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Little Caesar/Brutally Honest… Live From Holland(2016)


You got hand it to Little Caesar Folks!  Not only do they put out a warts n all  21 Song Double Live  album recorded in Holland but when I preorderd this bad boy on iTunes the cost of the album was $4.99!

Good on The Caesars for keeping the price real low and it seems to me they just want people to hear there brand of street rock. (A lot and I mean a lot of rock acts could take a page out  of L.C’s playbook and charge a little less for music)

Ron Young(vocals) who has been the leader of the band since I first came across there Bob Rock produced debut back in 1990 still has that real cool rock rasp that cuts across real good Live!

Actually the whole band that night is on fire! Tom Morris(drums) Fidel Paniagua(bass) Loren Molinare(guitar) and Joey Malone(guitar) These cats play like a Runaway Locomotive clipping at over 120mph on or off the tracks! Take your pick!

Pretty awesome that this album is as Ron says ‘Live’ I will and can tell you that the mix on this album is  superberb!  The guitars especially sound deadly! One guitar on the left side. The other guitar on the right side with vocals,drums and bass in the center! Crisp and Clean my friends….

If you have read my stuff for a while now in some of my other reviews you will have read that I  say you have  to respect a band nowadays as they take there craft seriously when they’re performing live especially when your 25 plus years into it. Little Caesar is another one of the bands like Helix  who are still doing  what there doing but taking the gig and the music serious! Full Kudos ….

The setlist has a real good flow to it beginning with Supersonic smashing  right into Rock N Roll State Of Mind. Hard Times is one of my favs from the debut! Driving verse’s catchy chorus with Ron singing ‘All They Want Is Cash’. The songs are real catchy and whats neat is the bass guitar drives a lot of these tunes underneath the ripping guitars and smashing drums. Down And Dirty has a old school AC/DC vibe with the guitars leading the charge and I also need to mention how good the backing vocals are as well. Remember  what I said earlier  about taking your craft seriously!

The Caesar Boys even toss in a little run of Cover Songs notably Chain Of Fools  is  real cool on how the guitars drive the song during the verses only to lay off at the chorus and Ron and the backing vocals take over. Classic comes to mind..Also the mashup of Every Picture Tells A Story/Happy works as well as L.C play these tunes like the originals but put there own spin of Street Rock on it.

2016 and  L.C are still at it and are currently on tour as I post this. What also must be noted is that Pharaoh is now playing bass with the Caesar. Pharaoh played bass with The  Four Horsemen back in the mid 90s along with Ron who was fronting The Horsemen as original singer Frank Starr was in coma(RIP) due to a motorcycle accident. For those that are wondering Yup I seen the Horsemen here when they levelled  the Inntowner(bar) to a rubble  and it’s been documented here at Stick it In Your Ear!

Anyhoo …..for some straight good Ol fashioned street rock n rollin check out Live From Holland!

01. Supersonic
02. Rock ’n’ Roll State of Mind
03. Hard Times
04. Hard Rock Hell
05. Tastes Good to Me
06. Down ’N’ Dirty
07. I Wish It Would Rain
08. American Dream
09. Real Rock Drive
10. Redemption
11. Prisoner of Love
12. Wrong Side of the Tracks
13. Crushed Velvet
14. Rum And Coke
15. Chain Of Fools
16. Every Picture Tells A Story/Happy
17. Dirty Water
18. Sick And Tired
19. Drive It Home
20. In Your Arms
21. Down to the Wire

Live 1977 & 1979/ Bad Company (2016)

Sure there are a ton of what we would call Classic Rock Bands but one of these acts that would be at the top would have to be Bad Company.

For those keeping score at home there are two versions of Bad Company. The 70’s into the early 80’s Bad Company featuring vocalist Paul Rodgers and then their was the mid 80’s to early 90’s version of the band that featured singer Brian Howe who replaced Rodgers.

The noticeable difference was the 70s version was Bad Company was just that..Bad Fuckin Ass while the Howe driven Bad Company was a watered down light version so to speak with its eye on the North American Market. Nuthin But Trouble a 1992 release was pretty good with a real decent single in How About That.  This version was Bad Company Lite. Not bad,but…..

About a month or so ago Fellow  Blog Buddy HMO posted on his site under Upcoming Releases this live double live album recorded at two different shows on Bad Companys 1977 and 1979 World Tours. I was hooked…..

WOWZERS! Here’s Bad Company how you oughta hear them! Live and back in the day when they roamed the Arenas throughout the world in their own personal jet( they were that big folks) as well as being on Led Zeps Swan Song Label! Good Company they kept!

