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NightRanger/ 7 Wishes

Well,Well,Well! It’s that time my friends to toss my good pal Tbone under the bus in what we call here at Arena Rock 3/4’s Filler!

NightRanger came onto our musical radars of course when Brad Gillis played some oh so good guitar on Ozzys Speak Of The Devil album from 1982..you can all read about my way with words right here…https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/sonic-waves-ozzy-osbournespeak-of-the-devil/

Mr Gillis got himself off of the Crazy Train and rejoined his own band NightRanger as they were plugging the Dawn Patrol(1982) debut album with that pretty good rock track Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.

So with that momentum built up came Midnight Madness (1983) with that ultimate sap song Sister Yada Ya! For that song man there were some real good rock songs especially Rumours  In The Air! We all bought it I mean no one ever talks about NightRanger but I think they may have been one of the first of the newer 80s bands to dip there sticks into power balladry material and Wowzers it worked! Hey we all bought Midnight Madness but the overplay and the overkill of Sister Christian did me in!

Come 1985 and NightRanger hooks Tbone whose buying a ton of tapes to build up his cassette collection, purchases 7 Wishes but keeps it on the down low but still tells me he had purchased it!

Tbone pretty much let me borrow 7 Wishes right away(that should have been the sign of trouble) and I took it home as I had a dual cassette tape deck and was gonna record it but I thought I would play it first!

Ummm well….lets just say,now I’m gonna on memory here 30 years ago folks(yikes!) I do not have this album on the sacred IPod  but 7 Wishes was a exact duplicate of a running order of the  previous album (Midnight Madness)

Case In Point #1

Midnight Madness- track 5 Sister Christian…7 Wishes- track 5- Sentimental Street…..both bore the snot out of me back than and Sentimental Street was just a copycat of Sister Christian like why fellas why??? One kick at the cheese mo bucket wasn’t enough? Pour Some Syrup On It!

Case In Point #2-

Midnight Madness – track 10-Let Him Run…7 Wishes- track 10- Goodbye…..Yep both are end of the album REO Speedwagonish Wimpy Mid Tempy Peter Pan of Rock Material Leftover Songs…

Basically 7 Wishes is just a cheap followup to Midnight Madness! Just same OL same OL! Same mid tempo songs no change nothin! Sad really as NightRanger went down the road once  again in 1986 with the Big Prize with the big song being Secret Of My Success! Ha!  I think Tbone may have bought that one as well? Will he fess up? Who knows??

The track that I posted is the song 7 Wishes and that was the cover of the album as well,I really think that’s Tbone squished in the cock pit with his homeboys in NightRanger! Really Do!

SONIC WAVES…George Thorogood & The Destroyers/Maverick

You know back in my highschool years 1981-86 we all dug George Thorogood and his low down n dirty sleazy breezy slippin n sliding Guitar and why wouldn’t we?

A few years earlier George and The Destroyers put out the classic Bad To The Bone album with the mega hit title track and other cool tunes like Wanted Man,Nobody But Me,Boogie Chillin and for George he covered other artists tunes but I never heard the original versions so who gives a flying frisbee as young Deke is ok with George’s deal! In other words he took these cover songs( he had originals as well) and boogie woogied EM up to his own style and for young knuckleheads like myself and Tbone! Sign ussssss Up!

George and the Destroyers in 1985 release what I could say is my ultimate favourite George album and that is Maverick!

Kudos must be given to the Destroyers(Hank Carter on Sax,Bill Blough on Bass and Jeff Simon on drums) these guys cranked but in a different way! Blues, sped up shot back with a bottle of Jack laced with coke(your preference of which) and a swift hard kick of blues up the Arse!

Like Tbone sez “If you don’t start Drinkin,I’m gonna leave” naa,he never said that ….but it sounds  cool…..

GEAR JAMMER-4 times 4 straight out of the gate George rocker! The Destroyers are in the minivan slipping n sliding all over the place and man what a start! George hunkers down with his big white ass Gibson Byrdland Geetar and complimentary slides are included! Hank The Tank storms the gates with some cool Ol Sax …and what can Ya say! George is back and he told Ya so! Ha!

I DRINK ALONE-Yup the title Sez it all! This was the single from Maverick and it did quite well and it has that slow smokey Blues out brawl vibe that there’s gonna be trouble a brewin! The pace of the song sez it all and cranks up a little at the chorus! I guess George had a knack for doing Drinkin tunes. I can vision it now some record company suit telling George ” can you write some of those Drinkin tunes for radio?”

WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVE- George sings during the song  were “doing that crazy Hand Jive on MTV “now if there was ever a namedrop for self promotion that would be it! Ha! But let’s all hail Thorogood a mulligan and can Ya blame him? 1985 and not to many guys are out there like The Destroyers slugging it out with multi million acts while these guys were doing all right on there own! This tune has a cool off beat rhythm to it and it’s a good track! Sing it ” hand jive,hand jive ,hand jive ,doing that crazy hand drive!” Okie dokie George!

WHAT A PRICE-Georgie slows down the pace and that’s allright! You can’t keep the pace of Gear Jammin at full throttle! This is a good song and man the sonics are great on this album as they had Terry Manning he of ZZ Top fame producing these guys! Cool solo and just a great big Ol piece of bluesy cool!

LONG GONE-One of these days it won’t be long …you look for me, a me you won’t see! Ha! This song got tons of mileage out of Tbones tape deck In the summer of 85! This has to be my fav original Thorogood tune! It’s a joyride with George & The Destroyers. Quick guitar pickin,Hank blowing his brains out on the sax while Bill and Jeff hold down the fort with bass and drums! Crank the video I posted and you too can transport yourself back to 85 and pretend your in Tbones bad ass tank he was driving at the time and when all is said and done you too can realize just how big of Knuckleheads(word of the day here at ArenaRock)we were! Ha! Long Gone is just plain down n dirty awesome! I call it a Gem!

DIXIE FRIED-The cops are gone and I’ll be Dixie Fried! This is a Guitar players slide delight! George takes songs that aren’t his own and makes em sound like there his own! That to me is a great artist. This song keeps the album moving fast forward….great stuff!

CRAWLIN KING SNAKE-Cool Hand George plays some real cool slide with the kick drum providing the back beat! Kinda like along the similar lines of George’s One Bourbon,Scotch and Beer tune not that it sounds like that song but the best is kinda similar. See George…insert slide guitar here!

MEMPHIS-we have all heard this tune and George ramps the amps to 11 and blitzes thru this tune and you feel like your in Memphis man! Great cover version.

WOMAN WITH THE BLUES-slippery slider George plays this song with a slip n slope of slow it down boozey Blues  in this kinda Ummm would we call it a ballad,yeah we would CUZ George’s Woman Has The Blues! Hey Honey! If that’s the case go and crank Long Gone and wipe those blues away!

GO GO GO-this tune sounds like a Chuck Berry song and well it is! A quick little little ditty of a rocker tune thrown in with a added dose of slide guitars and Hanks Sax! Good end of the album song,well close to the end of the album!

BALLAD OF MAVERICK-Ballad Of Maverick is the close of this album. It’s George and his drummer dude Jeff clicking the sticks to keep George in line. It’s story time to wrap up Maverick! Thorogood man  I can see it now he just likes to slam it out loud with some serious loud slippery slide guitar,sax,bass and a side order of drums thrown in!

IN CONCLUSION-Thorogood man,loved this album upon release in 85 dig it still 30 years later…you kidding me?! My first purchase of this was along with Tbone as well on cassette tape. There was no liner notes,no credits nothing! It was years later when I rebought Maverick on cd that I realized when I seen the credits that out of the 11 tracks on Maverick,George wrote 4 tracks!

Thats the kind of talent George had I thought outside of the tune Memphis of course was the only cover song. Ha! Boy  was I fooled! That’s like what I said earlier George can take any cover and make it his own. Maverick proves this point to a T!

Great Album…..Still ……


1985 and by that point AC-DC weren’t the huge juggernaut they were about 5 years earlier when they steamrolled all our young minds with Back in Black(1980) and For Those About To Rock(1981).

1983s Flick Of The Switch is perhaps my all time fav Aca Daca record and you can read about it  here.https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/sonic-waves-acdcflick-of-the-switch/

So when Fly On The Wall dropped in June of 1985 all us diehards bought it upon its release and then  it slid off the charts and that was that! But I tell Ya man I love the rawness of this record I mean gone were the days of Mutt Lange polishing and refining up the sound for AC-DC. Course it worked as those 3 records that Mutt Lange produced (Highway To Hell,BIB and FTATR) were huge sellers but by the time Flick Of The Switch was released the bros Angus And Malcom Young seized the good ship ACDC and took over its controls at the studio console and produced these two ACDC records(FOTS and FOTW)  These two records are the sleeper records in the ACDC catalogue and if you’re looking for singles here….Nope! If you’re looking for a real good sounding produced album here…..Nope! If you think you’re gonna understand Brian Johnson’s lyrics on this record….Nope! Ha!

But if you are looking for some no-nonsense just plug it in and let it rip kinda rock than well …..this is the place!


