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Soundgarden/A Sides(1997)

Hey Folks! How about a Greatest Hits Review?? Better yet how about doing a tribute to the  Dynamic Duo known as The Greatest Hits Guru’s! The one and only BMellis and Rockin Roberts!

You know my deal with these Greatest Hits Record Company Cash Grabs right? No sense rehashing that story yet again. But A Sides by Soundgarden was different as out of the 17 tracks I had 11 which is still a pretty high percent of material owned but there’s 6 tracks I never really heard plus the cd upon release back in 1997 was for $8.99 so I broke rank and purchased this! Basically when this came out there was nothing to buy and I was itching to spend some dough on music!

Out of all the bands that came onto the radar in the early 90s well my radar that is Soundgarden to this day I still consider the best! Sorry Robbo and to all you Pearl Jammers out there! I dig PJ don’t get me wrong but for some reason Soundgarden just resonated with me more especially Chris Cornells vocals! (Easily in my all time top 5 vocalists,do you care? Hahaha)

Chris Cornell(vocals) Kim Thayil(guitar) Ben Sheppard(da bass) and Matt Cameron(awesome drummer guy) take my Kraft Hair Metal Cheese Slices and shred them down into a sound of their own!

NOTHING TO SAY-This is early Soundgarden friends! The sound is a little tinny but still sounds pretty good considering the major labels hadn’t come calling yet! Nothing To Say has a total Black Sabbath vibe! Big loud plodding guitar riffs, slow bombastic drums,a cranky bass vibe! Yep even with Cornell’s vocals I can totally hear a 1975 Ozzy laying down the vocals on this tune! One more thing of note in regards to this track I can also picture a young Rockin Roberts and BMellis sitting in Rockins Basement (say 1993ish)puffing like there’s no tomorrow on a bong that BMellis bought with his allowance, eating Doritos and Drinking Beers! Wait a minute …..I think they were doing that last weekend!!

FLOWER-Soundgarden start this off all trippy! Cornell is tripping on something and before you know it the boys launch into a a real snazzy jazzy grungey swing feel! Ha you’re not gonna pigeon-hole these boys as one hit wonders!

LOUD LOVE-Remember  seeing an add for Loud Love in RIP Magazine around late 1990 or so but I just ignored it as I was too busy securing tickets for the Poison Show in Winnipeg January of 1991! WTF was I thinking….?? Exactly I wasn’t ! Loud Love you can hear Cornell developing his vocal chops and the band refining their musical flex chops as the songs progress….

HANDS ALL OVER-6 minutes of Soundgarden getting all trippy and Cornell tosses out a “Don’t Touch Me!” It’s real clear and apparent that these guys have the musical chops and they weren’t gonna be asking us  if you want fries with that! Nope that’s not happening and this song is a mid tempo Blitzkreig thru the left overs of Hair Metal Bands gone bad! More like getting your senses steamrolled! Cool guitars and different time changes

GET ON THE SNAKE-Great Title! Ha! A cool little groover of Thayil and his guitar and man these guys say “Hunger and Mean” in the track and I believe em! Sheppard and Cameron lead the charge. Cool, towards the end of the song riff and roll mashed up with the drums! Boom… done!

JESUS CHRIST POSE- The first time I heard Jesus Christ Pose was in Oinks car around late 1991! Actually this was more than likely the first time I ever heard Soundgarden period! I never heard hard rock delivered this way and I was blown away by Cornells voice and the riveting lockage of guitars and drums in this song! Listen to the bass by Sheppard and Cameron’s drums that  propel this song into mass greatness.  These cats are Groovin in a sound of their own! Jesus Christ Indeeed!

OUTSHINED-Slow delivery and I love the riff! The riff of the guitars push along with Chris and his voice! What a great delivery! When I listen to Outshined I wanna break things no doubt but then I puss out! This song with its Sludgey Pudgey Pace is just what the Grunge Doctor ordered! “Outshined  ….Outshined …..Outshined” sings Cornell followed by Cameron’s hard smack the snare sound…..genius I say!

RUSTY CAGE-Dig the swirly sound of the guitars and the drive of course of the drums! Cornell takes what could be a song going off the rails and ropes it in! Dig the middle stop n start 3/4s through this song with slamming drums while Cornell says the ” Dogs are looking for their bones!”

SPOONMAN-Summer of 1994! Spoooooooonman! What a track and I guess The Garden Boys nabbed the original Spoonman and had him slam da spoons on this track! This is a great headphones song. Love the percusion sonics going around my noggin or am I just concussed! Ha!  Great song ,great everything about it! The cool thing is even though it was played all the time I never got sick of it! Love the rumble of the instruments driving and pushing the pace…

THE DAY I TRIED TO LIVE-Big Epicy tune! Drums,guitars,bass and vocals Rock this boat in a civilized rock kinda way. Kinda chugs along and man Cornell once again shows off his voice and delivers a reaaaaaaal good vocal!

