SONIC WAVES…..Ozzy Osbourne/Speak Of The Devil


When I think of Speak Of The Devil all these years later the word Polluted comes to my mind. Ozzy that is sounds polluted on this,blasted and heading off the rails of the Crazy Train! But for some reason this is one cool live album as Ozzy assembled a super duper backing band consisting of Rudy Sarzo,Tommy Aldridge and Brad Gillis who was filling the late Randy Rhoads shoes. So I guess the story goes that the record company wanted a Rhoads live album but Ozzy said forget it and gave the record company this compilation of live  material from his previous band Black Sabbath. Of course nowadays people say Ozzys vocals were double tracked,triple tracked whatever for this release  and that this was slapped together in the studio with the audience  added to it. Doesn’t  matter to me it still sounds live yes but I will agree now that  when i listen to it now the vocals do sound double tracked. I got Speak Of The Devil for Xmas 1982  I was 15 and here’s Ozzy hacking out some red crap out of his trap on the cover  and he has a cool bunch of rocker musicians  with him….

Man, let’s hope aboard the Crazy Train…

SYMPTONS OF THE UNIVERSE- Speak Of The Devil believe it or not was the first time I had heard some of these Sabbath songs as I only got into Sabbath with Dio  a year earlier with there awesome album Mob Rules. But anyways Ozzys ripping right  off the hop and man he’s sounds possessed! Oh yeah I forgot he’s loaded! But man that band behind is firing on all cylinders. Shit man Brad Gillis is dive bombing off of his whammy bar extravaganza and it’s only track 1.

SNOWBLIND – another first for me and no not as a user but as a listener! Where Ace Frehley disguised his song SNOWBLIND,Ozzy just bellows out COCAINE! My 15 yr old mind is officially blown and holy crap Ozzy is rocking it man. Aldridge and Sarzo lay down some bad ass rhythm and Gillis does Gillis ie….tons of guitar heroics!

BLACK SABBATH-Ozzy introduces the song Black Sabbath and all bets are off man. Ozzy is the Prince Of Darkness and he’s spooking the bejesus out of me! No fooling around here the Ozzy man is laying waste at the temple of doom in which this case was my bedroom. My parents must have wondered at the time if a flipping Seance was going down with songs like Black Sabbath bellowing out into the halls of our house!

FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS- love the beginning of this tune some cool little jam out and than Aldridge takes over and demolishes the tune! Can’t believe that 5 yrs later(1987) Aldrigde would be drumming to Is This Love? By Whitesnake anyways back to 1982 this song just rocks.

WAR PIGS- ok raise your hands if you have never heard War Pigs! This version is crazy good Gillis once again demonstrates the use of doing crazy nibbling things on the guitar and making it cool! Why could not Ozzy keep this band together?

THE WIZARD-never talking just keeps on walking …yeah man that’s the Wizard and is that really Ozzy playing the harmonica or did he make B Gillis don a harmonica set up ala Neil Young to do double duty live! Hahaha..doubt it…this at the time of this release was another first for me! Never heard the Wizard and never heard Harp on a Ozzy record!

N.I.B-Lets Go shouts Ozzy and off we go to Ozzville with señor Gillis/Sarzo/Aldridge playing another Sabbath classic and man the music is top notch. I mean now many bands dump,out lines saying My name is Lucifer please take my hand!  So many bands beat around the bush Mot Sabbath. Were gonna take you all to Hell….ummm alrighty than…Great track!

SWEET LEAF- “KEEP ON SMOKING IT!” Howls Ozzy at the faithful and man the Oz just lets it rip on this version and well let’s face it he is ripped! Gillis/Sarzo/Aldridge crank it into over drive in the solo section and slam on the brakes back into the verse! This heavy shit does not get any better than this!

NEVER SAY DIE- wow what a great song! Being 15 and hearing this at the time I could not believe Sabbath rocked out at this speed I mean I thought they were just a heavy slow paced beast but man when I heard this version it knocked my socks off!

SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH- when I think of this track I think of YOU BASTARDS! …man the riff is deadly and full props to the original Sabbath on composing this fine piece of music!  Just love the mid tempo slush pace this song rolls too!

IRON MAN/CHILDERN OF THE GRAVE- cool Ozzys doing medleys of course I mean shit 32 years later my 4 yr old nephew Cambo drums with his dad ( my brother todd) Iron Man! So this song has passed thru the generations big time and of course yeah the movie as well but hey I like to think that my nephew first heard Iron Man off of the Paranoid album with my brother but ahhh I doubt it but still the kid digs it and the kid in me still digs it!  And just like that were into Childern Of The Grave and Ozzys cooking a whole new batch of menacing trouble. Gillis goes whammy thank you mammy on this song as well! Guitar Heroics 101 folks!

PARANOID- and well what can be said here as well?! Ozzy punches the gas with the boys and they finish it off in grandiose style!

IN CONCLUSION-this is one live album that just out Rocks! As blasted as Ozzy was back than he had a smart marketing team back than. Give them 15 yr olds a live album! Give em a young rocking backing band . Give em Sabbath songs that some of us had never heard til Speak Of The Devil…just give em well give em Ozzy! Mission Accomplished!


SONIC WAVES……Van Halen/OU812


1988 a ton of releases made there way to my house via my wallet. One of em was OU812 by the mighty Halen. We all know the deal with Dave leaving and Sammy joining at the time I was a little perplexed by this Halen album but over time I have come to appreciate its different style of Rocka Rolla compared to Halens early offerings and the fact that with Hagar in tow this was gonna be a different band from album to album like 5150 was different (to my ears) than OU812.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…..

