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AC/DC: If You Want Blood…. You Got It(1978)


Have not done an Acca Dacca story in a while so here it goes…..

On all things purchased AC/DC. I think this 1978  Live release If You Want Blood came pretty quickly after I had succumbed to the Horn Dog Lyric antics of the Classic 1980 Release Back In Black.

My pal Muc had already bought 1977’s Let There Be Rock so in all honesty I think it was either this release or Highway To Hell I had purchased second…or maybe not ….I dunno…Do you care? Haha…

Always loved this cover I mean there’s Angus Young being impaled by his Gibson SG and right beside him is the Late Great Bon Scott keeping the show moving forward…..

Back cover was cool as well…..








Thats the thing with these guys was they kept there covers simple but were very effective. This one as well….Leaving there blood on the stage as it were..

So with this being a Live Meal Deal…..Here’s the Tracks ..

1. “Riff Raff” (from Powerage) 5:59
2. “Hell Ain’t a Bad Place to Be” (from Let There Be Rock) 4:10
3. “Bad Boy Boogie” (from Let There Be Rock) 7:29
4. “The Jack” (from T.N.T.) 5:48
5. “Problem Child” (from Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap) 4:40
6. “Whole Lotta Rosie” (from Let There Be Rock) 4:05
7. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation” (from Powerage) 3:41
8. “High Voltage” (from T.N.T.) 5:05
9. “Let There Be Rock” (from Let There Be Rock) 8:33
10. “Rocker” (from T.N.T.)

Now that’s a 10 pack of Barroom Brawl Rock right there!

I’m going Old School in regards to a 10 Track Breakdown of each track….

No Beating Around The Bush here Folk’s!

Angus starts off with a bunch of Power Riffs and before Riff Raff is launched off  and I love how Bon just rolls up to the mic and here comes the  Late Night Whiskey Drenched Voice . The thing with Bon is when sings whatever tune it was…. He Meant Business! Basically between Angus/His Satchel/His Gibson SG and his Snot flying all over the place  and  Bon with his mic in  hand, a clenched fist in the other you weren’t gonna mess with em! Riff Raff rocks like no other. Bon is one of the best lyricists ever! He walked it like he talked it!

Hop on board to a bus headed Straight to Hell as its time to Dial up Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be.  You want tight guitar chops in the verses look  no further than this song. Angus and Malcolm are airtight on the 6 strings and Cliff and Phil keep the Rhythm Boat A Float as Bon man could sell you real estate in Hell as he’s that convincing! Kinda funny coming from the Romper Room antics of KISS at a young age and discovering AC/DC where its Fists N Rolls and Bon’s idea of Hell is very different from Starchilds version of Hotter Than Hell!

Bad Boy Boogie is just that! Bon does it all over town! This is an No Frills straight ahead Back Room Brawler Of A Track. The lyrics are classic Bon. Angus takes this tune and pushes it over the 7 minute mark and basically like all things ACCA DACCA its the Mal and Angus show as this tune I believe was the showcase for Angus to drop his drawers and Bark At The Moon!

The Jack. Well what do you say about this song….Speaking of Classic Lyrics…..just listen to  the video posted below..

Duke’s N Booze lead the way with Problem Child as the Boy’s shift gears from the Sleazy Bluesy Feel of The Jack right into Problem Child. Phil pushes the pace with his drums and Bon as always lays down the law with his vocals. Problem Child just reeks trouble with its Piss N Vinegar like vibe and no one is safe….

Whole Lotta Rosie is another classic track that probably  has been played since 1977-78 at every DC show and I dig the feel of this track especially Bon taking control vocally between the between the verses before the Sonic Blasts of the music lift this tune off. Even the crowd is into as they are all chanting Angus Angus Angus between at the opening. Speaking of which I may have told the story about our pal Jack Loaf who thought the crowd at the beginning was chanting Rock Us Rock Us Rock Us…Dude its Angus there chanting not Rock Us! Haha…Now you are probably wondering where the name Jack Loaf came from. Easy. Jack was his actual name and Loaf was added to it by Moi as Jack was the only one in Highschool that I knew at the time (1982) that was listening to Meat Loaf!

Rock N Roll Damnation is the song that has AC/DC almost playing for a hit  tune. But this live version flexes a lot more muscle than the studio album it came from(Powerage). The chorus has a real catchy hook that draws you in and for that there is nothing wrong with that! You think back in 78 if Deke worked for the Record Company  I would tell Bon  “Aye Mate You Digging Around For A Hit Single?”  Bon would have probably grabbed me by the throat and before he choked me out I would muster up my go to line which would be “Tbone Said It….Not Me!!”

High Voltage. Well it’s just one Awesome track after another here as Angus plays some real cool like riffage and Cliff and Phil join in for the ride. I love this tune….Hiiiiiiiiiiiigh Voltage Rock N Roll sings Bon and this song features a real classic Angus solo followed by Bon leading the charge at audience participation …..and right after Bon is done his deal the Band load up and head for the finish line! AC/DC at there best….!

Remember a few weeks my post on solo’s? Well here comes Angus and his SG and its solo time but only after this Chuck Berry Taking Speed Fused Boogie 8 Ball inspired tune that we all know as Let There Be Rock is unraveled before our ears! Another bonafide classic tune that has been played every tour since 1977 as well! Phil kicks off this tune and the boys are a blazing as Angus and Malcolm take the verse’s off while Bon/Phil and Cliff hold down the fort but when Angus and Malcolm join in it’s chaos as the guitars are jacked and the AC/DC Tour Bus is about to drive off the road….This is an Heavy Hitter of an track. Let There Be ….Light/Sound/Drums/Guitar…..Let There Be ROOOOOOOOOCK!

Did you watch the Live Video of Let There Be Rock (this live vid is the actual track from If You Want Blood album)that I posted? Well you should and see the Live Fury of this band back in 1978!

Rocker wraps things up as Angus and Crew riff up another spliff of Chuck Berry delight and send everyone home with Rocker which in its lyrics almost is Bon  autobiographical! Great ending…

If You Want Blood  is an excellent document on where AC/DC was at back in 1978! Basically it’s Barroom Boogie at it’s finest! Could be just me but when discussing Live Albums sometimes this one is not mentioned but it Should! It’s AC/DC on fire…….