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Headstones/Little Army (2017)

So Hugh Dillon and his bunch of Honchos. That being Trent Carr/Tim White and some new hombres Steve Carr / Rick VanDyk and one who goes by the name of  Lyle have pumped out a new 12 Song Album that these guys are calling Little Army. 

Judging by the cover they look like an army of Old Dude Misfits but these ‘Stones still have a enough juice in the tank to Kick Yo Ass!

Just 4 years ago Headstones released the excellent Love & Fury album that even dented into my Top 5 listening for the year 2013 over at Ladano HQ’s! Yeah man it was that good!

So here we are in 2017 at the halfway point of the year and this is a new band(kinda) with a new sound (kinda) and whats for certain is Hugh is still pissed(definitely,not kinda) …. well read on….

So for the first time in Headstones history a second guitarist and a keyboardist are added and to be totally honest with all of you’s out there I kinda(ha) hemmed and hawed about this as that is the one thing I always dug about these guys as they were just a ripping good time 4 piece in your face with a hard smack of Hugh’s right hand smacking you across the side of your noggin attitude thingy…

And now keyboards? Fuck??! But the keys add a texture still buried under Trent and Rick’s guitars but still there for the taking…

Yeah I’m ok with it! Like Hugh cares what this Hillbilly(MYSELF) thinks in Tbay! Ha!

From Kingston Ontario…….Headstones!

Devil’s On Fire opens the album and its Hugh firing actually the whole band is rocking and making a statement to the listeners out there that the Headstones are back so deal with it! Quick uptempo paced tune! Love Dillon’s attitude as by the second verse he sound’s pissed which comes in handy as he can ramp up and blow hell fire into the harmonica so basically if the Devil Is On Fire not too far behind is Hugh and Crew!

The rest of the albums 11 songs follow the same (kinda) blueprint of yesteryear Headstones. But don’t kid yourselves into thinking it’s just another same ol same ol. Nope it’s a kicking good time album. I like the fact that the guitars sound clean not all dirty and distorted out a different sound that is used on Broken  and the title track Little Army in which Hugh loses his shit literally lyrically about the cold hard truth. Mid tempo like burn of a track!

Timbo on the bass and Lyle the  drummer  drive the start of Sunlight Kills The Stars with some psycho like piano playing tag along with Hugh’s vocals! A different sounding track but make no mistake this is still rock!

For Your Consideration is a buck and 44 second tune. Ripping down the Dillon express and the wheels are coming off. I always liked when the Headstones do this kind of stuff. Short and to the point with a punch in the face added as well! Yee Haw!

Whoah we are now talking! Dead To Me is a killer tune that goes back back to the Teeth And Tissue days mixed with a modern twist. ‘Gutless Fuck’ Your sucking the life out of me!” Hollers Hugh and just like that he gets all amped up during the chorus and chills out during the verse! Hughie is in fine form here folks! The days of onstage smoking and spitting may be gone but he still has that edge..

Captain Of The Shit Out Of Luck has to be contender for coolest song title of 2017! The song as well is a straight ahead rocker with more cool harmonica mixed with the guitars make this a mashup of epic proportions. It’s good to see that were at the halfway point of the album and this track and Dead Again keep that vibe going and making you the listener wanting more!

The View  Here takes the previous two shit kicker of tracks and chills out with Steve and his keys keeping pace with Hugh and its a good tune. Give it up as they could have written 12 Smile And Wave tracks but what would that get em? Your right 12 Smile And Waves!

HeadStones go back in the archives as Hugh sings the tale of finding a postcard from 1989 and smoking dope from a corn cob pipe from a place called Kingston. My 5 cents is the fact that this will be the next single or close to it and I can giggle at work when I hear Hugh chime the line”Smoking dope from a corn cob pipe!” when the song is played on the radio. Of course with it being so damn catchy it will probably stick around in my noggin for hours after….Ummmm maybe this isn’t a good thing! Damn it… this is good track. Very autobiographical!

From Kingston were on a road trip with the Headstones and were off to Sunny California ! Well not exactly..,,Hugh kinda sings the tale of one getting caught up cruising around at night in the lights in Los Angeles. Keys drive this tune over the guitars (kinda) and that’s alright as Hugh takes this song over…There is a story here folks!

