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AC/DC: If You Want Blood…. You Got It(1978)


Have not done an Acca Dacca story in a while so here it goes…..

On all things purchased AC/DC. I think this 1978  Live release If You Want Blood came pretty quickly after I had succumbed to the Horn Dog Lyric antics of the Classic 1980 Release Back In Black.

My pal Muc had already bought 1977’s Let There Be Rock so in all honesty I think it was either this release or Highway To Hell I had purchased second…or maybe not ….I dunno…Do you care? Haha…

Always loved this cover I mean there’s Angus Young being impaled by his Gibson SG and right beside him is the Late Great Bon Scott keeping the show moving forward…..

Back cover was cool as well…..








Thats the thing with these guys was they kept there covers simple but were very effective. This one as well….Leaving there blood on the stage as it were..

So with this being a Live Meal Deal…..Here’s the Tracks ..

1. “Riff Raff” (from Powerage) 5:59
2. “Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be” (from Let There Be Rock) 4:10
3. “Bad Boy Boogie” (from Let There Be Rock) 7:29
4. “The Jack” (from T.N.T.) 5:48
5. “Problem Child” (from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) 4:40
6. “Whole Lotta Rosie” (from Let There Be Rock) 4:05
7. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation” (from Powerage) 3:41
8. “High Voltage” (from T.N.T.) 5:05
9. “Let There Be Rock” (from Let There Be Rock) 8:33
10. “Rocker” (from T.N.T.)

Now that’s a 10 pack of Barroom Brawl Rock right there!

I’m going Old School in regards to a 10 Track Breakdown of each track….

No Beating Around The Bush here Folk’s!

Angus starts off with a bunch of Power Riffs and before Riff Raff is launched off  and I love how Bon just rolls up to the mic and here comes the  Late Night Whiskey Drenched Voice . The thing with Bon is when sings whatever tune it was…. He Meant Business! Basically between Angus/His Satchel/His Gibson SG and his Snot flying all over the place  and  Bon with his mic in  hand, a clenched fist in the other you weren’t gonna mess with em! Riff Raff rocks like no other. Bon is one of the best lyricists ever! He walked it like he talked it!

Hop on board to a bus headed Straight to Hell as its time to Dial up Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be.  You want tight guitar chops in the verses look  no further than this song. Angus and Malcolm are airtight on the 6 strings and Cliff and Phil keep the Rhythm Boat A Float as Bon man could sell you real estate in Hell as he’s that convincing! Kinda funny coming from the Romper Room antics of KISS at a young age and discovering AC/DC where its Fists N Rolls and Bon’s idea of Hell is very different from Starchilds version of Hotter Than Hell!

Bad Boy Boogie is just that! Bon does it all over town! This is an No Frills straight ahead Back Room Brawler Of A Track. The lyrics are classic Bon. Angus takes this tune and pushes it over the 7 minute mark and basically like all things ACCA DACCA its the Mal and Angus show as this tune I believe was the showcase for Angus to drop his drawers and Bark At The Moon!

The Jack. Well what do you say about this song….Speaking of Classic Lyrics…..just listen to  the video posted below..

Duke’s N Booze lead the way with Problem Child as the Boy’s shift gears from the Sleazy Bluesy Feel of The Jack right into Problem Child. Phil pushes the pace with his drums and Bon as always lays down the law with his vocals. Problem Child just reeks trouble with its Piss N Vinegar like vibe and no one is safe….

Whole Lotta Rosie is another classic track that probably  has been played since 1977-78 at every DC show and I dig the feel of this track especially Bon taking control vocally between the between the verses before the Sonic Blasts of the music lift this tune off. Even the crowd is into as they are all chanting Angus Angus Angus between at the opening. Speaking of which I may have told the story about our pal Jack Loaf who thought the crowd at the beginning was chanting Rock Us Rock Us Rock Us…Dude its Angus there chanting not Rock Us! Haha…Now you are probably wondering where the name Jack Loaf came from. Easy. Jack was his actual name and Loaf was added to it by Moi as Jack was the only one in Highschool that I knew at the time (1982) that was listening to Meat Loaf!

