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U2/Rattle And Hum(1988)

Rattle And Hum is such a great double album. I like how  the U2 guys basically tossed around a  bunch of tracks (live and studio) slapped it together and Bingo! Here’s  Rattle And Hum.

Rattle And Hum was the soundtrack to the movie by U2 documenting their 1987 Joshua Tree Tour jaunt through the U.S.A.

Speaking of the Rattle And Hum movie. I remember it like yesterday when the movie opened up here in Tbay back in 1988. There was absolutely no way I was going opening night but I told my lady friend at the time I would go the second night so we did. I don’t know how many people went the opening night but I’ll tell Ya there was only 10 people at the second nights 9 pm showing.

The public in Tbay had spoken and a turd was dropped in regards to attendance(Ouch) I actually thought the movie was quite good and even bought the damn thing on VHS when it was released a short time later.

Bono,The Edge,Larry Mullin Jr and Adam Clayton put out a real fine damn piece of Rock!

HELTER SKELTER-Bono leads the charge telling the crowd “Charles Mason stole this from the Beatles. We’re stealing it back!” Well played Bono . The Edge strums his guitar and U2 launches into Helter Skelter! U2 does a great version as Mullin rocks the drums while Adam  on bass plays a straight ahead riff and daydreams about supermodels  U2 hooks me in as a listener! U2 is kicking ass! Did I actually just type that?!

VAN DIEMEN’S LAND-This is just The Edge playing a short little 3 minute 6 second song and this is a classic. The 3 other U2’ers take the day off and The Edge pans real Gold with this tune! I loved it than. I love it now! Why oh why did they not utilize this guy as a lead vocalist on some tracks? His voice is fantastic!

DESIRE-Wowzers Folks! This tune when the video was released (before the album hit street) is soooooo Good. Pure and simple! U2 keep it simple silly with bass/guitar and drums! Bono nails a real good vocal. Edge plays a slick clean guitar and provides a real good backing vocal. Larry and Adam just roll all over the place and drive the song doing what they do! Plus for an added bonus Bono delivers a real good harmonica binge at the end of the song! Classic!

HAWKMOON 69-When I hear this song I hear Robbie Robertson on it just with the songs structure and  the ambience airiness  of the sound of drums just floating around in space with some big bass.

ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER-Whoah! As good as HELTER SKELTER is this one is even better. U2 tosses a gauntlet and declares this song as if it was their own. It’s that good of a cover. It sounds like an U2 original.

I STILL HAVEN’T FOUND WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR-I like this version as U2 change it up and add a choir and man there’s a few vocalists from the choir that take this tune up a notch and kudos to Bono for backing off and relaxing and letting others do there spiel vocally! Nice chill vibe added by Edge/Larry and Adam.

FREEDOM FOR MY PEOPLE-35 second jam with a couple of friends, harmonica, guitar and some cool percussion.

SILVER AND GOLD – One of the best U2 songs ever in my estimation. Love Edges guitar here with this song being live U2 ditches the gloss and once again keeps the sound raw! Hallelujah! Bono grabs the mic and delivers a well executed first line “In The Shit House A Shotgun” Awesome stuff and the chorus is deadly with Edge easing off the gas pedal on his guitar as Bono delivers the knock out punch lyric of “A Prize Fighter In A Corner Is Told,Hit Where It Hurts Silver And Gold!” Loooooove it! Of course Bono derails the tune somewhat when he goes Into some political mumbo jumbo but he gets back on track with the classic line “AM I BUGGING YA? DON’T MEAN TO BUG YA!” Bono tells The Edge ” Play The Blues!” What a great friggin track!

PRIDE-A Good Single. The jingle jangle of The Edges guitar along with Adams straight ahead Bassing drive Pride! Bono sings a good song here. Live,it’s a typical sing a long song for everyone!

ANGEL OF HARLEM-Love the horns in this tune! This is the great thing about this album as there’s a bunch of different vibes and production values. Angel Of Harlem reeks cool with a real cool blues vibe pushed by Mullins drums! The pre chorus builds up is real slick as it sounds like Bono is straining his vocals kinda gives it an authentic feel.

LOVE RESCUE ME-Edge chills on the guitar while Bono blows the harp. Larry and Adam join in and even though this is a slower kind of U2 it’s like they shoved there sound into a slow cooker and decided to let the sound take it’s time cooking.

WHEN LOVE COMES TO TOWN-BB King(RIP) does the honors with U2 on this track and its a great song. It’s a  little rough around the edges(no pun) and its a real good song that flows effort less or sounds like it. Bono along with BB throws down a real good vocal while Larry drives the drums and Adam plays some straight ahead bass and dreams about super models. Love the raw production of this track! Great Great Song!

