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Impact Albums: Aerosmith: Night In The Ruts(1979)


Hell, if you really want to get down to it. All of Aerosmiths 1970’s output would have to fall under the Impact Album in my world!

Night In The Ruts released in 1979 is Aerosmith all stoned and boozed up and Night In The Ruts would fall under the category of Sleeper Album in all things Aerosmith along with 1985s fantastic Done With Mirrors release!

But I’m getting ahead of things here so back to 1979 and when Aero dropped this album into the hands of the public it sold nowhere at the level Aero was selling albums back a few years earlier!

This band was cooked and basically, Joe Perry was done. Night In The Ruts boasts 9 tracks. 7 original tracks and 2 cover tunes.


The writing partnership of Steve Tyler/Joe Perry could only muster up 5 tracks on this album but the 5 they wrote are all stellar!

This album is fractured and it took me a lot of years to get what was going on here. Toys in the Attic and Rocks set the musical bar so high in camp Aerosmith there is nowhere to go but down. But over time this album has grown on me. Ok, make that decade’s it has taken to grow on me but for a band that was in trainwreck mode in 1979 they pull it off.

Basically, this album if Aero added 2 more cover tunes It could have compared it to Van Halen’s Diver Down release from 1982.  The cover tunes here are pretty decent but the originals are brilliant!

 No Surprise is one of the best Aero tracks ever composed by Tyler/Perry. Lyrically/Musically it’s all here in No Surprise. One of the best opening tunes on any Aerostoned album!

Just as Done With Mirrors did a little way down the road NITR’s reeks of Booze n Drugs. Aero is in fine form plowing right into Chiquita with that deranged sax driven solo over Joey Kramers drums.

That’s the thing with NITR as when you dig in the Aero originals theres some gold in these tracks. The three-pack of Perry/Tyler written songs Cheesecake/Three Mile Smile and Bone To Bone(Coney Island Whitefish Boy) have Aero firing on all cylinders.

The three cover tunes are pretty dripped in the Aero Philosophy of slop rock where they pull off these cover tunes and make em sound like there own!

Remember(Walking in the Sand), Reefer Headed Woman and Think About It reek of Aero delight and I will tell ya something when I first acquired this album in the early to mid-’80s on cassette there were no credits inside the tape so guess what! I thought these were all Aero’s own tunes!

Ah, silly dEke’s!  To my defense though there was no wiki or internet around (the 1980s) and Aerosmith themselves sure as hell wasn’t talking about NITR at that point either!

So a few months back when I saw this sitting in the bins at the used shop it was a quick buy and run out the door!

Score and kudos to the original owner who kept the album and inserts in mint shape!

I think loyal Arena Rock Reader ‘Da Heff’ should order that Aero 3/4 sleeve shirt! You lead Heff we will follow!