FLY ON THE WALL- Angus drops a power chord  and here comes new boy Simon Wright on the drums and  Johnson vocals sounding like his appendix is about to explode! This is fantastic shit! Johnson is off the rails already and were only 30 seconds in! The song right ramps up by the chorus and plows forward with quick Angus Young on the frets and   good Ol Cliff Williams slobbering all over his bass. This is AC-DC that I love! Straight forward rock..basically boot you in the ass rock!

SHAKE YOUR FOUNDATIONS-Aye Oi! This I guess was the single and it’s pretty damn catchy I mean you can’t go wrong with the boys banging out the lines Aye Aye Oi! Shake Your Foundations! This is a good mid tempo non stop rocker and I love this track and that damn chorus! Those wily OL rock vets still could write a catchy chorus and this tune proves it! Perhaps if they had cleaned this song up sonically it would have done better but yeah tell Malcolm that and you would be eating a fistful of knuckles! Still though this is a great track!

FIRST BLOOD-ACDC keeps the machine chugging along and here comes First Blood! Simon and his Sonor drums keep the beat a grooving and the guitars of Malcolm and Angus do the rest! This is ACDC being in street fighter mode! Locked and loaded. The verses are real good and pre chorus is gold and boom First Blood ….bad dog looking for more! Ha could be about a women or could be a fight! I’m thinking on this tune a fight 1985 style! Whatever the fuck that means!

DANGER-Angus and Malcolm mix there guitars like some kind of Led Zep mash up! Danger Danger,don’t talk to strangers sings Jonno and hey man it’s 1985 and ACDC is not reinventing the wheel here folks but still it’s 1985 I’m still in high school and ACDC is teaching me about all things Danger meaning birds! Ha!

SINK THE PINK- I remember this video got some spins on Muchmusic and speaking of Highschool (Lakeview High School)we had an English teacher in grade 12 at the time Ummm can’t remember his real name but surprise he had a nickname and it was Waxman! Waxman we spent one class talking about this track that he had seen the night before on MuchMusic! Ol Waxy just couldn’t understand why call the song Sink The Pink…to us (classmates) we dug it to Waxman he hated it was a good debate,nothing was resolved but it was good to see that Waxman could roll some rock n roll  punches! The song though is ACDC ….nothing fancy but Angus and Malcolm keep the chow train moving and once again this is ACDC mid tempo smashing glasses and rocking it forward!

PLAYING WITH GIRLS- Ahh man this is my favourite tune off of FOTW! Boom this is barroom boogie rock at its best! The guitars are cranked on this track and so is Johnson he’s cranked up for sure …you know this song is about the highball women who are hot to touch! And well if Your playing with Girls gonna get you hot,playing with guns gonna get you shot! Playing with fire gonna heat you up,Playing with me you gonna get the lot!…..so yeah man this is   ACDC taking over my English teacher Waxmans class and teaching all of us young uns the birds and bees of life! Come to think of it..Tbone did you write these lyrics in grade 12! Ha!

STAND UP- oh yeah another track I really like! ACDC tells us take no shit Stand Up don’t be a puppet!  Love the beat to this  tune by new drummer boy Simon Wright! Love the guitar of Angus and Malcolm that kinda sleazy riff there known for! The chorus is real catchy with Cliff even noodling around on his bass and Johnson rocks it with his voice! Well what’s left of it! Ha!

HELL OR HIGHWATER-Simon leads off with your typical AC-DC drum beat and the boys join in and this song isn’t to bad. During the chorus the Dacca boys drop down some serious big gang backing vocals. Of course Angus like he always does interjects the song and torpedoes a riff good time solo!

BACK IN BUSINESS AGAIN-well they may have been down in record sales but don’t count these guys out! ACDC is headed for the homestretch with this tune. Too be honest they ease  off of the gas on this one and that is Allright I mean let’s do a quick rundown so far with this album…well its about things that make you Sink The Pink! Ha! Really and oh yeah Playing with Girls! Geez does it get any better than this? Nope Sez I!

SEND FOR THE MAN-AH shit ACDC are wanting their dough. Send For The Man holy heck Jonno sounds like he’s gargling vocal mouthwash here! He’s telling us all to take cover and ACDC end the album on a riff oriented straight ahead rocker to finish things up! For crap sakes will the last one to leave shut the lights off when Ya leave? Thanks!

IN CONCLUSION- you know outside the goofy album cover this album rocks! What I mean by that is ACDC don’t give a shit about singles back in 85! This is stripped down low a dirty ACDC and I was real glad that Tbone invested into Fly On The Wall as well I mean he had been toting along two debacles sonically at the time Y&Ts Down For The Count and sapping and dabbling in Nightranger(7 Wishes) so Tbone saves face with this call..Atta boy!  But Yep…I dug this one and still do I don’t visit this one as much but when I do it’s still a firecracker of a Wreckord!