MINE ALL MINE- wow some synthey keys and Eddie and the band joins in and were off to the races 1988 style! This is Halen headed into new frontiers and I’m willing to join em hell yeah change is good but there are naysayers out there. But nope, Ed and Alex are forging ahead with there new sound and well hey I’m ok with everything. Being it’s 1988 and earlier in the year we got Dave’s Skyscraper and now a few months later were getting ou812!  More music,more bang for the buck and the bucks I did contribute !

WHEN ITS LOVE- wow second song in and were headed into to the I don’t wanna say it but how about slower paced tempo tune! Ha. This is a good song and the vid got a ton of spins on Muchmusic. Once again like any Halen album there’s  Anthony and his backing voice and man the dude can belt it out.( Remember Get Up from 5150? )Good song and better solo but it’s EVH were talking about.

A.F.U(all fired up)-Alex torpedo’s the song out of the gate and were off  and man were on tour with Halen 90 days on the road and my axe is cutting me deep….alright Sammy is a little aloof with the lyrics here but but hey he’s trying to keep the party raging on the road so I salute him for that! Once again Super Duper EVH solo…as with any Halen you  know that’s the theme  right if you already hadn’t noticed!

CABO WABO- Sammy’s watering hole and hey he wrote a song about it so to make a long story short go to CABO,drink and than fall face down into the sand and kiss the ground! This is 7 minutes of  a slow Halen mover and you know what? It’s ok to chill after being AFU for  90 days so….go to CABO!

SOURCE OF INFECTION- ok,so music is good, lyrics not so much I mean Sammy was kinda I think not to inspired maybe he thought hey I  will write goofy Poison like lyrics! But Sam your in The Band! C’mon man..but than again I would never have the balls to say that to Sammys face Mano to Mano circa 1988 that the lyrics to Source Of Infection were goofy. I would tell Sammy that TBone said it!!! Ha!

FEELS SO GOOD- ok so we go from a previous goofy party tune to a great song from the guys so Eddie starts it with some wavy like keyboards action and boom comes Alex and Mike and Sam this is a fantastic written piece of work! Well done! Man still one of my faves!

FINISH WHAT  YOU STARTED- cool acoustic and cool video and man Halen does not sell out and Sammy sings pretty chill in this tune like he had a big spliff and a shot of sumthin and here comes Ed with some real nasty cool  picking! All these years later this one of there well known Sam tracks!

BLACK AND BLUE-so the story goes on this one as I remember from when Sam/Ed were on Rockline. Warner Brothers was bugging the guys for a single and Halen gave em Black N Blue. This is a sleaze ball grinder of a tune. Catchy tune but the lyrics now are like….Hahahaha……..

SUCKER IN A 3 PIECE-man this song is one of my faves. Ed peels a little bunch of wang dang guitar at the beginning and than to my ears it sounds like a little ACDCish in the music and of course Sam does his super chill cool voice halfway thru…u want a Sucker..look at all that money gooooo! Ed rips into the heavens on a crazy assed solo Wowzers, For Those About To Be A Sucker..VH Salutes u!

A APOLITICAL BLUES-hiccup…these fellas dipped into the sauce and punched this out as a bonus track for the cd and cassette only I think but hey it goes to show that Halen can get still get sauced and punch out sumthin goofy which we can all lap up and think it’s the coolest thing ever!Just don’t tell Chairman Mao!

IN CONCLUSION-OU812 is I think over all this time my fav Hagar era album. The songs are good and it’s a good continuation of 5150 and why not keep the party going will ya?! You think I gonna tell Sam/Mike/Ed and Alex to leave? Nope just turn off the lights when u split! This one took many a year but it was a real slow grower on me and well it’s a classic. The only fault I can find with it is the production. Some of the sonics on some songs sound better than others. But when it comes to the playing and singing,no complaints man,no complaints!

5 Man Loud Electrical Jam…..

Tesla/Firehouse/ Duluth Arena/August 11 1992

Bang,Bang Shoot em Up! Here comes Tesla headlining (Pyschotic Supper World Tour)with support act Firehouse playing Ladanos favourite American City Duluth to a half filed arena (2500) or so.

Myself,my bro Todd,Al ,Cementhead and Anvils biggest world wide fan Tony Gallo shot down to see the show. Well here comes Firehouse you know em they had a little decent run for a few years at which time they were plugging there current release which was Reach For The Sky which the title track was very good road slamming tune. There focus that night was mainly the debut which was played  songs like Shake an Tumble,Don’t Treat Me Bad, Overnight Sensation in other words the rockers I liked but for me I could not handle any Firehouse ballads I mean shit all these bands were doing it too the point Of overkill  as all the bands would you know release   a heavy single followed by a ballad and quite frankly I thought Firehouses ballads were like REO Speedwagon cast offs . Hey if you love ballads more power to ya but man when the lead singer CJ Snare pulled his Casio keyboard to the front of the stage to play Love Of  A Lifetime I thought I was gonna puke! Having said that the guitarist Bill Leverty is really good…

So basically it’s time for Tesla….everyone you know in the crowd is meandering about,house lights are on and well I’m paying attention to the stage and I tell my bro check it out. With the house lights on Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch walk out and go right into the opening trade off riffing of Cumin Atcha Live….wow did Tesla pull the plug on the lights nope…as soon as the drums kick in the house lights go off and the Tesla light show begins! Man what a a cool way to open a show. Never ever have seen it done that way and will never again unless Tesla does it!

Jeff Keith reminds me of a male Janis Joplin and man can the dude sing. Troy Lucketta and Brian Wheat handle down the rhythm and  Tommy and Frank nail down the leads.

