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Weekend Spins: AC/DC: Let There Be Rock (1977)


It takes all of 3 seconds after Bon Scott counts in the band and they rip into Go Down which opens the Let There Be Rock album to let you know there is going to be no silliness on this album.

How about a hard slap to the side of your noggin instead?

That’s what this AC/DC record means to me. A no-nonsense ass-kicker of a record.

When looking back at my introduction to AC/DC. Like many others back in 1980 (I was turning 14 in October of that year) Back In Black was my introduction to the sonic fury that these guys laid on my ears at that young age. I have said it before in my reviews but I learned about the birds and bees from these guys from the BIB album! (BIB will be a Weekend Spin at some point so stay tuned)

Let There Be Rock is the second-ever AC/DC record I had ever heard. It was Christmas time 1980 and at one point during the holidays I headed over to my buddy Muc’s house to see what albums he had gotten and after I kicked the snow off my boots entering his home it was off to see what he scored.

Muc scored Let There Be Rock. I can’t even tell you what other records he got that year but I was like…



Quickly my eyes adjusted to that cover and there’s AC/DC on the front  with the good light shining down from the heavens on them lol

Then it was a quick flip to the back cover.

There’s a very young Angus in his schoolboy uniform and his Gibson SG. What a shot and we all bought into the deranged little fella’s deal with being the outcast at school as there was a part of us that wanted to be that troublemaker but didn’t have the balls to. Angus did and we bought into it. (and still, do to this day!) What a team Bon and Angus made back then. You know they would kick down any door before them. Bon is one the craftiest lyricist ever as he knew how to maneuver and manipulate those words around didn’t he?

Look at that 8 pack of AC/DC tunes. I realized very quickly that there would be no KISS like tunes like Shandi on here. lol,

Bad Boy Boogie, Dog Eat Dog, Problem Child, Hell Ain’t A Bad Place. Go Down, Let There Be Rock, Whole Lotta Rosie, and the closest thing to a chill-out track which is Overdose.


Sound indeed. Compared to the production by Mutt Lange on BIB this is sound a band being gnarly and looking to beat your ass! It’s rough around the edges. The production by Vanda/Young perhaps just found the levels at the console and let the boys rip at a loud cranked-up volume! 


Phil Rudd with his drums drives AC/DC forward. He smacks the shit out of that snare drum and keeps everyone musically on the rails.


Angus owns the solos on this record. His Marshall is cranked up to 10 and what can we say about brother Malcolm. He is simply the best rhythm guitarist ever. Period!



ACCA DACCA WEEK…AC/DC/Let There Be Rock (Australian Version)

Muc was the first guy that I knew of that owned Let There Be Rock. At the time when  I heard Let There Be Rock for the first time (early 1981) Back In Black was raging supreme in sales so when I sauntered over to Mucs house that cold Jan day and kicked the snow from my boots ….there it was ….


The cover said it all. I mean who needs a million words when one pic will do and that’s the cover of Let There Be Rock! Band on stage in action with a ray of light from the heavens shining down on them! Ok that sounds corny! But look at the pic for the two vids posted! See! Cool huh? AC/DC there  heads down and getting to work….no fuckin around! This is the cover we got in Canada. Now the Australian version had a different cover and that’s the pic of Angus Youngs guitar neck with the title Let There Be Rock written underneath. And like the good blog boy I am I included the one song that is on the Aussie version and not the Canadian version! You have to keep reading to find out what the mystery track is! Hahaha….. Gotta love hype?

The back cover as well has a full pic of Angus! Wowzers man this blew me away as I knew even back than that Angus was the focal point but a whole pic of him on the back cover. Ahhh why not it’s about self promotion and I guess that’s what the suits were doing!

