new album entitled Restless Breed,pretty good but not as good as Fire Down Under. Anyways I guess from that tour they released a 6 song Ep recorded who knows where ( sounds like a club) and man check it out…….these guys are like taking no hostages!

HARD LOVIN MAN- after the intro the boys kick into over drive Hard Lovin Man..tales of the road  for a band playing the bars night after night,me my tales of the road involved taking the transit bus to school everyday

LOVED BY YOU-boom were up and running Some pretty cool guitaring by Marc Reale(rip) actually not only him but also Guy(rip) and Rhett(rip) are both gone also,holy shit that’s crazy…..

LOANSHARK- Starts off with some cool bass/drums and Rhett just kicks into overdrive with his LOANSHARK collecting payments overdue ..I’m a LOANSHARK does your mama know what I’m gonna do.?

RESTLESS BREED- was the title track to there current release at the time. Slow build this one but a great song never less….

SWORDS AND TEQUILA – is I think the best Riot song ever. It just wallops you outside the head and hey you feel like your in some Mexican tavern drinking with the locals and out comes the tequila, worm anyone? Oh yeah I forgot TBones here!!

IN CONCLUSION- this was a no frills release the cover is how you see it on the vid posted for Hard Lovin Man,but man the groves inside just rocked. Too bad this band never got there due,sure they reformed in the late 80s but they went too metal for my liking with a whole different lineup.

Hope you all dig it….







Sonic Waves….Deluxe Editions!


You know artists nowadays are reliving those (ahem) Glory Days by releasing previous works from say 20 – 30 years ago and well some saturate the market with compilations (take a bow KISS,Aerosmith and The Who!) whereas some come out of left field and surprise me the listener like holy shit these guys were sitting on this material for all these years.

Case in Point are two recent releases that I purchased via ITunes and those two would be The Tragically Hips Fully Completely and Bryan Adams Reckless both deluxe editions and both done how deluxe editions should be done!

High Tide And Green Grass….here’s the Hip!

Tragically Hip/Fully Completely-so when this release came out in 1992 over 1 million Canadians bought this disc and man that’s impressive in Canada and there was the Hip 3 years earlier playing Crocks N Rolls ( bar) in Tbay (1989)and than 3 years later moving a million copies! (1992)WTF comes to mind!

So once I seen on iTunes preorders back in early October of this year about a Fully Completely deluxe edition I thought yeah,yeah another studio remaster or so they say of the studio album but when I clicked open the Album on iTunes to see it was like 28 songs including 2 songs never released (An early version of So Hard Done By & Radio Show) and a full show from the Horsehoe Tavern in Toronto the day that Fully Completely was released back in 1992! I can’t believe the Hip held onto this show for so long and I tell Ya man I think it’s there best ever live show I have heard! Gordie Downie is off his rocker but he pulls off the songs perfectly vocally. And of course Gordie is Gordie like at the beginning of 50 Mission Cap he’s hollering HMV,HMV,HMV and at the end of 50 Mission Cap he tells the crowd he has his new cross trainers on! Plus a few of his stories to intro the songs I can’t even repeat  here because I’m sure WordPress would punt me off the blog! Bobby Baker and Paul Langlois guitars have never sounded better man this band is on fire! All of Fully Completely is played live and two of my favs being Looking For A Place To Happen and The Wherewithal are exceptional along with Twist Your Arm thrown in for good measure from Road Apples!

This my friends is how a deluxe edition should be! Some unreleased studio tracks and a super duper live unedited show and Bingo we got ourselves a deal here folks!Who was ever in charge at Hip Central for this should be totally commended for a job well done!

Also of note this just cost $9.99 as well! Another smart selling point but for this kind of edition I would have payed double for it. It’s that good! Plus it’s good to see the Hip aren’t gouging the fans at the til on this one!(take note $immon$ & $tanley)

Next here comes the milk and cookies guy  but man Adams knows how to write a snappy hook….

Bryan Adams/Reckless- wowzers 30 years since Reckless?? Shit Tbone your old! Ha seriously this is another well thought out release. So what Ya get is the full Reckless release with 7 unreleased tunes from the Reckless sessions including the title track of the album that was never used! The other tracks are Let Me Down Easy,Draw The Line,Play To Win,Too Hot To Handle and two of real interest to me and they would be Teacher Teacher the song that Adams/Vallance handed over to 38 Special and Boys Nite Out a song that they also handed over to KROKUS for there Blitz album! As a added bonus a 15 song show from Londons Hammersmith Odeon from 1985 is added as well and no Adams does not say “Scream For Me Hammersmith’! Hahaha….
Well done and played show from  the height of his career and man I never heard any of this before so to me it’s Gold! As per protocol Adams band including the great Keith Scott lay it down perfect as usual!

