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Motorhead/No Sleep Til Hammersmith(1981)

Amazing how a cover could sell the album to you! No Sleep Til Hammersmith did just that to me back in early 1982. That album cover with the Bomber airplane being used as a lighting truss and another power trio band(Power Trio being the term used lightly here) playing METAL!

Lemmy(RIP) Fast Eddie and Philthy  Phil blew my brains out with their style of Metal. It was loud/noisy/fast but there was still hooks buried somewhere in between Lemmy’s vocals/rumbling distorted Bass and Eddie and Phil’s thrashing about on the Guitar and Drums respectively.

Ace Of Spades opens the 11 song album and Spades just destroys anything in its path. Welcome to the world of Motorhead as an 15-year-old! Stay Clean/No Class/OverKill/Bomber and my favourite tune on this album We Are The Road Crew just reek of booze/smoke! Just general chaos!

This fellow in high school with me at the time David Kunis bought all of Motorhead’s stuff so the next album I had heard was Iron Fist but it didn’t take to me at all and it wasn’t until 1992’s March Or Die that I would purchase another Motorhead album!

Make no mistake though No Sleep is Live! No OverDubs!

Loud Metal!


REQUEST OF VINYL….Rush/Exit Stage Left…



December 23rd 2016….

Well Folk’s it’s time for me to take a couple of weeks off around these parts! Don’t fret I will be back in the New Year with a whole new batch of review’s and such so Merry Christmas to all my readers who have been on this Crazy Ride with me! I thank you all for discovering Stick It In You Ear and following along with my written shenanigans! Much Appreciated!

2 Years Ago I posted this review of Exit explaining how after all these years after  I received it as Christmas Gift from my Parents. Exit is  my all time Fav Christmas Album…. Read on and once again…

Thanks….Stay Safe & Happy Holidays!


Originally posted…Dec 22 2014…..

Aaron over at KeepsMeAlive mentioned how he got for Xmas Blue Rodeos Xmas album. I left him a comment how at around this time I always get into Rush’s Exit Stage Left record! I did mention it on my Signals review a bit but Aaron asked me today to come out of hiatus and explain it with a little more depth! So fair enough ……

Christmas 1981 and it’s safe to say that myself/Tbone and John Young(real name/no nickname…hahaha) that Rush was dominating our turntables and cassette tapes decks in our home bases of Thunder Bay! For me Moving Pictures was when I hoped on board the Rush Xpress train and joined everyone else and being blown away by the virtuosos that make Rush! Geddy Lee/Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart played there tunes like I had never heard anyone play songs like that before!

So at the end of October that year (1981)drops into record bins Exit Stage Left and John Young was the first batter up to get Exit Stage Left! Upon first listen I drooled with my musical brain blown! A double album/Drum Solo/12 songs? What? Basically 3 songs per side except for side 2 with 4 Songs! Man I was used to Kiss/Cheap Trick/AC-DC/Queen you know 5 songs per side,10 songs per album 40 minutes total! Too make a longer story that much shorter …I’m going Progging!

Love this album cover….Must have stared at it for hours. No,I was not baked  but thanks for asking though….

So once into early December what was at the top of my list? Peppers Rush’s  Exit Stage Left! And on Christmas Day my parents delivered in spades and into my hands Exit Stage Left! My parents were and are very cool as they always said every Christmas throw down on a list 5 albums and they would always have at least 3 records for me under the tree!

So here it is my rundown on my all time fav Xmas album. Like I said in my review of Signals. People at this time of year trip out over Micheal Buble’s Christmas album. Fair enuff.  I will trip out with Geddy/Alex and Neil!

SPIRIT OF THE RADIO- Geddy tells us ‘This is The Spirit Of The Radio!” Lifeson rips the intro and the boys  bash it out! Love the sonics on this album! The solo is sick and man what a great start!

RED BARCHETTA- So it’s apparent after owning at the time (81) some live albums(Aeros Live Bootleg/Kiss Alive 1&2/Cheap Tricks Budokan and Judas Priests Unleashed In The East) that Rush is doing what none of those bands that I mentioned did which was fade out the crowd after every track and the crowd was mixed lower on Exit than the two Kiss Live albums esp Alive 2 which I had read that the makeup boys borrowed(ahem)the Super Bowl crowd from 1977 on there Alive 2 album! Anyways  Red Barchetta rocks! Love Lifeson’s solo especially  at the end of his solo when they all hit the jams hard! Also must mention Geddy’s little bass riffage at the end!

YYZ- Tour de force man! Pearts  drum solo and because of this he’s my all time fav at that spot! Up til than it was “Peter Criss on the Drums !” Paul Stanley shouts at the end of Criss’ drum solo on God Of Thunder! Hahaha….damn man Peter Criss must have puked when Neil  layed  waste to his kit on YYZ ! Still to this day the best recorded drum solo I have ever heard!

