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Tea Party/Live In Australia..Reformation Tour(2012)


Whoah! Them Tea Party Boys  sure know how to spread there musical chops now don’t they as a 3 piece ….

Jeff Burrows – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Stuart Chatwood – bass, keyboards, harmonium, mandolin, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Martin – guitar, acoustic guitar, theremin, esraj, oud, bowed guitar, lead vocals

Hell some of the instruments listed I have no idea but Wowzers pretty damn impressive for some Dudes From Toronto isn’t it?

So like a lot of bands The Tea Party had a real good run in Canada and Fellow Bloggers “Destroyer Of Harmony” home turf of Australia back in the 90’s into the 2000’s before the wheels came off and they shut down and went and did various projects.

It was over at Mikey’s site that he reviewed the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Edges Of  Twillight . Great read review as always and that got me thinking….over to iTunes I go!  Here’s link to Mikes site…

REVIEW: The Tea Party – The Edges of Twilight (20th anniversary deluxe edition)

But also like a lot of other bands The Tea Party ramped back up and hit the tour trail and once they got to Australia some live recording was on tap and here’s Live From Australia which I ended up purchasing  and Boom here it is…..

Here’s the track listing from the album……

Disc 1
No. Title Length
1. “The River” 9:30
2. “The Bazaar” 6:40
3. “Lullaby” 5:46
4. “Psychopomp” 6:50
5. “Correspondences” 8:18
6. “The Messenger” (Not on Vinyl Release) 5:05
7. “Fire in the Head” 5:14
8. “The Badger” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:42
9. “Shadows on the Mountainside” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:31
Disc 2
No. Title Length
1. “Sun Going Down” 11:13
2. “Halcyon Days” 7:20
3. “Save Me” 11:32
4. “Heaven Coming Down” (Not on Vinyl Release) 4:45
5. “Release” 6:17
6. “Temptation” 5:33
7. “Winter Solstice” (Not on Vinyl Release, Not listed on CD sleeve) 2:03
8. “Sister Awake” 8:22

Tea Party plays a rip roaring barrage of Huge Bombastic Rock with a musical Muscle of Swagger and why not as these 3 cats are talented! If ya got the chops show em off. Tea Party does that but it’s  not really showing off as there is no musical whack  off here. Just a lot of Fantastic Rock!

The River is a great opener and at over 9 minutes The River lays down all the crazy off musical trimmings and the boys take you all over the place. The chorus is Gold! Big Swooping Power Riffs from Martin as Chatwood and Stuart drive the rhythm machine in behind Martin! Love it!

Alot of the songs are built up this way and at times stripped down like The Messenger. Sun Goes Down I posted and at 11 minutes it gives you a real good taste of rock done different.

This album is basically a Greatest Hits album done Live Style! The only real knock I have on it is each song fades out but that may be due as these recordings were pulled from various locations in Australia.

Crazy that this album has been out for about 4 years and it just came on my radar a few months back and it was a no brainer to buy!

I suggest you do it as well…..

ZZ Top/La Futura(2012)


2012 and the big boys all released good albums that year! The Cult(Choice Of Weapon) Van Halen(A Different Kind Of Truth) KISS(Monster) Rush (Clockwork Angels) even my Fanboy band growing up Coney Hatch (Four) cranked an album out  to name but a few…

One album that I  preordered from iTunes that year was ZZ Top and there Rick Rubin produced  Sleazy Style Taco Of Rock that was titled La Futura.

Too be perfectly honest with you all out there I wasn’t expecting much from these guys as I fell by the wayside with there last few studio releases(I think the album titled XXX was my last actual purchase of the Tops) but took the chance and for $9.99 it was a chance worth taking..

By golly I’m glad I did! Holy Frigg …what a wicked slab of fuzz out distorted guitars,live sounding drums,pulsating Simple Simon bass lines,lead vocals that are greasy….

Welcome Back ZZ Top!

Cast Of Characters-Billy  Gibbons(Lead Vocals) Dusty Hill (Bass) and Frank Beard(drums)

Seriously dump some gas into the Eliminator and lets full throttle it to The Planet Of Woman! Yee Haw!

