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Sebastian Bach(Skids Into Tbay) With Deke,Tbone & Women In Tow!

Sebastian Bach/Jan 22 2010/ Thunder Bay Ontario/Roxys Nightclub

So ol Baz returns to Tbay after a 18 year absence! So of course myself and Tbone are in tow and with us are two very special guests! That would be our wives! In other words there the women I make reference to in the title of this blog! Settle down people this isn’t TMZ here!

Of course the place is packed out pretty much and when Sebastian and his hired helps(Bobby Jarzombek (drums)Nick Sterling(guitar),Rob DeLuca (bass) Johnny Chromatic (guitar) hit the stage opening with Back In The Saddle (Aerosmith classic watch the video posted!)) it’s apparent like these bands that I caught in arenas back in there day that when they play at Arena decibel levels in a club  it does not work!

(When Quiet Riot played the exact same place here in Tbay in 1999 they played so loud that mine and Tbones ears were ringing for hours after)

Second song in is Slave To The Grind and it’s played at break neck speed and here goes Baz which would be one of the first of many times hollering at the sound guy! Who’s at fault I dunno but turn the fuckin sound down! It’s so trebley that the poor bass dude (DeLuca)cannot be heard! All I hear is Bazs vocals trying to roar over the drums and guitars!

Never thought I would say this but I was glad to hear I Remember You just  to get a break of the sound with the intro being acoustic but make no mistake Baz and Band rock thru the Skid Row catalogue with Piece Of Me,18 and Life, and other helpers from the 3 albums that he recorded with Skid Row. No Mudkicker…Kick…that night though! Massive Bummer!

Course Sebastian was plugging his current release Angel Down which wasn’t a bad record I bought it off iTunes when I realized we would be going to this show! He played that tune American Metalhead which he christened it to Canadian Metalhead(of course!) all in all except for the sound which was god aweful on the ears it was a good show!

Tbone knew the guy who owned Roxy’s Nightclub and when we rolled into the parking lot the line was deep and it was freezing out so Tbone took control of the situation and called the owner direct and viola we went in a side door and I felt like King Of The  World or maybe it was Slave To The Grind! Anyways cool move T…..