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Stereophonics/Performance And Cocktails(1999)





Welsh Rockers Stereophonics released performance and cocktails back in 1999 and once it appeared on my radar I was easily  Hooked!

KellyJones/Richard Jones and the late Stuart Cable. On this release they make sure all 13 tracks are different. There is no filler here Folk’s!



From opening track Roll Up And Shine to album closer I Stopped To Fill Up My Car the Phonics on this release display a wide variety of rock tracks (T Shirt Sun Tan/She Takes Her Clothes Off) to mid tempo rock tracks like(Hurry Up And Wait/Pick A Part Thats New) to end of the album ballad(I Stopped To Fill Up My Car) All bases are covered here.

Being an all out rock guy the two tracks that just totally  kick my ass are The Bartender And The Thief and Half The Lies You Tell Aren’t True.

These two songs excel in the power trio hard rock format! Kelly Jones’ vocals on Bartender sound sinister  with the music below the vocal just driving at a furious rate. Whereas  Half The Lies has a different pace but one that still wallops especially during the verses with the interplay between instruments roaring at a decent clip.