BLACK HOLE SUN-This is the biggie track from the Superunknown album! For sure Siree when I think of huge rock tracks from 1994 this is the deal! It’s  a slow builder done of course with a bunch of drop tunings and a echoish slow sizzle of a guitar riff at the beginning and the slow builds and builds Into the euphoric climax of the chorus! Soundgarden take a page of a late of  80s power rock buildup and take it to a new level! Thayil would probably knock my block off about this theory of mine but yeah seriously look at these Country Rock artists/bands now! It’s 1989 Hair Metal delivered in 2015 with a fiddle and a Cowboy Hat! Good on those Country guys! Myself ..Meh! Actually I would tell Thayil this is Tbones theory! Ha…….Tbones my throw under the bus guy!

FELL ON BLACK DAYS-What an opening riff! Thayil and Cornell can play guitars. Thayil looks bizarre not your typical looking rock star right? So this proves the theory that you gotta have the chops as you ain’t got the looks! Cornell,everyone myself included always talks about his awesome singing but no one ever talks about his rhythm guitar  playing! People take notice Cornell can play! Watch the video for proof!

PRETTY NOOSE-What a fantastic track! Like the whatever instrument there doodling around with at the beginning is that a Metal Sitar at the beginning? Ha! When Cameron smacks his snare and Cornell starts singing I’m hooked! Pretty Noose is a jammer of a song and was the opening track on Down On The Upside and goes to show you that you don’t have to  rocket out of the gates at a 1oo mph but can still do a heavy Sludgey groove that can hook an old cheese metaler to take notice! Cornell,man sounds like he’s always about to lose a lung I mean I love it when he sings the line ‘ and I  don’t know what you got me hanging from!” Cornell sounds toasted but that vibe fits  this tune!

BURDEN IN MY HEAD-Cameron cues in some acoustic and we’re taking a boozey acid trip with Cornell into the desert and hey you sure  you want to drink that water there is it there? While we’re at it is she leading us to the fountain of nothing…mmmm sounds like it! Sheppard plays a snazzy Paul McCartney bass line during the chorus!

BLOW UP THE OUTSIDE WORLD-Mellow Start kinda like more like a Beatles White Album cranked thru a Marshall on 10! Chill verses and cranked up Chorus!

TY COBB-Hard Head Fuck You All ….hollers Cornell and this is one cool little under 3 minutes of an Ass Kicker track! What a great song title! Ty Cobb just rocks fast and hard! Cameron proves once again that always behind a great band is the drummer who slams the gears into overdrive and Cameron delivers on Ty Cobb! Listen to him ride that cymbal during the chorus! If you need a swift hard early am boot in the ass look,no further than Ty Cobb! Awesome move that this track is included! BMellis finish your breakfast and crank Ty Cobb!

BLEED TOGETHER-Boom and this is an end of the album rocker! No frills just a straight ahead easy produced sounding track! Tons of musical time changes …great little nugget of a track!

IN CONCLUSION-1997 BMellis and Rockin Roberts are at a crossroads in life! Do they retire the flannel jackets they been sporting for 3 years and toss a hail Mary pass into the end zone for a MusicalTouchdown! Hell Yes! Thats the great thing about bands like Soundgarden it’s timeless music and just like The Greatest Hits Gurus they keep on buying the Hits! So who am I to judge! I shouldn’t but i will hahaha! They like da hits so be it!

Carry on Boys!

A Sides is an awesome set of tunes and it was great to revisit these Gems all these years later! Cornell is the deal with the voice while Thayil,Chamberlain and Sheppard kick out the jams!

One of the best!


EverClear/So Much For The Afterglow(1997)

This is one band I didn’t and still don’t know much about! For sure they had the hit Santa Monica but I didn’t pay much attention but the first time I seen the video for Everything To  Everyone i was hooked and always been a sucker for a good hook and this tune had it!

Art Alexakis( songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist) Greg Eklund(drums and some kick ass percussion) and Craig Montoya(bass) throw down some real cool rock and it’s still the only album of there’s I own…

Having listened to this again recently I can’t help  think that a lot of these lyrics deal with Art himself. I shall explain as I go…..

This is a song about ……

SO MUCH FOR THE AFTERGLOW- acapella voices almost 1960s surfy style with Doo wahs are the lead into Art who tells us this is a song about Susan and its a road racer of a opener if I ever heard one before! EverClear punch the gas pedal hard on the opener and title track! Art has a decent rock voice I guess the kids back in 97 were calling it Alternative Rock! Myself, I call it and have always called it Good Fucking Rock! So Much For The Afterglow sets the pace and makes Moi take notice and also for the fact that I’ve always dug power trios! So it’s a win a win! Hand claps and some Na Na’s are on tap towards the end of the track as the fella’s ease off the gas but kaboom they rev up the opener and smudge the afterglow into next week! Great opener!

EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE-Yep this silly dilly song was the one that caught my ear! It’s a Simple  Simon tune complete with silly sounding keyboard but man it’s damn catchy! Cool use of percussion as well lends a helping hand to the basics of this tune! In other words Kooky Keys+Silly Percussionist =One damn fine piece of Tuneage! Watch the video ….

NORMAL LIKE YOU-straight ahead rocker with complimentary power chord chorus! This song is the deal. Great well performed tune and I love the running order of this album. Hit EM Hard when the dial starts to dip!