Tesla as a live band is like going to Mcdonalds. You know in a way what your getting  but your gonna be surprised as Tesla is a serious rock machine live . I mean talk about quality songs,performance,no bell and whistles just straight ahead rock n roll delivered loud!

I just remember there set list being like if I had made a set list myself on the songs I wanted to hear. After the opener Cumin,it was Change In The Weather,Hang Tough,Heavens Trail,Song And Emotion,Call It What You Want,The Way It is ,Paradise,Love Song(ok ok ,I know what I said earlier about ballads but when Tesla did em they do em with style not some re manufactured pomp junk . And of course they had acoustic portion of the show with Signs,Had Enough,Before My Eyes ,What You Give and now back to the electric with Edison’s Medicine,Let’s see oh yeah Modern Day Cowboy and Gettin Better were played… stuff man….great great live band…..these cats could and can play check out the vid of Cumin Atcha Live. This is a perfect representation of  Tesla, great lead and backing vocals and Hannon/Skeoch are very very good here and man this is the first tune dude! Great video by whoever filmed it back in 92!

Totally enjoyed this show as it was a awesome set list performed by a great band and I was lucky to have caught em twice live  in two years by this point

Sonic Waves….Tragically Hip/Up To Here

This Up To Here review is for DaBrun! Hope ya enjoy it buddy!

Considering 1989 was the year Glam Metal was ruling everything in sales,ticket grosses,print media and video. Out  of Kingston came The Hip with their major label debut and man this album went against the grain of what I just mentioned but the Hip struck a chord or three chords for that matter with a ton of Canucks and this album just flew off the shelves! My first purchase was on cassette for this followed by cd.

The album was produced by Don Smith(rip) and he just lets the Hip go at it which to me just sounds like they just toked up/plugged In and pushed play!

Let’s see what Gordie/Bobby/Johnny/Paul and Gord are rolling……

BLOW AT HIGH DOUGH-So let’s Canadiana 101 begin! Here comes Gordie blasting out of the gate with the boys because well you knew they can get behind anything! Cool guitar,bass and drums actually I still love the sonic of this album to this day! Still I think if you were to ask people to say what one song would define the Hip I betcha it may be this one or perhaps Orleans? I dunno close call…..

I’LL BELIEVE IN YOU-Man this song is a firecracker it just zips along the 411 at break neck speed Gordie is slipping and sliding around traffic and he pushes along the tracks and the backing vocals are well suited to the Hip like I said…toke up/plug-in and push play!. Cool Bobby Baker riffing ….

NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING- This is one catchy riff of guitar courtesy once again from Mr Baker and Gordie is in full storyteller mode. This song is just a classic and still is and like I said it’s probably along with Blow At High Dough the two most recognizable Hipster tunes Ever!

38 YEARS OLD- Hip throw down the electrics,grab some acoustic and pedal steel and Gordie talks about being locked up in the Clink! Cool song and a shift in gears after the first three tunes drop the  sonic hammer on your senses!

SHE DIDNT KNOW- actually my fav from Up To Here. I mean classic ” she didn’t know the barrel was loaded” uh huh yeah right! Great stories/lyrics put to music. Man this shit does not get any better! Love this song..just love it. Actually this is like if REM took a few hits off the Hip Bong!

BOOTS OR HEARTS-Side two begins with some acoustic guitar kicked in the rump by the drums. That’s the thing with these  songs on here, They were road tested thru perhaps tons of bar gigs and the Hip just kept the tape machine going once they hit the studio.

EVERYTIME YOU GO- actually my second fav off of this album. Love the guitar sound and love the line ‘Like everyone I once knew a Dave. Drove a Plymouth shallow grave. Said my girl don’t walk she just unfurls” Wowzers! Sooooo cool…..geez I wish I could have said cool lines like that back in Highschool!

WHEN THE WEIGHT COMES DOWN- Cool strummer of a tune, super catchy chorus. Folks were headed for the finish line and the Hip just keep chugging along.

ANOTHER MIDNIGHT- If you dig a little deeper you will come across different flavours on the this debut. This is one of em just different textures add to a cool written song. Love the fact they can crank bar rock and ease off the gas a bit and just chill with a song like Another Midnight!

OPIATED- ends Up To Here with the medicine man paying a visit. Sounds like a fitting end to album or is it just the plain end? That’s the thing with Gordies lyrics. How I hear em you may hear em differently and perhaps we could get together and discuss and figure out what he’s going on about sometimes! But only if you bring the Doritos at the end of the night!

IN CONCLUSION – Stellar comes to my mind about Up To Here. For me the Hip came along with a good bar rock sound that was missing from the late 80s and just stomped on Poisons lipstick and gave us all a different outlook on rock and how it should sound. Simple yet effective. If your one of the few who have never listened to Up To Here, it’s never too late!

Sonic Waves….Aerosmith/Live Bootleg


Well how about a shout out to my all time fav live album- Live Bootleg from Aerosmith.

By the time I got around to getting Live Bootleg(summer of 1981) Joe Perry/Brad Whitford were gone and there was no press around for Aerosmith. I was hooked at the time on Joe Perry’s solo album I’ve Got The RockNRolls Again so shortly after I purchased Live Bootleg and what’s in these grooves of this double album was classics track after track! Also for reading pleasure I can say for the Sonic Wave history books that Live Bootleg is also Tbones fav live album also as we have had many a dicussions of its importance to our listening habits over the years. This album is the real deal!

Loved the packaging on Live Bootleg,pics,Gatefold sleeve,notes and places and dates of  where the songs were recorded,Aero bootlegging themselves!

