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Aerosmith: Aerosmith- Aerosmith(2013 Reissue)

Another score from Resolute Records (Toronto)…

A few months ago when RSD dropped, Boston’s finest that being Aerosmith dug into the archives and released “The Road Starts Hear” which is an amazing listen as you get Aero figuring tunes out back in ’71 as some of the tracks would eventually appear on the major label self titled debut a few years later in ’73.

Speaking of the debut…

Once “The Road Starts Hear” arrived and was added to my collection  I quickly realized that I had a bunch of  Aerosmith’s music on vinyl from ’74s “Get Your Wings” through to ’87’s “Permanent Vacation”.

The one omission was the debut on vinyl. I originally purchased it on CD back in the late 80s to fill out the collection but here in 2022 I needed to add it on vinyl.

So I did.

When listening it to it you can hear Steven Tyler in his young formative state singing in a different register figuring it out vocally before he became the Demon of Screaming.

Speaking of Tyler he basically wrote the whole album himself as there is a cover tune (“Walking The Dog”) as well as the first Tyler/ Joe Perry composition in the form of “Movin’ Out.”

Some pretty classic tunes on here of course those being “Mama Kin” and “Dream On” which are still staples in the live show to this day.

Perhaps my favourite tune on here is “One Way Street”. Love the whole vibe of this track and it features Aero just jamming out at the end before Steven climbs back in (after some sizzling harmonica playing) and takes the song back to that killer chorus.

A pretty decent effort and if you know the Aero story this album didn’t really set the charts on fire but instead was a slow burner in regards to sales (eventually going double platinum).

Glad to be finally adding this one into the pile of Aero vinyl!

Impact Albums- Aerosmith:Draw The Line (1977)


It was early 1981 when my Dad handed me a copy of Aerosmith’s “Draw The Line” album.

Now as it turns out my Father’s friend Ken(RIP) gave it to my him to pass onto me as Ken did not dig Aerosmith but he knew me being 13 years young  I would likey.

Ken you were right and thanks for the Aero introduction!

Once I heard this album the second Aero album I ended up purchasing in the summer of 81 was the immortal double “Live Bootleg”.

I was used to cover drawn albums as KISS were the leaders in that department back than yet here comes Aerosmith with a cool band drawing on the cover and they call it “Draw The Line”

Cool play on words fellas!

As a 13-year-old at the time I thought Aero was into art class but a little later on realized Aero was into the seedier side of things when you skip art class.

So here we are 40 years down the line and it was time to upgrade from that worn out copy of “Draw The Line” and a RSD title to boot that I bought at Comix Plus here in Tbay that sells some sealed and mostly used records.

Let’s check on Joe Perry,Steve Tyler,Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford and see how they shaped some musical landscapes for a one young dEker!

DRAW THE LINE- What an intro to Aerosmith with this tune. Holy Crap here comes Joe navigating some serious slide guitar and his side kick Steve belting out the cowboy song! “Heads I win Tails You lose” yelps Tyler. You win Steve as  he basically throws up a tonsil in that crazy part of the song you all know it that part that goes “Checkmate don’t be late, take another pull, that’s right impossible” What a rip of an opening song!

I WANNA KNOW WHY- This is a great song, some cool keyboards rock this song along just fine. Being this is my first Aero album and so far so good! If the stories are true that they were totally blasted throughout the recording of this album. Keep blasting!

CRITICAL MASS-The whole band shifts a tempo down from the first two numbers and they still rock it with Tyler telling his story about the seedier side of living kinda like spaced out actually yeah man Tyler’s tripping into who knows where but he makes tripping seem real cool. “Tell me how ya recover from the time in space as it takes you away.” That’s what Steven sings….honestly.

GET IT UP-Perry kick’s  out with some cool slide guitar once again. Steve shoots into town in a police car and your daddy said he took it a little too far! Cool tune. Off the walls is Aero as there is no sobriety in sight.

BRIGHT LIGHT FRIGHT- Joe takes the lead vocal on this one and it’s a steamer of a track. Throw in some cool sax and some wicked leads and this is Joe doin solo time so Steve can ramp it up into the next track!