HEARTLAND-U2 go for the big atmospheric sound with some trippy sonics. Bono and The Edge’s voices carry this tune especially at the end when they really ramp it up at the end.

GOD PART 2-Larry hits the electronic drums and this tune almost sounds like it could have for fit somewhere on side 2 of Zooropa! Kinda trippy U2!

THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER-Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock solo segues right into the next track which is…

BULLET THE BLUE SKY-What a killer live drum sound on this song! Wow,Larrys kick drum sounds so good live here. Kudos to the dude doing the mixing at the soundboard.

ALL I WANT-Big end of the album tune! It’s a slow builder. Kind of a interesting end of the album song! It’s a big sonic epic delight! Bono’s vocals soar and directs the rest of the U2’ers to site back and relax and lap up the chillness!

FINAL YAMMER-U2 deliver it here folks! I like the fact that it’s a big mumbo jumbo batch of different styles,live and studio songs all rolled into a double album!

Bono,Edge,Larry and Adam show up bash out some new tunes with some that have a snappin edge to them. Fast forward to 1993 and U2 should have kept a rougher edge to their sound!

Dokken/Beast From The East(1988) Part 2!


Let’s get right to it Folks with sides 3&4 of Beast From The East….

Cast of Characters- Don Dokken(Vocals),George Lynch(Geetar),Jeff Pilson(Bass) and Mick Brown(Drums)

King Of Yammering- Deke

Actually before we get to it everyone knows my deal with Greatest Hits Albums and how I have a issue with them. Ha! Well one of my faithful Arena Rock Readers BMellis said within my review on Wednesday in regards to the first part of Beast From The East  I was bashing Greatest Hits albums that I was taking Cheap(Pot)  Shots at him (BMellis) and his sidekick  Rockin Roberts without naming them! Hahaha,myself and BMellis had a good laugh about this as this wasn’t my intention but from now on…yeah it’s gonna be!

To Be Fair to these two Greatest Hits Guru’s (BMellis&RockinRoberts) they like the best  songs on compilations so be it……

Seriously though where is The Hunter?

HEAVEN SENT-Don leads the Japanese faithfull with some opening “oh oh oh!” And they follow and George plays some real chill cool riffs during the verses and the song like so many Dokken tracks ramps up at the chorus! Great tune! Slow build of a tune but it still has some ommph to it!

ITS NOT LOVE-more Curious George playing some more real chill riffs and this song has single written all over it! Don tells us “Why Baby Why?” Seriously Don you just regroup,pick up the chics hit the next town and party down on the Tour Bus like there’s no tomorrow! Thats how Tbone explained it to me on how Rockstars roll! Ha! Great catchy chorus and more back and forth banter between Don and the Japanese faithful!  You realize if your a fan of Dokken just how many of these tunes on this double live  were singles …..speaking of singles…lookie what’s next!

ALONE AGAIN-oh oh power ballad ….make it mega power ballad time! This song sold the Tooth And Nail album and out of the ten tracks on Tooth And Nail this was the only power ballad! Actually compared to a lot of crap at the time this is pretty good and a lot of bands copied Dokkens format. By that I mean nice soft quiet verses and once the chorus hits….KABOOM big time power riffs, Que big time guitar hero solo than back for one more romp around the chorus and nice little fade out…..back in the mid to late 80s this is how LA Bands made a ton of cash! Myself I made little cash washing dishes in a cafeteria to fund my music addiction! FIRST TIME EVER…A POWER BALLAD VIDEO IS POSTED here at ARENA ROCK….Ummm no I’m not mellowing!

JUST GOT LUCKY-things in Tokyo ramp back up and Just Got Lucky is Don going on  about how the woman is the devil in disguise! Ha…we all have been there done it….George plays some good guitar whereas the song sounds like a big solo but it’s not if that makes sense. Just watch the video!

BREAKING THE CHAINS-when most people think of Dokken they think of this song! Fair enough as its a good song for me though when I think of It I remember the adds Rokken with Dokken! What I wanna know is how much was the record company Yahoo being paid yearly to come up with selling slogans like Rokken With Dokken! This song features a real good lead vocal into the chorus. Lunch peels rubber on the solo while Pilson and Don handle the vocals ….

IN MY DREAMS-Don,Jeff and Mick do some acapella with  the intro and the songs goes from there. This was a pretty good decent rock single and it pushed Dokken in sales and solidified there fan base! Watch the video from Philly 1987 style…these cats can play and sing…

TURN ON THE ACTION-end of the show, time to hot dog some quick rock. George shreds, Don howls, Pilson holds down the bass while Wild Mick smashes his drums and there off! Rokken Dokkens night in Tokyo comes to a end!