I WILL BUY YOU A NEW LIFE-great single! Art kinda half talks half sings this tune!  Love the swirl of the keyboard throughout the tune. Did I just really type that?! Ha! Seriously what a great single along with some real simple great catchy one liners case in point where Art sings “I will buy you a garden,where your flowers can bloom. I will buy you a new car perfect,shiny and new. I will buy you a new house way up in the west hills. I will buy you a new life. Yes I will!” Folk this is simple catchy pop rock!

FATHER OF MINE-I really think this one is autobiographical for Art! Basically it’s about anyone’s father splitting from the family at a young age and having to deal with it for the rest of your life. The song itself is a mid tempos kind of song! The song picks up and finishes off like how it started! With cool guitar and bass locked in with the drums!

ONE HIT WONDER-massive cool percussion mixed with that swirly sounding keyboard! One Hit Wonder so many of them right?  This song is geared for radio/video play and why not Art is playing the game and why shouldn’t he! There video for this track is game show themed story line! Why didn’t I post the video than? Well it’s all about Amphetamines! (Keep reading !)

EL DISTORTO dE MELODICA-big power riffs begin this musical tune! Boom and it’s off with some more cool percussion and that’s the big deal for me is EverClear specifically drummer guy Greg adds all kinds of bells and whistles to this album! El DISTORTO indeed!

AMPHETAMINE-Art,Craig and Greg punch the gas once again and this ones about a chic named well you guessed it….Amphetamine! Art rambles the vocals forwards and tells the tale of the girl named Amy who’s strung out but as the song progresses it turns out that the doc has prescribed a pill to take all the pain away! Amphetamine is just that!  EverClear could have called this song Speed at which the pace is set! Crank the video posted!

WHITE MEN IN BLACK SUITS- Yep I think this another Art has been there done it kinda tune and he wrote about it! Simple rock song but the lyrics tell the tale of young Art  growing up and trying to get thru life.

SUNFLOWERS-mid tempoish kinda song  about lazing around on a sunny afternoon slow (ahem) doing something! Hey Art says it in the song not me!

WHY I DONT BELIEVE IN GOD-is that banjo I hear?  Yepper Doodle I do hear banjo,acoustic,electric,percussion it’s all hear in another well written song.

LIKE A CALIFORNIA KING/HATING YOU FOR CHRISTMAS-almost a 9 minute end of the album two for the price of one EverClear song! Of course there’s a minute of blank space but holy heck the EverClear fellers deliver two well written Gems! California King is a great track but some dude who cruises thru life thinking he’s the King when in reality he’s the Joker! Hating You For Christmas is the typical relationship break up tune and this has to be another autobiographical tune! Ha….Art steps up here lyrically and spouts off about a relationship gone off the skids at Xmas time! The tune ends then album on a quick note! In my book this is a classic F.U get out of here song if I ever heard one!

IN CONCLUSION-Hmmmm this is a real good album and I never bothered with any of there other stuff why not you ask,who knows I say! EverClear for this record made a very diverse sounding record! They don’t play it by the rules as the different tempos,songs go. It’s a well written record with no filler and it was great digging back into it after all these years……


Mötley Crüe/ Generation Swine(1997)


So 1997 rolls around Motley Corabi is no more after they booted John’s ass into never never land and lookie Vince Neil slides back in at the mic position and all is forgiven and being reunited doesn’t it feel so good??

Umm in this case kinda, mostly….this is a hodge pot of Crue wanting to be current and hello Mr Sixx lets all jump on the what’s current and popular at the time and make a Mötley Crüe record that sounds more in common with the Smashing Pumpkins than Too Fast For Love.

Hey man there are some good things about this record( the cover I love with them wearing Pig masks) so it isn’t all that bad but considering 8 years had lapsed between Dr Feelgood ( Vince’s final album at the time) what would the public think and more importantly what would Robbo ( Arena Rocks Official  Crue Head!) think?!

In goes the  knife,out goes his life….Ummm those Crue Daze are gone!

Tommy Lee,Nikki Sixx,Mick Mars and Vince Neil make a late night Techno Metal Album! You buying?

FIND MYSELF-it’s 1997 and the Crue wanna be bad ass 80s in the late 90s so they drop a ton of  F Bombs on the opening number and it’s a mish mash of vocalists on this track  until the prechorus and there’s Vinny’s vocals and the music once it gets to the chorus reminds me of Cheap Trick! Cheap Trick cranked  thru a ton of heavy synths and what nots. Give Sixx credit,if you came here looking for Dr Feelgood,he coded and is DOA. Gone are the daze of Sticky Sweet and She Goes Down. This is Techno Metal Sixx shoving in our faces a new Crue! Not a bad start,different sounding but not bad!

AFRAID-Holy Heck,Sixx second song in delivers a absolute scorcher of a Gem! Who saw that one coming? This has all the trimmings of a great rock song! Love the opening bass line that drives the tune forward and Lee’s Synthy drums smashing forward along with Mars who does not solo on this record to much but this song with  no solo just hooks galore! “It’s only life..blurts Neil ‘Shes so Afraid to…..” I really dig how the Crue mashes up this song and stays current but doesn’t over do it unfortunately some songs do not measure up to Afraid on this album! Ok I’ll say it ..this is the best track on the album.

