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Aerosmith Nine Lives Live …….

Aerosmith/Jonny Lang….Aug 14th/1997/Minneapolis Mn/Target Center

So the Aero juggernaut landed in the State of Minnesota and along with myself and Tbone we had a special guest with us and that would be my wife Sue who was along for the ride(as well as she was 6 months pregnant with our first daughter Kylee!)

When me and Sue first met(1994) I don’t think it took her to long to figure out that i was a music junkie and in hindsight she listened to me babble on and on about bands,music in general and she would sit there and just  listen  and man in the year of 2015 I can’t believe sometimes she didn’t toss me out back in 94 as I would have tossed myself out! Ha!

Sue liked music but didn’t have much of it. She told me she was at the Black Crowes show here in Tbay back in 1993 a show I loved her not so much as she said the songs went on forever! Hahaha…sooooo true but I did not hold this againest her!

She did say she always wanted to see Aerosmith live as she was a fan of Steve Tyler so it was a no brainer that when tickets went on sale for the Nine Lives Tour we were in and Tbone as well. So there we are two dudes hanging in the U.S. Of A  with a pregnant woman! Haha!

Nine Lives…..Puss N Booty!

Jonny Lang was the opener and he played a real cool opening 45 minute slick set! His album and the title track Lie To Me were all over video and radio that summer. Also opening for Aerosmith in front of 10,000 plus fans every night can’t hurt either! Myself,T and Sue loved Lang. He had a real cool voice,played a real cool strat and had a good tight band to deliver the music! Plus I think at the time he was like 16 or 17 years old ……Yep you read that right …..

So there’s the big Aero Curtain draped over the stage and they had all this Nine Lives Literature and images over it and before to long you could hear a cranked up sitar and percussion and as it got louder you could hear the opening few bars of Nine Lives and Tyler doing his chesire cat screeching and Brad Whitford and Joe Perry laying down some feedback that echoed throughout the Target Center and before long theres  Joey Kramer,one of the great rock drummers ever smashing the shit out of his snare and along with Tom  Hamilton on bass crank the voltage up ….

BOOM…..curtain drops and there’s Aero 97 ….

Nine Lives is the opener(see video above) and its a ACDC like straight ahead rocker with Whitford playing the lead guitar on it and man and we’re off and running. Aero doesn’t ease off the gas as they launch straight into Love In A Elevator and of course the crowd sings the ‘oh oh yeahs ‘ at the end of each verse and Perry and Whitford lock and stock the solos together and man I dig the solo by Perry on this tune. He melds cool and guitar playing together like no one else……

Falling In Love (is hard on the knees) the first single from Nine Lives is the third track played and I always have and still do like this tune! The chorus is good as it ramps up and I like the snippets of horns used as well plus I love Tylerisms like when he sings “don’t give me no lip I got enough of my own!” Ha ….

Up next is for the pre MTV generation (myself and Tbone) and that’s Same Old Song And Dance! Great story about a wife’s aggravation, cocaine and lawyers what else do you need to make a great song and oh yeah Tom Hamilton lays down a superb bass riff at the end of the song while the rest of the guys just jam out the riff….great song back to 1974! That’s the great thing about Aero they know there’s the MTV crowd but they also know there’s the old school farts(hello once again to myself and Tbone) that devour this kind of stuff……Gold!

The current single at the time Hole In My Soul is played. It’s a ok Aeroballad. There are superior ones than this one(Dream On) and there are aweful ones that are real bad(that Armageddon sell out sap track! Blah) the one cool thing they did do to this tune was add a verse of Cheee Cake(from Aeros 1979 Night In The Ruts album) at the end of Hole In My Soul….ha now that was a cool move Steve-o!

Monkey On My Back along with tons of Perry slide guitar is dealt and were kinda into the MTV Aero portion of the show. One of my favs from the MTV era is Livin On The Edge! What a great well written track! Love that even though Aero was playing the game somewhat they released a 6 minute track and and stuck to there guns on it! The middle part of the song before Perrys solo when Tyler sings “Tell me what you think about your situation…” The riff that Perry and Whitford play man….it’s Awesome!

