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SONIC WAVES ….Headstones/Love&Fury

After a decade layoff from being Canada’s toughest bar band here comes the Headstones with there rollicking good time rock record 2012’s Love And Fury!

Hugh Dillion/ Trent Carr/Dale Harrison and Tim White reconvene and put out a record that is soooooo good that I lodged this one into my top 5 releases of 2012 over at Mikey’s place! mikeladano.com

So if you recall from my Weezer review a little ways back where I called there Blue album a 37 minute ass kicker,well the Headstones with Love&Fury deliver there own 35 minute ass kicker the only difference is the Headstones include free of charge a good backhand to the head and a swift hard boot up the ass!

Welcome back fellas…….

CHANGEMYWAYS- Timmy slaps down some cool bass and Dale joins in and they rock it with Hugh and before you know heres Trent laying down some cool riffing and says  it best ‘this is it,this is it this is the shit I’m talking about” you gonna tell Hugh to change his ways? Ha! he will change his ways if he wants to change em himself thank you veryfuckingmuch!

LONGWAYTONEVERLAND- Hugh nails down some serious Harmonica on this track! Frigg it’s good to have these guys  back! Just simple straight ahead driving rock delivered with a fist to the face! Bam love the production on this record it’s simple yet effective! This is back to basics rock n roll! Love Harrison’s drums that keeps the song shifting and of course Hugh and his Harp end the song as how he started….Attitude!

FINALANALYSIS-this track just keeps the Headstones motor running. Great solo and cool title to boot!

FARAWAYFROMHERE-this is one of the best tracks on Love and Fury! It builds with Trents guitar and the money shot is the chorus! It’s super duper catchy Headstones! Man this song cooks! Love How Hugh sings this song I mean this dude means business but he can chill it out a bit and man oh man! Rock this bad boy loud!

DONTFOLLOWTHELEADER-ha,quick bursts of guitars/ bass/drums and Hugh takes charge Don’t Follow The Leader and if you do that leader would be the Headstones and it’s safe to say you would have your ass handed to Ya! Tim slams down the bass on this tune and keeps the groove going with Dale on drums! These guys keep the song short simple and to the point!

ASTRONAUGHT-wowzers a HeadStonesBallad!? Kinda sort of. Hugh sounds pained here man in his voice but I guess that’s the effect he’s looking for! It’s a different sounding tune but hey friends it’s ok for Hugh and the boys to lay off the gas I mean it’s not the mid 90s where they were punching out albums/Tours at a pace that would do some in! And some it did!

GOBACKTHEOTHERWAY-Go,go,go,go yammers Hugh and this song starts off to me sounding like that old tune by the Vapours called Turning Japanese but Trent cranks it into hell and the ‘Stones are off an running!

SOS- a live staple in the Headstones shows since the early days when I seen EM  (1995) and Yep it’s the Abba song! Hugh/Trent/Tim and Dale take the original version shove it in a blender,dump a bottle of JD in the blender and add a ton of attitude and volia  SOS done rock style! This song is a Keeper!

BINTHISWAYFORYEARS- the first time I heard this SongI was confused! I was expecting Tweeter And The Monkey Man Headstones instead Bin This Way For Years comes out and it got different time changes the bass is pumped but man the chorus is Gold! This is one of those back of the album deals  Bin this way for years…God Dammit….Bin this way for years… 

OUTTAMYLEAGUE-4 on the Floor and the Headstones are popping Pistons and blowing out there engine in this song. These cats may be 50 or so in age now but they show that they can rock it at high speeds when duty calls! Ha love the attitude of these guys always have! One show here in Tbay just remember them rocking out and especially Tim the bass dude had his down for a while riffing on his bass and when he looked up he just flipped the bird(Middle Finger) for no reason! That readers is the essence of rock n roll…if Ya don’t like it! F.U and F.U. All!

MIDNIGHTOFTHISLIFE-Hugh and the boys ease of the gas and and end the note on a chill song….just kick back and ease off the throttle … And I’m good with it! Like I would tell Hugh otherwise!

IN CONCLUSION -Headstones show up and kick ass and man this is a great rock record! 11 tracks of no B.S rock! I’m always a little skeptical about when bands implode and a bunch of years later try and capture whatever magic they once had! This here folks is not the case! Dale,Hugh,Trent and Tim throw it down and man I still hope they got a few more albums in the there  tank! Also the reason the tracks of the songs have no space in between them is thats how it showed up on my iPod when I purchased it! Ahhh Hugh you funny guy u!