FLUSH-I dunno the jury is still out on this one Judge Judy! Kinda ok ..kinda lagging at times..kinda decent …kinda don’t wanna talk about it.  Crue is covering some new ground and this one tries to be a rocker but today as I write this (Oct 11 2015) Meh!

GENERATION SWINE-now were back on track. Great driving track especially with Tommys drums leading the charge! Also of note Count Chocula eeer I mean Mick Mars steps up and plays a pretty mean tune on his 6 string! I like the fact that the Crue reached deep into there bag of tricks and knocked one out of the park! Extra bonus points must be awarded for the studio feedback of the guitars in this tune! Sixx actually has a real deadly bass tone on this album it’s friggin heavy sounding and mixed well….Crank the video posted!

CONFESSIONS-big ploddy kinda dragging and holy shit Mars guitar sounds out of tune at the beginning of this song it limps along at a pace of a liquored up turtle trying to cross the road. Dunno about this track. It’s Crue wanting to be U2! Mission fail Sixxer!

BEAUTY-next to Afraid this is another great track! Beauty is unlike the Crue its features a real heavy bass synth mashed with electronic gadgets during the verses with I believe Sixx handling the lead vocals in which he has a good voice for this track! Vinny takes over in the pre chorus and the song dips into a psychedelic territory before the song hits the cool groove of the chorus with Sixx and Neil doing a techno metal duet! The bass during the chorus is drop dead sick!( Actually Mars’ guitar playing on this album is like if The Edge from U2 got concussed and turned his amp to 10 and got rid of that jingle,jangle friggin guitar tone) Love this tune. For all you early am readers that read this blog(Thank Yooooou!) I included the video for Beauty and for a added bonus it includes the lyrics to the tune! So when your sitting at your breakfast table eating your French toast in the morning reading Arena Rock Thunder Bay and your kids are spilling there Cheerios all over the place and your significant other is telling you not to forget to pay the cable  bill just Crank up Beauty and sing along I mean doesn’t get any better with lyrics like “Shes HIV….VIP…!” Nope it doesn’t…….

GLITTER-hmmm this song Shoulda been on a Bryan Adams album as Adams cowrote it with Sixx! It’s different Crue here it’s a ballad(yuck) I mean I always found Crue were lousy at ballads except for Home Sweet Home I guess. This song is a skipper! I mean that ballad  Your All I Need  from the Girls album was brutal as Neil’s voice was so high like he sucked a huge hit of helium out of his Crue bong. Blah next…….

ANYBODY OUT THERE-Iggy And The Stooges with Special Guest Nikki Sixx! This song kicks out the jam and it rips fast and furious and it’s a ass kicker especially after the let down of Glitter! Sixx punches us in the faces with a straight ahead rocker! Thank you sir for this ….

LET US PRAY-I have to say Tommys drums and his playing on this song are soooooo friggin good! He’s locked and the drums sound and are mixed heavy! Techno Metal Sixx hits paydirt with this track! It rocks even in 2015 I’m cool with it! Keep in mind it’s sound is not happy days Crue it’s pissed off grumpy Crue looking for Hook and Blow on Hollywood and Vine and a chick named Beauty…ha!

ROCKET SHIP- Nikki grabs a acoustic and plays a decent tune that is more in line with  David Bowie than Crue and well since there dabbling with different sonics and gadgets  Sixx as well pulls off a decent lead vocal.

A RAT LIKE ME-not a bad tune actually,dark sounding,gadgets and tweaks setting off and I dig the title. This song is good and it rocks in a post Crue Glam kinda way….solid playing from the Fella’s. I’m sure a bunch of you’s read the Crue official biography The Dirt as i recall this album was a mess to make according to Corabi and the record company hated it….

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL 97-i perfer Shout At The Devil 1983 thank you very much! I never understood this move by the Crue. Fill up more space as some of this album is filler oriented? I Recall the hype in the press about the Crue playing the American Music Awards in 97 before Generation Swines release. Of course I tuned in and watched Vince’s much talked about arrival and the Crue saunters out and plays this version and I think at the time it looked like a lip synch job a roo! 2 thoughts popped up in my noggin right away that night watching the reunion on tv…1- why this? Is there new stuff weak? And 2-Corabi was heaved out the door as there was talk he was gonna stick around as a second guitar player…Nope Sixx punted him….

BRANDON-Tommy loves his kid and I get all that but on a Crue album? I listened to this once so I have no recollection of this song…fell free to chirp in with comments…..

IN CONCLUSION- Hoooo Boy! A few weeks back i was talking about this album with Robbo at work and told him I was totally gonna rip this one apart! At times yeah the material is bizarro(Flush) out of place(Glitter) but there are some moments of brillance (Afraid and Let Us Prey).

Sixx and Lee go all techy metal on our asses while Mars I think is along for the ride and Vince is hanging out with mud wrestling Strippers so out of all of this Swine this appears.

Too be honest I thought this album would be tossed Into the Filler pile but to be honest once I plugged in my iPod and powered down a sunny October afternoon walk with Fender The Wonder Dog i was mildly surprised that this wasn’t all bad….