Oh boy here’s one called Done The Math.  A mix of piano/electric guitars and drums. Hugh sings and kinda talks his way through this tune.  Something about combinations/misdirection and social deceptions! Wowzers….deep!

Don’t Think At All ends the 12 song 39 minute album in typical Headstones fashion. Trent and Rick built this song and combined with the drums this is an end of the album stomper track! Hugh name drops a ton of cities throughout. Hugh is like a singing version of Goggle Maps! Next stop ….Hughs Fist…My Face!

Great Friggin Rock Record!

These guys have never played it safe. Back in the  mid 90’s through to the early 2000’s when Headstones would roll into Tbay these cats did not give a Fuck about anything. Dangerous came to mind as would our fair city be the one to drive Hugh off the cliff. No it never happened but it made going to see them an interesting show as they always delivered live..

So with Little Army they are once again not playing it safe. Doing it how they want and fair enough and seriously man would these guys really care…

That’s what I dig about the Headstones!

Deep Purple/Infinite(2017)


Mikey Ladano has to be the biggest Deep Purple Fanboy I have ever known. The dude loves his Purple so when this album dropped in early April of this year I knew Mikey in his review would give Purple’s latest Infinite a fair shake!

Mikey raved on about it even reviewing a couple of the singles before the actual album dropped! He was invested in this album Huge. I commented that the track Time For Bedlam was pretty good. But to be fair I thought I would wait for Mikey’s review of the whole Purple Meal Deal of Infinite to see if i would purchase it myself!

When the album was finally released Mikey reviewed it and raved about it so I took the plunge a few days later and purchased it myself!

Before I go any further I like the cover of that Ice Freighter carving it’s way thorough the Ice and making the DP Logo. Very bright looking!

Actually this is my first Deep Purple purchase of a new studio since 1996’s Perpendicular which featured Guitarist Steve Morse making his Purple studio debut replacing everyone’s favourite Loose Cannon Man In Black Ritchie Blackmore.

I guess you could say I was long overdue to hop aboard the Purple Tour Bus and give it another go!

Boy…Am I glad I ever did!

“Time For Bedlam”
“Hip Boots”
“All I Got Is You”
“One Night In Vegas”
“Get Me Outta Here”
“The Surprising”
“Johnny’s Band”
“On Top Of The World”
“Birds Of Prey”
“Roadhouse Blues”

Ian Gillian/Ian Paice/Don Airey/Steve Morse/Roger Glover along with producer Bob Ezrin(Alice Cooper/KISS/Pink Floyd/Hanoi Rocks) have put out a real fine piece of Hard Rock that delves into the sound of there 70’s past but have also made it sound modern as well basically a mashup of the 70’s and 80’s with an added touch of keeping it current!

Time For Bedlam begins with a Gillian like chant almost hypnotized if I say so myself and before long the boys in the band fire up behind him and this is a good straight ahead rock track. Guitarist Steve Morse and Keyboardist Don Airey lock in together and Ezrin does a great job at keeping the mix of the guitar and keyboard from not overpowering the other. The chorus here is the money shot! Great opener! Must also mention the one line Ian sings which is ‘Sucking my milk from the venomous tit of the state’  Is Tbone writing lyrics for Deep Purple?

So we delve back into the time capsule and put our Hip Boots on and this is a swampy like Purple N Jam tune. Love the lyrics to this one.

You can bury me up to my knees in shit
Or anything else… I don’t mind a bit
You think I’m gonna drown but you’re wrong
‘Cos man I got my hip boots on

Hip Boots just sounds like a total Jam tune as I had mentioned and I just love the laziness feel good vibe it projects….

Purple open All I Got Is You with that eery creepy like Hammond Keyboard Sound that we have heard for years but don’t be fooled as the song picks up the Paice(ha) and propels the song forward with tons of Morse and Airey Guitar/Keyboard mashing up throughout this song and the album as a whole!

One Night In Vegas is a great song with a ton of fun like Gillian lyrics where basically he was  snapped up on drink in Las Vegas met a girl went to the chapel had no recollection of this happening and they are still together 30 years later! True story? Dunno but a great tune with some nice riffing by Morse.

