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Alice Cooper: A Paranormal Evening At The Olympia (2018)

The week of Cooper continues here in Thunder Bay! Alice rocked our dump of an Auditorium less than 48 hours ago and here today dropped straight to the iPod is the new Double Live Album from  Alice Cooper: Paranormal Evening with Alice Cooper.

Check  out that track list below….

1. “Brutal Planet”
2. “No More Mr. Nice Guy”
3. “Under My Wheels”
4. “Department Of Youth”
5. “Pain”
6. “Billion Dollar Babies”
7. “The World Needs Guts”
8. “Woman Of Mass Distraction”
9. “Poison”
10. “Halo Of Flies”

11. “Feed My Frankenstein”
12. “Cold Ethyl”
13. “Only Women Bleed”
14. “Paranoiac Personality”
15. “Ballad Of Dwight Fry”
16. “Killer / I Love The Dead (Themes)”
17. “I’m Eighteen”
18. “School’s Out”

The great thing about  this release is it’s the exact same Coop band that is currently on this latest tour with Alice!

18 Tracks make up this album and I will say right now upon first listen is this album has not been polished up whatsoever in the studio! Glen Sobel’s drums sound wicked as does the whole mix! Guitars/Vocals as well are left alone!

It comes as no surprise as well that the Coop band is on fire! Full out props to the Three Guitarists:Ryan Roxie/Tommy Henrikson/Nita Strauss. Bassist Chuck Garric and of course Drummer Glen Sobel. Talented bunch of musicians!

I was talking to fellow blogger the mighty HMO ( it’s his Birthday Today) that this was a good sounding album and worth the admission. In my case when talking to HMO   I  realised that the only other live Coop album I have is the comeback show in Detroit  way back in 1986!

Time for an update wouldn’t ya say?

Get this if you’re a fan. Still get this if you like loud Rock N Roll!

Below is ‘Ballad of Dwight Fry’ Not from this album but from the Thunder Bay Show which is a great video. Well done to the person who filmed it along with ‘School’s Out!”