8/13 tracks are good …Motley Sixx should have cut this album off at 10 tracks …..



Cheap Trick/ Cheap Trick a.k.a 1997

It’s gotta suck when you put a real almost classic like record and no one knows about it! Well I’m gonna frigging take matters into my own hands here and teach you all a little Rock 101 in what you need for your collection ….

Shall I begin …??!

Cheap Trick the self titled album from the Tricksters came and went without a whimper in 1997 and what was it down to? Was it the fact that people didn’t care..mmmm,maybe I mean this was a full 10 years (1988)after the Tricks rode a payday with the album Lap Of Luxury that featured The Sap…oops I mean The Flame! Along with the Elvis cover of Don’t Be Cruel! I thought Lap Of Luxury was not a good album. I bought it of course but give me Tricks One On One from 1982,Dream Police from 1979 or Heaven Tonight from 1978! Those are Trick records. Perhaps it was the music climate that was snuffed out in 1997 by Creed and others that did this album in. I think why a lot of peeps didn’t hear this was due to the fact that the record label that this was on went belly up shortly after its release! (3 weeks after this album came out!)I’m going with that one( Record Company Tanking) CUZ this album Rocks……

Not to be confused with there debut album they called this one uncredited the 1997 album….

Let me explain it to Ya!

Same cast of characters as was back in 79 for the  Dream Police! That would be Robin Zander,Tom Petersson,Bun E Carlos and Rick Nielsen…..

ANYTIME-as I stated in my Dream Police post! Trick has two cool guys and two nerds! By 1997 this image that was put forth back in the 70s  was finished by 1997! Fair enough! Anytime starts the 97 Trick Party and Bun E opens the album with a real cool beat on the drums. The 70s image of Bun E smoking and playing drums and looking like some washed up real estate agent which was friggin funny as hell but It kinda took away the fact that the cat could drum! Anytime proves that Bun E drives the song forward! Like the little snippets of Nielsens melodic  playing  while Petersson still Bassing those 12 stringer Hamer basses. The money shot though is Zander’s voice! Smooth during the verses and he basically goes real heavy during the chorus! Anytime is Cheap Trick Heavy Rock circa 1997 and I’m glad as there’s not a keyboard in site! Crank the video posted! See I’m not fooling ya’s!

HARD TO TELL- Cheap Trick are the power pop hard rock champs! Hard To Tell is that track! This song is so damn catchy as the song is driven by a real cool opening followed by a killer bass line to keep us all amused ! The Tricks pulled out all the stops on this song and it should have been released as a single but when your label bails what do you do? Still though this is a great well written performed tune executed how we like it at Arena Rock! The Tricks always have real Gems up there sleeves even when they put out 3/4s Filler like the Doctor album from 1986! I reviewed it and basically said it was a complete Diaster except for Its Only Love which is the last tune on the album! It’s Only Love is gold man and the video is classic! Hard To Tell is another in the long line of classic CT tunes except Hard To Tell is on a real good record! I posted the studio track of Hard To Tell and Yep that’s the cover of the album with Bun E’s drums and Nielsens 6 neck guitar.

CARNIVAL GAME- a mid tempo tune with a quirky keyboard and yeppers I’m ok with this as Trick has always done these kinds of tunes on every album.  Carnival keeps the pace going with some nice acoustic woven with some chill electric. Not a bad song at all.

SHELTER-a Synthy driven ballad that is so out of place on here it must have been a leftover from the 80s…eeeck! Me not like! I call this song the Skipper …meaning skip…..

YOU LET A LOTTA PEOPLE DOWN- now we’re cookin! Thank gosh after the musical massacre that was Shelter this song is a throwback to 70s Trick! Big sound from the bass   and drums and guitars and its a heavy tune not in a metal sense but just heavy in the production end of things. Super cool chorus and just a great tune! Wall of sound this one!

BABY NO MORE-is simple Trick! A real quick tune with Bun E smashing the sheeeit out of his hi hat,cymabals and snare drum! The bass and drums are locked in and this picks up the pace! We’ll call it Speed Trick!

YEAH YEAH-this is almost a post grungey mash up of Cheap Trick colliding with a Seattle Grunger  bar band circa 1993! Zander and the boys slam it straight ahead with this tune and a ton of Yeahs prevail throughout the song! This is a great track and it features that wall of quirky sound that we all love from the Trick!

SAY GOODBYE-before the record company went boobs up this was the lead single. A little more on the lighter side but a prety good tune never the less. Trick at times had to play the game and well who didn’t play the game(insert Queen reference here!)

WRONG ALL ALONG-a gem friends! This is simple Trick with drums,bass and one guitar recorded live off the floor! Carlos shuffles the beat along and quirky Rick plays the tune chill while Zander tells us we have Been Wrong All Along! The tune is a quick little number and its over in under 2 minutes 30 seconds! Great solo with Tom driving the bus with his bass with some cool changes and Bun E holds down the fort! Crank the video posted ..its live!