I Gosta Get Paid is a real good leadoff track! Billy G with his fuzzed/distorted guitar tone! Dusty showing up to jam on bass and Stache on the drums to fill out the sound. This track kicks a ZZ album off like it’s supposed to! Love the big ass power chords Gibbons drops throughout the chorus. Cool use of production by Rubin as I dig  how the drums sound mixed with a  ton of percussion! The video I posted is classic ZZ! Rockin Roberts my buddy will drool like a fool! Bottom line a ZZ classic!

From there the Mexican Burrito is sliced and diced sonically into the second track which is Chartreuse  which picks up some steam as Beard channels his best Bun E Carlos (Cheap Trick) and plays a quickie like tempo as Dusty tries to keep up and Billy as always takes the charge! This song sounds simple but man its friggin good! Dig the added percussion during Gibbons solo and even Beard gets in the mix with a smash a Roo with the cymbals at one point.

Consumption is a down n dirty heavy bass sounding tune and ZZ proves you can go real heavy at a slower clip as long as you got Gibbons who actually is a real good lead singer! Everyone talks about his guitar playing but not his singing! Part of the guitar solo Billy rips some slide and the drums are sounding heavy and it’s just ZZ stripped down to a 3 piece as the ZZ Synth must have been accidentally unplugged in the studio that day!

And like a few ZZ Top albums in years gone by a slower drip of Texas style Blues as its time for Over You. Pretty good tune and at this juncture of the album I’m good with it! Billy sings with ache in his voice as well as you can hear the pain in his playing! Wowzers getting deep here (Ha!)

Heartache In Blue picks up steam! Some nice jam out ZZ Rock with a ton of harmonica added to the sonics makes this tune a real great piece of Ear Candy. Love the ZZ Greasy Feelof this tune also along with Dusty providing some backing vocals! “Chang Chang…It’s Just A Thang” sings Billy and Yup couldn’t agree with you more there!

I Don’t Want To Lose Lose You is another great ZZ Rocker! Love the slick guitar tone by Professor Gibbons! The verses are rock solid as they lead right into the more rock solid pre chorus. Of course Billy/Dusty and Stache just keep the Tequila flowing and the amps cranked up!

So the first time I head Flyin High the opening riff is right out of the School Of AC/DC! What a killer track! Stache and his drums lay down a Phil Rudd like groove and man oh man Flyin High is that! Once the track rockets into the chorus it takes it to the land of Gold! How about I post the video track! If this is first time hearing it. Welcome aboard and crank this towards the end of the album Gem!

It’s Too Easy Mañana  This is another non jet fuelled ZZ song. Gibbons man the guy drips real cool on the 6 string.  Stache and the drums also play at real chill beat.

Big Shiny Nine! Great song and the boys lower the top down and play a straight ahead rock track. You want some fuzzed out rock guitar look no further. Beard/Hill and Gibbons lower the boom into the Greasy Sleazy ZZ Pit….

Have A Little Mercy gotta love the ZZ end of the album Greasey tune. This tune slips n slides as Billy and Dusty sing the album out. Love the sound of this album big time! it’s not overproduced and it’s not all glossed up the ying yang. ZZ sleazes off into the sunset with tequila and cactus in hand! Friggin Greeeeeeat!

Buy this…NUFF said!

The Cult/ Choice Of Weapon(2012)

The Cult pull out the stops on this ass kicker  album from 2012! Right away I dug the fact that Ian Astbury(Wolfchild/ Lead Vocalist) and Billy Duffy(The King Of Street Riffs / Guitar) totally stepped up and put out a classic Cult album! Once again the Cult never release the same album twice.

Choice Of Weapon(produced by Chris Goss and Bob Rock) though is a mish mash of all the Cult albums from Love (1985)thru to Born Into This(2007)  basically like if you dumped all the studio records into a blender Choice Of Weapon would be the end result!

The other thing is that this marks  The Cults first album ever where the same lineup recorded back to back albums! Hard to believe that Ian And Billy had that much of a rotating rhythm section album to album but they did but now they have a Continuity which i guess would be a new word for those guys!

WOWZERS….UPDATE….The Cult are releasing new music February 2016 with a album called Hidden City!  They got a new bass player so that ends the streak at 2 in regards to recording with the same lineup in the studio! Bob Rock is producing so this is Rock’s  5 th album with The Cult! New  Cult ..I’m there! Hail Wolfchild and Duffster! As my pal Space Ace would say “YAH YAH!”

