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Request Of Vinyl….Iron Maiden/Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son


As Usual Iron Maiden has hands down the coolest swag ever!

Hey Folks….fellow reader Robbo has requested Maiden …..


May 1988 and Maiden release which what I consider their masterpiece and that would Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son! It’s funny how some bands put out product that at that point in time will still have a Impact on you as a listener( HOLY SHIT!! are you kidding me??)27 years later!

Basically after Killers was released in 1981 I became a first day buyer of all Maiden Albums even to this day and I don’t say that about many artists well I guess along with the Iron boys it would be Van Halen,AC/DC,perhaps a few others but that’s about it. So yeah back to spring of 1988 and that year Dave Roth released Skyscraper,AC-DC with Blow Up Your Video,Van Halen with Ou812 and now Maiden!

Backing up a few years earlier into 1986 and Steve,Nicko,Bruce,Adrian and Dave monkeyed around with the use of guitar synth and the result was the great Somewhere In Time album! (The title track Caught Somewhere In Time is one of my fav tunes ever! )

So it came as no great surprise when Maiden dropped Seventh Son that the synths would be prominent well that might be stretching it now  how about enhancing the metallic sound that is Maiden? Yeah that’s it…ha!

7th Son also was the first new release that came out on cd,cassette and vinyl the same day! So Cd it was for me and for my younger bro Todd cassette and for my sister Kristen,well she was musically a lost cause! Ha!

MOONCHILD- ok off the start I have to say this is one of Metals greatest openings ever! Moonchild begins with a little acoustic piece sung by Bruce Dickinison. 7 deadly sins…7 ways to win…. sings the soon to lift off Air Raid Siren and once Bruce is finished here comes the swirl of the metal synths getting lambasted by Adrian and Daves guitars, Steve and Nicko on bass and drums and viola like I said one of the best openings to metal man kind! Bump bump bump bump ( that’s Steve And Nicko locking gears ) and here comes Maiden going 120 mph and Bruce leading the way! Moonchild delivers in many ways! Great song to begin with! Maiden stomp on the synth Davey and Adrian rip the solos apart and Nicko and Steve smash a roo every thing in site! What a opener …….and hey 3 cheers to Bruce when he does that metal screech at the end of Moonchild……! Crank the vid posted!

INFINITE DREAMS- little snappy quiet intro as Dave And Adrian’s guitars are mixed in the back but as the seconds progress and Bruce joins in the sonics are raised and man Bruce he nails down the vocals as usual and uses his register to great use! The prechorus is great it’s the band cranking in unison and boom here comes the Maiden titl a whirl and Bruce nails down another ‘yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah’ like only he can do and The two Amigos on guitars duel the tune and the song ploughs out to the end! I still recall how pumped I was with this tune and Moonchild when I first head them back in May of 1988! Tbone was Rocking to Poisons Your Mama Don’t Dance back than while Deke was cranking 7th Son!

CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS- we all know this one correct? Bruce and boys lead the charge acapella with the line Can I Play With Madness and crash band wallop here comes the rest of the fella’s leading the charge! This was the first single from 7th Son and what a keeper! Bruce as he always does takes charge in the verses and the boys keep up! I always dug how Maiden used the synth in this album mixed with their guitars! Judas Priest must have been pissed as they tried this on their Turbo album from 1986 and well I’m calling a spade a spade here! Turbo has some good moments and some not so good moments! I’m not saying as I’m gonna review Turbo at some point but back here folks! Love the solo nailed down by Adrian on this track and the chorus is real catchy! Maiden can write singles! There singles just boot you in the ass! Hard! The video I have posted is Maiden from 2012 recorded in Tbone and bros favourite playpen the Bell Centre in Montreal! Watch Bruce at the 2 minute 40 mark! This is what makes him not only a great vocalist/lyricist but the BEST frontman in my book in Rock! Don’t believe me! Shame on Ya!

THE EVIL THAT MAN DO- Maiden synths mashed up with Nick’s drums mashed up with Steve’s bass intro The Evil That Men Do and as Nicko smashes the count in with his hi hat were off. Steve’s galloping bass and the guitars lead the sonics and Bruce takes charge and sings in a lower sinister like tone during the verses and once into the prechorus there’s the Bruce will all know vocally! This tune is Maiden galloping along down the highway leading the charge and kicking some serious ass! When Bruce chirps the line ” living on a razors edge!” You fuckin believe him!

SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON-epic title track! This has all the metal trimmings! Big introduction with new-found synth! Bursts of artillery sounds from Nicks snare drum with Dave and Adrian powering down some heavy power chords and that’s the first minute only! Bruce leads the charge as he always does and just gives her and when the chorus comes its….”7th Son of a 7th Son!” The song just ramps up and were off and once the song breaks down were back to just down to Steve and Nicko. Bruce gets a breather for a second as he tells us all about the 7th Son in a narrative tone and as per protocol by Maiden here the song shifts Into metal mode and Adrian and Dave lay down some wickedly cool solos and this is pure Maiden epic clocking in at 9 minutes 54 seconds!

THE PROPHECY-as is the theme with this record synth and guitars are on tap at the start and this song has a real cool verse and Bruce carries this tune but when doesn’t he carry the tune right!? I just love how it just moves at a pace of real cool metal decent  nothing to crazy and nothing to light. Just a great song thru and thru! Watch the video need I say more?

THE CLAIRVOYANT-Steve and Nicko lay down the beginning groove and then guitars and  wham slam thank Ya mam into the verses which is another snappy happy Maiden Single! Dare I say it! Yeppers! Bruce throws down in the chrous”there’s a time to live and a time to die,a time to make your maker!” Holy Crow this is getting heavy and not just in the music area of Maiden!

ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG-A firecracker Maiden tune that brings the album to its finish. This song is a great song and well I’m starting to repeat myself about 8 times over as well 7th Son is a Masterpiece! Only The Good Die Young stomps along or as in Maidens case Gallops along and as a send off features a real cool chorus and Dave and Adrian do what they do best! British Metal gets no better than this!

IN CONCLUSION- This album is still perched high in all time ranks! Maiden knows it and I know it! I recall reading Mick Walls bio on Maiden called Run To The Hills and in it Harris says they thought it would outsell Somewhere In Time in America(it didn’t) so Harry said that the Americans didn’t get it! Whatever that meant? But  to me and many we did get it and still do!

Martin Birch brought the production end of it whereas Maiden deliver everything else! End of story……

Now go and crank this Bad Boy!

Cool Lil Numbers….Adrian Smith/Reach Out

All the diehard Maiden fans will be ..this is a Maiden tune! Correct you are! Why is not this Cool Lil Number segment titled  Iron Maiden? Umm well let’s give Adrian Smith his due man in Maiden and have a little chat about a real good cool song!

Adrian Smith when he joined Maiden for the Killers(1981)album he put his stamp on playing note for note with Dave Murray and laying claim that they are the best guitar duo going and that continued for years and now with Janick Gers they are three guitars deep but back in 1982 comes Number Of The Beast and heres Adrian doing co writes on such numbers as The Prisoner,Gangland and the epic 22 Acacia Avenue!

Piece Of Mind(1983)Smith delivers more co writes in the form of  Flight Of Icarus,Die With Your Boots On and Sun And Steel.

Powerslave(1984) Adrian yet has more cowrites in Back In The Village and how about one of Maidens signature riffs that would be 2 Minutes To Midnight! Hey if you a Canuklehead like me than you will remember the old Pepsi Power Hour Tv Metal Show on Muchmusic and for a long time it’s the opening riff of 2 Minutes…that would begin the PowerHour! ….

So 1986 and the Maiden boys find guitar synths and Adrian shows up and drops down what I think (along with the opening track Caught Somewhere In Time) are two of the best tracks off of the new studio release (Somewhere In Time)at the time(1986) which are Stranger In A Strange Land and Wasted Years which are for the first time written solely by Mr Smith.

So I guess Maiden like they always do record extra tracks for each release and one of them from the Somewhere In Time sessions is this standout track Reach Out written by Adrian’s pal Dave Colwell. This tune is the deal and I mean Maiden rock it big time and Bruce Dickinson handles the backing vocals while Adrian proves he not only plays a wicked guitar but he can sing almost a top 40ishy Rock style like Bryan Adams.