Basically the Adams Reckless set is 32 songs and goes for $15.99 on iTunes as well. A great deal.

IN CONCLUSION- these Deluxe editions stand out for me as great additions to anyone’s music library. The Hip and BAdams know how to do it properly and man they came thru in spades! With Xmas fast approaching throw em down on your wish list! Trust me you will be glad you did!

The vids are pretty neat as well. The Adams clip is the title track from Reckless that was unreleased til 2014! Pretty cool,Adams releases the Reckless album in 1984 and leaves the title track off! That’s when you know you have a solid album full of tunes!

The Hip track speaks for itself…..Crank em!



1982 and UFO become one of those highschool bands that we all listened to and the main culprits were myself and my buddy Mucc and we both tried to get any scoop on UFO whenever and wherever we could read about em which was usually in Hit Parader magazine or we would have to buy on import Kerrang magazine just to see what the hell they were up too.

UFO being Phil Mogg,Neil Carter,Andy Parker,Paul Chapman and Pete Way ( Way was soon to exit UFO to form Fastway  with Eddie Clarke x of Motörhead that lasted 5 minutes until he exited that band to join Ozzys band for about 10 minutes and than he formed his own band Waysted who released the excellent Vices albums (with the dumbest album cover of the 80s!)

Let’s see what and why I consider this album a keeper!

THE WRITER- the one thing UFO was known for other than some great songwriting was that Phil Mogg was a great lyricist and The Writer proves it! It’s just Phil writing with the paparazzi in mind great opening track Neil Carter the dude who plays rhythm guitar also plays a mean sax a drops a cool solo along with a cool guitar solo by Paul Chapman and man were off and runnin with The Writer!

SUMTHIN ELSE- is the cover tune form the 50s written by Eddie Cochran and UFO lays down a cover wonder if they were running out of original material or the record company wanted a cheapie single. Anyways this is pretty good and another Carter sax solo! Good song but I perfer UFOs original stuff…but thanks for asking!

BACK IN MY LIFE- well when UFO slows the breaks down and shifts gears into different territories ie ballads they did em with class and man this is class! That’s the one thing with UFO they knew there use with keyboards as they didn’t drown there sound in it as Neil Carter also contributed with  rhythm guitar/sax/keys and backing vocals and was a important clog in the UFO grand scheme of things .But yeah I dug this song great lyrics and tempo!

YOU’LL GET LOVE- man UFO rocks it back it up and shift the gears and this is a good rock song with a good Paul Chapman solo and yep this guy never got his due of course he was following Micheal Schenker so of course people would  slag him. But he showed up on these UFO releases in the early 80s!

DOING IT ALL FOR YOU- man the drums and guitar start off this song in a sludgey fashion but than all bets are off and the song kicks into gear especially the verses! Phil is in storytelling mode here as he will do it all for you! This song totally displays the proper use of keyboards in hard rock songs! Geez come to think of it while Tbone was meandering around with Nightranger at the time  he shoulda been hanging with me,Mucc,Phil and the UFO guys!

WE BELONG TO THE NIGHT-check out the vid posted to this review and you too can join the UFO party and I mean look at Phil the singer it musta have been snowing out that morning before they filmed that clip! Kudos to all involved its live and it was on tv! Crank this one up! It kicks ass! I’m not gonna say much more as well watch the damn thing will ya!

LET IT RAIN- aaaah Phil says in the lyrics when it rains it pours but this is song #2 with the proper use of the keys on this record! Great Chapman riff charges into the solo and kinda of a radio friendly chorus with balls!

TERRI- Allright the boys show a real chill side and dial it down by about 5 notches! That’s ok,Phil has a soft spot for a chic named Terri! This song is ok but too be honest I kinda skipped this one time to time!

FEEL IT- the boys pick up the pace and that’s the thing with UFO they always had the musical chops to go with the songs and Mogg could write lyrics,more of a storyteller etc but they never caught on in North America.

DREAMING- now this is what I’m talking about! This is UFO kicking ass on there way out the door! Chapman nails down the riff  and Parker behind his Ludwig kit drives it home! Super duper fantastic way to end a album I say!

IN CONCLUSION- a handful of us at Lakeview High School got into UFO big time and If Ya want a good introduction just listen to Strangers In The Night the double live classic and there last with Micheal Schenker before he became unglued and split! Mechanix deserves a spot In the Sonic Waves category as well and Yup I think of two things when I think of Mechanix and 1982!

1- great tunes and well executed British Hard Rock


2- David McCullochs mullet in grade 10!