So Steve,Joe,Brad,Tom & Joey thanks for kicking out the jams on this beauty of a live beast!

Let’s all hope aboard the Aero Express circa 78….

BACK IN THE SADDLE- I’MMMMMMM BAAAAAAAAAACK….a song everyone has heard a million times over but this one I love over the studio version. Aero is out of the starters box with a bang and man listen to the looseness of the guitars between Perry/Whitford. Basically it’s Aero 1978 smashing an thrashing about in your local saloon and the boys not knowing when to stop!

SWEET EMOTION- Joe yaps into his talk box and Steve takes over and man this song just rocks ,I mean Aero is putting down the gauntlet here. Second song in and it’s a take no prisoners approach here.

LORD OF THE THIGHS- smash,crash and as soon as Sweet Emotion ends Joey drives the Aero drums right into Lord Of The Thighs and for the next 7 plus minutes were gonna go on a Aero ride of  some good guitar jams some excellent Tylerisms like whack a,whacka, whacka ,whacka ahhhhh shit and than some fine drug induced(I’m sure) Maracca playing…….does it get any better than this???

TOYS IN THE ATTIC- yep it does get better…were into the Attic and this song is played at break neck  speed. Aero punches the gas to the floor or perhaps it’s there boot on your throat  and they ain’t letting u up!  Man this is a wicked crazy good version and I love how it ends, like yeah that’s it song over!

LAST CHILD- this song has some real cool Tyler lyics as so many do but he’s on fire here with this track. Whitford lays done some serious law on the guitar here and you can hear through the notes he’s  saying “hey the other guy might have the talk box but I got the guitar chops” hahaha…..

COME TOGETHER- this is a slop  assed so cool  cover of the Beatles song from that real crap film Aero did with Peter Frampton! Man these guys are gone on this. But you know what? Who cares….it’s Aero it’s meant to be played this way and for me as a young fella hearing this for the first time….I say Right on! But just say no to drugs! Except for Aerosmith,they make drug use seem cool!

WALK THIS WAY-out of the drug induced cool coma of Come Together comes the big hit of Aeros(up to that point) Walk This Way!  Joey sets the  tone and man he’s driving the bus at break neck speed . Holy Hell this live version compared to the studio version is on hyper drive. Perry nails the talk box and Tyler gets down on the muffin and well it’s Time to Walk This Way…she told ya too…….crazy good version,best live version I ever have heard!

SICK AS A DOG-just when you think you have heard cool before it’s wiped away with Sick As A Dog.  This is song reeks of cool man oh man I wore the grooves on this one out. It builds slow and than man Tyler has got to talk to you! Man he’s rocking the song big time. Seriously just close your eyes have a substance of choice(your deal)  and you can time machine yourself back and Aeros playing Sick As A Dog in front of you!

DREAM ON-ok I may have lied this may have been Aeros biggest hit up too that point (1978) and well what a monster track. I mean Aero knew back than knew how to do a ballad and they always put the ballads on the end of the record well on the earlier albums that was. Still this live version is a standout performance considering how loupe de loupe they were and a ton of street cred must be given to Tyler when he drops “MotherF*#ker comes back to you” sneakley! Atta boy Steve-o!

CHIP AWAY THE STONE- was I think a leftover that was lying around and the boys decided to put this out as the single for Live Bootleg. Cool track and if urban legend is concerned I think this may be Tbones fav song off of Live Bootleg or one of his fav Aero tunes of all time!

SIGHT FOR SORE EYES-is from the Draw The Line album and Aero is chugging along and by the end of it you can almost feel Tyler teetering on the edge of the stage singing the lines Sight For ,Sight For…..they almost TRAINWRECK this song but nope at the last minute they pull It back on course and Aero has saved the day(well the song that is)

MAMA KIN- when you think of trademark tunes of a band this Kin would be it! This is a total sleazed out 8 ball of a corker! Don’t believe me check it out!

SOS- man Aero just keeps on giving on surprises as they don’t play by the rules and put on those little hidden gems of songs and in this case it’s SOS from the Get Your Wings album. Great live version.

I AINT GOT YOU- ha Aeros says hey we got bootlegs of our shows so here’s one from 1973 from a place called Paul’s Mall! Listen to Tyler’s voice on this one as well the next he said he never felt comfortable with this style of singing so he changed it up to how we here him now. Cool little snapper of a tune!

MOTHER POPCORN- Aero hasn’t quite left Paul’s Mall and they crank into some Popcorn and throw down some sax courtesy of a Mr David Woodworth according to Steve and than he loses his shit vocally  at the 3/4 mark of the tune! Great raw sounding tune this one and I Ain’t Got You provide. We get to hear early Aero and my friends there is nothing wrong with that!

TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN/STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT- so let me give a little lesson hear on hidden Gems! See when I bought this back in 1981 one of my fav Aero Tunes was Draw The Line and I still remember the little wee minor of a letdown that song was not listed on the credits. So by the time I made it through all four sides of Live Bootleg and Mother Popcorn ends well you go from 20 people at Paul’s Mall back into the arena with 20,000 and what!!! it’s……

DRAW THE LINE- wow this totally blindsided me what a f’n A spectacular surprise. My fav song as the hidden track not listed anywhere but thank you for including it fellas! This is a firecracker of a song!

Now back to…

TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN- the boys are heading toward the finish line and man when it comes to Aerosmith the Train does indeed keep Rollin. The party ain’t stopping with Perry playing Strangers In The Night to close off the night festivities..