Reach Out is a great track the guitars even with the Synthy sound and Steve Harris and Nicko McBrian laying down the bass and drums respectively push it into unlike Maiden Territories but no wimping out so it still sounds like Maiden! Give it a listen and you will know what I’m talking about and for all you non Maiden listeners out there(shame on you..hahaha)listen with a open mind!

Cool Lil Numbers….Bruce Dickinson/Trumpets Of Jericho

Wow man when I checked my email this morning and seen that Mikey ladano sent a email saying that THE best metal vocalist ever is battling Cancer (full recovery is expected says Maidens website)I was like stunned! I mean just last week I posted on the site about how Maiden destroyed Cadott Wisconsin on the 2012 Tour and there’s Mr Dickinson running/working the crowd/vocals soaring and the dude DOES NOT USE A TELEPROMPTER(like so many do use!) for 10 minute tunes like Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and Phantom Of The Opera!

Heres a tune from Dickinsons Chemical Wedding solo album(a classic) called Trumpets Of Jericho from Brazil with his sidekick from Maiden Adrian Smith riffing on guitar…..

Crank It For The Air Raid Siren!

IRON MAIDEN Destroys Cadott!


Bruce at 55 years young….I have said it before and I’ll say it again…no one sings this type of rock  or delivers it live better..just watch…..

Watch Bruce at the 1 minute 40 second mark literally take a tumble I mean the dude hits the deck (trips) but he doesn’t miss a lyric….!

Monday it was opening act Coop today it’s the main draw…Ladies and Gents….I present to Ya ……………..

IRON MAIDEN….July 21/2012

Rockfest is a 4 day  hard rock festival held yearly outside of Cadott Wisconsin about a hour or so drive away. My younger brother Todd like I mentioned the other day got us VIP tickets the day of Maidens appearance so basically we were about 22 rows back on the floor from the stage. These were great seats. The venue itself is interesting it’s located in a huge field with only one  farmhouse nearby. The seats in the VIP section(floor) have no cover from the weather and the only place for shade is in the VIP tent section of the venue.

Now let me tell Ya,my brother paid $175 U.S each for two tickets and included was our VIP tickets. Now if we would have paid for the lawn tickets they were going for a flat rate of $75 each and the view was pretty good also but my bro Todd said that if we’re driving 6 hours let’s treat ourselves shall we!!

VIP package was kick ass…it included all the beer you wanted/water/pop and the meals were awesome with chefs serving beef/chicken in the VIP tent! Plus the shitters were always clean as they had built in bathrooms on site!

In comparison,Tbay every year has it’s own festival here and there VIP is a waste of time and I can speak from expierence as I paid for it and it was a joke like seriously when Kim Mitchell played I had a fuckin birch tree in front of me!! Yeah a actual birch tree like talk about a obstructed view! (Should have brought a chainsaw)I won’t even plug this Festival as its a joke! The bands are good but the organizers c’mon man! I did send a email to the organizer and they did reply to my concerns but they did not like my comment that they should load up a SUV of Tbay festival suits and drive to Rockfest and see how a real VIP is run! They ignored that comment in my email! Hahahaha…..

Back to Rockfest so anyways like I said earlier it’s a 4 day festival. The first night I think it’s local bands that played but back in July of 2012 the Friday headliner was Five Finger Death Punch. Saturday was of course Maiden and Sunday was Def Leppard and (gulp) Poison!! Me and Todd were just going on the Saturday so by the time we got there at around 3 pm Svendust was playing ( dudes are heavy) followed by Papa Roach(better than I thought) Cooper(see yesterday’s review) and now the reason we are there…….

1988 and Maiden releases Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and by the end of the decade Maidens popularity is taking a hit (not with me..hahaha) as there were more than a few empty seats on there North American tour and Seventh Son sold but it did not do as well as expected. For me though it’s always been of my favs by Maiden I loved how they melted the use of the synth with guitars and with Nicko smashing and the Air Raid Siren(Bruce) wailing away on vocals. I love the 7th Son album and still do!

Fast forward to 2014 and Maiden decides to redo what many missed in 88 the first time the whole 7th Son deal!  So by the time the Maiden machine rolls into Cadott it’s a set recreation done with the memories of 1988 but with the technology of 2012!