Rock N Roll Damnation is the song that has AC/DC almost playing for a hit  tune. But this live version flexes a lot more muscle than the studio album it came from(Powerage). The chorus has a real catchy hook that draws you in and for that there is nothing wrong with that! You think back in 78 if Deke worked for the Record Company  I would tell Bon  “Aye Mate You Digging Around For A Hit Single?”  Bon would have probably grabbed me by the throat and before he choked me out I would muster up my go to line which would be “Tbone Said It….Not Me!!”

High Voltage. Well it’s just one Awesome track after another here as Angus plays some real cool like riffage and Cliff and Phil join in for the ride. I love this tune….Hiiiiiiiiiiiigh Voltage Rock N Roll sings Bon and this song features a real classic Angus solo followed by Bon leading the charge at audience participation …..and right after Bon is done his deal the Band load up and head for the finish line! AC/DC at there best….!

Remember a few weeks my post on solo’s? Well here comes Angus and his SG and its solo time but only after this Chuck Berry Taking Speed Fused Boogie 8 Ball inspired tune that we all know as Let There Be Rock is unraveled before our ears! Another bonafide classic tune that has been played every tour since 1977 as well! Phil kicks off this tune and the boys are a blazing as Angus and Malcolm take the verse’s off while Bon/Phil and Cliff hold down the fort but when Angus and Malcolm join in it’s chaos as the guitars are jacked and the AC/DC Tour Bus is about to drive off the road….This is an Heavy Hitter of an track. Let There Be ….Light/Sound/Drums/Guitar…..Let There Be ROOOOOOOOOCK!

Did you watch the Live Video of Let There Be Rock (this live vid is the actual track from If You Want Blood album)that I posted? Well you should and see the Live Fury of this band back in 1978!

Rocker wraps things up as Angus and Crew riff up another spliff of Chuck Berry delight and send everyone home with Rocker which in its lyrics almost is Bon  autobiographical! Great ending…

If You Want Blood  is an excellent document on where AC/DC was at back in 1978! Basically it’s Barroom Boogie at it’s finest! Could be just me but when discussing Live Albums sometimes this one is not mentioned but it Should! It’s AC/DC on fire…….



Black Sabbath/Never Say Die(1978)

Well folks this brings to an end my Sabbath January Sabbath Posts! I hope you all enjoyed reading it much as I had blogging about these albums! They are fantastic pieces of work. Now there’s been a method to my madness for doing the 6 Ozzy only Sabbath albums. My good friend Metal Todd has very generously bought me a ticket (and a place to stay)to see Black Sabbath/Rival Sons February 3rd/2016  in Vancouver British  Columbia! Holy Frigg,Yeah I’m Going! (full show review will be blogged about) I’m stoked. So myself,Metal Todd,his wife Nicole and another friend of Metal Todd’s named Naisan are going!

It’s gonna be F*^kin Killer!

Thanks a million times over Metal Todd and Nic!

I’ve been real lucky over the years to see some real stellar all time great guitar players live such as  Joe Perry,Brad Whitford, Alex Lifeson,Eddie Van Halen,Ace Frehley,David Gilmour,Keith Richards,Ronnie Wood,Adrian Smith,Dave Murray,Janick Gers,Slash And Izzy,Kirk Hammett,James Hetfield and now Tony Iommi! Man,just to hear the King Of Doom riffs ply his craft live is gonna be a real mindblower for sure!

So what better way than to prep myself sonically for the show than to review these Ozzy albums! The 13 album that Sabbath released a few years back was I thought very good and I will review it at some point but I just wanted to focus on the 1970s version of studio Sabbath output for now.

Up to this point I had never done a full-out one month series of a certain band and it ended up being a good listening experience!

You gotta hand it to guys like Mike Ladano that will post fantastic written blogs exclusively on one band and do about 15 reviews in a row. I got to 6… haha….

Speaking of Mike check out his fantastic site and read his DVD review of the Never Say Die Tour! It’s a sneak attack Friday Special. Click here Folks…..


I also must mention that Aaron from The KMA listened to all the Motley Crue studio albums (7 or 8 at least maybe more) in a week! After that listening expeirience Aaron said one of the greatest one liners every stated about listening to all that Crue in a 7 day span! The quote was “I Feel Dirty And I Need To Take A Shower!”