In regards Hidden City it ends the trilogy started with a Born Into This and followed through with Choice Of Weapon….hmmmm gonna have to backtrack Into Born Into This….I Assasin from that disc  is a great track…..

Wolfchild,Duffy,Chris Wyse(bass) and John Tempesta(drums ) lay down the Hard Rock Law!

Now let’s trip back 3 years ……

Hell’s Kitchen D.M.C……

HONEY FROM A KNIFE- The Cult start off like they always do and that’s rockin! Duffy as always shows up with the riffs while Tempesta on the drums drives the song forward with some real driving beats! Ian shows up and the way his lyrics line up this song is the start of a kinda concept album here at Cult Central!  Cool use of piano during the verses with tambourine intact! “We Got The Drugs …..We Got The Drugs In Here!” chants the Gang like backing vocals! Once again The Cult show up with a killer album opener!  The middle part is the money shot where Ian and Billy toss the Ol hook in line  “where I’m drowning get me out of this place,” Great solo and  Ian and his Indian wild hearted self tosses down a end of the song classic  line “Kali,Fucked Up Childern!” Boom ..songs done!

ELEMENTAL LIGHT-think U2 if they had rock balls! That’s Elemental Light! Duffy gets some real chill like The Edge guitar  sounds and blasts off into another orbit. Here comes Johnny on the drums rolling those tom toms like some I know roll reefers! Great atmospheric piece and jeepers  its only track 2!

THE WOLF- The Wolf opens with big bombastic Cult Rock and befores you know the song changes tempos and how’s about some cowbell getting the shit smacked out of it by Tempesta and I dig the little Zep like synth sounds in the back during the verses! Do not be deceived by the bible and liars bellows Ian! Yah Yah! There are many in the world that will take advantage of you’s and that my friends is the message! There are a ton of Wolfs out there kids take shelter!

LIFE>DEATH- is a moody piece complete with piano and such and its a great tune. Astbury can dig himself out of the WolfChild persona but when duty calls…. Life>Death is a great tune and Duffy gets a real different sound out of his guitar….

FOR THE ANIMALS- The Cult come ripping out of the gate with the pedal pushed to the floor in regards to the music being produced, real cool use of percussion and as always there’s that catchy piano like Kiss’s  Christine Sixteen except the Cult speed up the piano by about 100 mphs. Duffy tosses down some cool riffage and there’s Astbury and listen to his voice as he once again tells us “For All The Fucked Up Childern….Starin Down The Barrel Of A Gun ” he sells the line ….Bam The Cult than tear it up! Crank the vid posted but you tube has edited the naughty words out! Fuck Censorship!

AMENESIA-This number is like a mashup of the Love album and Cermony! Duffy the genius starts with a super riff and the drums shift the tune into overdrive! Love the verse it’s a brilliant piece of written performed rock! Astbury throws it down vocally especially during the chorus! Kudos to Bob Rock for keeping a real laid back affair in the production dept! I guess Chris Goss should be commended as well!

WILDERNESS NOW-Ian and the boys slow it the hell down! Piano drives this tune! Great after dinner kind of melloishy tune as you know some crack lurks around the corner as his name is…..

LUCIFER- do not for a minute think this is some Motley Sixx “hey we’re gonna yammer on about the Devil” to move some copies of new product. Nope this Lucifer is about Crack and being high for the devil ..The running theme of helplessness continues in Lucifer! Hard to make choices when your messed up says Ian. Cool groove laid down by the fella’s in the band! Big time power chords angling all over the place from Duffy…..

A PALE HORSE-end of the album GEM! Total throwback tune! Love the bass,guitar,drums,Ian and his tambourine are locked n loaded and ready to whip the Pale Rider! This song oooozes cool! The bass from Wyse drives this tune! There’s something romantic on how Astbury phrases lines like when he sings “with a wave of my hand I will crusuuuuuush  your sweet skull!” Yeah that’s cool shit. Kudos to Bob Rock for keeping the production real live like! No bells and whistles just straight ahead good time rock n roll with a swift hard boot up the ass!  Super cool Duffy solo with Tempesta spinning the drums into submission …..great F’n track! Pale Horse according to my pal Space Ace is slang for Heroin! So there Ya go kids too much smack will crush Yer Skull!  Don’t believe me? Ask Ian and ask Space Ace!

