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Default/The Fallout(2001)



Yeah Yeah Yeah ….Default from Vancouver released a real Solid Piece Of Rock back in 2002 called The Fallout. Course Chad Kroger had his easy Bake The Hits Oven Mitts all over this album as he was a co writer on many of the tracks.

Say what ya want man but a Great Song is a Great Song and there’s a good portion of those on this album….Oh yeah here are Chadwick’s contributions to The Fallout…

1. “Sick & Tired” (Default, Chad Kroeger) 2:59
2. “Deny” (Default, Chad Kroeger) 3:55
3. “Wasting My Time” 4:29
4. “Slow Me Down” (Default, Chad Kroeger) 3:23
5. “One Late Night” (Default, Chad Kroeger) 3:10
6. “Seize the Day” (Default, Chad Kroeger) 2:43
7. “Somewhere” 3:20
8. “Live a Lie” (Default, Chad Kroeger) 3:40
9. “By Your Side” 2:46
10. “Faded” (Default, Chad Kroeger) 3:23
11. “Let You Down”

Default Dudes are….

Dallas Smith – Lead vocals
Jeremy Hora: Guitars
Dave Benedict: Bass guitar
Danny Craig: Drums, Percussion

Yeah that’s Dallas Smith who has basically iced Default and has now gone into the whole Country(I really don’t give a Fuck about ) Rock as an solo act well that’s his deal but I will say his voice is one of the reasons this album still holds up well today in the year of 2016!

Smith can sing thats for sure as the opener on this album Sick And Tired proves as it’s a great track. It sets the tempo of the album. Some nice drumming by Craig and some nice picking courtesy of Jeremy Hora. That’s the thing with these guys. They play for the song so theres really no solos just 3 minute straight ahead rock tracks.  The Don’t Bore Us ..Get To The Chorus does indeed apply here!

Deny Is a well written track complete with another great vocal delivery by Smith and some cool snap happy Drumming and Bassing!The Bass Player Dave Benedict almost stole the show the two times i seen Default here in Tbay. First as openers for Nickleback and than a few years later Default opened for Staind and this dude is Wired to say the least he has the rock moves down pat but doesn’t come across as an Poser. Entertaining was the word I heard and yeah make no bones about it The Cat can play the 4 Stringer!

This album though at times slows the gears do as in the tune Wasting My Time. A pretty decent attempt at Radio Fodder which broke these guys into the US of TrumpA. Smith delivers it during the verse and yeah it’s a tune I can put up with and funny thing as it’s there biggest single and Chad K didn’t have his hands in this.

One song that Kroger did a cowrite with Default is Track 10 which is as I call them End Of Albums Gems and thats Faded. Wowzer’s what a ripping good track and the chorus is Friggin Gold and the lyrics are real good as well. Crank the video posted below!


Come to think of it I  bought all three of there Releases and the other two (One  Thing Remains and  Come And Goes)are decent as well.

The Fallout is one of those solid debut albums that if your looking just for some straight ahead Rock check this one out!

Lotsa of people out there in the Rock World have a problem with Nickleback. Why? I have no friggin idea. Too be fair to them I caught them when they showed up to Tbay plugging  there Long Road release and put on a decent show. I have not bought any of there recent stuff but whatever they still pack out  Arena’s ..I know Jompa digs em and no one bust his chops over it….well probably Ladano does….haha… 

Cheap Trick/Silver(2001)



Hip Hip Hooray! Cheap Trick back in 2001 were celebrating there 25th year in the Music Biz and what better way to acknowledge that feat than to release a 31 song Double Bubble(double album) recorded live in there hometown of Rockford Illinois!

A few month’s back I tossed Tricks Lap Of Luxury under the Bus but when it comes to live Trick this is where they excel!

Silver is the title of the album(geddit!) and the Cheap Tricks as in Robin Zander,Tom Petersson,Rick Nielsen & Bun E Carlos leave no musical stone unturned in there vast catalogue of Awesome Rock! 

Trick pulls out tracks from every single album! You want Hits Yep they are all here!

Check Out This Track List…..

Disc one
“Ain’t That A Shame”
“I Want You To Want Me”
“Oh, Candy”
“That 70’s Song”
“If You Want My Love”
“She’s Tight”
“Can’t Stop Fallin’ Into Love”
“Gonna Raise Hell”
“I Can’t Take It” (Acoustic)
“Take Me to the Top” (Acoustic)
“It All Comes Back to You” (Acoustic)
“Tonight It’s You” (Acoustic)
“Time Will Let You Know”
“World’s Greatest Lover”

Disc two
“The Flame”
“Stop This Game”
“Dream Police”
“I Know What I Want”
“Woke Up with a Monster”
“Never Had a Lot to Lose”
“You’re All Talk”
“I’m Losin’ You”
“Hard to Tell”
“Oh, Claire”
“Just Got Back”
“Day Tripper”
“Who D’King”


Kinda cool as some guest players drop in like former band member (bassist) Jon Brandt takes over on bass for the two tracks that are featured from the great One On One album(If You Want My Love and She’s Tight)

Slash riffs n rolls on Your All Talk! Billy Corgan jams Just Got Back while various members of the bands family show up and help out on various tracks.

Some of my faves are She’s Tight,Gonna Raise Hell (with Tom’s 12 string Hamer Bass distortin and locked in with Bun E on the drums). A boozed up late late night run in with the Dream Police, Hard To Tell is a great written piece of power pop from the classic self titled 1997 release Cheap Trick. Actually I could go on it’s all good even the two songs from the Lap Of Luxury album The Flame and Never Had A lot To Lose are a little more amped up (especially NHALTL).

What can you say about Robin Zander’s voice! Whether it’s 1976,1986,1996,2006 or 2016 Zander’s voice is still in top form and  he is easily one of my fav vocalists out there  no dip in quality whatsoever.

Tom Petersson and his 4,6 &12 string Hamer Basses holds down the fort sonically.

Bun E Carlos is a great rock drummer for this band and plays with a almost like Jazz Rock Swing kinda like Bill Ward on those 1970s Sabbath albums.

Rick Nielsen  wrote a ton of Cheap Trick songs and is a great rhythm guitar player who dabbles in leads. He’s one of the few dudes who write tunes to feature the singer(Zander) than to feature himself guitar wanking off during solo’s….

Check out Silver…..