Ok enough babble……

Never Say Die is Ozzy’s swan song from 1970s Sabbath. By 1978 the wheels were coming off big time! There was a ton of issues big time with Ozzy who actually quit before the recording of Never Say Die and was replaced by some fella named Dave Walker but Ozzy returned to rejoin and record with the band. On the Never Say Die tour it was common to hear that openers Van Halen were giving Sabbath more than a  run for they’re  money shortly  after the tour Ozzy quit yet again. So I guess when it rains it pours …..

Technical Ecstasy (1976)was recorded in Miami(party,drugs,cartel and hookers are the first thing that come to my mind) whereas Never Say Die was recorded in Toronto in January of 1978(cold,colder,coldest and the Toronto Maple Laughs(Leafs) are the first things that come to my mind).

Does Sabbath have enough gas in the tank to punch out another album of greats? Mmmmmm let’s see….

NEVER SAY DIE-Sabbath nail Gold right off the bat! Listen to the video of this song that I posted as Bill Ward plays his role of Satan Jazz Drummer playing Heavy Metal! Holy Frigg the drums on this track are so good they shuffle at a clip and Its amazing. That’s just the drums folks! The rest of the lads Tony and Geezer lay it down with a real good mix of bass and guitar! Ozzy and his vocals are mixed perfectly here. Gone is the sterile studio sound of Technical Ecstasy replaced by a good studio sound. I have no idea why people bash this album but let’s continue on shall we?!

JOHNNY BLADE-a creepy Mr Crowley like keyboard opens Johnny Blade and before long Uncle Tony and his guitar ramble out of the gate. This is a pretty cool tune. Ozzy howls down during the chorus “Jooooohnny Blaaaaaade!” Bill and Geezer are locked n loaded and along for the ride!

JUNIOR’S EYES-I may need to be corrected here but I tend to think that this is the only Sabbath song ever just to have Geezer and Bill starting the tune off and keeping the bass and drums going right through the whole song in a mid tempo kind of  fashion as it’s Sabbath jamming and it’s a pretty decent song as well. Tony even cranks out some psychedelic like riffs.

SHOCK WAVE-Wow I just love this tune! It’s Happy Sabbath or would that be High Sabbath! Regardless this song has a real good verse and even a better chorus driven by Geezer’s bass and Ozzy’s lead vocal. Even Tony lays off the doom gas pedal and drives the song with a clean guitar tone.

HARD ROAD-This song a revved up Sabbath rocker. It trucks along  at a decent clip. Pretty cool song actually not sounding like Sabbath. Iommi plays a mean clean guitar while Geezer drives the bass along with Bill on the drums.

AIR DANCE-Freaky Sabby! Ozzy outs in space and this is one of those tracks that as a listener your thinking to yourself “WHUT?”.

OVER TO YOU- Kinda a different tune. Iommi though as like many a Sab tune starts it off and it’s a different kind of Sabbath. Different tempo changes as Bill does his jazz drum fills along with Geezer and Tony joining along for the ride. This tune at first I was like ???? Now I would rank it !!!! It’s a  grower for sure,give it a few spins kids!

BREAK OUT-Now where would we be without a Sabbath musical only song? Right! Ozzy gets the day off in Toronto and Geezer,Bill and Tony play what could almost be considered a Sabbath Stripper like tune! There’s horns and an off beat like stomp. Not a bad tune if you’re heading to a seedy late night hours bar!

SWINGING THE CHAIN-Bill Ward does the lead vocals here. I guess the deal with this  song was that Dave Walker who had replaced Ozzy for a little bit worked on this song with Geezer,Bill and Tony. When Ozzy came back to Sabbath to record he refused to sing this song as another  singer had worked on it! Ha! Goes to show you that Sabbath was just  writing enough material for their  albums and no more! I guess the album tour album tour etc cycle can catch up to Ya and in this case it does as there are no extra songs lying around. This tune is a mash-up of sounds even a distorted harmonica is heard(The Wizard? Ha!) I dunno I think the Sabbath gas tank is pretty much empty by this tune. It’s like “let’s get this over with and hit the pub!”

For the most part I really like Never Say Die.(5 – 6 Tunes I dig) To me in the Ozzy Sabbath catalogue it’s like what Done With Mirrors by Aerosmith is to Aero. Two albums by these two powerhouse acts and they don’t want to know about them!

For myself. I dig em tons and if you have been reading my Yammers (blogs as most people call them) than you know my utter dig fest for Done With Mirrors. I reviewed it and it’s floating around the site …Never Say Die is another one of those albums that if you give it some time will grow on Ya! Trust me!