KINGS AND QUEENS- Wow, this is epic Aerosmith. Steve talks about the “Kings And Queens and Guillotine’s taking lives denied”. Basically Steve is singing about greed in 1877 or perhaps 1977 with all their handlers around. That’s my spin on it and for a band as they say being out of it. They pull one out of the fire here that’s for sure.

THE HAND THAT FEEDS-“Doctor,Doctor,Doctor” Steve shouts. Is someone calling a code on Aeros behalf? I have to say though I think by this point they were starting to lose a bit of creative gas but then the endless lifestyle of craziness may be catching up. Still they pull this one out. Tom and Joey set the rhythm pace.

SIGHT FOR SORE EYES- I prefer the live version on Live Bootleg. This version is kinda a  slow tempo compared to the very amped up live deal. Still it’s neat to hear it In Its original state.

MILK COW BLUES- This is a cover tune jammer that ends the album and I really think Aero ran out of steam by this point so a cover tune was needed to push the album to the 35 minute mark. I’m sure the record company was freaking on them for lack of material but I really don’t think the Smith boys cared too much by this point!


Old Dude School of Rock!-1981


1981 was a real interesting year in my world of music!  Beginning in January 81 I had gone to a local record shop to pick up John Lennons “Double Fantasy” album as the whole world was still shocked after Lennon was assassinated in December 1980!

My intentions were all about getting the Lennon album until I walked into out local Sam The Record Man and seen on the racks these four long-haired guys calling themselves Van Halen that had them posing on the  front cover.  That album was Woman & Childern First and to this day it for me is perhaps the album that most impacted me. All Nine 9 songs on WACF are stellar. I had never heard guitar sound or played like that! I had never heard a singer think he is Tarzan yodeling away at the beginning of Track 2(Everybody Wants Some!) The Drums and Bass on the album  sound like a runaway locomotive about to come off the tracks. The band is on who knows what chemically but whatever keep the party rolling and by golly David Lee Roth/Eddie Van Halen/Alex Van Halen/Micheal Anthony did just that!

Just 3 short months later VH’s Fair Warning came out and was a real score for me as well! Here’s my favourite new band that I just discovered  and another new album? Ed Van Halen by this time solidifies his greatness in my world making him to this day still my numero uno fav-o 6 stringer!

Can Con started to make a dent in my listening habits as well as Triumph put out the super cool Allied Forces. Triumph were a Canadian 3 piece that featured two lead singers and a freaky dude on Bass! Triumph meant business back in 81. I mean it was about Allied Forces and Rock Troops. Magic Power/Fight The Good Fight and real classic wallop to the head opening track Fool For Your Love. Man Triumph were a lean mean fighting machine back than…

Judas Priest put out for what myself and Tbone could easily call our favourite Priest album and that would be  Point of Entry, Love the sonic’s of this album with just straightforward Rock tracks like Heading Out To The Highway/Desert Plains and the very brilliant very underrated Turning Circles!

Rush made a double dent in my listening habits with both Moving Pictures and Exit Stage Left!  My first foray into the term Prog Rock! Seriously these guys are singing about Honey Dew/Hash and Trees? Course Rush played at a level that was seriously sick I mean who the fuck plays drums like that? Neil Peart does Bitches that’s who!

Another huge game changer was Iron Maiden ‘Killers’. Maiden opened Killers with a musical only number Ides of March that segued way into Wrathchild and I had never heard Metal like this! It was brilliant as the guitars of Davey Murray/Adrian Smith just wailed like no one’s business and what the hell the Bass Player writes all the tunes?? Steve Harris was and is still the deal! Paul Di’anno had a great set of pipes back than and I think took it for granted his situation in Maiden that cost him his spot…

Those ol Horndogs AC/DC released For Those About To Rock(We Salute You) and Tbone was the first one to get this album. We stared at that gatefold pic of the live shot for hours while we listened to Brian Johnson once again sing about the birds and bee’s! We all  bought into the program folks and so did you!