GO DOWN- 1,2 …da bam bam..da bam bam..that’s AC/DC laying down some serious riffage off the top and what a great opener! Bon the rock poet name drops Ruby Ruby and Mary Mary and something about lickin a stick! Hahahaha….the guitars courtesy of Angus and Malcolm drive the lyrics written by Bon and Frigg what a classic opener! Just what I like those Gang like backing vocals singing GO DOWN…GO DOWN…yeah man you are gonna get your ass kicked!

DOG EAT DOG-“Well it’s a dog eat dog …eat cat too! Frenchy eat frog and I eat you!” What a great opener of a line and man the DC Express is loaded and leaving the station! Love the beat to this tune. Phil pounds the drums with Mark Evans playing straight bass and keeping the Express on the tracks!  Angus nails down a ripping solo as soon as Bon yelps “Woof” and  man this is a fantastic one two punch of a start with Go Down and Dog Eat Dog!

LET THERE BE ROCK-ok so I posted The vid for this song and this is the cover we got here in Canada! See the light shining down..hahaha…(yeah I know Shaddup DeKEs get on with it! )Phil smacks his snare drum and we’re off with Angus riffing and rolling and Bon drinking and Snortin and I’m like….WTF!! This is heavy devy hard blues rock ! Love the verses just kick back with Bons voice,Marks bass and Phil(Mr Jailbreak) on drums and when Angus and Malcolm join the party all bets  are off ! Angus plays a bunch of Chuck Berry riffs at 120 clicks and this song just flat out rocks! It does not get any heavier in the sense of hard blues rock than Let There Be Rock! Let There Be Light….Drums..Guitars….Arrrrrrrgh ….Let There Be Rooooooooock!

BAD BOY BOOGIE-Angus and Phil lead the pack with the charge of drums and guitar and here comes Bon leading the pack with a fists a flying and doing the Bad Boy Boogie all over town! Great song just a straight ahead rocker but you would expect that from these guys right?! Angus and his solos on this record are like lightening bolts of brilliance. These guys were going for the throat and they grabbed my throat and wouldn’t let go!

OVERDOSE-always loved the opening to Overdose! Angus and Mal sound like there trying to figure out the chords! Ha…and boom the song kicks in and shifts  into gear! Sounds like Bon was overdosing on women here man. Thats the great thing about Bons lyrics,the way he wrote them you know he lived them! One of the best lyricists ever!

CRABSODY IN BLUE- heres the mystery track! One that was left of the Canadian version of Let There Be Rock( we got Problem Child)  Folks,how many of you have heard this tune? Well here at Arena Rock I posted the vid it lists the song as Overdose but it’s Crabsody…..I’m not gonna say anymore about this track! Just listen to it and drop some comments on what you think of it.

HELL AINT A BAD PLACE TO BE-smashing cymbals,loud guitars and Bon saying “Hey You!” and we’re going to Hell with the Angus and Malcolm blazing a trail with there guitar chops! Love the tightness of the guitars in the Verses and the chorus ramps up with Bon leading the charge with “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be!” The solo like all Angus solos just flat out rocks!

WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE-42-39-56….you could say she’s got it all sez Bon! When I think of this song I think of the live version on If You Want Blood You Got It when in between the song starts and ramps up you can hear the audience chanting Angus! Well JackLoaf we argued with him back in highschool as JackLoaf thought the crowd was saying “”ROCK US!!” Hahaaha…we chastised him for months in school over this flub! Ha….Rosie though since 77 has been a staple forever and a day since than! Great song,cool lyrics, great beat, awesome solo and Bon laying waste in the night and than theres Rosie!

IN CONCLUSION-Wowzers man Back In Black was the first AC/DC record I heard back In 1980 where I learned the birds and bees about (Ahem) life! Now if I had heard Let There Be Rock first this would have been the one. Bon with his lyrics tells me all about the Dog Eat Dog world out there! How to do the Bad Boy Boogie while Overdosing  on some lady who goes by the name of Rosie! It’s all here kids!

Crank this one if you got it…if not just buy the friggin thing!

Let There Be Rock Muc!