FINAL YAMMER- For everyone that read,commented and just flat-out took the time to check out my Ozzy Sabbath Series thanks tons! What a real cool part of Metal History and I was glad to go along for the ride with Sabbath!

My first Ozzy related owned Ozzy Sabbath was Ozzy’s Classic Speak Of The Devil which you can click here and read about how it affected me as a young snot nosed kid…https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/sonic-waves-ozzy-osbournespeak-of-the-devil/

It’s amazing how many people love the first 4 albums and as  Mikey Ladano commented perhaps the essential first 6 many people would attest too being the Ultimate Sabbath.

I do have to say that Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die were the two albums that surprised me the most. Now,I’m not a huge Sabbath expert like many others out there but Never Say Die kinda knocked my socks off especially the first 5 songs as like I said earlier is parallel to Aero’s Done With Mirrors. Kinda funny that to me both those albums songs tail off towards the end and that would be due to the bands being Hammered amongst other devices floating around at the time!

Still though there are points of genius amongst the songs like the tune’s  Never Say Die and Shock Wave and that’s due to the drive of Bill Wards drums. The cat just blew my mind with his drumming,percussion playing and singing the odd tune as well. Too bad currently him and Sabbath are on the outs with each other.

Geezer Butler and that fuzzed out NIB tone as  the dude set the bar for total bass jamming and riffing and let’s not forget that it was most likely Geezer who had a huge hand in the lyric writing as well.

Ozzy is Ozzy man! But you can hear how his voice had developed from album to album and got stronger as Sabbath went on in there recorded history.

Tony Iommi is the Sniper with guitar riffs of doom! The guy is legend and kudos to him as I have no idea how many various incarnations of Sabbath he had kept going through the 80s (Hello David Donato!) Tony plowed through and through and now were At The End as Sabbath are calling it a day and I hope they stick too  it being The End!



The Cars/The Cars

Don’t laugh but the Cars are the grandparents to Weezer!  Yup and when Weezer dropped there debut album(Blue Album) in 1994 who was the producer? Ric Ocasek the gangly tall geeked out sunglass wearing lead singer/main songwriter of The Cars! Hmmmm maybe DeKEs hasn’t totaly lost his marbles….

Also the Cars debut album is 35 minutes of Quirkiness as was the 37 minute debut from Weezer!

Speaking of Weezer heres my review of the Ocasek produced album..https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/sonic-waves-weezerweezer/

Your Honor! I rest my case…..

The Cars were one of those bands that i didn’t champion back in the day out loud as Gene and Paul would have revoked my Kiss Army membership quicker than you can say ‘The Elder!’

But from a distant as a young lad in my Highschool Daze of the early to mid 80s The Cars had a real good run of hits and they were catchy songs,well crafted with hooks galore and a sound of there own!

Than by 1988 whoossssh they were gone and a few years later pops up a Greatest Hits set and it had all the hits from there 6 studio albums. For the longest time this is all I Just Needed!(cheap pun).

Now if you know my deal I hate Greatest Hits packages I never bothered with them (for the most part)until Kiss(surprise,surprise) suckered me in 1988 with Smashes,Thrashes and Hits that included 2 new songs(Let’s Put The X In Sex and You Make Me Rock Hard) that were just plain dumbo rock, bad Synthy sounds and just goofy lyrics that were just brutal! I was fooled ..ha! $immons and $tanley still loved me though…..

Actually come to think of it Kiss with Double Platinum back in 1978 was THE first Greatest Hits album I ever bought! What a scam job hahaha..they totally duped this 11 year old at the time with a double set of songs that i already owned but did include Strutter 78 which was no different to Strutter 74 from the debut album(maybe it was,maybe it wasn’t )….Geezus Stanley and Simmons …ha ….but the whole silver packaging of Double Platinum  was impressive to say the least! Lol!

Of course that became the norm for all artists put out 11 of your Greatest Hits songs and toss on the end of your Hits album  a couple of leftover pieces of  junk so that DeKEs will take notice and buy….yeah I can admit it i was  hosed by this move more than a few times…….