PASSAGE TO BANGKOK-Sparkit up! We’re riding the Orient Express with Rush and learning some history from the lyrical prowess of Mr Peart! Pretty cool that Geddy had that double necked bass and guitar and shifted into rhythm guitar during the solo! My young mind is blown! Like who does this shit? Rush does !

CLOSER TO THE HEART-Cool use of the acoustic at the beginning and man big time power chords hit along with the drums and how about Neil sliding all around his Kit at the end of this song and boom into….

BETWEEN,BENEATH AND BEHIND- Which must be one the shortest Rush tunes at 2.5 minutes! Cool solo and Rush are seeing if I’m paying attention to how short this song actually is! Crank the video posted!

JACOBS LADDER- Ok since Moving Pictures was my very first owned Rush album and Exit is my second its time to get schooled in Prog and by golly I did! This song is sooooooo good! Love the sound of this. Blows me away even to this day!

BROONS BANE- Lifeson and his acoustic guitar clock in just  under 2 minutes and Alex tells me through the grooves of the vinyl that it’s ok not to have to crank everything thru a Marshall stack!

THE TREES-Ha ! Only Rush could call their song The Trees and Lifeson when he moves on from BROONS BANE opens the Trees with his acoustic and love Geddy’s bass groovin on this one! Awesome track!

XANADU- Another Prog extraganza! Wow this one is over the top and Rush is taking meaning for the ride! 12 minutes,9 seconds of Progmania! I mean that’s basically the first 4 songs from  the Kiss Love Gun album! Crazy …but this is crazy good. I mean when Geddy sings the line….”to walk the caves of ice,oh I will dine on honey-dew,and drink the milk of paradise!” Wowzers ..that is slick! throw down some keys/ bass/ drums and guitar and man we got ourselves a CLASSIC! Lee/Lifeson are playing double neck guitars and Peart has the ultimate kit ever and the dude plays everything on that kit! Just watch it,you’ll see!

FREEWILL- Also a first time hearing FREEWILL  was on this release and holy cow what a great track I just love when Neil and Geddy do there drum/ bass thingy and Lifeson goes off the rails of his solo and then Geddy hits those high notes  and ropes it all back in! Man oh man and love how they crank out  the ending! Bam were done!

TOM SAWYER- What’s there to say about this one? Even if you don’t dig Rush (shame on Ya!) everyone has heard this track and how many airbanders have airbanded Pearts part of the song? Ya know what I’m talking about!

LA VILLA STANGIATO- also a first time listening experience for me at the time! 9 minute epic end of the album Prog Rock Extravaganza! I mean the chops on this are absolutely out of this world! How the 3 Rush guys are just locked n loaded and  blaze the trail and tell us all us in the a nice Canadian way ” Beat that Schmucks!” One of the greats!

IN CONCLUSION- Exit Stage Left has nothing to do with Xmas for probably everyone out there except me! (Ha) Sure on other Xmas’ I got records from my parents like in 1982 it was Signals by Rush and Speak Of The Devil but for some reason this live beast just sleighs(get it) me every year and for that thanks Rush!

Merry Christmas once again Folks!

2:22 to 5:31

What is Deke’s going on about now you ask?! Well the title say’s it all!

2:22 to 5:31 is  time it take’s Neil Peart  to  demolish his Red Tama Double Bass Drum Kit During his solo that is all brilliantly captured sonically on the Classic  Double Live Exit Stage Left from 1981.

The tune is the Musical Only YYZ.

I don’t need to go on about how great the other two Fella’s from Rush are and that’s Vocalist/Bassist Geddy Lee and Guitarist Alex Lifeson.

Together they mash up up a jam. Call it YYZ where each guy can play snippets of brilliance on there instrument but for me hands down it’s Peart who goes to town on this one…

Some background History I would like to share with ya’s…

I was raised in Rock with Solo’s as in Guitar Solo’s and Drum Solo’s. The first two Rock Guy’s that I had heard on vinyl that had solo’s were No Stangers to this Blog and that’s Ace Frehley and Peter Criss From KISS. Back in 1979 when I caught KISS live this would also be the first show that I had seen and the solo’s Ace with his smoking guitar and  his mish mash playing of  notes and Peter with his Drums rising high into the rafters had an impact on me. It was like Wowzer’s these guys are God’s. Well kinda….

A few years later I heard Eddie Van Halen’s Eruption  which to this day I think is the best guitar solo live or in studio I have ever heard. Sorry Ace!

The first KISS album I owned  was KISS Alive 2 which I got back in 1978. Smack dab on Side 2 of KISS  Alive 2 was Ace playing a bunch of wacka doodle notes during his solo on his own tune Shock Me. 