3/4’s KISS Filler Week…Kiss/Asylum

Well some of yous by now may be thinking ‘hey Ol DeKEs is ripping on Kiss especially after the Unmasked debacle pretty hard!” Well yes kinda but if you cruise around the site here I have reviewed some Kiss albums….for instance..

Ace Frehleys 78 solo album I absolutley love read it here…https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/sonic-waves-ace-frehleyace-frehley-2/

Kiss Creatures Of The Night which is one of there best albums

Kiss Lick It Up I  like it better now (2015)than its actual release in 1983

Kiss Animalize which is pretty good not as good as Lick It Up but did someone kick Starchild in the nutsack Cuz he’s singing hiiiiiiiigh!

See I like EM and I haven’t even really delved into there 70s output yet so ….

1985 and Kiss Is trying to find its place in the MTV world. There kinda lost they especially  Simmons who looks like a drag Queen with the look so there Ya go. 10 years earlier in 1975 Kiss were trendsetters setting the bar in all things rock with the look,sound,covers,gimmicks and marketing and here they are in 1985 following trends,a glam look,no real gimmick anymore as the greasepaint was dropped 2 years earlier(1983) and everyone and there dog was doing marketing 101 in the rock T shirt business!

Paul Stanley,Gene Simmons,new guy on guitar Bruce Kulick and Eric Carr (RIP)put on some lipstick and Uh All Night!

KING OF THE MOUNTAIN -Eric Carr man he slams the drums with some double bass drumming cymbals smashing and now here comes Kulick,Stanley and Simmons and Paul like he always does takes the lead vocal! This is actually a pretty impressive Kiss opening track. Kiss is saying hey were the old geezers here in good OL 1985 but man we can still kick it! Good start! Crank the video posted !

ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT- Gene begins and goes into his big dumbo Arena Rock. Kulick starts off with a big riff of rock! And it it’s just a straight ahead no frills Rock! I will say this the prechorus is real good but kinda everything else about this track sags but Carr and Kulick step up!

WHO WANTS TO BE LONELY- Yep a single no doubt! Paulie Stanley writes a sign of the times single that in 1985 was a little too obvious for me! I mean the chorus is cheese mo and so is this song I mean while we’re at it. What a goofy album cover. There four mugs glammy makeup 101. Just a year later (1986)Poison puts there four mugs on the cover of there debut album(Look What The Cat Dragged In) and it sold millions…..Kiss was probably pissed! Ha!

TRIAL BY FIRE-Simmons takes the lead vocal on this it’s ok nothing to write home about just glam o glam circa 85 cheese schlock. I mean a part of this track sounds like the rhythm track from Lick It Up for a few bars! Just like Any Way You Slice It the prechorus is real good but everything sags!

I’M ALIVE-Stanley’s Alive ! Woo hoo. Carr punches down some cool drumming and this is another so so song. It’s funny but Kiss is clearly running out of gas! This is like the poor mans version of Under The Gun from Animalize. Carr though keeps the shit together on this song!

LOVES A DEADLY WEAPON- holy hell Kiss punch the gas and come out of the gates a ripping man Eric Carr drives the bus on this one he’s playing like a mad man on the drums smashing them double bass drums. Kulick does all the fancy snazzy whack off dive bombs on his guitar and Gene and his vocals sound mean. It’s like someone woke up the Demon! This song rocks hard and fast and I have no probs saying that! This is a great song! Crank the video!

TEARS ARE FALLING- whoa back 2 back winners …the guitars in this track sound heavy devy and that’s Allright with us shit come to think of it I think this was the last purchase of Kiss product by Tbone  Til 1993 when he bought Kiss Alive 3 on our rock jaunt to Winnipeg to see Beatle Paul in concert that year. Anyhoo Tears is a good song no make that a great track catchy Oh Oh Tears Are Falling and Kulick rocking the geetar and big backing chorus! Great song man……well done Mr Stanley!

SECRETLY CRUEL-the beginning milli second riff reminds me of Mr Speed from Rock Roll Over. This is Simmons feel good song about how women lust over Mr Rockstar! I will give credit though Carr slams down some cowbell during the chorus. This lyrics are Genie Goofy!

RADAR FOR LOVE-Paul takes the reins on this track and man just push skip! It’s just goofy Ummm yeah filler….I’m saying no more!