Paul Rodgers(vocals) Boz Burrell(bass, RIP) Simon Kirke(drums) and Mick Ralphs(guitars) are Bad Company!
CD 1
1. Burnin’ Sky (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
2. Too Bad (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
3. Ready For Love (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
4. Heartbeat (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
5. Morning Sun (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
6. Man Needs Woman (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
7. Leaving You (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
8. Shooting Star (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
9. Simple Man (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
10. Movin’ On (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
11. Like Water (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
12. i. Live For The Music (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
13. ii. Drum Solo (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
14. Good Lovin’ Gone Bad (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)
15. Feel Like Makin’ Love (Live at The Summit, Houston, Texas – 23rd May 1977)

CD 2
1. Bad Company (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
2. Gone, Gone, Gone (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
3. Shooting Star (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
4. Rhythm Machine (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
5. Oh, Atlanta (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
6. She Brings Me Love (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
7. Run With The Pack (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
8. i. Evil Wind (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
9. ii. Drum Solo (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
10. Honey Child (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
11. Rock Steady (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
12. Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
13. Hey Joe (Live at Capitol Center, Washington, DC 26th June 1979)
14. Feel Like Makin’ Love (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)
15. Can’t Get Enough (Live at The Empire Pool, Wembley, London – 9th March 1979)

Hows that for Live Product?! 30 tracks and not to many double up’s! Course there’s a few between the two it can’t be avoided but its Rodgers voice man…I Can’t Get Enough of it….Ha! That was a brutal tie in but my Blog my Rules!

This Double Bubble live release just came out on April 29th 2016 and it’s amazing that these two shows were sitting around  in vaults for many years! Not anymore!

Upon a couple of listens on the iPod it’s all good but i will tell you that its great to hear an actual band as a 4 piece play it on how it was heard that night. The mix of the audio considering close to 40 years has passed is awesome and one thing that is noticeable along with Rodgers lead vocals are the backing vocals. This is top-notch stuff Folks!( Have i ever steered you fine readers wrong?)

Even at each show it lists drum solos. I can tell you that they are short so it’s no biggie. My deal is if your name is not Neil Peart,Alex Van Halen,Cozy Powell(RIP),John Bonham (RIP)you should  not be doing drum solos! Period!

Standouts for me are Good Lovin Gone Bad,Feel Like Making Love( great drumming by Kirke playing a cool relaxed vibe) Rock N Roll Fantasy(a great track with an even greater opening line of ” Here comes the Jesters 1,2,3)  and tucked away at the end of disc 2 is a real awesome cover of Hendrix’s Hey Joe…This is just the tip of the B.C Iceberg…..I must also mention that no one ever talks about Rodgers lyrics of course they talk about his voice but you want to talk about classic songwriting check out the lyrics to Shooting Star and the tune Bad Company……

Sure you can call these talented cats Classic Rock…for me they’re  Super Group! The songs,performance,vocals its all here!

Buy It Friends!

The Temperance Movement/White Bear(2016)

Well a few weeks ago when I reviewed Monster Trucks super duper awesome Sittin Heavy album I mentioned that I could count on one hand how many new bands that I like. Well now we can add The Temperance Movement to that list.

When I first heard that Monster Truck were coming to Tbay fellow blogger ‘Bop’ fully endorsed these guys he said not to miss Temperance so when showtime rolled around back on March 5 of this year I was wondering what kind of band myself and my best friend Tbone would see.

The first thing I did when I headed into the University Pub (where the show was being held at )was head to the merchandise table to grab a Monster Truck T Shirt! While browsing I noticed their was Temperance Movement Cds for sale. Their self titled debut and White Bear. First thing I did was grab two copies of White Bear(one was for Tbone) as they were $10 each! Score! Impressive was the fact that I bought before I listened.  The Temperance Fella’s did not disappoint Live so it was money well spent! Me and Tbone were blown away by the performance these guys put on. They rocked n rolled in an old school kinda garagey Rock way!

Now it’s time to listen to the audio side of things here……

Phil Campbell(vocals) Paul Sayer(guitar) Nick Fyffe(bass) Damon Johnson(drums) and Luke Potashnick (guitar)

If we’re keeping score here. Luke Potashnick quit shortly after the recording and was replaced by Matt Whyte.

