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Cool Vs Gah! Round 4….Van Halen..

One I Want Vs How Many Say I

I’m not going to go down the whole Lead Singer debacle in regards to VH as I have written about it countless times so just search under David Lee Roth/Van Halen/Sammy Hagar and my diabolical writings in this matter will rear its ugly head. Actually I wrote something called L.S.D a few months back about bands flipping out singers at such at a speed that’s quicker than Tbone flipping  Finnish Pancakes!

What i’m gonna ramble on about are two tracks from VH3 that featured new vocalist Gary Cherone( Extreme) and for all intent and purposes tanked quicker down the toilet than me chugging  down a bottle of Silent Sam Vodka from way back into a toilet!

VH Mach 3….Featuring…

Eddie Van Halen – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Alex Van Halen – drums, percussion
Michael Anthony – bass, backing vocals
Gary Cherone – lead vocals

I think its safe too say when looking at the band members that you can tack on’ Bass’ beside EVH’s name! By that point Anthony was just there…

The production angle is ludicrous as Mike Post (yeah exactly) a guy who had provided the music for the 80s Tv Show Hill Street Blues was brought onboard to co produce with Eddie…

Whut Da Fuk Is Going On Here?

VH3 had some decent stuff on it.

One I Want is a decent track. I dig the flip-flop of backing vocals to lead vocals and that little solo Ed blasts off at the end of the first verse. I posted the live track of this and VH3 cuts across real good live but man look at Alex behind the kit! Dudes all banged up from the shoulders up. Was he going for an Iron Maiden Powerslave look? Dunno but still this is Good VH….Not Great VH….But Good…

Which leads us to the last song on VH3…

How Many Say I is a Ed only piece with  him at the piano doing his singing as well sounding like Tom Waits and basically man this one was a tough  slog through…

At over 6 minutes worth of noodling I realized back in 1998 that this was indeed a EVH solo album from the production down to the Bass playing  to Ed singing lead on a track….

Whose gonna tell Ed no?  New Boy Cherone? Nope…Anthony..Brother Alex..Nope…Mike Post?..Hahaha..

The real clincher was my wife Sue at the time when I put on 3 in our living room and was playing it for perhaps the first time commented to me  when How Many Say I came on with a  “What Is This?”

Exactly Sue Exactly…..

Cool Lil Numbers…..Fastball/The Way

That’s the great thing about having a iPod jammed up with music and you put it on shuffle and out of thousands of tracks one will appear that you forgot you even had that will twist and bend your ear and bring you back to a time of its release and make Ya say ” Holy Shit! That’s a great track!”

Case in point Folks…Fastballs tune titled The Way.

Fastball are  a American 3 piece unit( Tony Scalzo,bass and lead singer,Miles Zuniga,guitar and Joey Shuffield on drums)  that rolled out of Austin Texas back in the mid 90s and by 1998 had hit paydirt with this tune!

Fastball in 1998 released the album “All The Pain Money Can Buy” featuring this tune and I know myself and many others bought this album upon the first single and lead off track!

The Way is a well written piece of Rock by the bass guy Scalzo who also doubles as lead vocalist.

The lyrics man are twisted and tell the tale of a elderly couple that leave there home to on a short trip and basically disappear only for there bodies to be found a year later in a burned out car that drove off the road and down into a heavily covered in brush area.

Crazy how a morbid tale could be cranked into a catchy rock track. Scalzo here blends his unique voice and the music as almost a rock Latin kind of feel courtesy of the percussion. The chorus is undoubtedly the money shot!

Love the line Scalzo sings in the chorus…

“Anyone can see that the road they walked on is paved with gold,it’s always summer they will never get cold,they’ll never get hungry,old and gray. You can see there shadows wandering off somewhere, they won’t make it home but they really don’t care. They wanted the highway there happier there today!

Wowzers kids this is deep but what a song….crank the video!