EIGHT MILES LOW-Trick lays it hard n heavy devy style with 8 Miles Low! This song is another late album Gem folks! Nielsen slams the guitar hard on this one along with Carlos on the drums and Zander delivers a keeper vocal! The pre chorus is slick man Trick always had a real good knack for writing simple pop ditties but running them through  a Marshall cranked at 10!

IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU-Trick totally eases off the pedal here. That’s ok and they end the album with a real slower tune! Not bad and waaaaaaay better than Shelter! Amen to that!

IN CONCLUSION- Cheap Trick deliver a scorcher of a album that’s right up on par with there 70s output! I wasn’t expecting much but Wowzers these dudes delivered a solid  ball of classic rock! Nielsen being the main guy who wrote all the tunes totally stepped up and wrote a bunch of great tracks! Zander as always has never taken a dip vocally the guy sounds the same today as he did back in 76! It’s also real cool that the original lineup was still intact when they did this as well…..

If you come across this (ITunes has it) grab it……

Cool Lil Numbers….Warrant/Indian Giver

Warrant the band were driving down  the streets  of Hollywood And Vine in there Ferrari  around early 1992 when they collided  head on by a Mack Truck driven by Nirvana!

Thats the tale of the early  1990s Warrant but guess what they dug in there high heels and lost some members but sludged on and released the pretty decent Ultraphobic album in 1996.

A few years later I ended up buying there live album Warrant 1986-1997 and since i always dug live releases I was onboard! I was surprised as it featured all there hits and yada yada but one song I had not heard which was a bonafide classic to me anyways was Indian Giver.

Indian Giver was from the  Belly To Belly album(which to this day I have never heard. If anyone has and wants to share a review of that album ,link it in the comments!)

Indian Giver is a slow stomper almost like Jani Lane(RIP) and Crew were dabbling in some Alice In Chains at the time and decided to mix it with there glammy jammy past and hey for this track it cooks! Check out once the song ramps up into the prechorus and Boom the chorus just kicks!

Jani Lane I’m sure wrote this tune solo like he did for the whole Warrant catalog so kudos to him he could write a decent rock track(Uncle Toms Cabin,Mr Rainmaker and the whole Dog Eat Dog album) but of course like so many others he was caught in the corporate suit and tie world so it’s unfortuante that some people remember  him for some of that sappy syrupy power ballad goulash that was bestowed upon us!(Heaven and I Saw Red)

Never the less crank the video posted ….y’all will know what I’m talking about!




SONIC WAVES…Live/Secret Samadhi

Everybody’s here,puke stinks like beer,this could a city,this could be a graveyard,you stole my idea,you stole my idea….

What a great opening line to the tune Century from the 1997 release by Live titled Secret Samadhi! Live was everywhere with the Throwing Copper release(1994) I mean for me I heard and seen the vids on Muchmusic and heard the tunes on the radio but man when Live cranked out Lakini’s Juice as the first single from the Samadhi album I was hooked and i will tell ya why!

Ed Kowalczyk/Chad Taylor/Patrick Dalheimer and Chad Gracey make what I would call a Gem Of A Album here at Arena Rock!

Throwing Cooper naaaa not with Secret Samadhi more like Throwing Gold!

RATTLESNAKE-talk about dropping a real heater  of a track in Rattlesnake!(ha) I have always been a sucker for real hard rocker album openers that go 180mph  but Live pull of a classic,clever move. They shift gears and the tune that starts Secret Samadhi  off with some eeery,creepy vibe and boom cue huge sounding drums and holy sheeeit the bass sounds mega! Bam I’m hooked! Ed takes over with a laid back vocal in the verses and the chorus shifts into big slow grinding Rock! This track is wickedly awesome! Great album opener making me stand up and take notice! Yes Siree!

LAKANI’S JUICE-you want mega bass! I Do I Do! So this is the song that hooked me line and sinker! It’s off the wall to me it’s not a single but it is! Make sense? I mean it’s a heavy track and I figure out real quick that Ed his lyrics and vocals are off the hook! He has his own style and so do the rest of these cats playing ! Let it ride…..yelps Ed and the sonics carry this track off into crazyville with the drums,bass,guitars that  mash this tune up big time! In other words I love it! Patrick’s bass is kick ass!

GRAZE-some real chill electric strumming and Ed sounds like he’s a chilling and than the chorus picks up and the guitar solo is a keeper it’s distorted,it’s ugly,it’s loud and it fits the Live Meal Deal here at Arena Rock! Hey sometimes life is Shitty,sometimes it ain’t but it can’t always be Heavens On Fire all the time 24/7 no seriously it can’t ! Live are telling me that 3 songs in this album could get a ugly vibe going but in a good way!

CENTURY-dude I shoulda brought the mop as the puke stinks like Beer! This is my fav tune from this record it’s been my fave since 97 and still is in 2015! Love the use of the keyboards like a Hammond B3 in the chorus that along with the drums drives the tune! Ed delivers a great vocal and I love how at the end of the song he says “Ceeeeeeeentureeee! So c’mon c’mon c’mon” just so you know I’m not talking out of my arse you can watch a live audio  video posted! Come to think of it I should start a category called Talking Out Of My Arse! What Ya think of that ? Ummm now that I think of it this whole blog just does that!