Three Bulliets so this being the opening track on the album it was also the opening song at there show here in Tbay! When the boys hit the opening few bars of Three Bulliets I turned around and said to Tbone “Holy Shit its Good Times Bad Times by Zep!” When I played the Cd the next day Nope it’s not the Zep Classic as the start is in a different key. Fooled! Once the first few bars are launched the boys go into Garage like rock 101! It’s a different sound, not overproduced and Phil Campbell sounding like a mix of Chris Robinson(Black Crowes) and Rod Stewart(70s Stewart not 80s commercial tinged Stewart). This tune is a great leadoff track with Damon on the drums propelling the ship. The prechorus is real good,total ear candy and it ramps right up!

From there we’re Into Track 2 which is  Get Yourself  Free This song is a blend of some real off time like chord changes added with some real cool slide guitar by Luke and Paul and as Phil hollers “Got To Get Yourself Free!” By golly some one just slammed a real cool power chord in there as well! Think later day Black Crowes! I don’t want to always compare  these guys to them but it’s just to give you the reader a bit of what I’m going on about!

A Pleasant Piece I Feel is a moody like piece that builds into a full-out rock attack complete with Phil singing a real good vocal with big epic like sounding chorus with Damon like all good rock drummers do and that’s driving the song forward.

One of my favs from this album is Modern Massacre and this song just ripped live and it does as well in the studio as Damon playing that kick pedal and Phil singing like his throat is gonna blow! The chorus ramps up and the song drives towards the end with some real slick guitar leads and Phil and the boys take it out on whatever and smash …done! Crank The Video…

Battle Lines are drawn and this was another song that was played here in Tbay and  you want to talk about a cool groove. The verses are the band keeping themselves in check until the chorus where they tear it up and who knew Phil was a “Gangster” I dunno about you s but i didn’t. Nice play out at the end with some neat little bass runs done by Nick.

White Bear is a real chill track with some neat guitar picking and at the chorus Damon and Nick lock horns and man wait till you get to the solo tons of fuzzed out feedback guitar like rock and back into some real nice slide work and a fantastic vocal by Phil and back to some real chill like drumming that takes the tune out!

When these boys were cruising Canada they ended up playing Oh Lorraine on our cross-country news program Canada Am at 9am! Good to see some rock waking up people! Oh Lorraine features some real cool guitaring  and some nifty bass work as well. Poor yourself a coffee  and listen to Oh Lorraine and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Maginfy has a ton of real cool rock trappings in it! Nice driving shuffle by the drums and some real tasty guitar picking by Paul and Luke. Catchy chorus with a Stones like vibe wobbling about!

What a title here The Sun And The Moon Roll Around Too Soon. You know my deal when I get blown away by the end of the album tracks. This is one of them. Nice interplay between guitar and lead vocal and it has that deep delta like swamp rock and then BAM into the chorus back to the chill like beginning and BAM Part Deux of super cool build up into the pre chorus into the chorus with some trippy lead guitar work and Phil lays down the money shot vocal! I Say F’in A! Crank the Video Posted…do it! Please in a nice Canadian Way!

I Hope I’m Not Losing My Mind ends the album on a somber like song. Slow like melancholy with some nice music behind Phils pain as  it sounds like a bit of a choir behind him trying to keep him from losing his mind.

What a great rock album! The Temperance guys tell you all that its ok that they can find other ways to rock and make it work! Great band catch em and buy their music!

Black Sabbath/The End -Tour Edition (2016)

When Sabbath announced  The End Tour it’s going to be The End for Sabbath. One of the coolest ideas that became a reality was the fact that Sabbath was gonna release a 8 song EP to coincide with the tour and it was going to be sold only  at the shows in physical copy! That means no ITunes for me! Not available in the stores or anywhere only at the shows! That’s it!

The End Tour began in Omaha Nebraska and the posts on FaceCrack by people attending the show wasn’t about the show itself but the fact that there was no CD copies of The End for sale! Who cares that Ozzy and company just blazed your sleepy city with 100 minutes of pulsating Doom but more like “Where’s The Discs?” Hahahaha….

Now you could say I’m being brutal here but hey folks I flew out to Vancouver from Thunder Bay(3,025 Km or 1,880 Miles)  to see this show and it got postponed (Ozzy pulled the chute due to Sinusitis or whatever)  so not only did I not get the CD I got zip! Hahaha..still had a great time in VanCity you all know that but yeah I would have traded the CDs in for a Sabbath show that night! Be careful what you wish for!

After the Omaha show Chicago was the second date on The End Tour and there were CD’s for sale going for $30 U.S a pop at the show. One guy being the entrepreneur bought some copies took pics of them at the show and dumped them on eBay and they sold quick. Something like over $200 U.S a copy! Holy Crap!