THIS NIGHT IN THE CITY FOREVER-Ian is cruising the Subdivisions of your local neighbourhood pondering just what thee fudge is going on! Chill pace and vibe and Ian channels his inner Wolfchild and combines it with the Lizard King vocally. All of Ian’s friends are drunk in a sense of a flame! He said it not me…also of note Ian sings “toss your weapon to the ground!” I’m kinda wondering where all the fucked up Childern are?

EVERY MAN AND WOMAN IS A STAR-A great track! Duffy strums some real slick power chords and Astbury sings about there always being a light at the end of the tunnel and in this case your all stars! That’s right that’s Astbury Testament right there! Great song just a no nonsense Rock song with a positive message! Considering a lot of this album is about addiction Wolfchild kicks it in the ass and moves on! Fuck Yah Sez I!

EMBERS-5 minutes of serious Cult! This song builds musically and lifts off into areas that the Cult aren’t famous for!  Not a straight ahead rocker nor is it a pile of mush rock! Astbury grabs the reigns vocally and Duffy lays down some real good cool guitar.

UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US-Drums,guitars,bass and some cool distorted synth drive this track! Astbury during the verses sounds AHEM out there but he whips into neutral gear during the fabulous chorus! Astbury sings the chorus brilliantly while Duffy keeps pace on his guitar! Easily another Cult Classic!

SIBERIA-Gotta love distorted bass openings and Siberia does that ! Wyse plays on this album some real cool bass lines. Duffy adds a real cool atmospheric sound with his guitar. Duffy can play many styles and this album proves that! He is one talented cat! Siberia’s chorus is real goooood as Astbury sings it real good as well! Astbury as well he can sing man he’s got a distinct style. I mean no one can do the Yah Yahs …and Shake Shake Shake quite like Ian but the dude can belt a great tune and Siberia  he shows his vocal abilities! Did I just type that! Hahaha…..

IN CONCLUSION- The Cult storm back with a musical tsunami that takes us on a journey through  the streets of drug addiction and all the things that go with it! You know the deal,drugs,hookers,pimps,more drugs,needles,smack ,dead end streets,f*^ked up childern,loaded barrel of a gun! This is Cult Avenue Folks! Fasten your seat belt and get out of Dodge!

Choice Of Weapon is a fantastic concept  album and I lookie forward to Hidden City in Feb of 2016!


Gojira/L’Enfant Sauvage

So here’s part 1 for today surprised KMA guys!?? Never have done a back to back 2 for the price of 1 Blog post minutes apart!

KMA week started off with heavy(Metallica) dipped into BruceVille(Born In The USA) slid over to a late night watering tavern for drink n drugs(Rolling Stones) and to end it all with something  beyond Metaaaaaaaaal! (Gojira)

I don’t think I could end this week without going real heavy with Gojira! Ha….I know Aaron loves these guys as he has drooled over them on his site so it’s only fitting that we end KMA tribute week here at Arena Rock with a sledgehammer of musical heaviness over the noggin with a sound called Goirja!

I was first introduced to the sonics of Gojira at my buddy Metal Todds place at the tail end of summer (August 2013) Metal Todd cooked  up some bad ass  chicken wings and we chilled with some  cold beers and as per our protocol we talk music ALOT of music. He quickly dialed in through his home stereo system the heaviness of these guys,a kinda heaviness I had up to that point in my life had never heard! These guys off the bat have the musical chops of jacked up red bull power drink binge Metallica and the singing is crazy hardcore kinda lets say a ton of built up angst! Having said that these guys have a Solid loyal Fanbase of listeners from all walks of life!

One day sitting in my inbox was L’Enfant Sauvage(in French means Wild Child) a gift from Metal Todd he purchased me the album and sent it to me(Thank Ya Kind Sir!) and lemme tell you that its a fist full of heaviness…hahaha..to say the least!

Gojira features Joe Duplantier on vocals and guitar,Christian Andru on guitar,Jean Micheal Labadie on bass and Mario Duplantier on drums! Basically the bros In this band write the tunes….Ummm make that heavy tunes…..