GHOST- drums kinda shuffle this tune along and Ed is back in his chill chair and he hits some high octaves here as the chorus builds up and than  goes back to chill ville and Ed says everyone has  a Ghost!

UNSHEATHED- wow Live is slowing the pace down again until the chorus when the band goes beserko with all hands on deck with the drums,bass ,guitars shifting into gear! Eds lyrics tell me he’s tired of Free Love in the world ….tired of hippies and mothertruckers all rolled into this song

INSOMINA AND THE HOLE IN THE UNIVERSE- like so many on this album this song starts off slow and than shifts into a mid tempo kind of groove like a mild boot in the ass! Ed throws down some cool lingo with his words! This album is a slow builder but 18 years later man it’s a classic!

TURN MY HEAD- I think this was a biggie single for this guys! It’s a Live doing a ballad but when I say Live doing a ballad it’s kinda twisted slow groovey kinda Tim Burton Batman twisted meaning out of the norm of ballady avenue! This is a good song big time and it’s ok Eds twisted tighter than a top but he like others on this album he carries the song as well as the drums push it from being tossed into DeKEs wimpdom bin!

HEROPYSCHODREAMER-the band starts on all cyclinders firing! Than the bass and drums carry this tune in the verses with the guitar adding little touches here and there and it rocks out in the chorus! Ed like he does on Secret Samadhi just gives er! (For Ya Aaron) hey and for Gods sake don’t call Ed queer!

FREAKS- is just that …Live shift gears and chills and Ed goes on about going to bed with your mother! Okie dokie Ed! Freaks has psychedelic rhythms cooking in the background courtesy of the 2 Chads and Patrick and the chorus just lifts off! The guitar sounds like it’s cooked by a fuzz box!

MERICA- Crazy kinda tune with a different beat and man I love the production on this album. This song is a good catchy rocker that kicks off at the chorus!

GAS HED GOES WEST- coolest song title on the record hands down! Gas Hed is a moody piece! Than again so is this whole album it’s a moody piece but man its heavy in a different kinda way! The song does ramp up towards the end!

IN CONCLUSION- well for me this is a great moody epic piece of rock! The production on this record done by Live and some dude named Jay Healy should be commended and whoever rigged up the bass sonics on this record! I salute you it’s so friggin good!  After this I did buy a Throwing Copper and the one after Secret Samadhi which to be honest with you I don’t remember and for sure I could have done my homework and googled it but hey I gotta be honest with my reviews here so if I forget shit …you’ll be all the first to know!

Seriously though this record cooks and I still listen to it more than you think I would! I mean Rattlesnake and Century are friggin Gems in my book! Now Ed does that puke really stink like beer?

SONIC WAVES….Neurotic Outsiders/Neurotic Outsiders

Question….??? What do you get when you combine a Pistol/2 Gunners mixed with a guy living in Rio?

The Neurotic Outsiders that’s who and I tell Ya this 12 song  kicking Yer ass Tour De Force is a masterpiece! One album 12 song kicks to the side of the head!

John Taylor(Duran Duran/Steve Jones(Sex Pistols)/ Matt Sorum(Guns N Roses) and Duff Mckagan (Guns N Roses) pack a punch to your mouth with this solid ball of Arena Rock!

Welcome To The Jungle…..

NASTY HO- Sorum slams the snare and Jonesy and company begin the proceedings with a great rock opener and this is what rock n roll is about! Sleaze ball lyrics that make you go mmmmmm Kewl! Jones and the boys rock it from the get go big rock sound is all over rate map here. Jonesy tosses down some real awesome cool rock lines like ‘You are insane,to think i pissed my money down the drain,yeah you think i came,i’m premature ejaculated trained,you don’t mean a thing,if my dick don’t swing,make my ding dong ring!’ Seriously these lyrics don’t get any better than this hahaha…and extra points are awarded to The Outsiders for being guys at the time pushing 40 to howl out lyrics like this! Instant street cred! CRANK THIS VIDEO POSTED NOW before reading any further!

ALWAYS WRONG-John Taylor man lays down some serious rock here. Don’t knock his rock socks for slapping da bass in Duran no peeps the guy has some rock muscle i mean he nailed down some real cool groove slap happy bass on that Powerstation release from 1985. Having said that i gotta review that someday! But Always Wrong swings in a chill vibe and than boom it picks up a gear and than some and builds up and than gets torn down! A real great track! Moody Outsiders this one would fall under!

ANGELINA-Man this should have been a hit! Boom it starts of to the races and its a great well written track and Jonesy and and his aging crackling rock voice take over. He’s not a great singer but man his vocal vibe here carries these tunes and if these guys had a finesse singer all the street rock vibe would be lost! So yeah throw down some real cool catchy hook of riffs with some vocals going OH OH …wickedly good….and well crank the the vid if ya don’t believe me!

GOOD NEWS- Bad News is your dead the Good News is I’m Alive! Ha I think Duff throws down the lead vocal on this track and did I mention he’s the six stringer here on guitar and this song is a straight ahead kinda punky rock track! This could be autobiographal for sure it about smack,crack heroin blow,hookers,seedier side of life Hey with the Outsiders its one blast to the head and one boot up the ass!