Aaron at the KMA has very graciously shared this EP with me and for one thing there calling it a EP that clocks in at almost 50 minutes for 8 songs! Man,that’s like two full length  old school Roth  Halen albums combined!

So the album  titled simply THE END-Tour Edition is split into 4 Studio Songs(songs written around the mighty 13 album sessions) and 4 Live Songs(1 recorded in Australia,1 recorded in New Zealand and 2 Songs from fellow blogger ‘Bop’s’ backyard of Hamilton Ontario from 2013)

Cast Of Characters-Ozzy Osbourne,Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler

Must mention that the 4 studio tracks the drummer that appears on them is Brad Wilk!

Tommy Clufetos does the drumming on the 4 Live tracks!

The first studio track SEASON OF THE DEAD begins with that slow Sab crawl off timing a Tinge Of Doom added to start the proceedings. Ozzy starts and its Ozzy folks no one sounds like this guy. Say what you want about his singing but when you hear him you know its him! His voice is tailor-made for this vibe and Season Of The Dead is a 8 minute stomp! Super Duper cool drumming by Wilk as well as Geezers bass tone is dope sick good! Tony as always thunders his riffs through his Laney cabinets and Rick Rubin (producer) makes it sound ohhhh soooo good!

Followed by CRY ALL NIGHT which stomps out of the gate and picks up steam as Iommi punches the gas on a wah pedal and Cry All Night is a straight ahead Sab punch to the throat rocker! Real glad that Ozzy and company have made this music available! Well kinda…

TAKE ME HOME starts off with a loud thud times 4 as bass/drums and guitars are locked tightly together. Ozzy sings a great tune and Geezer’s Bass is jacked as the bottom end rumblings of the mans Bass is friggin huge! Take Me Home is a well written song and kudos to these guys especially as Iommi tosses down a classical guitar like solo with Geezer and Brad Wilk keep the proceedings moving along nice thank you very much!

Rounding off the studio tracks is ISOLATED MAN. Brad Wilk man! What can you say about this guys drumming? This track especially when Tony goes into his solo and Geezer and Wilk are left to their own devices and its such a great groove they lay under Iommi! Geezers bass just rumbles underneath Wilks rolls and cymbal smashing. Ozzy with his double tracked voice one sounding sinister.one sounding like Ozzy(ha) is great for this track! great fuggin song! That rhythm jam out between Iommi/Butler/Wilk is Sonic Gold!

Kinda weird that these might be the last 4 Sabbath Studio Tracks Ever! I would say yeah they probably are due to the fact with 13 going Number 1 in many countries how could they top that after 45 years? Exactly you can’t…

If this is indeed The End what a ripping good way to end your studio career! Bravo Sabbath!

Now onto the Live Goodies….

GOD IS DEAD recorded live in Sydney Australia in 2013 just starts and chills out the crowd sleepy satanic like power that puts the listener into the Sab abyss and you are not getting out! God Is Dead is a rocker and for the first 5 minutes its just that Sab Sludge which we all love until Ozz hollers Jump and BOOM the Sabbs kick into overdrive with Tommy smashing  cymbals,Geezer running his fingers all over the bass and Tony flinging lightening bolts of riffs and boom Ozzy’ s back to telling us all that God Is Dead!

How about an old school 70s throwback to UNDER THE SUN From Auckland New Zealand. Under The Sun is a great song and its out of the classic  Sab catalogue! By that I  mean it starts off one way-Chill and ramps up and I gotta say what a great Fackin drummer Clufetos is! He takes this song and drives it forward man. Who cares if he’s playing Bill Wards parts. Tommy though is like the engine room of Sabbath and you think Geezer and Tony would stand for a sub par drummer? Mmmmm not happening! Added bonus is the real cool guitar feed backing live..I love that shit. Under The Sun is one of those great songs has many tempo changes and some awesome playing and even Ozz lays down a real good  vocal live. Seriously! Kinda make you want to stomp around kinda like doing a Doom Like Jig!

I gotta say this version of END OF BEGINNING from Hamilton Ontario is a complete monster of a performance! It’s Sabbath heavy with a sonic assault to the head. So it starts with a creepy vibe but as the song chugs along it picks up and shifts into that Doom Gear and man when Ozzy hollers ‘Jump’ and the boys behind  him launch into that Sabbath rocket this song just goes into another stratosphere. Iommi plays a blistering solo here and I love how he shifts to a melodic tone as Oz sings the ‘its alright,its ok’ line. What a friggin great tune! Posted the actual you tube video of this song recorded that night in Hamilton that is on the cd and I tell you what they did not doctor this bad boy up in the studio.Kudos to the person that filmed this as he focuses on Ozzy when he’s singing,Bulter riffing like a lunatic on his bass,Iommi during his solos and Tommy mashing about on his drums! Well done!