Whitesnake with the live Ain’t No Love In The Heart of the City was my first time dabbling with a Snake album. Whitesnake circa 1981 featured three ex members of Deep Purple laying down that old school Hammond B3 old blues rock vibe 6 years before that Crazy Bird slid all over the hood of the Cov’s Jaguar in those Snake Vid’s!

Aerosmith Live Bootleg made such a huge impact on my listening habits in that it was the first live  album I had ever heard where the band sounded blasted and in another zone yet what was in the grooves  was so good/so classic/so stoned!

Last not least as KISS release The Elder which has KISS wanting to write a concept record! Fair enough but when your 14 and you have heavy hitters like Maiden/Priest/VH/Rush/Triumph putting out hard hitting slabs of rock! Why the F**k am I hearing a flute  on a KISS album?



Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas to all the readers of this site and to all my Blogging Pals Worldwide! Thanks for reading as always my scribbles about the Rock that makes us Roll!*

See ya all back here on December 29th when I post my List of the the Top Albums of 2017!

* Thanks to Aaron (Mr Books) who graciously sent me this classic Aero album in the mail which arrived yesterday! Thanks a Ton Brother!


Cuss You!

When I was starting to dabble with music in the late 70’s it was a whole different time period growing up. From a musical standpoint when I first heard KISS and there track 100,000 Years I was shocked as a 10-year-old…

Did the Lead Singer of Kiss, Stanley Eisen sing what I thought I heard sung?

“I’m sorry to have taken so long
It must have been a BITCH while I was gone
You mind if I sit down for a while
You’ll reacquaint yourself with my style”

Whoah! Did I hear the word “Bitch”. Think about it for a second. I’m 10 years old snot still dripping from my nose and I see these 4 dudes in Makeup on a KISS album called The Originals at my pal John Youngs(MIA) place and these guys KISS not only look Hellish but there cussing even if it’s one word!

Speaking of John Young. His older sister had this greatest hits album by a band called Nazareth and a tune called Hair of The Dog where lead singer Dan McCafferty  growls in his Scottish accent…

“Now you’re messin’ with a
(A son of a bitch) now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch
Now you’re messin’ with a
(A son of a bitch) now you’re messin’ with a son of a bitch”

HA…Nazareth get there point across where the line Son of A Bitch is sung 30 times on the track! KISS you have been dethroned by these 4 Scot’s …..

It’s funny as about 10 years later Guns N Roses hit the pot of gold with Appetite For Destruction album and it’s basically an anti everything record. In it though Axl Rose drops F bomb after F continually and basically goes to show you how far the F bomb had come.

Course I was 20 when Appetite was released so I wasn’t fazed but kinda funny as my younger brother Todd was getting into music in 1987 at the age of 10.(Just as I was as a 10 yr old discovering KISS) Appetite was his album and what not. My parents were always cool with this music being played in the house. I mean we weren’t burning down churches/robbing bank/drug dealing…well it would have been fun to have hoped on the NightTrain…

Sure there are other forms of music that Cuss/Cuss/Cuss like Rap and what not but I can’t really speak about that stuff but if someone is reading this feel free to angle another spin on it….

The most clever ever Cuss on an album hands down comes from Aerosmith on the all time greatest live album ever titled  Live Bootleg!

Dream On (recorded in Louisville Kentucky 1977)of all tracks! Yup the ballad of Aero! The song that shot them into mega stardom and with the ever clever Steven Tyler at the mic Steven sings the Cuss word so quick….I’m not telling you what it is ..listen to the vid posted

Check it out at exactly the 2 Minute 8 second Mark!

Sometimes less is more and Steve-o is the Champ at  Cussing Slyness!

Aerosmith/ALOHASMITH(Live 1983) Bootleg


Ya gotta love Bootleg Soundboard recordings! What you hear on your stereo/iPod or whatever device you listen to your music on  is what you would have heard that night in Hawaii back on January 4th 1983 when Steven Tyler and the Boys in Aerosmith bashed out there song’s that night blasted!

Blasted in the most possible way as Aerostoned could! I love this stuff when I come across Boots as you can hear a band nitty and gritty with no studio fix up!