Drummer Ian Paice’s drums sound awesome at the beginning of Get Me Out Of Here.  Ezrin once again let’s the boys get to it and this is one of those tunes that has a decent pace to it with the keys and bassist Roger Glover producing a huge wall of sound but make no mistake when I’m listening to this album I don’t think of it as I’m hearing a bunch of old guys playing rock. No sir! I’m thinking it’s a bunch of old guys creating new Rock!

The Surprising leads off with some real cool 6 string picking courtesy of Mr Morse. This song  eases of the Purple Gas Pedal a bit but Paice and his drums keep the song moving forward. Hey,I have no squabbles about slow songs but I hate slow like mush tunes like many act’s get sucked into but as long as the drummer fella keeps the beat moving  forward.  I have no problems whatsoever!

Now here’s a cool tune called Johnny’s Band. A song that is written about a dude named Johnny and the fella’s in his band which would be Bill/Pete and Benny, Johnny’s Band in the lyrics of this song hit the top than hit the skids(like so many do!) but Johnny keeps given ‘er even though he’s playing the clubs. Cool interplay between Steve on guitar and the vocals of Gillian on the chorus!

On Top Of The World has a pretty cool groove to it and thats because Airey knows how to add space to let Morse soar on these songs on guitar.

Time for a psychedelic like stomping tune that’s called   Birds Of Prey. This song is out there, kinda trippy but  enough oomph to not make it a wimpy  waste of space. This track has Ian and the boys out there to  and heading into infinity and beyond. Basically loading up and going Space Truckin!

Roadhouse Blues. Yup this is The Doors cover from decades back and you know what! I love this cover of it. Tons of harmonica/tons of guitar and tons of musical swagger shown in Roadhouse Blues. Here’s a little tip for you folk’s out there reading this…’Yeah, keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel!”

The iTunes version I purchased has 4 added bonus tunes.  Paradise Bar/Uncommon Man/Hip Boots(demo)/Strange Kind Of Woman(live)

What a great record in the year 2017 from The Deep Purple Fella’s! It’s cool to see a band with about 50 years of history being able to cook up a batch of great rock tracks.

Steve Morse totally rules on this album as he plays flawlessly not overdoing it with a whole bunch of  wanker fest wang bar diddle daddle look at me soloing! Nope! Than again Morse has never been that kind of 6 stringer! Everything about this album is solid…Songs/Musicianship/Singing/Production. It’s all here!

This album is worth the dough folks!


New England/Live At The Regent Theatre (2017)



So by now you all know that New England early on were one of my go to listening bands when I was 13 and listening to the usual suspects back in 1980(KISS/Cheap Trick/Queen/Judas Priest) New England had an AOR Pomp about em and they should have been mega but for some reason it alluded them.

Not to me though as the self titled debut(1979) and Explorer Suite (1980)are both classic albums that have stood the test of time.

Fast forward to 2014 and the original New Englander’s John Fannon(guitar/vocals) Gary Shea(bass) Hirsch Gardner(drums) and Jimmy Waldo(Keyboards) recorded there show in the New England area and finally in early 2017 it has found its release to the world!


1. Seal It With a Kiss live 3:50
2. L5 live 4:20
3. Hello Hello Hello live 3:42
4. Alone Tonight/ Shoot live 7:54
5. Holdin’ Out On Me live 2:52
6. Conversation live 3:26
7. Shall I Run Away live 6:21
8. Turn Out The Light live 2:08
9. Honey Money live 4:01
10. Explorer Suite live 7:23
11. Hope live 6:30
12. Nothing To Fear live 5:38
13. Don’t Ever Wanna Lose Ya live 6:57
14. You’ll Be Born Again live 2:48
15. I Know There’s Something Here new studio track bonus track 4:08

Total Running Time: 71:58

That’s right Friend’s 2 Seconds short of a full 72 minutes of Hard Rock delight which upon first listen let’s me the listener know that these talented cat’s have not lost a step vocally or musically in over 30 years!

iTunes  here in Canada finally added this to the  New England back catalogue and BAM! A quick download ….

The boy’s start off with Seal It With A Kiss which was the leadoff song on Side 2 of Explorer Suite(if you’re keeping score) and New England lifts off after Waldo’s synth like swirl’s begin the tune and this song is a great track. Catchy everything/music/lyrics/singing it’s all here. What a lead off….