 So the last track live is once again from Hamilton and there’s Ozzy thanking  the crowd for “putting 13 at #1 in Canada!” Ozzy starts chirping “Cuckoo” a few times to the  crowd before the Sabs launch into Age Of Reason. With all Sabbath songs a certain per cent has to have a bunch of doom,plodding riffs. Tommy starts the song off and Geezer and Tony on cue sludge it forward even at the centre of the song it has the big epic keys like synth pushing and adding atmosphere to the party. Love how the song ramps up and chills the Frigg  back down! These guys are Masters Of Reality. Ozzy telling the crowd he loves them and Iommi just solos into his own Blizzard Of Sabbathness! Pure Genius!

This album is a worthwhile score if you come across it at one of there shows!



Rival Sons/Hollow Bones.Pt 1(2016)

Yeah Man! Hollow Bones Pt 1 is the lead off single and  lead album track from the forthcoming album titled ….drumroll please….HOLLOW BONES due to be released June 10 2016! I’m stoked and ready for it as it was a no brainer when this album went on preorder on iTunes it was a quick click! Hollow Bones Pt 1 was sent to my iPod stat as a result and it was a quick listen as I don’t to often listen to the preorder songs that are released at the time as I prefer to hear the album as a whole upon first listen. Sometimes there are exceptions and The Sons are the exception!

Scott Holiday(guitar) Jay Buchanan(vocals) Dave Beste(bass) and Micheal Miley (drums) lay down some serious Rock! Lemme explain!

Hollow Bones Pt 1 just blitzes out of the gates with drums and cymbals smashing along with some serious bass action! Think a thrashy version of The Who’s  Keith Moon(RIP) and John Entwistle(RIP) just rippin it up!. Along for the ride though is Master Of The Distorted Rock Guitar Mr Scott Holiday who friggin doesn’t strum the guitar he fucking assaults the guitar like a Sonic SledgeHammer and smashing brian cells along the way! Lead Vocalist Jay B delivers through all this crazy riff rock his smooth power rock voice and rolls it up and shoots it up all under 3  minutes!

Cool thing is track 9 is Hollow Bones Pt 2 …..my prediction is they go chill with Part 2… What do you as my friends think?

Wowzers! These guys are Beasts!

Just so all of you don’t think I’m talking out of my arse I posted the video sooooo Crank It! Better Yet….Order It!

Hurry up June 10th!

Evilyn Strange/Evilution(2016)

Evilyn Strange are a three-piece  band out of Europe that are making some noise over on this side of the pond by releasing a 5 song E.P that I purchased for $2.99 on iTunes! Seriously where else nowadays can you buy anything for cheap? Yeah exactly, not to many places that’s for sure!

Evilyn Strange consist of Phillip Strange(vocals), Mikael Johannesson(guitars and bass) and The Ghost(drums). Ummm maybe The Ghost is real or maybe he’s a Ghost player? Ha! Good on them for monkeying around as the promo pics of the band just  feature Phillip and Mikael! Hmmmmm…

Anyway’s it’s the music that matters! Let The Music Do The Talking!

The songs that make up Evilution are European/Hard Rock and shall we take a gander at said product!!

By the way check out Mike’s site and Aaron’s site as well as they have reviewed this EP as well! That’s right folks a triple header!

LET IT RAIN-Slamming double bass drums lead the charge forward and thing is that Phillips vocals to me come across as a pre 1987 David Coverdale type vibe mixed with a shot of Fin’s vocals. Fin?? Whose that Deke?  Well readers, Fin was the lead singer of Waysted back in the day and for further listening check out Waysted’s Vices and maybe it’s just me but I hear some of Ol Fin in the singing at certain times throughout. The verse along with the chorus are catchy and I dig how Phillip drops like  an octave and just says “Let It Rain” and then Mikael takes off with a rip n roar solo! Parts John Norum,parts Micheal Schenker and the fella can play but he solos with style not doing all the dippy doodle burn the fretboard spiel that Yngwie J is known for! Great start!