BETTER WAY- John Taylor gets some street Cred in my book man! First of all in the 80s he had like a million chicks going after him  and not because of his bass playing in Duran Duran if Ya get my drift! But when he slappa da bass in the Powerstation holy shit I took notice and good for him he told me as young metal head that even though Taylor was from Rio he could play a good fuckin bass! Boom! So here he steps up to the plate with Better Way and this build from the acoustic up into the electric guitars and man Taylor’s got a great voice for this track! It twirls and swirls with epic rock! Big building rock song! Crank the vid posted and man the dude thru down the lyrics as well for you Arena Rock faithfull to sing along!

FEELINGS ARE GOOD- Taylor with another track! This dude has untapped Rock material bubbling under and the radar and the Outsiders bring  it out of him! This song not only rocks straight forward but throws a few little time changes in as well!

REVOLUTION-another straight ahead no bullshit rocker track! This song always makes me wanna break things when I listen to it! The tempo just rocks! Duff lays waste with the vocal and Jonesy plays lead guitar like his life is on the line!

JERK-first of all folks watch the vid! It’s from 1997 and its a hoot! Jonesy and the fellas tell us all that “your a bitch,I’m a jerk!” This is a dudes dude tune! Boot you in the backside Rock song! Love how the middle of the song shifts changes gears and Jonesy and Taylor shoot off lines (not those kinda lines!) verbally at each other! The song is  damn catchy and like Mr Jones sez it all nice and neatly which like i said is available for your viewing!

UNION-Steve Jones tells us all bout his years in the Sex  Pistols! He name drops Rotten and Vicious and I think he throws down some British lingo that baffles me! Ha..I might have to call the HMO BRITISH ROCK HOTLINE! Good song and it’s a little slower pace but man the pace has been blitzing since Nasty HO!

JANIE JONES-clocking in at a minute and a half is this Clash Cover…….

STORY OF MY LIFE-Jonesy pulls off a real slow rocker here..no siree Jonesy knows no ballads but this one has a real cool gutiar riff in the chorus reminds me of Keith And Ronnie from the Stones! Matt Sorum keeps  the song moving and its a great song and you can hear the ache in Jonesy voice as he has lived the hard life! Atta boy!

SIX FEET UNDER-Sorum lays down some thick double bass drums and we’re off and running ! Duff clean and sober lays down the law with this song and what a appropriate send off! Road Racing 120 mph down a one way street! Duff rocks and so does the Outsiders!

IN CONCLUSION-first of all I checked on iTunes and you can buy this for $9.99! Do yourself a favour and take the plunge and I’m not plugging ITunes but the Neurotic Outsiders that’s what I’m endorsing! This came out in the late 90s and still  to this day is a album I still love and play quite frequently! My only gripe is they never did a follow up for this record and that’s a shame! But if you need a fix of of all things and that includes,drugs,sex,rock n roll,ho’s and jerks it’s all hear rolled up tighter than a taco burrito at Taco Bell!

Cool Lil Numbers….Oasis/My Big Mouth


You know the Oasis freight train in the mid 90s derailed more than once between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher,offstage fights,onstage fights! These two guys went bonkers on each other many a time and  was it planned? Was there dislike genuine? Who knows but man it generated press just like in the early 90s for Guns N Roses. Think about it for a sec. There was no internet,no Twitter,no Facecrack. Social media was walking to the store and buying a print copy of Rolling Stone to read about the shenanigans of those wacky Gallaghers and what gets forgotten is that Noel wrote some great tracks. I mean the first three Oasis records(Definitely Maybe/What’s The Story Morning Glory/Be Here Now) some great stuff on those three albums…I know people probably think out of the 3 early albums that Be Here Now is the weakest …not for me Peeps! Love it……

My Big Mouth comes from Oasis third album Be Here Now! To me this track sums up Oasis. Noel Gallagher wrote this track and man it rocks. Love the feedback of the guitars and drums at the beginning of this track it sounds like Noel’s driving the Oasis bus off of a cliff and Liam’s right beside him and there throwing haymakers at each other and Bam they right the bus avoid the cliff straighten out and plow forward…the lyrics are well written and basically I think describes Noel…to me anyways or maybe it’s about the crazy Yahoo brother Liam. Either way they kick ass on this track!

Everybody knows but no one is saying nothing and its a sound so loud that no one can hear. I got something in my shoe it’s keeping me from walking. Down the long and winding  road back home to you.

Around this town you’ve ceased to be that’s what you get with sleeping with the enemy. Where angels fly you won’t play so who’s gonna take the blame for …..

My Big Mouth,My Big Name,who’ll put on my shoes while there walking down the hall of fame

Cool stuff. Super cool verses followed by a real good prechorus and Boom right into the super duper cool chorus! Love the solo Noel pulls off on here! Cool use of percussion as well. The whole band As well Liam/Bonehead/Alan and Paul nail a gem here! Great great stuff…

Bonus points awarded to Liam on how he drawls out the word Assasin on when sings the line..

And as you look into the eyes of a bloody cold Assasin!