L-5 is the second track in and up til this release I had never heard it as it was off the Walking Wild album. L-5 keeps the rock rolling right into Hello Hello Hello from the self titled debut keeps the momentum pushing forward. I have said it before in my reviews of New England that Waldo has a firm grip on running the key’s as he enhances the sound/makes it atmospheric to let John’s guitar soar at certain points. So many bands could have taken a cue from these guys on how to add keyboards in the scope of a rock band.

Alone Tonight keeps the party rolling right into one of my Fav New England tunes ever and thats Shoot. Shoot is a rocker of a track with Waldo driving the Hammond like Jon Lord did in the hey daze of Deep Purple while Fannon inner channels his Ritchie Blackmore at the start of the solo especially! Love Shoot it features all the trappings of a Great Hard Rock Track in fast tempo/driving drums/walking bass line/cool vocals/loud guitar and huge slam dunk of an ending and this is still early on in the show!

Gardner slams the drums hard at the start of Holdin Out On Me  as well as I believe handling the lead vocal as well! Its another one of those great New England hard driving rock tracks. This is a song i had never heard til this live album as the third New England album Walking Wild never made its way to Thunder Bay! Better late than never …

The next three tracks…Conversation/Shall I Run Away/Turn Out The Light are stripped back with acoustic guitars piano and great harmonies as the England boy’s put the breaks on the Hard Rock still though even though the tracks aren’t blasting they are still delivered exceptionally in a live setting.

The Fella’s ramp it back up with the opening number from 1980’s Explorer Suite and thats the great track Honey Money.  Another straight ahead rock track which is so good to revisit this one as well.

Speaking of Explorer Suite it’s played to perfection as it weaves Prog like elements throughout proving that these cat’s can play.

Hope is played followed bv Nothing To Fear with John singing opening and than the rest of the boy’s ripping into it once the song picks up the pace with Hirsch handling the lead vocals…

John tells a great story about opening for KISS on the Dynasty Tour in Montreal( I won’t give it away…go and buy this CD) which leads into a brilliant opening riff by John and it’s Don’t Ever Wanna Lose You. 

You’ll Be Born Again ends the show with just piano and John’s voice!  Kinda of a neat twist to end the show …a chill vibe so to speak…


A bonus studio track is added titled I know There’s Something Here which is the first new studio track in over 30 years! Something for my pal Mikey Ladano to since his teeth into!

I cannot stress enough how cool it is to finally hear these studio tracks live! Top notch performances in regards to vocals and musical muscle are delivered throughout. The best part it that New England 2017 is the same four guys that I discovered back in late 1979!

Check this one out!


Def Leppard/And There Will Be A Next Time(2017)



So as I told a few of you already I had a momentary lapse of reason the other day and ended up coming home with the new Def Leppard DVD/2 CD Set Combo called And There Will Be A Next Time recorded in Detroit Rock City on there 2016 Tour.

I decided pretty quickly after I purchased it that I was gonna rip the Two Audio Discs and then pass this on to my sister who is going to see (Lep(COOL!)/Poison(Yuck!!)/Tesla(COOL!) this show Live in early April! Get there early Kristin and Darren you don’t want to miss Tesla!

Too be honest I have really no interest in watching any full Live DVD shows and if  I do it means I’m gonna get a little pickled up on Beer and hangout with Tbone! OK ok..If Iron Maiden drop a live DVD I’m There! Certain exceptions you could say!

UMMM…Do You Wanna Get Rocked?

Rick Savage – bass guitar, backing vocals
Joe Elliott – vocals
Rick Allen – drums
Phil Collen – guitars, backing vocals
Vivian Campbell – guitars, backing vocals

The Songs Of Lep…

Disc 1
1. “Let’s Go”
2. “Animal”
3. “Let It Go”
4. “Dangerous”
5. “Foolin’”
6. “Love Bites”
7. “Armaggeddon It”
8. “Rock On”
9. “Man Enough”

Disc 2
1. “Rocket”
2. “Bringin’ on the Heartbreak”
3. “Switch 625″
5. “Let’s Get Rocked”
6. “Pour Some Sugar on Me”
7. “Rock of Ages”
8. “Photograph”

When the Lep’s released the self titled studio Def Leppard back in 2015  I may have been one of the early one’s proclaiming it as a worthwhile listen as the album got real good after the halfway point. It’s like Lep stepped up their game 10 Fold and delivered!

