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Vinyl Rewrite: AC/DC- Flick of the Switch(1983)


So cool that my first used vinyl purchase of this decade(2020) is one of my all-time favs and that is Flick of the Switch!

I’m thinking that this album is like my third review of it so that tells you right there my deal with it. Except for this time, it’s vinyl. So for a whole total breakdown track by track of Flick of the Switch, you can find it elsewhere on this site.

But for now..

1983 and we are all fun-loving fanboys of those fellas AC/DC. But for some funny reason, things went a little sideways for Angus Young and crew on this album.

Did I tell that I like sideways in regards to some albums this being one? For starters, AC/DC canned Mutt Lange who dialed in the sonics on the previous three AC/DC records (Highway To Hell-Back In Black- For Those About To Rock). AC/DC fired two managers and decided to do everything in house on Flick of the Switch including producing it themselves. As well, long time drummer, Phil Rudd got the boot as well after the recording was done(replaced by Simon Wright)

Hey, as a 16-year-old in 1983 I had no idea the inner turmoil these guys were dealing with then. To me, it was like ‘Cool, a new AC/DC album”.

Course myself and many others new about this album but for some reason the masses didn’t take to this album and maybe that’s the charm I still find with this album. A snooze you loose kinda deal meaning there are some gems on here that many people missed the boat on.

Sure AC/DC was still a huge draw in concert but the album stalled quickly as there was no real apparent single which you and I both know irked the Atlantic Records Suits. Imagine telling Malcolm Young back in 1983 “umm where’s the hit single?”


This album for me at the time of its release (August 1983) just hit at the right time. While Mutt Lange had Def Leppard with Pyromania all over the airwaves AC/DC forges ahead with a sound that is the exact opposite as in raw.

The guitars on opening track Rising Power set the pace as the other 10 songs sound like two buzz saws going off while Brian Johnson screeches and knarls his way vocally through the albums 10 tracks.

Tons of personal highlights on this record as AC/DC does not give a shit about anything or anyone as they just do what they do. Love that  Nugent like boogie rock guitar at the beginning of Landslide while the title track has the evil signature lock-up with Malcolm and Angus. Don’t those riffs sound pure demonic?

The band of course in 1983 played about 4 tracks (Guns For Hire opened the shows) off of Flick to promote it but every tour that has followed this album the band decided to go elsewhere when putting together the setlist.^^

Fair enough. There band, there rules!

The 80’s from 1983 to 1988 was an interesting period for AC/DC. Sure their sales kinda lagged (until 1990s The Razors Edge) yet you have to hand it to them as they still kept putting out product.


Sometimes latching onto an album that isn’t the big zillion seller in one’s catalog is the way to go and Flick of the Switch is that to me as its a no-frills straight-ahead album that will boot you hard up the ass

^^-Check out the Plug Me In DVD set that features the Flick Tour in all its glory! Fantastic.






Impact Albums-AC/DC: Flick of the Switch(1983)

1983 and AC/DC were not selling anywhere near the numbers they were with their two previous releases.(Back In Black & For Those About To Rock)

DC 83 was a different beast. By than Angus & Malcolm Young took over the controls and did it how they wanted to do it. Gone was the gloss  production of the Mutt Lange era. Back in was the raw like sounding Flick of the Switch album which dropped in the summer of 1983 when I was 16. Upon its release it was quick purchase for me!

Right after that I taped it onto cassette which made a great listen on my Walkman when I would ride my bike to my kitchen summer job washing dishes which started at 6 am! Rising Power indeed!

Speaking of which. Opener Rising Power  took me all of 10 seconds to realize that this was cranky DC  street rock. A no-nonsense approach to the songs on here. Came across this video of  them jamming Rising Power for there 83 Tour. Check it out below. Looks like Brian Johnson’s appendix are gonna explode ….Awesome!

This AC/DC album knocked me off my block as it was sonically what I was looking for at the time! An album that featured no hits from a band who didn’t give a Shit!

There were other bands in 83 that had hits and two of them were Def Leppard with Pyromania and Quiet Riot with Metal Health! Those two albums especially Lep had songs tailor-made for radio at that time. AC/DC on the other had sold millions of copies into the early 80’s of course between Back In Black and For Those About To Rock so I guess the powers that be must have been shocked when Malcolm and Angus handed in their final product!

Ha! The suits were probably non to pleased about this! Kinda like when I would hand in my Homework the Teacher would give me that glaze over stare so I’m sure the Young Brothers got that glare from there Record Company Boss when they handed in the masters of this album. Course AC/DC was dealing with millions and millions of dollars where I was just trying to scrape by with a pass. In other words I would hand in 3/4’s Filler to get a decent grade…hahaha!

On the other hand! I loved it..

This House is on Fire/Nervous Shakedown/Flick of the Switch/Guns For Hire/Bedlam In Belgium are songs that just grab you by the throat and smack you outside the head with the No Frills approach. The guitars are mixed loud on this album.

That is what I love…Don’t get me wrong that this album ranks over the output of Bon Scott. It doesn’t, but Flick of The Switch at that point in time back  in the Summer of 1983 told me through their music and sound that they really didn’t give a crap what the big fad was that year!

Your with em or you’re not with em!

I was with em!

How many times has my Switch been Flicked!(HAHA)

Originally purchased on vinyl back(1983). Purchased on CD(1990). Purchased as a remastered edition on CD (2003)