Pink is a mid tempo AeroRocker complete with Tyler and his trusty harmonica(kewl) Pinks a decent Aerotune but man with a catalogue as deep as Aeros there’s  better! But as I have said before I wouldn’t tell that to Tyler’s face but I would tell him Tbone said it!

RagDoll complete with Perry Playing his steel guitar gets the crowd pumping and the MTV Generations peeps are bobbing up and down and just yucking it up! I have to agree, for MTV Aero I diggity this tune ….” never leaving by the back door Maaaaaaaan!”

Taste Of India follows and i just love this tune and so does Aero as two huge inflatable  Cobras flank each side of the stage and they weave and bobble around! This track is awesome start to finish! It’s just a plain great Aero track! Splendid friends…just splendid!

Janies Got A Gun one of the biggie singles from the Pump album of 1989 is played and it features Perry playing a great acoustic solo…….

Wooooo Whooooo now it’s time for some Rocks material and that would be Last Child and as added feature Aero brings out Jonny Lang to jam it with them! What a great track one of the best…dig the Aero shuffle driven by Kramer on his drums….

Joe Fuckin Perry as he’s introduced by Tyler launches into Falling Off the track that didn’t make most the domestic versions of Nine Lives just available to the Importers! Slick sneaky move Aerodudes!

More Tyler Harp is displayed on Big 10 Inch record and it becomes one of those long AeroJams that just  takes a life of its own! Lyrics and guitars make this a Aero classic which came from 75s Toys In The Attic!

Any of you diehards up for a 10 minute blast of Jammo supremacy of a song called Rats In The Cellar! Me and Tbone squealed with delight as we were transported in time like as if we were watching Aero on there 1976 Rocks Tour! That would have been something to have seen! I recall Tyler jiving the maracas, while the rest of the dudes just slammed there instruments hard! The MTV crowd in attendance were lost for this part of the show! Ha! Get educated in AeroRock Folks!

Dream On,one of the greatest  all time Aeroballads is played and Tyler even sings it how he sang it on the Aero debut from 1973 in a deeper voice! This is how it’s done folks! Kinda wished Tyler would have tossed me the “motherf*^ker comes back to you” like he did on the Live Bootleg release!

Cryin and the MTV’ers are happy in a snap crackle pop kinda way! Cryin I dig as Tyler blows that harp! Ha! He’s one talented cat man and one of the best frontmen ever!

Joe gets into the talk Box and Hamilton plays that opening bass riff and we all know what that is! It’s time for a little Sweet Emotion and we all know the tune! Man the end of it live is always washed in a ton of feedback from Mr Whitford and Mr Perry ..show is over kinda!

Ha I’m fooled Aero rips into Mama Kin! What a great all time classic! Kramer keeps the bus on the road with his groove! The dude is a monster on the drums! One of the Best! Aero blasts it straight to the finish line!

Ok…..now the show is over!……kinda!

Aero saunters back out and dives head first Into The Farm a track that myself and Tbone did not see coming to say the least! Ha! The Farm is a great track. It sounds kinda like  Aero Looney. I love the off beat musical stylings of the track and Tyler’s lyrics are zoned out as well(could be autobiographical!?) love the ending of this tune where it sounds like the band is coming unglued but you know they aren’t!

Dude Looks Like A Lady keeps the encore going and this as we all know resurrected Aeros career well helped i guess as the Run DMC/Aero collaboration of Walk This Way was that song that put Aerosmith back in the spotlight well……forever! The MTV fans rejoice ……

Speaking of Walk This Way its the wrap up of the show it’s the end folks! Joe Perry solos and solos with Brad Whitford while Joey Kramer smashes the shit out of his cowbell and bammo just like that the old diehards and the MTV crowd can agree on this song and we all fill out of The  Target  Center in the August air knowing we are all one! Hahahahaha……that was a sappy last sentence……

Aero delivered one high octane rock show! They have to keep the diehards happy with the old school stuff and the late 80s early 90s fans happy as well! That night Aero succeeded on both counts! Nine Lives is a great Aero record and the show they put on was a great one as well!