IN CONCLUSION- as far as live recordings go this one for me is the King of the live Heap so to speak! For all the bands that get raked over the coals for doctoring up live releases Live Bootleg I think has no doctoring whatsoever as Aero was probably to medicated to worry about fixin  uppin anything let alone a live album and for that…..



1982…Rush leaves By Tor The Snow Dog at home and unleashes Signals to the masses and whoah can you say musical direction change?! Well back than I couldn’t because my Rush collection at the time was Exit Stage Left, Moving Pictures and All The Worlds A Stage!

So here’s my thoughts on the three Rush albums I had as a young buck back in the year of 1982 before i explain my Rush N Roll diagnosis of Signals.

Moving Pictures- every one in 1981 in Tbay that listened to rock n prog had Moving Pictures. TBone was the first to buy it on 8 Track hahaha….and we could not handle  it when the  8 track would skip during the Camera Eye so TBone rebought it on Vinyl! I couldn’t handle TBone hogging all the Canuck prog by himself so I bought Moving Pictures rather quickly!

Exit Stage Left – I got for Xmas 81 from my parents and man every Xmas still to this day i get right back into listening to it at around the time of jolly ol Saint Nick! People trip out over Buble’s Xmas album but for me I trip over myself listening to Xanadu!

ALL The Worlds A Stage-I got this double live wail fest shortly into 1982 as since I loved Exit Stage what the hell let’s make it a double double thru the Rush drive thru!  Rush rips apart the first three albums in a live setting. The first time I heard Bastille Day I was like ….what?!  Ha!

So Signals was released in Sept 1982 and it wasn’t until a month later in Oct as I got Signals as a birthday gift from once again my fantastic parents!

Geddy,Neil and Alex are already Rolling The Bones back in 1982….let’s check it out!

SUBDIVISIONS-wow Geddy cranks up the keys and were off and Neil and Alex rock along and for a while I remember we would cruise the hallways at our Highschool saying Suuuuuubdivisions! I remember reading in Circus magazine as people were freaking out at the use of more keyboards on Signals but why the freak out peeps! Here comes Alex with one of my favourite Rush solos of all time! What a opener even after all these years !

ANALOG KID- bam Geddy/Neil/Alex rip it right out of the gate in synch and man this song just smokes and shows their musical chops and holy hell this is a classic. Drums,bass,geetar are locked and loaded! Man these dudes musical chops are just sick!

CHEMISTRY- wow Mr Peart is teaching class and ya better listen cause this is best Science lesson  sandwiched in under 4 minutes I ever had in my life. Case in point “H2O,no flow with out the other!” Man Neil is a chemist .  The song itself rolls along nicely. Cool use of keyboards in this tune.

DIGITAL MAN- wow Rush goes reggae on our asses and makes it cool I mean this is Rush in one vehicle slamming into another vehicle playing the Police and boom Digital Man…love the ending on this track!

THE WEAPON- cool beginning with Neil kicking things off and steering the ship with Geddy and Alex. The guitars and especially the bass are rocking on this track . “We got nothing to fear but fear itself”, Man Peart just continues to school me with his lyrics.  People complain about the Rush keyboards overtaking the guitars but when Lifeson launches into  solos throughout the 80s I loved the fact that they could,still strip back the sound to that of a three-piece!

NEW WORLD MAN- hey man ….the single good on em first top 40 in the US back ye yonder! Cool song catchy Chrous ….love the bass riffing…..and drums and guitar. It’s Rush! What’s not to like!

LOSING IT- a slower paced tune. I ain’t saying the word associated with slower paced material cause  Rush doesn’t do em but this is a great tune esp with the use of violins! I remember years ago being in an online fantasy hockey pool,and they had a smack board where you could post messages and guys would trash other guys teams and some one took a shot at my squad and all I responded with was Quote” for you the blind who once could see,bell tolls for thee” end Quote..right from Losing It! Dude was dumbfounded!..haha

COUNTDOWN-Me,Geddy,Alex and Neil strap in the shuttle and launch into space and man when I think of Signals it’s  a history lesson. I learned about space travel,chemistry,isolation,  weapons geez a ton of life expierences!

IN CONCLUSION- Rush was a fantastic band and still is for that matter! They where and still are excellent and were always a good release from all the other party rock guys. So when I needed to be tuned up mentally Rush always came through. There musicianship and lyrical prowess was undeniable out of this world. I’m still glad that being a Rush listener all these years later they still as Aaron would say just”GIVIN ER!!”


Nov 2 2002/Rush/Minneapolis

Basically by this time me and TBone had been listening to Rush since 1981. TBone was the first to have Moving Pictures and I believe it was on 8 track! We never had  the opportunity or for some reason we always missed Rush which was a crime but when Rush came off the hiatus and put out Vapor Trails and announced a tour to coincide with said release we had to go except well I had 3 daughters under the age of 5 so getting away was hard but Q (my wife) knew I was a Rush fan and knew I had never seen em so she said ‘ya better go’ what a great woman! So I told TBone he secured tix and we were off to the Target Center to see after many a year…RUSH!

Once inside it was almost surreal….crap we are about to see Rush. I mean me and TBone we have seen tons of shows as you know from reading my posts but  it’s Geddy/Alex/Neil for gods sake. Man the anticipation was huge for us,for everyone. The Target Center was pretty close to a sellout and cue lights out …’s the opening film and here’s Rush before us launching into Tom Sawyer…holy crap Geddys ripping bass,Alex is riffing and Neil’s being the professor on the drum kit! I have never seen so many air drummers gathered in one place ever. Cool stage set up Geddy had his dryers going and had a roadie every so offen dump,change into it the dryer while they were playing. Aaaaah good ol Canadian humour!