The Cars for me it worked in reverse as  I mentioned I had there Greatest Hits but over the years I have collected 5 of there 6  albums and there are some good songs that I’m gonna talk about so over time I will slowly tackle The Cars body of work so today lets chat about the self titled debut released in 1978(produced by Roy Thomas Baker,he of Queen Fame!)  a band from Boston calling themselves The Cars….

Ric Ocasek,David Robinson,Elliot Easton,Benjamin Orr(RIP) and Greg Hawkes…..Hey it can’t be Metal……all the time!….well most of the time !

GOOD TIMES ROLL-Let the Good Times Roll oh! And so it begins which is a triple header of hits on the debut album and how about the album Covers of The Cars especially this one and Candy Oh! Wowzers and it worked man…sex sells but you need good tunes also and The Cars do that! Good Times Roll is a slick rock track! Big sound,new wavey in spots with the synth mixed with rock guitar but current for the times and even to this day. Ric and these cats are here to stay!

MY BEST FRIENDS GIRL-some neat picking on the guitar from Easton and he laid down some good guitar work! Simple yet effective! Ocasek throws down that geek guy lead vocal that in the basis of this band works fine actually Grandpa Weeezer had a knack for writing real good short tunes to keep my attention span from wandering back to MetalVille! Like i said earlier I love Eastons playing after Ric sings the line ‘used to mine’. Simple yet so effective I’ll be humming it all day!

JUST WHAT I  NEEDED-Umm who has not heard this track? For me the first time I heard it it was simple yet so hooky! That guitar riff from Elliot Easton is sooooo good! I also had no idea it was the bass player Benjamin Orr who sang lead on this tune until many years later but whooo cares! The opening few bars hook you in as a listener! “I don’t mind you coming here and wasting my time!” Cool use of the synth from Greg Hawkes and yeah I have a ton of issues on how some bands use there keyboards(Hello Journey) but for The Cars no issues! Ha! This is one of the best Cars songs ever!

I’M IN TOUCH WITH YOUR WORLD-so what do you do when your first three songs on your debut album push the album into the million plus sold club? Well you have to keep going artistically! This song is not single material! It’s almost like a psychedelic  Acid Cars trip off a cliff with the use of sax,synth and the song is held together by Eastons playing. Different vibe with this tune,not one of my favs and to be honest more of a skip to the next track kinda deal!

DON’T CHA STOP-some more great guitaring from Easton and like so many tracks on this album his guitar work drives the tunes! Don’t Cha Stop picks up pace after the drop in the previous tune.

YOUR ALL I GOT TONIGHT-Yup Easton shines on this one as well! He weaves up and down the fret board in a New Wavy kind of deal! Ocasek and the boys try to perhaps tell us they have deeper tracks on there debut album but man it’s just hard to top those first three songs! Try they may and I’m sure they knew they had some songs that we’re gonna go big but not mega even still in 2015! Folks these are the songs that are on the debut that no one ever notices ….shit I guess that must suck,but you deal with it when your bank account gets stuffed with cash….wish I had that problem!

BYE BYE LOVE-next to the 3 big singles this is the next best track! Orr steps up for the lead vocal on the last three songs! This tune ramps up especially in the chrous with Easton flinging some power chords and Hawkes goes all wackle doodle on the keys in the solo section and Orr had a real good rock voice which The Cars realized they had! Check out the vid!

MOVING IN STEREO-chunks of Hawkes keys mashed up Eastons guitar form the basis of this tune! It’s a New Wavers delight! Hawkes synth sounds meshed with Robinsons kinda sounding like electronic drums pave the wave for this tune as Orr once again is lead vocalist! On the debut it’s almost a 50/50 split in the lead vocalist dept between Orr and Ocasek! One vocalist sounds like a nerd looking for cool!(Ocasek) the other vocalist sounding more Rock cool!(Orr)

ALL MIXED UP-Big Queen like backing vocals are on tap for this song and well when you have Queens producer Roy Thomas manning the recording console of course some influence is gonna creep up! Orr almost sounds Bowie like on this tune. Poppy tune big atmospheric sound they were I think trying to get at and I mean The Cars here definitely found there own niche…

IN CONCLUSION-I’m sure most the Arena Rock Readers will just say ‘ just gonna stick with The Greatest Hits Deke!” Fair enough but i gotta do fair journalism reporting here friends! Ha! Seriously though no one ever talks about the other 6 songs on this album as the first three songs are staples on the Classic  Rock Circuit! So it’s been cool to talk about them and a few of them to be totally honest are a tuff slug to get through them sonically but what the hell! Some one has too!

