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Vinyl Rewrite: AC/DC-For Those About To Rock( We Salute You)- 1981


Hey, Folks thanks for checking in. Starting something new here called ‘Vinyl Rewrite’ which is basically me somewhat re-reviewing some classics that I have now acquired on vinyl. As you all know I have been reviewing a bunch of records and this is one that I had on CD/Cassette but now its time to hear some of these albums on how they should be heard and that’s on Record!

It’s been a hoot to revisit these albums on vinyl years and in some cases decades later after I had originally acquired them on either vinyl or cassette tape back in the day!

For Those About To Rock was the followup to the mega-selling Back In Black. FTATR came out of the gate back at the tail end of November 1981 and here comes the shocker!R


Tbone scores this album the DAY it came out!! ( I got this as a Xmas Gift one month later). We drooled all the way home with excitement as two 14-year-olds would at the time from downtown where Tbone bought FTATR (Music City was the name of the record store). To say we weren’t pumped would be the understatement of 1981!

We headed right to Tbone’s where he dropped the needle on Side A track 1 which was the title track FTATR! We were blown away at the simple yet pounding artillery like drumming of Phil Rudd while Lead SInger Brian Johnson sounds like he’s about to toss a lung at the one minute mark of the album! The Guitars of Malcolm and Angus are cranked what more can you add other than HOLY F**K!

And than Cannon Fire and lot’s of it in those vinyl grooves and that’s just the first tune!

Put The Finger On You keeps the pace going. How about that simple yet effective drum beat that Phil locks in with Cliff Williams(Bass). Don’t piss off Phil or you may get whacked!

Let’s Get It Up oozes sex than again it’s no secret that I learned about the birds and bee’s from those 10 tracks from Back In Black back in 1980. Speaking of which Back In Black should have been a mandatory listen for all students that were enrolled along with myself and Tbone at Lakeview High School(1981) in Sex Education Class! Mr. Johnson delivered in great detail on how to go about a relationship on those Back In Black tracks instead of the (name withheld)  drip we had teaching us Grade 9 Sex Ed!

Sorry way off topic but AC/DC knows one thing and well ok two things and that’s to slam your noggin straight ahead into a wall with there barroom boogie rock while schooling all of us teenagers on the finer seedier dirtier side of life which leads right into…

Inject The Venom! Jonno screams his balls off while Angus plays one of my fav solo’s of his (Angus has many by the way!) The solo slices you right between the eyes as Angus works that Gibson SG like no one’s business!

End of Side 1 features the no-nonsense Snowballed which has the AC/DC Tour Bus lock and loaded and steaming down the highway at over 100 mph! This song cooks and kicks big time as the verses are the money shot!

Side 2 begins with evil as in Evil Walks. Evil Walks behind you/sleeps beside you/talks arouse you/walks behind you! I mean when Jonno sings…

Black widow weavin’ evil notions
Dark secrets bein’ spun in your web
Good men goin’ down in your ocean
They can’t swim ’cause they’re tied to your bed

We all bought into it as it was AC/DC teaching us to all be young silly horn dogs and maybe this is why these guys are still important and beloved by all of us now! They crafted memorable riffs and lyrics into an endless fireball fountain of youth!

Love that crisp sound of the drums on C.O.D and the slinky like guitar playing of Angus and Malcolm in this tune. How about those back up vocals as well. That’s the thing with these guys they basically took there onstage rockiness and took that vibe right into the studio.

Breaking All The Rules is has some more coll guitar interplay between the Brothers Young and they even dive into a few tempo changes as well! Them funny Youngs keeping us on our toes!

If you’re a follower of my hack writing(I thank you) then you know I love those end of the album Gems as I call them. Night of the Long Knives is one of those Gems! Just a great track that has an even better chorus!

FTATR ends with the trippy Spellbound that twists and turns with again a different kind of thing AC/DC was going for. Spellbound is a track forgotten by many but check it out you will be better for it! Different sounding tune for sure but it’s still these guys as it sounds like, well AC/DC!


FTABTR next to Flick of the Switch has to be my favorite Johnson fronted album by AC/DC. (Back In Black as well but that would be to easy to go with) FTABTR came out at that point in mine and Tbone’s life where we were discovering music and that was the best time really. I had no older brother to borrow music from. It was for me to discover and along with Tbone and my other pal Muc we discovered AC/DC and others.

I still recall talking to a fellow student at school at the time(name withheld) let’s just call him Doofus*. I asked Doofus what he thought about FTABTR and he responded with an “it’s basically side’s 3 & 4 of Back In Black!’

Umm about that statement. My AC/DC collection at the time of FTATR’s release was the following albums. Back In Black/Dirty Deeds/ If You Want Blood/Highway To Hell. They all sounded kinda the same but that was AC/DCs deal. Stick to the formula, for the most part, don’t deviate too far from the norm and slam people’s heads into the wall with a ton of sound!

This album as well could fall under the category as an Impact Album in my world as it’s just where we were at that point in life. I mean look at the packaging. Band member’s names aren’t even listed. Just the basics and where it was recorded. Producer Mutt Lange did a great job on the three albums he produced (Highway To Hell/BIB/FTATR) before AC/DC kicked Mutt to the curb (for taking to long to get a drum sound in the studio which drove the brothers crazy).

Look at the killer live shot(below) that makes up the Gatefold!  Tbone and I stared at that pic for hours you would have thought we were baked but we weren’t! If a picture says a thousand words this pic would be it!

*-Doofus was your typical Highschool Stoner. I recall asking him what he thought about Judas Priest after they leveled Duluth on Priests Screaming For Vengeance Tour. Doofus replied to my question with this answer. “Don’t recall a thing other than some dude riding a motorcycle at one point in the show!”

Nuff said!