I think it may have been at 2Louds Blog as he posted about this Live DVD release and  I went nope not interested. See…now you know about my Momentary Lapse Of Reason.

Aaron couldn’t believe I actually purchased a physical copy! Haha. True That Mr Books!

The packaging is pretty decent actually….Nice booklet with credits/info and some written stuff from David Fricke and Phil Collen.


Truth be told the set list here take’s no chances( why is Rock On here? Really??) except for the classic Let It Go from 1981’s Mighty High N Dry album it’s kinda the same ol same ol as Joe and Crew have taken the KISS approach and play it safe…Kinda! But I’m a sucker for anything off of Hysteria and there are a ton of tracks from it. Late Great Guitarist Steve Clark has a co write on 12 of the tracks played on this set and it just goes to show you the huge impact  he had on all the Lep music until his untimely death in 1991. I have said before and I’ll say it again a lot of the riff’s went to heaven that day with Steve….

The Guitars of Collen and Campbell breathe life in the tracks. They are huge! Special mention must be made to Vivian Campbell  who lays down the law with a lot of rhythm and occasional leads on this release. I mean Campbell was ferocious on those first  two Dio albums(Holy Diver/Last In Line) so it’s impressive that he was able to chill out as like I have said in previous Lep live and studio reviews  as sidekick Collen can shred solo til your blue. Rocket  is so good here check out Campbell’s playing on the left side of your headphones. Airtight flawless….

Joe’s voice is good. I mean if this was the first Lep release I had heard I would have said cool rock voice but the dude has been going at it for over 3 Decades so it’s gonna be road burned a bit right? Still decent enough but the other day at work on the radio  Photograph was played and man Joe had deadly pipes back in 83. It’s funny how that resonated with me at that certain moment and then a few days later I buy this DVD set!

Give them credit they drop a couple of tracks from their current studio release which is commendable. Let’s Go one of the current track has that real cool catchy syrupy pre chorus that hooks me in every time.

I have no idea what the DVD will be like as really do I need to post video’s?  (Maybe my Sister can review it!) We all know these tracks verbatim!

Overall this is a decent release and the audio is way better than Motley’s The End…. that’s for sure!

Worth the $20 I paid for for it!






Age Of Electric/The Pretty EP(2017)


2017 and Regina Saskatchewan’s Age Of Electric are back with a 4 Song EP that clocks in just under 13 minutes!

The Electric Men Are…

Todd Kerns – vocals, guitars
John Kerns – bass
Ryan Dahle – guitars, vocals
Kurt Dahle – drums, vocals

Great to see these Guys back in action where they had a decent run in the mid 90’s with the albums Age Of Electric(1995) and Make A Pest A Pet(1997). Like many a band A.O.E packed up shop for a  few years(17 years if you call that a few) and various projects by the members as in the Dahle Brothers  forming Limblifter while the Kern Brothers released the excellent Static In Stereo album. Todd as any rock fan knows  ended up slinging Bass in Slash’s solo band while also putting out the real slick throwback all Canadian Covers album with a bunch of Canadian Hotshot’s and calling themselves Toque which as you know I have reviewed!

The Tuneage…..

A.O.E have put out 4 standout tracks. It’s like after all this time they never skipped a beat which is amazing but the caliber of the vocals/musicianship should come as no surprise!

Kids Break Bones leads off and is a straight ahead rock track. Like the shuffle of the drums along with the short blasts of guitar riffs. The chorus is oh so good once you hear it will be stuck in your noggin for hours. Not to heavy and not to light in the rock department  but just a good well written track. Check the video I posted below …

“There’s an Elephant in the room” sings Todd and were off and running. John Kerns drives this tune with his Bass and its a another bonafide winner here. Love how the drums pushes the song towards the end while the guitars and drums shift gears. The Rhythm section of John and Kurt take over this tune!

Show Me Your Weakness kicks off with a quick guitar riff and this fast paced Rocker features not only Todd on vocals but I believe Ryan sharing the lead vocal as well. Nice vocal interplay between the two.