For these Cars reviews( gonna pop up occasionally) I’m gonna post of course a song we all know with one that is not so known as that seems to be the deal with The Cars albums (all of Em!)

Having said that those first three tunes The Cars could have just released a 3 song EP back than and that would have still sold a ton …


Comparisons! That’s what people like to do! In music when bands I mean big bands change out lead singers some bands can make a go of it with continued success.

Case in point….

Van Roth became Van Hagar and continued to sell concert tickets and albums….

Other acts will change out there lead singer put  out a classic record and no one gives a shit about. Case in point Motley Crüe with the criminally underrated Motley Corabi record.

Other acts will just becomes musical whores and change there lead singer out and get a copy cat singer to pease the masses. Case in point Journey with that Arnial guy singing the lines of the great Steve Perry!

Orrrrrrrr….bands will change out lead singers bring in the a new guy and it backfires on all cylinders and a few years later the band brings back one of the original throats CUZ everyone in the band knows there dead in the water with the new guy. Case in point Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson splits and is replaced by Blaze Bayley(sorry fella) and Maiden record some ahhhh interesting records with Blaze and a few years later Bruce is back to the save the day and Dekes is happy!

Sometimes though a band can pull it off and well when it comes to ACDC there one of the few that have pulled it off and would continue to sell opius amounts of records with a lead singer change!

This leads me to this review people! Whenever people say “Hey I dig ACDC but I perfer Bon over Brian” or vice versa but to my ears I have never heard anyone diss either guy! I guess that would be the definition of a Smooth Move!

Of course to ACDC it wasn’t a smooth move when your on the cusp of American stardom and poor Bon the partying lifestyle caught up to the guy and he passed away in February of 1980. By July of 1980 ACDC had not only recorded  Back In Black but they were also here in good Ol Tbay! That’s 5 months…Lead singer passes, new lead singer auditions,write and record a album,start a tour and road test your new singer Brian Johnson in dump markets like Tbay to get his chops together before the real big city’s come calling!

Anyways I’m getting ahead here. When Bon was still rolling with the boys in 1978 here comes ACDC with Powerage! Powerage is my fav Bon album whereas Flick Of The Switch is my fav Brian album!

For comparisons though I dig both eras of the band! So I can’t compare the two all I can say is I dig the two!

Bon Scott (RIP) man what can you say about this guy that hasn’t been said! To me though he is one of the best wordsmiths out there! No one could write lyrics like this guy! Talk about clever and if you want lyrics! You got Em on Powerage. Plus his voice man that bar boozed partying type vibe that he portrayed and what  he  was singing was what he was digging!

Give me…..Hiiiiiiiiiiiigh Voooooooltage! Bon N Roll…..

ROCK N ROLL DAMNATION-By golly Bon and the boys lead the charge with a Single kind of! This is a snap happy ACDC telling us all were living in Damnation as we’re all over town! Bon kicks down the door and fires up the party and Angus,Malcolm,Cliff and Phil lay down the groove! Check out the video i posted of this tune! It’s cool I mean look at that Rock N a Roll Hoodie that Bon is sporting! Dude had style circa 1978!

DOWN PAYMENT BLUES-one of my fav ACDC tunes.  This song bleeds Rock n Roll and I’m riding shotgun with Bon as he takes us through the seedier side of life. Angus opens up with a real deal riff opener kinda slows it down to a slow burn and than Malcolm joins in and I love the sonics on this album done by Harry Vanda and George Young. You can hear Phils snare rattling around before he hits the shit out of it and boom when he does he and Cliffy Rock the boat so to speak and once again Bon lays down some real good lines…”I got holes in my shoes….and I’m way overdue” “got me a cadalliac,but I can’t afford the gasoline”

GIMMIE A BULLET-the Young bothers lock horns with Cliffys bass and this is another sure fire winner here at Arena Rock! Bon stews on about GIMMIE A BULLET to bite on! While this is a different kind of ACDC groove but it still packs a enough of a slam to the head to leave Ya sonically spinning around in circles! Love the buildup in the prechorus and the chorus delivers!