INVISIBLE MAN-Wowzers this is a great track. It builds up think later day Europe like sounding albums (War Of The Worlds) that’s the Invisible Man! Dig the chorus and the solo. Give this song a listen as its posted! I won’t say no more just listen with your ears!

STORM CLOUDS-Some way over the top drumming leads off Storm Clouds. Think PainKiller on speed by Judas Priest. To be quite frank with everyone this song is a little to over the top for me. Fast, faster drumming tons of guitaring albeit very impressive but it’s just not my deal. For others though I’m sure it is!

NEVER-Never would have been one of the better tracks off of Whitesnakes Slip Of The Tongue album. Easily could have fit on side two right after Slow Poke Music! Never stomps along at a post Coverdale late night party bash after the booze and party treats are consumed up. Mikael nails down a decent sweep on the six string. The guy has some decent chops in his  catalogue of riffs!

STAY-A good well written track that ends the EP on a slower pace and one that to be honest I wasn’t expecting! Well played boys. You fooled  this Old Goat! Nice lead vocal by Phillip and a decent attempt at covering more musical bases than just four on the floor riff rock.

FINAL YAMMER-Considering this is a new band its a pretty good crack at Ol school hard Rock with an updated modern-day sound. Give these a guys a spin on iTunes I mean for $2.99 for 5 tracks buy some new music and support these guys.


Monster Truck /Sittin Heavy(2016)

I can count on one hand how many new bands that can come across my musical radar now that I actually dig(AlterBridge and Rival Sons would be two). For me I always go back to the classics. I think someone somewhere said I was musically frozen in the 80s! Haha…Fair Point and in a musical sense  yeah for the most part.

Monster Truck hailing from fellow blog reader “Bop’s” backyard of Hamilton Ontario are one of those new acts that with their second full length release Sittin Heavy have kicked my ass with a Furiousity (Ha!) so swift that I can’t believe how friggin good this album is….

Jon Harvey(Lead Vocals and Bass) Jeremy Widerman(Guitar) Brandon Bliss(Keys) and Steve Kiely(Drums) lay down a Sonic Boom that wallops you outside the head with some good old-fashioned Hard Rock!

The Truck fuses to my ears that is  the classic hard rock sounds of the 70s. The Truck skip all the fancy trimmings and trappings of the 80s and take hold of the sonics of the early 90s and there you have it!  A sound that is all their own and one that is loud!

Monster Truck say Don’t Fuck With The Truck…I say ‘Yep!’

WHY ARE YOU NOT ROCKING?-“Allright! Good To Go!” is said  by perhaps Jon and The Truck blast right out of the gate with Steve on the drums setting the table with a 4 on the floor stomper with Jeremy blasting quick shot of guitar riffs between verse’s. Jon delivers a great gruff rock vocal and slams his bass in overdrive while Brandon knows his place with his keyboard! He adds to the sonic boot camp known as Monster Truck! Love this tune! It’s fast it’s furious and it leaves you wanting more!

DONT TELL ME HOW TO LIVE-Truck delivers a real good hard rock single! This tune delivers the goods great verse a little on the tough rock side but by the chorus Jon sings a real smooth chorus. Love the mix and production courtesy of Eric Ratz. The band knows it’s place when writing these kind of radio rock tunes. Keep an eye and ear on keeping things nice and clean but toss in some loud drums and a fuzz guitar to not lose the street cred! Well done boys!

SHE’S A WITCH-Think Black Sabbaths After Forever during the verse’s. Man the guitar riff is so good! Top notch and this is jam 101 at Monster Truck Central! This song just flat-out rocks and also features a real good lead vocal! The song builds up and up and is so good seriously this album is ridiculously awesome!

FOR THE PEOPLE -This currently is my favourite track! We all know that these cats can play but man listen to the harmonies on this tune as I posted the video to it! It’s a good time feel good number! Kick Evil in the Ass and rise up people! This song just grooves with a real cool guitar work courtesy of Jeremy and special guest Ian Thornley(snappy slide guitar). All of the Truck guys can sing and man oh man they all look like brawlers but the Truck can kick your arse in different ways than just fists!

BLACK FOREST-Some nice Keyboard work by Brandon and Black Forest is a chill out track but thanks for some cool fuzz out heavy action guitar this makes the song far from wimping out! Nice build up from the verses Into the chorus.

ANOTHER MANS SHOES-Man this tune reminds me of like your were to take Deep Purples Perfect Strangers album and shoot it with a syringe full of steroids and boom here’s Another Man’s Shoes. The drums laid down by Steve sound like Steve Gorman slamming his drums on the second Black Crowes studio album ‘Southern Harmony”. These boys can chill out in Black Forest but ramp up things in a huge sonic boom like explosion in Another Man’s Shoes!