Keys ends this shorty EP with another great piece of  rock. Guitars set the pace here. These guys do know how to write slick choruses and Keys is another one. Todd sings “Keys are in the Ignition and the door is always open” Nice sonics with the guitars on not only this song but the other three as well…Vid is posted…

Real cool that these Electric Dudes are back in Action! This is a great little four getting to know you all again starter pack! Dig the fact that in 1994 AOE released the 4 Song Ep and called it Ugly. Now 23 years later here comes the The Pretty EP.  The Kern and Dahle Brothers on this EP dip back a bit in there sound of yesteryear  yet maintaining an eye towards the future which I hope results in a full-out album release…

Look forward to the AOE  show when it hits Thunder Bay April 7th at Crocks! Get tix here by clicking…


I will be there!





The Wild/Wild At Heart(2017)


It’s 2017 and do you want your Ass Kicked with a Straight Forward Take No Prisoners Approach?

Call British Columbia’s own The Wild and they will deliver…

Check out these dudes….

Dylan Villain – Vocals/Lead Guitar

The Kid – Guitars / Backing Vocals

Boozus – Bass/Vocals

Reese Lightning – Drums

These Four Cat’s have the science down to a T in the format of Barroom Brawl Rock! In other words how about getting hit over the Noggin with a Sledgehammer with straight dose of Old Bon like AC/DC  riffs and singing  being splattered all over the place?

Than this Lot is for you….


See by that Pic I am not fooling! Seriously these guys I have been reading about and their debut album Wild At Heart is just a fun crank it loud album. But let’s not get fooled here as The Wild can play those instruments and when you listen to the grooves laid down there not afraid to make the odd tempo change to give their songs their own identity.

The Wild’s 10 Pack Of Boogie Rock!

01. Ready to Roll
02. Livin’ Free
03. White Devil
04. Another Bottle
05. Best In The West
06. Six Hundred Sixty Six
07. Rattlesnake Shake
08. Run Home
09. Down At The Bottom
10. Kansas City Shuffle

Opener Ready To Roll gets the party started with just a great fun rock track and Lead Singer  Dylan has a great whiskey drenched vocal where at times you hear the Late Great Bon Scott and almost with a tinge of Old School Marc Storace tossed in as well in his delivery. Just Barroom Rock delivered at High Volume! I posted the video as well! It’s  a pretty damn cool video in today’s World..Watch!

Livin Free is a currently my favourite as are others but I like the use of a second vocal courtesy of Boozus who adds to Dylans vocals and this tune is carried by the two vocals as no bands really do this. It’s also to The Wilds advantage which will separate them from others! Using their strengths and Livin Free has the great chorus or as I call it. The Money Shot!

Don’t be fooled though by the first two tracks as The Wild are straight ahead rockers where White Devil has a different verse chill tempo but as the song heads to the chorus the song ramps up with some solid straight ahead drums mixed with another great chorus!

Another Bottle is has a different vibe about it. Perhaps its autobiographical  as someone is being strung out since 17.” Another Day Another Bottle” as Dylan sings with the boys keeping the tune musically on track.

Best Of The West love the charge of this tune and man the solo by Dylan on this just smokes. Best Of The West! Indeed. More No Frill’s RNR!

Six Hundred Sixty Six has a real cool shuffle where Reese inner channels some kind of crazy drum demon and keeps that Rock Shuffle ploughing straight forward!

You want to get a fist full of RAWK? Rattleshake Snake is a speed demon of a track with all hands on deck as the guitars are jacked Loud! I  must mention this album was produced by Mike Fraser who has basically been AC/DC’s Engineer for the last 27 years! The man knows how to produce Rock.

Run Home has  slow down n dirty blue’s like Swagger which proves that The Wild came shift a few gears down and proceed with caution while still dialing up enough Kick to make the song not Puss out!

Want big time Power Chords going in sync with vocals and drums? Toss in some  big vocals well do we have a song for you. Down At The Bottom just reek’s cool. People will have to look outside the AC/DC Box with these guys to see that they are forging their own style but hey who doesn’t borrow from there hero’s?? Ask Zeppelin!

Kansas City Shuffle ends the album with a fiery like sendoff! Big rocket riff’s slammed over the drums along with Dylan going on about a “Bitch and a Itch” I think?!

The Wild have delivered a Great Rock Record here in the early stages of 2017! It’s nice to put on a new band with a throwback sound but with a current edge of later day rock!

Check The Wild Out….

Crank It!


Stephen Pearcy/ Smash (2017)


SMASH is released today! January 27th 2017! I’m on it!