ITunes has been streaming the new AC/DC for a week now.(yes I preordered it) So I thought I would listen to it a few times and jot down some notes on Rock Or Bust! Official Street date/Dec 2 2104


Whoa! 11 songs/35 minutes! AC/DC is writing short length albums for people with short attention spans(moi!) and man it pays off in spades! Of course when we all heard about Malcolm Youngs dementia it was a shock I mean when I think of Malcolm and the guitar Rythms he has put down in years past just go and listen to Powerage front to back! (Listen to Down Payment Blues)That to me is rhythm guitar supremo playing at its best! The dude is simply the best ever at that spot!

So I guess Angus/Cliff/Brian/ Phil and the nephew of Angus/ Malcolm, Stevie Young layed down some law of new rock and well friends this is a must have for the year of 2014! Crazy it’s still same old AC/DC. Over the years and whenever I heard that there be new product from these guys it would be like ‘Fuckin A’ you always knew what your getting I guess the best analogy would be spinning new AC/DC is like going to McDonald’s. There’s something on the menu for everyone and Rock Or Bust it’s no different ! I think after hearing this a few times already, ok, more than a few times this is a must have! Give the boys there due man….


ROCK OR BUST-2014 and AC /DC are dropping down almost like short spurts of Zep riffs in the opening track and what is real apparent is that Johnson’s voice is sounding real good and this is typical ACDC just pounding the sidewalk with there riff n roll no frills rock n roll! Love the sound already of this. It’s just good to hear some straight ahead rock! Welcome back!

PLAY BALL- has been kicking around for a bit since the middle of October when Major League Baseball was plugging Play Ball during the World Series. I thought the song was ok I mean it’s coming thru my tv for God sakes so I can’t really judge it that good but now after hearing it on the headphones man this is a good song so Angus nails down his solo verbatim and were good and Cliff and The Jailbreak drummer keep the engine room running….

ROCK THE BLUES AWAY- is the boys just riffing straight away and washing the blues away and Yep three songs in and I can hear all these songs so far on classic rock radio and  just before the solo man are my ears deceiving me or do I hear Angus play a little Riff of Sink The Pink? Hahaha…thats the great thing about music I may hear it one way, someone else will say ‘What?’ Hey let’s all just Rock The Blues Away and Drink The Night Away! The lyrics are typical ACDC…pool halls,smoke,booze and women!

MISS ADVENTURE- Rudd starts off this tune and Angus and Stevie give us the hard core AC/DC the evil riff right at the start. Just like when I heard for the first time Razors Edge(the song) that riff is the ultimate (in my mind) evilest riff of all time! Miss Adventure has those patent backing vocals and Johnson takes over and the drums push the song with Angus and Stevie just riff and riff. This is just awesome! Love how Cliff drives the bass on this tune as well. Frigg these dudes are pushing 60 and man it’s like there 25 again! Angus riffs and riffs at the end of the tune and this song just chugs down the tracks and Bam it’s done! That’s also the great thing about these songs is that they end. Boom,Done! No fade outs! Just love the live feel.

DOGS OF WAR- kind of has that Danger feel from Fly On The Wall until Johnson kicks in and the boys just let it go! Dogs Of War and Soldier Of Fortune go hand in hand on this tune and the boys are riffing all over and Phil just steady’s the ship straight ahead! Angus peels off one wickedly great solo and the backing vocals and Johnson just keep going on and going on and Angus says with his guitar the demise of my band is greatly exaggerated ! Love the fade out of this tune and Yep I stand corrected about fade outs! When you wrap your ears around it,you will know what I’m talking about !

GOT SOME ROCK N ROLL THUNDER-Rudd drives the song at the beginning again and we got some handclaps to drive the train and Jonno just gives it big time and Cliff has some little snappy bass action going on! It’s the AC/DC tune you know that working 9-5 rut so pass the Rock N Roll Thunder around would Ya! Hey,Hey Hey! (Hand Claps Included) and if your keeping score this is the second song in row where there’s a fade out! AC/DC is psyching me out…..!

HARD TIMES-hi hat and Guitars and Johnson that’s the mix in this tune! That’s the thing I love about this sound of there’s is the quick riff changes and boom were keeping the songs short here folks! Solo is Angus and more Angus and man this is like a studio album played live ! Great end of song soloing !