THINGS GET BETTER-Real cool piano begins this tune and leads the charge with a quick tempo. Monster Truck lead the charge with a lot of positive lyrics on this song and For The People. Love the chorus! Tempo change and they in the process keep the Truck on the road!

THE ENFORCER-Listen to that goal siren wail and The Enforcer will smash your teeth in! Honestly this is as close to Canadian on here as it gets. The lyrics tell the tale of the a fighter. Broken noses,missing teeth it’s all here. The song grooves with a ferocity that rocks with a bunch of ear candy like “Whoah Whoahs” sung and some stinging guitar work by Jeremy during the verses leads the way. Great song and makes me wanna break things. Hahaha….no not really I’m just trying to be tough!

TO THE FLAME-Is a big fuzzed up rock track and as Jon sings “There’s no way Outta here!” This tune is a late night after hours jam out tune! Big sonics rock this track! Heavy Jon Lord Like keys! Scott Holiday like fuzzed up loud guitar. Heavy Devy Drums and a knarly like lead vocal. People this is heavy rock delivered with style and flair

NEW SOUL-4 on the floor stomper! More straight ahead Truck stop rock and it drives a nice quick speed. Rock n Roll at its simple best. Just a great rock track with a heavy fuzzed up like rock shuffle. New Soul rocks….

ENJOY THE TIME-Brandon plays a real slick keyboard pattern on this tune and it totally reminds me of Paul Raymond of UFO fame style and there’s the 70s influence showing and the beginning of this song with Jeremy on guitar which is total Paul Chapman UFO not Schenker UFO. But that’s where the comparison ends. “Enjoy The Time We Had Friends Together” sings Jon and for all the rock that this  guy sings on this album he can chill out and take a breather. Nice end of the album wrap up and this album is so good just push repeat and play the damn thing again!

FINAL YAMMER- I preordered this back in early December(2015) and iTunes dropped down three songs quick from this album but I didn’t want to hear them until I got the other 8 songs as I want to hear it as whole, not as a single hear a single their kind of deal.

Man this album cooks and I’m totally blown away by it. I was expecting a pretty good album but what I heard was a frigging Awesome album that fuses all things of Rock that I likey!

Monster Truck blend a ton of influence’s but still keeping an ear to the ground and forging a sound of their own! That’s the best thing I can say about them …..

Must thank Bop as well for the info on the Ian Thornley guest appearance as ITunes did not drop down the digital booklet (Meh) with this release.

Look forward to checking out this killer band here in Tbay tomorrow night!

Live Review will be coming up shortly!




The Cult/Hidden City(2016)


Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy along with producer Bob Rock(who has produced 5 Cult albums) have once again  changed up the culture and landscape that is The Cults sound!

No two Cult albums sound a like. Starting with 1985s trippy ‘Love’ album followed by one of my all time favourite Rippin n Snortin street albums 1987s ‘Electric’ (Wolf Hat Included). The Cult early on decided to go down different avenues per release! While some fans may like some albums more than others you can’t deny the fact that The Cult just keep trucking along!

This is a total headphones album! Listen to it and hear Duffys Rhythm guitar work. We all know he can play the leads but man his rhythm playing here is top-notch!

One of the few bands you won’t find me doing any “Filler” reviews on!

2016 and along with Ian (Vocals) Billy(King Of Cult Guitar Riffs) John Tempesta (Drums) are joined by new bass guy Chris Chaney.(Bob Rock even plays bass on a few tracks as well) I almost forgot there’s a ton of tambourine on this album! Giddy Up!

Yah Yuh!

DARK ENERGY-The Cult rock right out of the gate with the drums,bass and guitar leading the charge. It takes all of 20 seconds to hear that Bob Rock is letting The Cult loose sonically  and keeping the sound a little more raw John drives this song with his shuffle and groove on the drums. Billy plays a garage like sounding guitar that fuses well with Rocks mix. Ian struts the vocal and delivers a real good leadoff track. Cue up Wolfchild slamming the tambourine in the background! Yah Yah!

NO LOVE LOST-John lays down tribal like drum patterns and along with the bass this leads  into Astbury County and Ian here I will tell you all right now that this is some of Ian’s best singing ever on a Cult album. His voice still has that raunch but the way Rock mixed his vocals it sounds total live like!