WALK AWAY-so here’s  a studio track tacked on the end of the live  album! Walk Away is kinda a ballad. Walk Away Dokken and they all literally did just that! I recall this video and I think Don was sporting some real funky looking dreads in the hair dept. I was fuckin spooked and never revisited Walk Away again….can’t even tell you about the track other than its not a rocker….

IN CONCLUSION – Dokken,too bad they split. I dug these guys and was pleasantly surprised that in 2015 I still dig this live album! It’s a solid ball of live rock well I’m sure there was tweaking in the studio but who cares. What I don’t know what was tweaked  won’t hurt my deal with this record! Lynch is awesome on this and when I thought about reviewing this album I was thinking I hope I can make it through with Curious George going off to shredville. Sure George does during some solos and of course his guitar solo but no worries folks he stays within the lines(ha!) .

These guys if they would have stayed together were  well on there way to Arena Headline  Status but …….


Dokken/ Beast From The East(1988) Part 1!


Dokken was a band that had a chance for the golden ticket to complete stardom but because of the constant bickering between lead singer Don Dokken and guitarist George Lynch Dokken the band imploded after 4 studio albums …Breaking The Chains(1983),Tooth & Nail(1984),Under Lock And Key(1985)and Back For The Attack(1987)…

I think I read somewhere years  ago that Dokken was due to release one more album to fullfil there 5 album contract so with Dokken in chaos they headed to Tokyo cut a double live  album (Beast From The East)put it out in November 1988 and shortly after broke up due to internal bickering….

These guys should have chilled for a bit and bounced back instead they shut down and though there were various solo  albums from the band guys they reconvened in 1995 for the  great Dysfunctional album (Long Way Home is a awesome track!)but were never able to gain there previous 80s momentum.

Hey that happens when your a bunch of bitches towards each other!

I reviewed Tooth And Nail a while back and a lot of people recalled that album very fondly so I thought what the hell let’s check out what at the time would be the live Dokken Swan Song….

Kudos to Dokken they could have never put out a live album in 1988  but instead of gone with a Greatest Hits album to finish off there record deal  which would have made me puke!

Don Dokken(vocals) George Lynch(guitar) Jeff Pilson(bass) and Mick Brown(drums) give us a double double live album …

Where’s The Hunter?

UNCHAIN THE NIGHT-some prerecorded parts of the Intro to Unchain The Night are pumped through the speakers and before you know it were all Rokken with Dokken and Unchain The Night is Dokken playing a mid tempo rock track straight ahead no frills just enough ooomph to be the opening number! Don Dokkens voice I always liked especially with this kind of Dokken Rock! George Lynch plays a slick fast gunslinger guitar most of the time but when duty calls he could relax and slow down the shred albeit for the song whereas many guys from his era over shredded to the point of making me feel nauseated! Hello Yngwie J! Pilson on bass (and some great backing vocals throughout this album) and Wild Mick on the drums pound the bottom end to the ground and were all aboard the Dokken tour bus! Pass the Hairspray!

TOOTH AND NAIL-now Lynch ramps up and spits out furious riffage and huffing and puffing on the double bass drums is Mick smashes,crashes cymbals and Don hollers ‘how long will it take? To break the spell….straight to the top Tooth And Nail!”  Dig the solo by Lynch man especially at the end as the bass and drums stop for a few seconds and Lynch nails smoke on up and down the fretboard and Mick assaults his snare and were back up to super snuff speed! Impressive that they passed on this as the opener and instead blow our senses out on track 2! Well played sneakey L.A. Rock Guys!

STANDING IN THE SHADOWS-Lynch kimda meets Ed Van Halen opening before this song takes off and Lynch once again steals the show on this tune! Standing In The Shadows is one of the better tracks from Back For The Attack and I dig the live version as I found sometimes some off these 80s albums when I listen to them now they  have like 100 guitars on tracks and at the time I guess it was called for but now ..aaaargh! The good thing is Pilson is pretty simple yet effective on the bass as he holds it together while Lynch does his guitar hero stuff on this album.

SLEEPNESS NIGHTS-whoah another good slow driver of a tune from Back For The Attack. Has a pretty slick groove with a real good chorus. Whoever put this setlist together for these shows had a pretty good idea what young DeKEs liked back in 88! Sleepless Nights is a great track! No frills just good Rock! We know the deal like Don Sez your giving it Til 6 am and it’s another Sleepness Night coming your way! Isn’t there some drugs out there to make you sleep or keep you awake? Hahaha….just sayin!