BAPTISM BY FIRE- Guitars and bass kick off the Baptism at the temple of AC/DC and Johnson is on fire vocally and its amazing he’s still got a voice as I remember everyone in the 80s was saying his voice was shot! Hahaha…I’m sure he read his own press back than and now he can look back and tell everyone politely …..(use your own profanity here) Super catchy chorus. Love it when these guys drive the drums/ bass and Johnson carries the tune with the guitars kicking in short spurts of action! Man it gets no better than this! Angus keeps the solos short and why can’t he? He has nothin to prove to me or you anymore! Just riff and dig it!

ROCK THE HOUSE- Brian Johnson leads the charge with Mistress Mistress…and of course everyone joins him and back to just Johnson and he’s proving to me and Father Time that when you rock this house you let it roll! His vocals are superb here! No shit you say! Yep give this one a spin it’s Brian on top of the heap looking down ! Cool groove this tune …..more guitar and more guitar! Malcolm would be proud with this recording!

SWEET CANDY- Angus leads the charge and Johnson is doing some cool creeping out with his voice and asking us if we like Sweet Candy!! Sure man if Johnson and the boys are telling me to like Sweet Sweet Candy. Love the vocals man it’s evil AC/DC time again. Go ahead try the Sweet Candy ….love how the guitars are just in total synch right before the solo…holy hell it’s that good!

EMISSION CONTROL- ha,love the title. Johnson/Young/Young/Williams/Rudd end the album with just a simple Jam. This song is not about rocket science folks! Turn on the emission and the engine comes alive! This is slow groove AC/DC no fooling around just don’t bore us just get to the chorus sez the fellas and by God they do…thanks guy and what??!! Another fade out!

IN CONCLUSION- If you are looking for Back In Black/ Powerage/Let There Be Rock/Highway To Hell/ For Those About To Rock…it’s not here! This album reminds me of say Stiff Upper Lip AC/DC with the tempo and pace with a little wee dose of Fly On The Wall( just little musical snippets). Like I said Brian Johnson has totally stepped up and of course so have the other fellas and thank god for AC/DC! Give Em total credit for putting out a short 35 minute 11 song Gem(Black Ice the last studio record was good but way to many songs). Smart move in  this day and age of ITune users who just buy single tracks (NOT ME) and not full albums(I BUY FULL ALBUMS) to hear certain songs. AC/ DC say ‘ hey it’s only a half a hour ‘ just buy the whole damn thing!

Welcome back…..

When Love & Train Wrecks Collide!

TeeBone Jovi/Rugg Sambuca/Nov 7 2014/Fancy Snazzy Hotel/Tbay

So as all you followers to my little musical bullshittin blog know by now Tbone has been not only my best pal of just over 40yrs(HOLY SHIT!!!!)but also my fellow hard rock n roll guru! We have seen many a shows and have talked for endless hours about everything musically hard rock ! Some people may think we’re nuts but why not man,there’s way too much seriousness in real everyday life so why not go down other roads and forget about the trials of real everyday livin..even if it’s  temporary !

Tbone has always had a talent for writting a tune(Current River) or takin a tune that is popular and fuckin around with the words and making it real funny and kinda cool!

Now back in 2003 I will take full responsibility here I set Tbone up with his now wife Christine who I met at work and well next thing you know they get married and I’m playing harmonica at his wedding reception!

Fast forward to 2014 and now Troy and Christine(with two great kids) are celebrating Christine’s  40th. So in typical Tbone fashion he rents a fancy snazzy room at one of the fancy snazzy hotels here in Tbay (not saying the place,they ain’t getting no advertising here at Arena Rock) and Tbone had told me a month before that he was gonna parody a three pack of Jovi tunes(Christine’s fav band) acoustically with his brother Rugg and change up the lyrics!

So come show time and Tbone and Rugg walk out to the shock crowd of friends and old people and here’s these two dudes that look like they just rummaged thru Valu Village and than entered a time machine! Hahaha…they looked friggin hilarious ! Tbone looked like as he called himself a grizzled Ol Robert Plant! Whereas Rugg said he looked like Rick Richards from the Georgia Satallites!….hahaha..they looked awesome man….people were shocked like I said earlier! Young people were like huh? Old peoples dentures were hitting the tables myself? I was laughing my ass off……fuckin Tbone!

The title of this blog came to me that night as Tbone had told me it could be the biggest train wreck ever and of course I tagged it off that sappy Def Leppard ballad(When Love And Hate Collide) or whatever the hell it’s called…..

So they sit down with there acoustic guitars and well just check out the vid  and you can figure out what tunes they did…..

It was a fun night but Christine I think held a gun to the DJs head as a ton of Jovi and Pink was played and thanks I have had my fill of that to last me a lifetime! (By the way Tbone has never told me he went to see Pink live! Ha hahahaha ….) it’s ok Christine when it’s my 50th??? A ton of Iron Maiden will be played! Bring yer earplugs!