Aero, needs no fixing….

Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay here are the guitarists and nowhere to be found are original axe men Joe Perry and Brad Whitford having had already bolted(Perry in 1980 and Whitford in 1982) yet this is a real cool recording as the album and tour this is from (Rock And A Hard Place) is the only tour Dufay and Crespo did together.

You get the classic Aero Tracks like opener Back In The Saddle/Big 10 Inch Record/Lick And A Promise/Lord of The Thighs/Dream On/Sweet Emotion/Toys In The Attic played with a piss n vinegar approach. Aero was still headlining arenas but issues with Tyler passing out during shows was starting to ween on promoters but here in Hawaii Tyler shows up sings the tunes at times a little off-key rambling a bit between tracks BUT this is LIVE ROCK N ROLL!

I have always had a fondness for Aero 1982-86 when they were not so big on selling albums as Aero were basically fuckin stoned and in another time zone yet they in my opinion bashed out a couple of real good rock records in the polished kinda sounding Rock In A Hard Place and the Aerostoned rough sounding Done With Mirrors(when Perry and Whitford returned). Much debate has been made around these parts about DWM’s high scoring here(haha ).  I’ll leave it at that!

Too be honest perhaps those years (82-86) resonate with myself and TBone more than the common AeroFan as 1982 was the year I discovered Tyler and Crew as an 15-year-old!

The real selling feature of this recording are some of the tracks like Three Mile Smile and Reefer Head Woman from 1979’s Night In The Ruts album. Love the groove of Three Mile Smile with Drummer Joey Kramer driving the beat of both these tracks.

Lightening Strikes and Rock In A Hard Place are the only two  tracks that were played from the current release at this show which was a shame as there are a bunch of great tracks on Rock In Hard Place that could have been played live….

The band is focused on the two new tunes oddly enough especially the title track (Pushing new AeroProduct) which is hilarious where at other times Aero gets loosey goosey with some of the older tracks!

AlohaSmith is a great listen and considering it’s probably been bootlegged a million times over is a cool one to listen to as just a year later Perry and Whitford returned and Crespo and Dufay were let go!

KISS/Aerosmith…Target Center/Minneapolis Minnesota-Nov 10 2003



This is not just another Concert Review…..It is but isn’t! Keep reading….better yet get a Beverage of your choice as this should have been a Two Parter….

But Naaaaaa….

Rocksimus Maximus Tour/World Domination Tour is what this tour between Kiss and Aero was called!  Two Heavy Weights from the 70’s teaming up to rake in even more Dough and once this tour was announced it was a No Brainer to go.

Tbone for whatever reason sat this one out so I took the trip down to Minneapolis with my friends Randy and Andre. This was gonna be a quick trip down a 1 nighter and Boom back to Thunder Bay the next day. Kiss and Aero kept this tour strictly to the United States for whatever reason.

That Chad Kroger like band Salvia was supposed to open the show but for some they no showed and were replaced by another act whose name escapes me but they reminded me of Sum 41 and they were from Philadelphia. (More on them later).. Andre called them “Crappy Kiddie Punk!”

So after these Dudes played and after a quick changeover …

Here’s The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again being pumped over the P.A which means one thing…

KISS….featuring the usual characters…

Starchild/Demon/Peter Criss and Tommy Thayer!

The Setlist…


“Detroit Rock City”
“Shout It Out Loud”
“Do You Love Me?”
“Let Me Go, Rock ‘n’ Roll”
“I Love It Loud”
“I Want You”
“God of Thunder”
“100,000 Years”
“Black Diamond”
“Love Gun”


Rock And Roll All Night

I know a lot of people rag on Thayer doing the Ace schtick but I tell ya he pulled it off quite well and Peter Criss well I felt bad( Beth was I dunno kinda weird,don’t know what it was) as he was barely hitting his drums and stuff but he still showed up so it was no surprise to me when Gene and Paul didn’t renegotiate his contract. Or whatever the deal was…

KISS though playing  before Aero just blew off a ton of Pyro and I mean a ton of Pyro. I think they were trying to upstage Aero (More thoughts on that later) It was Loud man real Loud. I mean ask Andre or no don’t as he downed a ton of Beer before the show and passed out during KISS’s Set HAHAHAHA…..I just recall looking over a few times and he was slumped in his seat. Tons of Pyro blasting off and Andre slept through it….haha…..Frigg Dude ….well whatever….