Peter Criss was interesting. On Side 3 of KISS ALIVE 2 is Peter slamming his Drums on God Of Thunder.  Criss I thought at the time was the best drummer I had heard. I mean the opening of his Drum solo as simple as it is still sticks in mind 38 years later….

Case in Point….

Years later back in January of 1991 as Myself/Tbone/Rugg and Oink’s were headed on a Party Bus to Winnipeg to witness Poison put on a Half Assed Live show one dude on the Bus that we knew as Brighton even talked about the Criss drum solo from Alive 2 which garnered a good discussion about solo’s! In case your wondering why we called the dude Brighton. It was simple he was wearing a Brighton Rock T shirt. (Canadian Band). See Aaron we got nickname’s for everyone!

But back to the early 80’s and as everyone know’s KISS is struggling. Criss is tossed from his drum stool and here comes Neil a blazing and when I heard the live YYZ for the first time I was like…..


Now you have to remember it would be a few years later that I would discover Led Zeppelin and the Late John Bonham who is also Master of the Drums. But by than Zep was finished and I was digging into Bands that were still out there at the time doing it.

YYZ I could go on about it but I’m no Drummer so basically play YYZ or just start it at the 2:22 mark….. That part that Neil does with his cowbells is just ridiculous! Like …WHUT?

How can this dude play at this level that quick during all those Kooky  Time Changes that Rush song’s have and still have enough Sauce left in his tank to bash out a Drum Solo?

Who know’s but Neil does. He is indeed The Professor! Come tot think of it I can listen to all of Neil’s Drum Solo’s on the various Rush Live Release’s through the years but man YYZ on Exit is just a Sonic Explosion….!

The Greatest Drum Solo I have ever heard or will hear for that matter!



Iron Maiden/Maiden Japan

image image

So our local University (LakeHead) had a record sale with local businesses and  people selling used/sealed Vinyl,Cds,DVDs,T Shirts basically that kind of stuff so me and my wife Sue along with our 5 month old dog Fender (the wonder dog!) sauntered on down (Saturday Sept 19th) to look for some vinyl for our daughter Lexie as she had to work and as it turns out I scored……

Lemme tell Ya about it….

Muc was the fella who basically got Maiden Japan(recorded May of 1981)the day it came out in  late 1981(Muc bought it in Duluth!)and when i first heard Maiden Japan for the first time I friggin drooled all over my Kiss Dynasty Tour T …I mean geesh this was my first time hearing Maiden Live as just a few months earlier in the summer of 1981 I joined the Maiden ranks in purchasing Killers and becoming a lifer forever!(Yep even thru the Blaze years!)

I was blown away when I heard Maiden Japan for the first time ever! WOWZERS! Iron Maiden was on full audio assault on my young noggin! Live they brought it big time and delivered ….

I was hooked…..

Clive Burr(RIP),Adrian Smith,Dave Murray,Steve Harris and soon to be punted out lead singer Paul Dianno deliver a 5 song Live Ep that just flat out rocks!

Banzai Maiden!

Side 1-

RUNNING FREE-  Dianno asks The Japanese faithful ‘wanna hear Ya sing!”Maiden punch the gas fast and furious on Running Free! I have  heard a lot of versions over the years with Bruce but this one is played at a quick clip and Dianno delivers this tune lyrically (sounds almost autobiographical)and vocally. Too bad his career totally hit the shitter after 1981 but on Maiden Japan there are no quams about his performance! Smith And Murray are in synch on there dualing lead guitar bits whereas Harris and Burr drive the rhythm bus to the finish line “puller here at bottle top,whiskey dancing,disco hop now all the boys are after me,that’s the way its gonna be! Yup Crank The Vid posted!

REMEMBER TOMORROW-this song like Running Free is from the debut album called well,Iron Maiden! Remember Tomorrow starts off real chill and it builds up as it goes along and just unleashes when Dianno and the guitars go “aaaaaaaaargh”. Looking back you could see Harris had the vision of wanting to write epic numbers and Remember Tomorrow is a fantastic start! Brooding dark guitar bits during the verses,cranked power chording metal licks during the chorus with Burr playing a metal type shuffle on his drums. This is epic Maiden and after two full albums(debut and Killers) Maiden is kicking some serious Ass! This ends Side 1….Say Whaaaaaaa?

Side 2-

WRATHCHILD-here comes the first of three from Killers!  Burr smashes the hi hat and Steve-o slaps da Fender Bass while Murray and Smith launch there riffs and we’re off and this this is soooo good! Amazing that Harris being the young chap and composer back in 81 didn’t fall into any cheese schlop metal rock and kept his noggin focused and wrote deadly friggin metal tracks! WrathChild is one of the best from Killers and I love the bass during the guitar solos it just thumps and thumps and Harris riffs on his bass like a madman! Dianno lays down the law with ‘I’m comimg to getcha!” I believe him! I really did back than!