Case in point when Maiden showed up to Rockfest they had to add 6 feet to the front of the stage and add another 12 feet behind the stage to get all the Eddie props in! No short cuts for Maiden! Also they showed up with 12 semis (transport trucks) with gear and 10 tour busses with there entourage! That’s how it’s done!

So 9 pm sharp  and UFOs Doctor Doctor is pumped over the PA and once the UFO tune is done there on the screens are the icebergs and Eddie and now the intro to Moonchild …the acoustic and Bruce singing his 7 deadly sins bit….and whoah here comes the synth and the volume is GETTIN louder and here’s the guitars and bam…..

MAIDEN RIPS INTO MOONCHILD- there they are…Maiden it’s still hot as hell outside and Bruce is above Nicko on the ramps behind the drums and Janick Gers/Dave Murray/Adrian Smith and Steve Harris charge the front and it takes  Harris all of 2 minutes to crank his leg on the floor monitor! Maiden is delivering and Ummm I’m losing my shit already! Like how could you not?! It’s Maiden!

CAN I PLAY WITH MADNESS- Can I Play With…..Bam pyro drops from the top of the light truss and we’re off. Bruce commands attention and man the dudes on fire 55 years young and giving it his all! Shit his vocals are amazing and the dude is in tremodous shape! Running not missing a beat! Crazy good! No Teleprompters used! This stage is massive!

PRISONER-We want information…..Aahhhhh Nicko slams the skins and the 3 Amigos on guitars join in and Harris and now Bruce is working the front of the stage and telling all the lazy ass fucks to get moving! This is classic Maiden from the Number Of The Beast era! This song is mint……pure gold as Aaron would say!

2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT- Adrian Smith hammers down the opening riff and it’s becoming apparent that when Maiden play the solos it’s Dave and Adrian just like yesteryear. Janick is there but nailing down rhythms as the two original guys have reclaimed there solos on the old songs(pre Gers era)As well as they should …..Bruce throws out a few Hey Heys Heys and keeps the crowd going! Don’t worry man Dickinson plays right to the last guy in the crowd way up,in the hills…..

AFRAID TO SHOOT STRANGERS- so Maiden breaks protocol and plays this track from Fear Of The Dark! In other words they throw Janick a guitar bone as he solos away like a lunatic. Good soldier he is and well why not! Kick back let Adrian and Davey have there 80s heyday solos and when duty calls nail down your solos, put on a show stage right and collect your big paycheque! Win win for everyone!

THE TROOPER-here comes Bruce in his British uniform and waving a torn Union Jack flag and the rest of the Maiden crew is Center stage and the music just blows is away. I mean it’s Dave Murray ripping the frets on his guitar during the solo and boom Adrian joins him….Bruce leads the charge from atop the stage. What must be noted is the backdrops of various Eddie images throughout Maidens career. The Trooper is one em!

THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST- speaking of backdrops check out the vid posted as this is a great visual for this song! This is epic Maiden! Great opening,Harris and the guitars in sync and Dickinson gives that ear piercing ….yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Fire,fire and more fire…this song is taking us to hell! Shit I swear at one point of this song I took a glance at my bro and I thought I had seen devil horns on his head!!! Hahahaha ..just joking Todd! But this is another song that just wails classic! Plus like I said at the the top of the page Bruce mugs out and doesn’t miss a beat…..if that was Axl Rose he would have gone home!

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA- epic 8 minute romper from the debut Maiden album from 1980! You want guitar historics,vocals,drums,bass thumping and pyro! Here it is….the hardcore fans (me) were impressed they dug this one out dusted it off and Maiden kicked our asses with it!

RUN TO THE HILLS- Nicko sets the pace and if you are a hard rocker you know this tune and really do I need to explain it to you? I will say  though during the solos more pyro and a 7 foot Confederate Eddie walking back and forth and darting around the stage is Janick Gers! Tossing about  his strat high into the air!

WASTED YEARS-ahhh this is Todds favourite Maiden tune! Smith really exploded as a songwriter on this track and the album it’s from Somewhere In Time  may be its best track on there! The solo Is friggin good and Bruce makes the crowd sing it….Face up!