I liked KISS this night as it was Pyro Rock N Roll! I Want You was played so I was a Happy Camper! All in all a great KISS show.

The Stage set up for Kiss was huge so it was cool to see that the stage after KISS had exited rotated like a turntable with one half being the Kiss Stage and the other half being the Aero stage!

After less than a half hour change over here’s Aerosmith…

AeroForce 1…..

Back in the Saddle
Love in an Elevator
Toys in the Attic
Let the Music Do the Talking
What It Takes
Stop Messin’ Around
(Fleetwood Mac cover)
Baby, Please Don’t Go
(Joe Williams’ Washboard Blues Singers cover)
Dream On
Rag Doll
Walk This Way
Sweet Emotion

Course Steve Tyler/Joe Perry/Brad Whitford/Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer kicked out the jams with a simple basic stage setup and just put the pedal to the floor especially the first four tracks that were played! Special mention must be made that they played….

Let The Music Do The Talking…..!!! Love this song from 1985’s criminally underrated  Done With Mirrors. Course as you can see a bunch of MTV staples were played and that’s ok in my book as they didn’t play that awful Disney Tune…

In case you were wondering Andre regained consciousness right before Aero hit the stage….

Side note from Aeros headline set is that when they played Baby Please Don’t Go Tyler announced from the stage that they were going to filming the song for Dick Clarks Rockin New Years Eve so that was kinda cool and at the end of the song the whole Target Centre was covered in little Aero like snowflakes made in the letter A! ( I looked for the video but nothing was on youtube). Aero has never let me down live as this was my 7th time seeing them so you are always getting your money’s worth! Course I have only seen AeroSober live  not AeroHigh live but I came close as back in 1986 Aero was supposed to play Duluth(along with Ted Nugent) but it was scrapped…Man that would have been a show to see!

Back to 2003 and if I had to pick a winner I would have to say Aero was the better band this  night as they just did what they did(like I had mentioned earlier. Aero slayed me with those four opening numbers). KISS though also did what they did and were great as well …but yeah if I had to choose…

image image

Always wanted a KISS T with the Alive Cover!

Show’s Over Now…..

We were staying about five blocks away from the Target Center so we walked to the show and after the show as were heading back to our Hotel outside one of the other Hotels was a dude standing there holding a bunch of vinyl. Why would some dude on a cold November night be standing outside a hotel holding vinyl. That could mean just one thing….

I spotted this chap when we were crossing the street so I walked over as he was the only person outside …

Deke- “I see you holding vinyl more importantly Aero vinyl.

Vinyl Guy- “I purposely missed this show and have been here an hour waiting as the only signature I need is Joe Perry’s!”


As Vinyl Guy makes this statement I motioned to Andre and Randy to get over where I was standing . After I tell them the deal  were all hanging with Vinyl Guy who was  cool and we chatted about all things Aero and he told us he’s been collecting there signatures for years. Had all there albums signed except for Joe as he  is always elusive as when you think he’s at the hotel he’s not and such so we waited. I was like Holy Frigg Aerosmith is coming…..

I did ask Vinyl Guy at one point in our conversation a question and it went like this..

Deke- “Gene and Paul staying here at this Hotel?”

Vinyl Guy- “Probably but they would have gotten here hours ago Counted all their cash and then gone to bed!”

Truer words have never been spoken!

Not to long after as were hanging around outside a car pulls out and here come Tom and Brad. Tom kinda keeps moving with the AeroHandler but Mr Whitford stops and signs Vinyl Guy’s albums and our ticket stubs! Brad was cool, not in a rush and we had a bit of a chat with him and he went inside the Hotel and went into a Dining Room as we could see from the outside looking in Tom and Brad mingling along.