KILLERS-Killers is a wicked wicked song! This is Maiden creeping around those shady streets of London! Big time bass and drums start with Dianno throwing out some “yah yah yah!” And different lyrics which would end up on Killers! While Mr Murray and Mr Smith lay waste on there guitars and Killers rocks the grooves of the vinyl heavy! “Scream For Mercy” Watch the live vid from 1981 and guess what kids it’s from Japan! Case in point Murray and Smith are just sick on there solos! Hoooooooly Sheeeeit!

INNOCENT EXILE-Steve starts off Innocent Exile with some bass riffing and the Maiden fellas all join in! Cool that Innocent Exile was released on the Maiden Japan albums in Canada only! Ha who woulda thunk it right?! Maiden and especially with the guitars they would have little certain melodic samplings and than it all goes out the window with Murray and Smiths soloing! Innocent Exile ramps right up towards the end! Clive does some real slick power drumming and we’re done…..Say WHAAAAAAA …

IN CONCLUSION- Maiden drops down a 5 song live Ep and leaves us all wanting more! They were smart man..I was like More More More…Harris and smart manager guy Rod Smallwood go Nope Nope Nope! Leave them wanting more  and hell it worked! Maiden solidified with me the fact that they were becoming one of my favs quickly! Murray and Smith the dynamic guitar duo basically were making major strides as a quick one two punch to the throat in the dual lead  guitar school. I mean there playing is unbelievable here! Steve Harris not only played  bass but he was the main songwriter as well! Dianno sings awesome on these tracks and too bad he combusted his whole career after Maiden booted him and hired the Air Raid Siren!

Also give Maiden credit they even put it bold white print on the back of the record that a few studio overdubs were done but who gives a shit! Ha good on them! Imagine if Gene And Paul put that on the back of there Live Albums! Hahahaha ……like that would ever happen! Silly buggers those Kiss fellers are…

Rolling Stones Live In Hampton Virginia 1981

Since its the end of KMA Week here at Arena Rock I thought I would do something that I have never done and that’s drop 2 reviews minutes apart! Ha! So enjoy part 2 folks ….

Ever since I got to know Aaron I realized just how big of a Stones fan he was and I told him How great this show was and he should get it and he did so I basically have verbally bombarded him at various times about “where’s the Hampton Stones review?” Like a  blabbering idiot enough to stir him with amusement! Ha!!

So dude I have had to take matters into my own hands!

Just like how I dig the early 80s version of The Who I also really dig the early 80s version of The Stones especially there live material from that era!

The Stones in 1981 released the classic Tatoo You album and of course followed in 1982 the fantastic Still Life Live album from that tour!

I really love  the playing of the Stones on the Still Life release and here’s my spin on it…click here….https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/08/22/sonic-waves-rolling-stonesstill-life/

The one thing that bummed me out about Still Life was that it was a single live album not a double album. Gripes aside it was just a little while ago that The Stones on the website starting releasing past live shows from there Vault!

One of these shows was the full Hampton Virginia (1981)show! 26 tunes and once i seen that Poof Instant download!

Charlie Watts,Ian Stewart(RIP),Ronnie Wood,Keef Richards,Bill Wyman and Mick Jagger pull off and give me more songs 26 in total for the full meal Stones deal!

Songs that didn’t make the Still Life cut are fantastic nuggets like When The Whip Comes Down,Neighbours,Black Limosuine,Beast Of Burden,Waiting On A Friend,Let It Bleed,You Can’t Always Get What You Want, my personl fav Keef Tune in Little T&A,Let It Bleed,Tumbling Dice,She’s So Cold,Hang Fire,Honkey Tonk Women and Brown Sugar!

This is the best Stones set ever! Sure I like there other things latter on especially Voodoo Lounge but Wowzers kids these songs are golden and the best thing I like is its the Stones with just Stewie on the piano and some dudes on horns on a few other tracks playing with out the bells and whistles before the Stones in the late 80s incorperated backing singers and made there band bigger! Case in point a few months back i reviewed the Stones single Doom And Gloom along with Highwire and well read about how I just like how the Stones just got back to the basics…https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/cool-lil-numbers-rolling-stonesdoom-and-gloomhighwire/

I just like this stripped down version best!

Gotta love Jagger at the Hampton show as it was filmed for ppv special. He name checks all the cities that are watching on ppv! Ha what a lead singer/businessman while always keeping a eye on the $$$$$!

The Stones prove without a doubt that they were a serious Ass Kicker live act back in 1981!