SEVENTH SON OF A SEVENTH SON- how about the whole deal of the tour delivered here in its 12 minute glory! The title track Bruce commands the stage! Man this is epic! Who knows how tall Eddie is holding the globe and man the solos are sick especially Smiths as he displays along with Murray why they dethroned Tipton/Downing  as my fav one two guitar punch! Shit just go,and listen to Killers as that’s Smiths debut with Murray..they blazed trials and as a little headbanger back than! HOLY SHIT Sez I!

THE CLAIRVOYANT- this is a great track. I mean the verses are catchy and there’s a time to live and a time to die ! Bingo folks this is heavy duty stuff! The solos are great Nicko and Harris are locked in tighter than the bottles of Scotch in Tbones boozey cabinet!

FEAR OF THE DARK- wow another epic classic! FOTD is a slow builder and than it shifts into hyper gear with everyone in metal sync and watch Bruce in the vid go from one side of the stage to the other. The man hustles,no slouching ever…. That’s why he’s the best in the biz right now especially in the endurance test  of live Metal ! This is a great track and Janick rips the solo! Classic Maiden ….

IRON MAIDEN- Scream for me Wisconsin sez Bruce…I dunno, I wish for shits and giggles Bruce woulda tossed out a Scream For Me Hammersmith!! I would lost it man! Haha..but still Bruce commands the epic song and well here comes the 7th Son Eddie holding a beating heart in its left hand with a mini Eddie trying to bust out! Crazy over the top production! Maiden says goodnight more pyro and me and Todd are blown away!

ACES HIGH-After a minute or so…..on the screens here comes the Second World War footage of Airplanes engaging in battle…and now Winston Churchills Speech and boom Maidens back on stage after the stage explodes and there’s the Aces High backdrop! That stuff is so cool looking! Rollin Rollin Turnin Turnin…Do It Again…

THE EVIL THAT MEN DO- once again another solid tune from 7th Son!  Love the galloping bass. Harris is the King of the 4 string and plus the dude tunes his own bass inbetween songs! Steve if your reading this(Hahahaha) I will roadie for you! This is a great track and guess how the song ends ..exactly more pyro! BAAAAAAAAM BAAAAAAAAAM!

RUNNING FREE- and boom into Nicko laying down the shuffle with Steve and it’s Running Free! Bruce works the crowd over one last time and basically lays claim that no band is better live than Maiden!

So basically as you can gather from this review I along with Todd were blown away by this performance! As you readers know I have seen a few shows in my life time (ha) Maiden 2012 was THE BEST live performance/production I have ever seen! Maiden ruled that night and blew my mind (what’s left of it that is) and proved that without a doubt they are THE force to be reckoned with!

I’m not the only one who felt this way what I heard was that normally each day at Rockfest the attendance is about 25,000-35,000. When Maiden showed up to Wisconsin for there show close to 50,000 passed thru the gates to check out Maiden!

One more story….the people that were beside us were cool guys but one dude made a remark after Maiden exited  that he was bummed that Maiden did not play Hallowed Be Thy  Name!!?. Fair enuff but Steve and the boys have played Hallowed every tour since 1982 so Ummm cut em some slack fellas…..especially when this guy beside me  was losing his shit on how Maiden was rocking it big time earlier that night!


SONIC WAVES….Iron Maiden/Piece Of Mind

To say that I wasn’t pumped about Maidens Piece Of Mind would be the understatement of the 80s. If you don’t believe me ask TBone. Poor guy was in a foot cast (soccer injury)the day I bought Maidens new release and I boogied up to his house zipped right into the living room bumbling with excitement about the new album in hand and tripped over his casted foot!! He squirmed and i peeled off a quick apology and bellowed out loud “NEW MAIDEN … NEW MAIDEN!!’ Good thing Tbones mom was not around she would thought a lunatic was rampaging thru there house! We still on occasion will talk about this and have a chuckle about it!

So there we are May of 1983 and finishing up grade 10 and what a Better way to kick It into overdrive with some new Maiden. I mean the build up for Piece Of Mind was huge. Circus  Magazine,Music Express and Kerrang were all talking about it in print form and once I seen the adds that were in the  magazines a month before the actual  street date I was pumped/psyched you name it I had it! And had to get it!!!!