Hot Summer Nights and ……Gojira?

Saddle up…..

EXPLOSIA- heavy drumming, heavy guitar and Joe says Go! By God I will! Joe is pissed and he lets us all know that! Having said this the music is so good but man this is hands down some of the heaviest music I have ever owned! My pal Metal Todd isn’t called Metal Todd for no reason! Half way through this track the music chills but Joe doesn’t he keeps raging and by golly I’m in a raging mood! The song though starts crazy heavy and chills by the end but it’s safe to say there’s gonna be no sap on this bad boy!

L’enfant SAUVAGE- this Mario cat plays some real mean heavy drums and the guitars swirl and twirl around the drums and boom here comes the chorus. Think  crazy ass heavy playing with a strobe light going off and fucking you up this is Gojira! Ha!

THE AXE- I think Lars Ulrich would have cardiac arrest if he had to play double bass drums this quick! Man this is sick! Joe and the boys play slow compared to the drums but man drums…you want drums come to Planet Gojira ! Where we we pummel your senses into the ground! The song clips into different time changes!

LIQUID FIRE-heavy guitars and Mario rides the cymbals hard like a hooker riding a politician! Liquid Fire is pretty chill compared to the first three tracks but man double bass drumming supreme. Liquid Fire has a real cool catchy chorus with Joe’s gruff scowl in between bouts of chill backing vocals!

THE WILD HEALER- is a snappy little happy 2 minute musical piece and than its to….

PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE- more heavy metal ha! The drums are just chaotic I didn’t think anybody could drum like this fast! The chorus goes mellow but toss is a few real heavy drum patterns and man like I said in my Metallica review on Monday Metallica makes me want to break things! Gorjia makes me wanna destroy things! This song shifts gears musically and at the end it totally chills out…..like a real chill….yeah No Shit!

MOUTH OF KALA- reminds me of  a Pink Floyd tune but after you give Nick Mason a swift hard kick in the ass to get moving behind those drums! F’in Heavy! Sonically it’s out there man….Joe trips out man big time and it’s a 6 minute Acid Sonic Trip Gojira style! Not so much the music but the vocals are kinda echoey.

THE GIFT OF GUILT- the guitars at the start sound like Maiden! (Woo hoo) and than after 2 minutes the Maiden comparison ends and Joe goes off the rails and man some real fast riffing with Joe saying Go! The song makes you move. Stand and Pay Attention and be prepared to have your  face driven into the wall!

PAIN IS THE MASTER- listen to the video posted! NUFF said!

BORN IN WINTER-kinda a real cool low chill Pickin vibe driving this song and it gets heavy during the chorus! This is my fav tune on here the guitar drums just go postal in the mid section of the tune! Holy shit a Gojira tune that doesn’t make me wanna destroy civilization as we know it ..and than the song ends!

THE FALL-i feel heavy coming on as the beginning sounds Sabbath like and than all bets are off and Mario loses his shit behind the kit and this bus is going off the cliff! The mix of the drums on this album are sooooo good! The vocals are eery trippy …..almost ALICE In Chain like and than Mario and Joe  dispel that theory in a millisecond!

THE EMPTINESS-machine fun like guitars drums blast this tune into orbit in a slow burn kinda way! The double bass drums are just sick! The sonics of this album are well produced!

MY LAST CREATION- man those Gojira guys must  sit around and watch Mario drum…this tune starts off and you can feel his playing is contained for all of 40 seconds than the double bass takes over and pummels what’s left of your brain. Gojira folks are the deal and they are fast tracking me to a hearing aid quicker than you can say ‘what!”

IN CONCLUSION-my cheese metal brain just about turned to mush hahaha listening to these guys and at age 47 this is a new kind of metal to me! It’s friggin heavy no doubt and I can honestly say after having close to 12,00o songs loaded on two iPods this is the heavy of the heavy here folks!

Gojira is great walking music in -30 winter Weather here in Tbay (Gorjia kicks your ass! Great walking at a speed clip music!)or when I’m on my mountain bike in the summer  and I’m feeling sluggish riding to work just cue up Gojira! Ha I will be there in seconds not minutes!

Yo yo this is the end of KMA Week hope Ya all dug it!

Now who wants to go on a Gojira listening spree?