Great Job Tbone and Rugg….and hey Christine your one of the best!


3/4’s Filler….Whitesnake/Slip Of The Tongue

Oh oh here comes Nov 1989 and Whitesnake are striking while the iron is hot! What would a new Whitesnake be without a whole new lineup on the new studio album! Of course the whole 1987 album band is canned and gone and Coverdale pretty much keeps the touring band from the 1987 tour intact (Sarzo /Aldridge/Vandenberg) Vivian Campbell is gone so he carries the  WS tradition of getting your ass fired! So what does Dave Coverdale do? He goes after Steve Vai he layed down some serious guitar action with Dave Roth on the Eat Em And Smile and Skyscraper albums and man his guitar suited Roths voice so when I heard he had joined Whitesnake I was like ?….??….??? I mean I had a hard time wrapping my head around Vai’s Wang Bar  7 String Sting Ibanez Workout Extravaganza!

But with all  big band releases I was a first week buyer of Slip Of a The Tongue! I dunno I had a hard time taking this album serious and I will explain why….

First of all Adrian Vandenberg wrote with OL Cov all the tunes on this album but than he fucked up his arm and Coverdale waits for no one so he enlisted Vai who did all the guitars on Slip Of The Tongue! Now don’t get me wrong here people Vai is very good but not in Whitenake 1990! His playing is just over the top nuts at times on some of these songs and I will review quickly my thoughts on a few tunes!

SLIP OF THE TONGUE- bam this is the opener and it’s pretty good it almost sounds like a tune that could have maybe just  maybe fit on the 1987 album.  Tommy Aldridge plays some serious double bass drums and Dave is already screeching like his nutsack is being squeezed by that crazy chick on the previous albums videos! Oh wait a minute she was doing that to him! Ha! Seriously though Vai is restrained on this tune ….he’s setting a guitar trap!

CHEAP AN NASTY- now this has some cowbell and it kicks along with a pretty cool chorus but man the Vai solo just goes into Eat Em And Smile territory which is fine and dandy but not here in Whitesnake hard blues which has turned into arena c*%k rock 101!

NOW YOURE GONE- I dunno these guys are now writing for the radio! I understand it’s the game to be played but c’mon Cov don’t make it so obvious now.


JUDGEMENT DAY- now we’re talking! The Snakes pull of some big bombastic Zep riffs and it works! Jimmy Page must have been listening to this one as a few years later him and Coverdale did the fantastic Coverdale /Page album! Man that was a good one! So yep this is a great Whitesnake song…..

SLOW POKE MUSIC-this is another good song and it fits Whitesnakes style but the lyrics well are kinda goofy but hey it’s 1990! It’s time for some Slow Poke followed by  some Cherry Pie along with some Poison ( take your pick of any Poison song!)

SAILING SHIPS- this totally could have fit on any Vandenberg record and it’s well played and it’s got some great acoustic work on it!

The rest of the songs I never really took a liking to them. This album was the end of the line for me and Whitesnake. I got tired of all the personal upheaval and band member changes like geez Dave just call your your band Coverdale or Coversnake or Fire Yer Ass! …just don’t call it a band when it ain’t. The other thing to me was OL Cov it seemed would just run and gun with whoever was in his band and once he used up there creativity …..Now Your Gone(Hahahaha) seriously though he’s written some great albums but by 1990 times were a changing…….

KINDA IN CONCLUSION- perhaps I’m being harsh here folks but seriously by 1990 Whitesnake was a brand name in North America. I mean look at the vids I have posted for all 4 Blogs. You can see the transformation from 1980 – 1990 in sound and look and yep it worked for a album or two. I think Dave should have called this Coverdale/Vai instead of  Whitesnake and I may have skipped on this on the 3/4’s Filler column! Vai is a gifted guitarist (check out my Roth review of Eat Em And Smile) but for Whitesnake he was just playing way over the top crazy for my liking at the time. Of course Ol Cov shut down the Snake  in 1990 perhaps he knew the tide was turning and perhaps that was due to some of the turnouts in North America.

Case in point…….

Tbone and myself when we were in Winnipeg to see Motley Crüe in June of 1990. We were talking to some guy in the hotel lobby who went and seen Whitesnake/ Bad English when they played the Peg 4 days before the Crüe show!  I asked him how was Whitesnake. The dude told me they were good but only 2,000 people were there whereas when the Crüe played 4 days later 12,000 were there…. I don’t know what shocked me more. The fact that there were only 2,000 people at the show or the fact that that Tbone came 4 days from snagging that elusive Bad English Tour Shirt!

Damn,a missed opportunity ……

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