For me the first Maiden I ever bought was back in the summer of 1981  at Record On Wheels here in Tbay. I had enough money to buy one album that day  and that one album was  Maidens Killers. Although i came real close to buying Def Leppards On Through The Night( that would come shortly later). This was metal I had  never heard before and every song was like a punked up metal tune due to Dianno’s vocals these songs cooked! Of course the following year in 1982 here comes Number Of The Beast with a new singer in tow (Bruce Dickinson) and Maiden is everywhere with the video(Run To The Hills) and in print and copies are flying out of the stores even Tbone joined the ranks with purchasing Number Of  The Beast! Atta boy!

So back to 1983 here comes Maiden down the chute with Piece Of Mind and a new drummer in tow(Nicko Mcbrain) and well  the hype was delivered !

Let’s see what Eddie the Ead is doin?!

WHERE EAGLES DARE- Maiden says we got a new drummer! And Nicko leads the charge with a song based on the Clint Eastwood movie of the same name! This is over 6 minutes of downright cool heaviness! The solos are wickedly good and well up to that point I thought the two Priest Guys(Tipton&Downing) were the dual lead guitar champs but here comes Davey and Adrian with a one two punch. Shit these guys are crazy good and of course with  Harris and Dickinson delivers the song like he’s going into battle! Man this is only the first song of the album and Maiden is taking no shit from no one!

REVELATIONS- word on 22 Maiden Avenue was that Bruce contributed co writes on the Number Of The Beast but due contractual issues they had to keep his cowrites in house and not revealed to the public. Wether that’s the truth or not it doesn’t matter but man if Revelations is his first actual writing submission into the Maiden camp than WELCOME. Holy crap what a tune! Starts heavy…moves into melodic metal material than shifts back into metal than fires straight into some wickedly good soloing! Followed back into melodic metal mode! Whoosh! This is blowing me mind!

FLIGHT OF ICARUS- the single/video off of this and Muchmusic would play it weekly on ther Powerhour broadcast! Harris gallops along and drives the Maiden single well why did they call Maiden singles,singles?  They’re like epic stories . This song is a very good track ….Fly on your way……

DIE WITH YOUR BOOTS ON-Maiden blasts off right at the gate and this is one of my fave tunes! Great vocals/ musicianship / great song and wow there’s backing vocals. Since this song is about war I wish Steve Harris woulda been my history teacher! I perhaps would have paid more attention!

THE TROOPER- this is epic Maiden. This song has been played on every tour since 1983! I think there would be a backlash if they forgot about this tune on a tour! Dickinson with his horse down bellows to the skies(what a great set of pipes)….Dickinson takes the reigns vocally on this album. Air Raid Siren they called him.

STILL LIFE-Maiden sticks it to the preachers and throws down some backward masking at the beginning with sumthin to the effects of “don’t meddle with things you don’t understand” hahaha. Good for you Maiden having a sense of humour as well! This song shuffles into a real snappy  Chrous  and well Still Life is just that.

QUEST FOR FIRE- don’t be late for history class as Mr Harris is taking us in the Maiden time machine back to the caveman days. I could picture a bunch of cavemen cruising around the earth looking for fire wearing there Piece of Mind tour shirts!

SUN AND STEEL-Maiden after the mid range tempo of Quest For Fire Maiden shoot off at a ton of speed right into super sonic Metal mode(would you not expect it??) this is Maiden making sure your senses aren’t letting down ! When Brucey sings ‘ break you both in two’ you know he’s not fooling!

TO TAME A LAND- this is about the book Dune and it’s amazing that Harris could take a 400 page novel and condense it down to a 7 minute epic track! This track has all the ball and whistles of prog rock! But Maidenized! So blown away was I by this track that I bought the book Dune due to Steve Harris. History 101 is now open!

IN CONCLUSION- Maiden kicked down all the barriers with this album and I kicked TBone! Seriously though Maiden separated themselves from all the party rock bands with this masterpiece(of mind )! The production it must be noted is awesome. It’s produced and mixed heavy. Well done Martin Birch! The sonics still hold well even today.