Basically Rush played two sets and as everyone knows Rush doesn’t ever cruise with a opening act anymore. Rush first set included Distant Early Warning,New World Man,Roll The Bones, Earthshine,Bravado,Big Money,Vital Signs,YYZ,Freewill and holy shit how about a prog rock wet dream with Natural Science! Man that one floored us!

After a short intermission and a short film here comes Neil slamming into One Little Victory,Driven,Ghost Rider,Secret Touch,Dreamline,Red Sector A,Leave That Thing Alone and into Pearts crazy ass drum solo! It must be noted that I have been to two concerts in my lifetime that you do not leave during the solo and that is Pearts and Eddie Van Halens at a VH concert ! Peart just slayed everyone it was sick man…never have seen a drum solo so good and may never again unless I make it back to another Rush show! Ok how about some Rush tunes after that 10 minute mash up on drums.Geddy and Alex played a acoustic version of Resist that went over real well! Next up was a snippet of 2112 and now Limelight,La Villia with a Lifeson rant about blues and what musical chops man! Spirit Of The Radio is the end of the line!

Holy Hanna we just got rocked big time by the masters!!! That was crazy good!

Wait Rush isn’t done…how about a blast from the past with BY-TOR??? You kidding me now into Cyngus and now to top,it all off Working Man!!

Rush pulled out the stops what a vast catalogue of material to,choose from! They just brought the house down! Me and TBone were speechless! We were schooled that night by the professor and his two sidekicks! I think I can speak for TBone and say that this was one of the best indoor arena shows we ever seen!

Cool thing when Geddy emptied his dryers he chucked a few T shirts into the crowd. When me and T were leaving we seen a guy in the arena lobby had one on and he was getting offers for it like crazy he turned em all down as far a I know. I don’t know what was on the front of the shirt but the back of the shirt said ” Geddy Lee Dryer 2″…… Like I said earlier a cool sense of humour from those fellow Canadians!

Also of note,we met a few dudes at the hotel bar . They were from Wisconsin and they giggled like bunch of school girls when they learned that a couple of Thunder Bayians  had to drive 6 hrs to go and see Canada’s Rush in the USA!???

SONIC WAVES….Iron Maiden/Piece Of Mind

To say that I wasn’t pumped about Maidens Piece Of Mind would be the understatement of the 80s. If you don’t believe me ask TBone. Poor guy was in a foot cast (soccer injury)the day I bought Maidens new release and I boogied up to his house zipped right into the living room bumbling with excitement about the new album in hand and tripped over his casted foot!! He squirmed and i peeled off a quick apology and bellowed out loud “NEW MAIDEN … NEW MAIDEN!!’ Good thing Tbones mom was not around she would thought a lunatic was rampaging thru there house! We still on occasion will talk about this and have a chuckle about it!

So there we are May of 1983 and finishing up grade 10 and what a Better way to kick It into overdrive with some new Maiden. I mean the build up for Piece Of Mind was huge. Circus  Magazine,Music Express and Kerrang were all talking about it in print form and once I seen the adds that were in the  magazines a month before the actual  street date I was pumped/psyched you name it I had it! And had to get it!!!!

For me the first Maiden I ever bought was back in the summer of 1981  at Record On Wheels here in Tbay. I had enough money to buy one album that day  and that one album was  Maidens Killers. Although i came real close to buying Def Leppards On Through The Night( that would come shortly later). This was metal I had  never heard before and every song was like a punked up metal tune due to Dianno’s vocals these songs cooked! Of course the following year in 1982 here comes Number Of The Beast with a new singer in tow (Bruce Dickinson) and Maiden is everywhere with the video(Run To The Hills) and in print and copies are flying out of the stores even Tbone joined the ranks with purchasing Number Of  The Beast! Atta boy!

So back to 1983 here comes Maiden down the chute with Piece Of Mind and a new drummer in tow(Nicko Mcbrain) and well  the hype was delivered !

Let’s see what Eddie the Ead is doin?!

WHERE EAGLES DARE- Maiden says we got a new drummer! And Nicko leads the charge with a song based on the Clint Eastwood movie of the same name! This is over 6 minutes of downright cool heaviness! The solos are wickedly good and well up to that point I thought the two Priest Guys(Tipton&Downing) were the dual lead guitar champs but here comes Davey and Adrian with a one two punch. Shit these guys are crazy good and of course with  Harris and Dickinson delivers the song like he’s going into battle! Man this is only the first song of the album and Maiden is taking no shit from no one!

REVELATIONS- word on 22 Maiden Avenue was that Bruce contributed co writes on the Number Of The Beast but due contractual issues they had to keep his cowrites in house and not revealed to the public. Wether that’s the truth or not it doesn’t matter but man if Revelations is his first actual writing submission into the Maiden camp than WELCOME. Holy crap what a tune! Starts heavy…moves into melodic metal material than shifts back into metal than fires straight into some wickedly good soloing! Followed back into melodic metal mode! Whoosh! This is blowing me mind!

FLIGHT OF ICARUS- the single/video off of this and Muchmusic would play it weekly on ther Powerhour broadcast! Harris gallops along and drives the Maiden single well why did they call Maiden singles,singles?  They’re like epic stories . This song is a very good track ….Fly on your way……

DIE WITH YOUR BOOTS ON-Maiden blasts off right at the gate and this is one of my fave tunes! Great vocals/ musicianship / great song and wow there’s backing vocals. Since this song is about war I wish Steve Harris woulda been my history teacher! I perhaps would have paid more attention!