RIFF RAFF – hey man it’s the end of side one and here comes riffs like gunfire out of Angus Youngs Gibson SG. And before not too long heres brother Malcolm on guitar adding his awesome rhythm prowess on guitar followed by Phil( I lost my mind in 2014)Rudd on drums and new boy Cliff Williams on bass and together Riff Raff leads the charge and Bon comes and lay downs the law …Bon takes these lyrics and tells me “I ain’t shot nobody never carried a gun!” Fair enough Bon will just kick the living crud out of you with his fists! Great song and man the song just kicks with a straight ahead beat! ACDC slam down there’re law on track 4.

SIN CITY- when I think of evil riffs Sin City comes to mind! The opening riff of this is pure evil! Angus and his devil horns lock in once again with Cliff and were going to Hell kids! Once the whole band joins in were off to Vegas! Bon sez  It all when he sings ” Poor man last Rich man first!” This song just kills and its ACDC at one of there finer moments! Rough and tumble with Bon kicking over the poker tables and taking  the dancers with him! You gonna stop him! Naaa your not! Angus just nails down one off the all time great solos he makes it sound sooooo cool! Love the chill part after  the solo where Cliff lays down a cool groove with Phil and his hi hat and Bon lays it on line with “Rich man,poor man,beggar man thief,he ain’t got a hope in hell thats my belief!” The boys just ramp back up and Wowzers does it get any better than this? Ok now seriously though….I always post videos of the stuff I review and if you check em out! Fantastic man I salute you! I do this as sometimes i review albums that are classics in my burnt out mind so the video posted  may give you a idea on just what the hell I’m talking about or than again maybe not! Ha! This live video of Sin City you have to watch as its ACDC playing in daylight in a huge outdoor stadium that from the distance looks like the set from the Flintstones mixed with Jurassic Park! This vid is raw ACDC there slammimg this bad boy live in the ground! I mean there space on stage is limited but Angus,his satchel and guitar destroy it! Bon like Bon does lays down the friggin law!

WHATS NEXT TO THE MOON-holy hell Bon is tying his woman to the railroad tracks! Great lyrics make this track and the way Bon wrote the lyrics to this tune and how the Young brothers composed the music this tune does sound like a Train coming down the line! Angus’s solo in this song is the lightening bolt from hell! Quick and zippy and it leaves you the listener fried! Added plus is the backing vocals from Cliff and Malcolm! Boom classic. Boom done!

GONE SHOOTIN-now were in the backwoods crusing with a real low chill tune! Angus and Malcolm just have a ton of riffs stored in there noggins back than. You want boogie rock! Check. You want blues based rock with a sledge hammer coming down on Ya! Check. You want some real low down dirty swampy boozey schmoozey Rock ! Check. This is what this one is! It’s a real cool low down vibe! Bon man on this album he’s been in Rock Damnation! Not caring about the Blues! Eating Bullets! Headed to Vegas and than pretending to be  Casey Jones! Now he’s Gone Shootin! Love the rawness of this tune! A great track that lotsa people have forgotten about! NOT ME!

UP TO MY NECK IN YOU-4 on the Floor stomper! Aca Daca pick up steam and Blitzkreig this stomper into submission! Bons tired of his lady! So beat it ! Ha! Angus riffs like a looney tune while Bon and the boys crank into high gear! Crank the video posted!

KICKED IN THE TEETH AGAIN-speaking of High Gear this tune is off the tracks! Boom off the hop Bons a hollering and why wouldn’t he! The band behind him is firing on all cylinders and Wowzers man this is a cooker! The album ends with ACDC not turning off the lights but taking a baseball bat to the lights and smashing everything in site! Oh yeah one more thing! Bring on the dancing girls and put the champagne on ice!

IN CONCLUSION-hey this is my 200 th post and why not do it right with Powerage right?! Actually ACDC is one of those bands I could review all there albums and I probably will! Ha! Be forewarned!  Seriously though Powerage I just love and man wether I’m riding my bike or walking this puts a ton of extra peddling or steps for that matter into my pace! Like why wouldn’t it? Angus is soloing frenzy incorperated! Cliff drives the bass! Phil keeps the shop steady! Malcolm is like i said in my Flick Of The Switch Review that Malcolm is the king of rythm guitar and Bon man he’s the deal all tatted up living the hard rock  lifestyle and if he didn’t like Ya he’d punch your lights out!

Harness all this energy Into a record I call a classic …POWERAGE!