KISS OF DEATH-is a rip roar of a tune! This is a fast paced tempo tune. Lynch is Unleashed In The East(Ha!) here and he plays a gazillion notes but it makes sense.  This is like 87 Whitesnake on steroids! The word on the street back than is Don wrote this song about AIDS! Yeah no shit Don was dropping down some serious lyrics here almost a Hard Rock Bono with a message! But at least Don doesn’t ram the message down everyones throat! Lynch goes bonkers during the solo while Brown and Pilson keep the tour bus on the road!(do not I mean do not spill the party treats that are ready for consumption on the table!) You want loud rock! Fast guitar,soaring vocals..it’s here!

WHEN HEAVEN COMES DOWN-I think when I reviewed the studio version of this on the Tooth And Nail album I called it Sludgey Pudgey(not sure if i said I’m too lazy to look it up) Live here it sounds better obviously with a better tempo and It kicks …kicks in a way that Vince Neil needs to be kicked when singing live and kicked in the other way of Bret  Michaels needs just a plain hard swift kick in the ass period! Lynch plays once again the in the confines of the song! Hot diggity doggity I think I’m more psyched by Lynch on this live recording than anything! Ha! Serious! The chorus here is big and tough sounding  like after a shot of Jack Daniels and a tussle of Hairspray sprayed around for good measure!

INTO THE FIRE-of course as a Dokken fan you know this one right? The pace of the live version is sped up and DOKKEN here craft perfect Rock Single 101! By that it’s a cooling opening of drums,bass and Lynch’ power chords. Don tosses down a good vocal along with some good backing vocals courtesy of Pilson and were Into The Fire which segues right into …..

MR SCARY-and were off with a 3 minute  or so Lynch guitar solo,riffing like a lunatic but with him I’m ok with it like i said compared to some other 80s guys! (Hello CC Deville) Lynch  can play no doubt and next thing you know Pilson and Brown slam out a barrage of LA Metal Chops as these guys could play but like any band from the time they get lumped in as just another act. I think what hurt Dokken was they made some goofy videos like Burning Like A Flame. Remember that one with the Dokken guys riding around in a fire truck! Haha….WTF!! Silly cheese ..not a bad song but what a Dumbo video! But yeah Mr Scary ends side 2 and I wonder what Don was doing during this time of the musical only portion of the show?? Ahhhhh that’s right he was on the horn with the record company trying to negotiate a better record deal for himself at the time while his soldiers are In the trenches on stage doing the real work…..

Check Back Friday when I yammer on about sides 3&4 of Beast From The East….

Other Side Of Midnight…..

Honeymoon Suite/Haywire/July 26 1988/Thunder Bay/Fort William Gardens

Summer of 1988 rolls around and the Suite Express shows up again to play the Gardens and whats evidently clear is the place is almost half empty as when they rolled into town 2 years earlier the Barn was almost sold out say 4000 or so and well now (1988) maybe just over 2000 people and from where i was sitting(straight at the back of the Gardens ) there were patches of people around me and my lady friend.

Like i said last week in the Racing After Midnight album review this album I thought was there best but  for many it slid by kinda bizarro but hey what do I know! Finicky album buyers back in 1988!

So Haywire is plugging there current release Don’t Just Stand There and what’s clear is that they have ditched the baggy pants/bright clothes that they wore 2 years earlier when they played Tbay supporting Kim Mitchell ! Now they were into the street rock look with the leathers and whatnots and a heavier punchier sound live! That night even Haywire impressed me with a little snipet of Aerosmiths Mother Popcorn thrown into one of there tunes! Shit Ya! Good call !

Honeymoon Suite hits the stage with a one two punch of Other Side Of Midnight and Tears On The Page and we’re off an running! Pretty slick  lighting show and Johnnie Dee lead singer played a lot of rythm guitar that night as his leg was in a full sized leg cast! Story went to the effect that he was crossing the road at the airport in LA and boom some car hit him and snap a roo …but hey here he is in Tbay the show must go on and it did! This I thought was a better show than 2 years earlier oh yeah that’s cuz I liked Racing After Midnight that much better than the Big Prize!

Lookin Out For Number 1,Long Way,It’s Over Now and the two opening songs were played off of Racing After Midnight so about half the record was played live! Of course a healthy dose of the debut and Big Prize were represented that night as well. This was another good performance from them so in 3 years,one as a opener and two as headliner Honeymoon Suite was moving on up in the live ranks but Racing After Midnight was the end of I guess there Arena run. There next release Monsters Under The Bed in 1991 was buried by a Seattle musical mudslide that wiped any chance of them sustaining any momentum! Case in point they were in Tbay early in 1992 playing the Inntowner(bar)….