Ya gotta hand it to Stephen Pearcy as in this day and age he still is putting out quality product. When Steve-o split from RATT in the early 90’s Stephen did not disappear  no sirree folks he put out the Wickedly Excellent Arcade record which when I  reviewed it I stated that the Arcade debut could hold its own against any Ratt album! Yeah man it’s soooooo good.( and thanks to Aaron at KMA who recently sent me a second copy of the Arcade debut after Aaron said the first copy he sent to me was kinda scuffed! Thanks a bunch Dude!)

Now I’m not gonna get into the whole drama of whats going in the RATT camp currently (It’s all over the music sites…) instead its to bring some attention to this 2017 version of L.A Sleazey Style done the Pearcy way!

SMASH is just that.  A smattering  of different rock styles. No Filler just Pearcy Killer as the songs ooze cool…

The Tunes….

1. I Know I’m Crazy
2. Ten Miles Wide
3. Shut Down Baby
4. Dead Roses
5. Lollipop
6. Hit Me With A Bullet
7. Rain
8. Want Too Much
9. What Do Ya Think
10. Jamie
11. I Can’t Take It (Album Version)
12. Passion Infinity
13. Summer’s End

The Cast of SMASH…….

Stephen E. Pearcy – Lead Vocals, Back-up Vocals……Erik Ferentinos – Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Back-up Vocals …….Greg D’Angelo – Drums, Percussion…….. Matt Thorne – Bass Guitar …….Chris Hager – Guitars, Lead Guitars on track #3 

So if you’re keeping score in the Rock Trivia side of things. Drummer D’Angelo drummed in White Lion. Ferentino has been with Pearcy for a ton of years and has known him for decades as Pearcy name drops’s him in Stephen’s autobiography  book Sex/Drugs/Ratt N Roll. Hager was from Rough Cutt who stuck out a decent debut album back in 85 and were managed by Dio’s people but fizzled out quick… Come to think of it Hager and Pearcy were band mates in a very early incarnation of Rough Cutt before Steve-o formed Ratt. There ya go….

I Know I’m Crazy opens the album and were off. Straight ahead 4 on the floor rocker and this is Pearcy 2017! Still a ton of Piss N Vinegar in that old Goats Voice. Right off the hop you know this album from the production end is gonna sound huge! Crunchy like guitars and hooks.

Ten Miles Wide is the second song in and Steve and crew take no prisoners as this is their strength which is a straight ahead mid tempo Hard Rock Gem! The guitars are jacked and the chorus is pure Gold! Which kinda brings me to another point as people rip on Pearcy’s vocals live but who gives a S**T! Listen to the audio below!

Rain features D’Angelo rumbling around on his kit and features the big chant chorus of Rain. A slow like brooding melodic rocker that keeps the album chugging along.

When you really dig your heel’s into Smash of course its sounds a lot like Ratt and it goes to show you who had a huge hand in shaping the sound of Ratt. Case in point Want To Much sounds like a it could have slid right in on Ratt’s 1990’s Detonator album as the guitars laid down by Ferentino and Hager have that throwback sound to Crosby(RIP)/De Martini picking on those Ratt albums! Definitely not a bad thing!

Jamie is one of those throwback 80 tunes! Hey don’t knock it especially when your speeding  down Pearcy Drive as Stephen eats and sleeps this stuff. The lyrics for sure tell the tale of a lady named Jamie and you know  Steve’s deal…”The way you pull into me!” sings Steve-o and he continues with “A nice surprise!”  Folks this is not rocket science but just a good time party tune about a (ahem) Lady!

I Can’t Take It has been floating around on iTunes for well over a year(I’m not big on buying “Singles”) as Pearcy would release a track here and their. Supposedly he reworked it up in the studio with Ratt’s producer back in the day Beau Hill. Another great rock track that oozes a toss back to a classic sound of yesteryear! You can watch and hear it for yourself below. Lot’s of Ladies in this video to keep my Good Pal Rockin Roberts amused!

Glad to see the old Road Dawg Pearcy out there just doing it and you got to hand it to Stephen as he just keeps doing what he does. Which for me is Good Ol Fashioned 80’s like Sleaze Rock with a added twist of keeping it Catchy!

One more thing! Kinda cool that this for me is the first Hard Rock release of new material in 2017! Atta Boy Pearcy!

Is it 1987 or 2017?

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