DANCE THE NIGHT-Cult like single action here. Why not they deserve it. The chorus harkens back to yesteryear for the Cult with a real catchy chorus “Dance The Night …On The Boulevard” Smooth as silk. Great tune!

IN BLOOD-Duffy plays a real cool swagger of rock riff here. It’s got a real chill vibe and Ian sings about seduction and the opening line sets the tone “I Fell In A Bathroom Stall,5Am On A Tiled Floor,Twisted Night,The Hooker Smiles,When Does It End,When Will It End” the song builds up into a fantastic pre chorus into the chorus and Billy throws down a real short yet so catchy guitar solo! The guy is so friggin good!

BIRDS OF PARADISE-slow tempo  that features the keyboards driving  the song along with Billy’s guitar. This album features a ton of keyboard induced sonics! I’m totally ok with it as The Cult  know how to do it right! They use the keys to enhance their sound and tread lightly  not to override Master Duffys a Guitar Hero-ness! B.O.P is a great slick track a different vibe and let me put it this way to you all Cult fanatics! There is no Peace Dog in sight! In its place is a grown up Cult, a wiser Ian but please dude I could always go for a great rip n roar of the tambourine of Peace Dog! In other words The  Cult have grown up! I have not! Ha!

HINTERLAND-Wowzers this is a classic track! Gotta love the fuzzy bass that opens this track and what an awesome smack a roo of percussion throughout this track! It’s solid Cult and man this album is just blowing me away. Just a few months ago I had no idea there was a Cult album finished and  now a monster is unleashed! Astbury on this album lays down some real good vocals while Duffy keeps his solos short and simple and they are so good! He’s the King Of Riffs N Rolls! Destroy The Destroyer! Ok kids watch the video posted!

G O A T-Greatest Of All Time! Yep! The opening riff is right off the Electric album and before to long John(drummer) lays down the groove to the tune.  Duffy is in full solo jam mode(this song had to have been constructed from jams!) Not too fast of a pace but still a decent kick. This song is total Jammin Cult! WolfChild hollers “Greatest Of All Time ” during the chorus while John smashes the cymbals hard! Awesome tune! Love the throwback sound on this one! Greatest Of All Time Indeed!

DEEPLY ORDERED CHAOS- This song is Zep tinged with short blasts of synths and it carries the song through as Ian goes about almost on the unrest and violence  in some European countries! Well that’s how I hear it anyways! It’s a good song and shows that even though all Cult Songs can’t be like off the rails hard rock like the Electric album it’s ok as Ian N Billy are in there early 50s they can still kick your ass in a chill kind of way! That’s saying something!

AVALANCHE OF LIGHT-Whoah! This song is just plain brilliant! This song needs to be heard and if The Cult don’t release this as a single they need to hire me as there P.R Guy! Avalanche Of Light is a GEM! Love the rhythm guitar crunch on the left side while the on the right side it’s almost lead like guitar that goes on for the length of the song. The beginnings of this song lead you to believe that the song may go one way but it goes into another gear and it just does not get better than this! Cult Rock 2016 is alive and well friends!

LILIES-Piano and some slick John drumming propel this song into another kind of tempo. Not what you would expect from the Cult! I posted on FaceCrack a pic of the album and said “Don’t expect the expected!” This track is one of them!

HEATHENS-Cult Rock kicking you hard up the arse! Just as you may thought Ian and Billy were gonna slow down…Nope they crank up there Marshall amps and let loose with a real rock of a track! Dirty Heathens….Dirty Heathens bellows Wolfchild adding on the way out of the door “Hard Rain A Fall” yup that just about sums it up!

SOUND AND FURY-By the title you would think this was gonna be an end of the album Cult Stomper! Nope it is not! It’s got piano a lot of it and Ian holds up his end and delivers a real smooth like vocal. Even though it’s piano driven you gotta hand it to the Wolfchild when he chirps “Killing Floor” at the start of the track! Yup Ian may be Chillin but he will still kick your ass with his vocabulary even though sometimes I have no idea what he’s going on about!

FINAL YAMMER-When I first read back last November that The Cult was releasing a new studio album Hidden City I was like ????? How and when did the Cult record an album and keep a lid on it? Impressive for the fact that in this day and age guys like Mike Ladano did not even know until I told him! So there Ya go!

Ian,Billy,John,Chris and Bob Rock step up on what is an even better album than Choice Of Weapon and it proves that without a doubt Cult Rock is alive and well in 2016!

Thanks Cult for stepping up and delivering a full 12 song album meal deal!

Fuckin Love These Guys!