UH ALL NIGHT-ummm this has to gone down for me as one of THE big dumbo rock anthems of the 80s. Frigg man I thought this song was el dumbo back than as a 18 year old and now ridicoulously dumbo rock as a 47 year old! Having said that the lyrics are what make this song fruity and well the dumb ass video to go with it didn’t help the cause! Now having said that the music is actually good but man oh man. Paul and Kiss cohorts and I shouldn’t even throw Kulick and Carr under the Kiss Cheese Bus as they were salaried employees but yeah heres Gene And Paul morphing Into the Skipper and Gilligan and them crashing the S.S Kiss Destroyer ashore and stranding all us fans on the island!

IN CONCLUSION-who knows what’s going on here with these guys. It makes sense that Tbone would abort ship after this release so to speak so I can’t blame him as I carried on buying Kiss album after Kiss album. This album had some good songs maybe 4 or so but man Eric Carrs drumming is superb on here and just like Creatures Of The Night 3 years earlier Carr steps up with the drums! This was kinda Kulicks first album and I have no quirks with his playing but like i said earlier these guys were salaried dudes so I guess dressing glam and wearing bright green and yellow gloves isn’t all that bad when the next job would be “would you like fries with that sir ?” If they don’t obey Master Simmons and Mr Stanley!


3/4’s Filler….KROKUS/Change Of Address

A little bit of Rock History 101 with yous! Krokus I first heard thru my buddy Muc who had there earlier album Metal Rendezvous with the great track Heatstokes! It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the lead vocals of Marc Storace were very similar to the late great Bon Scott!

So Krokus became the band for me and Muc to fill the void in the early 80s  with a sound very similar to AC/DC and for a while it worked. Below I will talk about a few of there releases in short before I get to the main review and well by the time you get to that part of my babble you will understand why I explained there previous works before Change Of Address!

Krokus/One Vice At A Time- this one came out in 1982 and I purchased it quickly as did Muc and mean how could we not? The sound was raw like ACDC,the songs sounded like ACDC,the song titles could have been ACDC. Tracks like Long Stick Goes Boom,To The Top,I’m On The Run,Playin The Outlaw…plus they did a cover of the Guess Who’s American Woman as well so that won some street cred with us! Krokus for me and Muc were our rock smack for some ACDC style rock when the main dudes(ACDC) were hibernating in between releases!

Krokus/Headhunter- geezus these guys get Tom Allom(Judas Priests producer) and ramble off the Headhunter album in 1983. Sure they sound still ACDC but now they got a little Priest mixed in as well. Songs like the title track Headhunter,Nightwolf and Eat The Rich drive the album along and oh yeah Krokus covers Stayed Awake All Night the BTO Tune and its a good cover.

Krokus/The Blitz- Krokus bids adieu to Real hard rock and shifts it’s gears to a little more Americanized sound on the Blitz! Big time production on The Blitz courtesy of the late Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock.This album was pretty good. Krokus tackle a somewhat kinda ballad (Our Love) which is kinda a stinker but there a few good tracks as well here including Midnite Maniac,Boys Nite Out(written by Adams and Vallance) and real cool cover of Sweets Ballroom Blitz recorded live of the floor and man they should a done the whole record like that! Also of note me and Muc caught Krokus opening for Sammy Hagar on the Sam mans VOA tour of 1984. Of importance welcome aboard Tbone as the Blitz is his first Krokus purchase on cassette tape!(umm T’s visit to KrokusVille would be short and sweet!)

So 1986 June of that year to be precise and Krokus drop Change Of Address and by than I don’t even know if Muc is still following them  but me and Tbone are boy did we  ever get fucked over by Krokus! This review of Change Of Address will be short and simple!

This album is bad so bad I don’t even Remember any of the songs! The only one  i do recall is Schools Out by Alice Cooper yeah a cover song! Shit even Quiet Riot who repeatedly released a turd album after a turd album  least had a couple of good tracks(just a couple) that you could at least say..Ummm, not bad! No sign here of anything good! This band officially flatlined Krokus went glam too glam in look and sound and chased the American $$$ and it flopped! So disappointed me and Tbone were with this both of us gave up on them after this slab of whatever you wanna call it so if Krokus came  looking for us we went M.I.A!(missing in action) I’m sure we weren’t the only ones….

Even Krokus knew the ship had sunk! Change Of Address sank quicker than the Titanic and in doing so they put out a 9 song live album with one song from C.O.A (Hot Shot City) in October of 1986! I never bought the live album titled Alive And Screaming but I did hear it as a guy at school had it(on his Walkman..ha I’m old!)and the somics of it (recording) was aweful! I passed(gas) on this and that’s being polite…..

watch the vid ….say no more….