THE TROOPER- this is epic Maiden. This song has been played on every tour since 1983! I think there would be a backlash if they forgot about this tune on a tour! Dickinson with his horse down bellows to the skies(what a great set of pipes)….Dickinson takes the reigns vocally on this album. Air Raid Siren they called him.

STILL LIFE-Maiden sticks it to the preachers and throws down some backward masking at the beginning with sumthin to the effects of “don’t meddle with things you don’t understand” hahaha. Good for you Maiden having a sense of humour as well! This song shuffles into a real snappy  Chrous  and well Still Life is just that.

QUEST FOR FIRE- don’t be late for history class as Mr Harris is taking us in the Maiden time machine back to the caveman days. I could picture a bunch of cavemen cruising around the earth looking for fire wearing there Piece of Mind tour shirts!

SUN AND STEEL-Maiden after the mid range tempo of Quest For Fire Maiden shoot off at a ton of speed right into super sonic Metal mode(would you not expect it??) this is Maiden making sure your senses aren’t letting down ! When Brucey sings ‘ break you both in two’ you know he’s not fooling!

TO TAME A LAND- this is about the book Dune and it’s amazing that Harris could take a 400 page novel and condense it down to a 7 minute epic track! This track has all the ball and whistles of prog rock! But Maidenized! So blown away was I by this track that I bought the book Dune due to Steve Harris. History 101 is now open!

IN CONCLUSION- Maiden kicked down all the barriers with this album and I kicked TBone! Seriously though Maiden separated themselves from all the party rock bands with this masterpiece(of mind )! The production it must be noted is awesome. It’s produced and mixed heavy. Well done Martin Birch! The sonics still hold well even today.

SONIC WAVES……Judas Priest/Unleashed In The East




Well I came oh so close to seeing Priest open for Kiss back in 1979 but it was not meant to be(Priest cancelled) but right after I saw Kiss and seen Priests Unleashed In The East in the record store. I was hooked!

The cover is badass. Think about it I’m a young fella easily swayed at the time and here is this cool looking bands cover with a live shot. Mmmm looking back at it today I think this was done in the studio. The leather,smoke,dudes with long hairs playing guitars,Flying V !,double bass drums=heavy! man this is what I’m looking for. It’s like Kiss with the Alive 2 picture in the middle sleeve of the album with the full pyro going off . Now flip over the cover of Unleashed and there’s Rob Halford sitting still on the stage on a Harley Davidson no less. Plus the band is doing the selling point of it all,the POSE!! I’m converted….

Banzai Judas Priest…..


EXCITER- Priest kicks the doors off and just slam into heavy metal 101. Priest is on fire. They are taking no prisoners. This was the first song I ever heard with Tipton and Downing trying to riff out each other. No band I was listening to at the time(Cheap Trick,Kiss,ACDC) did that! Holy crap these guys are excellent  and thanks Priest( enter sarcasm mode for a sec here ) for letting me sit as 12 yr old through John Cougar opening for Kiss!!

RUNNING WILD-just keeps the adrenaline going that’s left from Exciter. Halford says he demands respect in this song ! Yes sir Mr Halford I will shoe  shine your metal boots for you! This is a little 3 minute rocker that well,reeks of cool!

THE SINNER- Tipton and Downing by now are warmed up and they let the fretboards do the talking on Sinner and of course Halford goes off on his operatic howl with Sinner and not only is my head blown but so are my Sears stereo speakers!

THE RIPPER- is the dark tune. Were now four songs in and ol Robbo and the boys are telling us about some crazed dude stalking around the streets. In other words don’t turn your back to anyone. It’s about YOU going into a dark alley and not coming back out! Got it?

GREEN MANALISHI(WITH THE TWO PRONGED CROWN)- Priest lays us out on the floor with this cover of a Fleetwood Mac song and basically Priestize it to there own! The guitars,drums and bass move the pace along and I still remember my mom asking me way back in time as she heard Halford with his operatic wailing and asked if he was a opera singer! My mom never ever said anything about my music but she must have been impressed by Halfords style to say the least !

DIAMONDS AND RUST- this is another cover song but Priest make it there own. Snappy Chrous that just grips you and doesn’t let go. Great Song and the musicianship is excellent!

VICTIM OF CHANGES- holy crap were getting heavy as were headed towards the end here. This is Priest when someone says give me one Priest song to define them. This is it ! Just all out heavy metal! The guitars are wickedly good and man for a while I would say Tipton/Downing were the best in the business until a couple of other fellows came along knocking on there throne !(Wanna guess who it was? Check back here this Wednesday !)

GENOCIDE- holy crap Rob and the boys are gonna gas me out! Seriously though I come from the land of Love Gun and Dr Love!  And now I’m into Priest warfare with em!Geez even the titles are heavy! Cool tune wonder if they have ever played this track since?!

TYRANT-ends this album with basically Priest destroying everything in there wake! You want metal..we got metal…cool everything basically it’s Priest pillaging about! Great ending to a great album!

IN CONCLUSION- Next to the Kiss Alive albums and Cheap Tricks Budokan I had this was probably the fourth live album(some called it Unleashed in the studio) I ever owned and after listening to it it has owned me ever since! For further listening check out Memphis Live Vengeance 1982. That one as well is very good. Priest shifted my direction from some of the lighter sonics of the time (Kiss/ Cheap Trick) and took me into a heavier realm of listening!

SONIC WAVES…Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators/World On Fire

Yah man I’m breaking protocol and reviewing sumthin new and probably well too new for me but it’s not too often that a new release can come out and basically kick me in the ass of awesomeness but World On Fire has done that man and it will possibly quite well be my número Uno 2014 fav release!

Slash and the boys have outdone themselves here. I mean when I seen it was 17 tracks deep I was like ah no way man maybe 10 keepers and 7 close calls but nope nada ….17 little cookers that prove to me in the year 2014 that guitar oriented rock is alive and well in Slashville.

Lets see what’s cooking under the top hat!

WORLD ON FIRE-The boys kick out the jams right out of the gate with the catchy lead off single. Myles Kennedy is without a doubt one of the best rock singers out there right now period. The dude holds his own and it helps that they have cranked up Todd Kerns on bass and backing vocals I mean why not Kerns fronted Age Of Electric and now he slings the 4 string for Slash and man how many bands can you say out there right now have two lead vocalists ? Yeah and that’s this band! Slash is riffing like crazy on this and on all others! Yeah if you choose to play the vid on your big screen,make sure the kids aren’t around ahem! Just don’t trip the wire!

SHADOW LIFE-starts off moody kinda chill like vibe and boom into gear and big Chrous and like I said Kerns and Kennedy a one two vocal punch to the gut. There not screwing around and man these guys are locked in by track two!

AUTOMATIC OVERDRIVE-this band just punches the gas and roars. You know the deal your baby is Automatic and she’s in Overdrive. This songs just clocks in under 100 mph so you know it’s a rocker. Slash has totally stepped up with the playing on this album. Man, you want huge riffs this is the place for em!

WICKED STONE- man oh man this one reminds me for some reason of that big band Slash was in about 20 yrs ago. Slash puts this song on his back and carries it right thru. Also of mention again is the fact that Kennedy is a crafty lyricist and he delivers it vocally. Plus the fact that they got Kerns cranked up as well vocally is a smart move(dude can sing,don’t believe me check out Ugly from his old band Age Of Electric). This song just keeps the momentum going ! Holy crap still 14 more songs to go!

30 YEARS TO LIFE-Brent Fitz slams some serious drumming along with some killer cowbell on this road rocker. Actually this whole band is firing and now there on the run. 30 years in the clink. Well if your gonna get locked up Myles at least your going in style! Slash once again riffs and riffs but not to the point of overkill. Brent Fitz is kicking the crap out of his drums, man he’s good.

BENT TO FLY- whoa, Slash slams on the breaks and the boys kinda chill out on this one well until the big hooky Chrous with the big hooky voices. Even though it’s a little more slow paced. The boys keep it rocking in a different way I mean you can’t go 100 mph 24/7 anymore. Well maybe 85 mph24/7 actually I would be at roughly 33mph/24/7 you get the drill!

STONE BLIND- all right this one is a scorcher. The song starts off super chill with Kennedy just chillin and than boom The verse is so friggin catchy. This one just grabs ya and doesn’t let go! This song rocks from start to finish.


TOO FAR GONE- it’s all been decided your Too Far Gone sez Myles and the boys. Yep your right fellas this song reminds me once again of that ol band (GNR) but how could it not .Slash wrote some huge riffs back than. And he continues to do it to this day! More power to ya Slash!

BENEATH THE SAVAGE SUN- the beginning reminds me of ol school Aerosmith and that’s where the comparison ends. The band shifts into some different time signatures and Kerns drops down some cool low end bass in at as well. Kinda epic style Slash N Roll…

WITHERED DELILIAH- hey I think SMK&C may have a hit here. This song just rocks along and it will make a great single. This album courtesy of Brent Fitz has a bunch of cool percussive action going on this whole album!(COWBELL) Kudos to Slash for keeping this unit intact for a few years now and not some revolving musical door!

BATTLEGROUND-this is the close to 7 minute epic track…slow buildup and man it’s a diversion of the rock that so dominates this release. Cool that like I said earlier are many different musical moods and this is a moody piece….but in a cool kinda way!

DIRTY GIRL- song number 12 and Slash heads back to the Sunset Strip for some Dirty Girl!  Of course you knew this kind of song would be on here tucked neatly away and BAM here comes the Dirty Girl. Cool that dudes pushing 50 can still sing about sleaze and roll not be called out as creepy! YET!  Great song man….this will be on the radio for all ya ol farts!(myself included)

IRIS OF THE STORM-it’s always a buzz to get this deep into a album and you realize this is my favourite track! Oh wait yeah it is. Songs starts off slow and slowly picks up steam. Man this album is chock full of radio rock and this is one of em also. Dig Kennedy’s voice on this golden nugget of a tune!  The band is right in the pocket on this one!

AVALON-comes crashing out of the gate at rocket speed! SMK&C aren’t letting up man!  Good solid rock song that pushes almost like a Heavy Nine Lives Aero Feel at times….

THE DISSIDENT- starts of like a mono LP with someone going off about the objector well make that a F*%kin Objector and than Fitz and Slash kick off the festivities and man during the Chrous you get some whoas and double whoas and man this is now my favourite track currently. It’s so damn catchy you will cruise around your house singing it..u will man..u will!

SAFARI INN- just a cool little musical and hey were over a hour into this bad boy and ya gotta give the lead vocalist a break!

THE UNHOLY-ends the record with some more epic material kinda like along the lines of Battleground. It’s ok man,this song is a fitting end it build and build and it’s over!

IN CONCLUSION- To say this is a great rock record in the year 2014 would be a understatement! It for me is thee rock record of 2014! SMK&C take it to another level with this release. Solid songs,solid performances all around and solid production take a bow Michael Baskette! Like I said earlier it’s cool that Slash has kept this trio of guys with him for a few years now and it shows in spades the cohesiveness of this unit. Hundreds of shows played and well the boys bring it home! So basically set aside about  1 hour and 17 minutes and head out on a rock n roll journey!

A music fan trying to put it down in words….