A short while Joey Kramer was dropped off and he signed our tickets but he seemed annoyed for whatever reason. Fair enough as we all have those days but he did sign my ticket so I won’t slam him too hard but if the opportunity presented itself to approach him again I would pass…

Than came a long wait….real long…..It was well past midnight and we were still outside but Andre said Frigg this let’s go in. I laughed and said we will get Booted Out for sure. Next thing you know were in the Lobby. Off to the right is the Catering Room which was off-limits.  So we sat in the Lobby and like out of the Beatles Hard Days Night Movie we sat there held up newspapers to hide our identity! I  must point out that we were hiding from Security not mobs of screaming Women! Damn…..


Andre said “Let’s get some food!” I was like “Nope” Andre than proceeded into the Catering Room where Whitford/Kramer and Hamilton were. I cringed and laughed at the same time as I couldn’t believe he was going to be ballsy enough to eat the AeroFood but nope what Andre did was even more crazier as Tom Hamilton (whose signature we did not get ) was talking to someone and Andre walked up behind Tom tapped him on the shoulder and next thing you know Andre came back with Tom’s signature! The only one between the 3 of us to get it!

HAHAHA…well played but this move came at a cost as the Two Huge (but friendly) Hotel Security Guards came over and asked us who we were! One of us said ‘We’re Guests!” The one Guard laughed and said “Nice One. C’mon guys you gotta go!” Back out in the cold air and Vinyl Guy was still there.

We waited and the AeroHandler came out to tell us that Steve was showing up shortly to be polite and not bug him for autographs as he was ‘Bagged Out ” or something to that effect.

What can ya do but oblige. A vehicle pulls up and out pops Steven Tyler about 5 feet from me! Frigg man so close yet so far away! First thing I noticed was how short Tyler is! Ha…someone said ‘Hey Steve Great Show” Tyler responded with a thanks and wave and Bam he was gone…just like that…..

About 15 minutes later here comes the Annoying AeroHandler again telling us that same speech except with Joe’s name being inserted in the same spiel that the dude gave about Steve 15 m minutes earlier. I recall Vinyl Guy muttering a “Fuck That!” so I thought Wowzer’s this may be good as Vinyl Guy is not taking no for an answer!

A few minutes later as I turned around here comes Joe Perry and his Guitar Tech walking down the side-walk carrying Two Guitar cases and Joe walks right up to us! A total WTF moment if there was ever one!

Perry like his description fits is the Real Deal. He’s The King Of Cool and once again I couldn’t get over the fact that I was taller than him. I’m looking down at Joe Fuckin Perry! HAHAHA….

Vinyl Guy was elated  as Joe signed all his vinyl and Vinyl Guy just disappeared after that. Mission Accomplished for V.G! Perry signed all of our ticket stubs and man this was before iPhones so no pics were taken which is a right bummer but hey…Joe was cool he asked the three us what we thought of the show. We stroked his ego with our answers BUT I did tell him thanks for bringing back Let The Music Do The Talking.  Joe said “You Like that Huh?” I said “Yeah I love that album!” Joe said nothing …HAHAHAHA…..

The real cool thing about meeting Joe was he was outside with three lunatics from Tbay all by himself even his Tech went inside the hotel and the Aerohandler was nowhere to be found. After a few more minutes of small chat like where we are  from and Joe telling us they were staying  in Minneapolis for about week as that was their main base for the shows in that area. Joe headed indoors….

We could have kidnapped him! Good thing I didn’t mention that to Andre…..

Cool Fella that Mr Perry is…..


As we were leaving the hotel the  next morning. Randy beat us to the elevator and so when the next one showed up me and Andre stepped on the elevator. I noticed right away a tall lanky young 20-ish musician  like fella with girl hanging off of him.

It clicked….. My conversation went like this..

Deke- “Hey man you’re the singer from the opening band at the Kiss show last night right?”

Singer Guy- “Yeah man…

Just than I realized here’s Andre and the Singer Guy who Andre had called his band about 12 hours earlier at the concert  “Crappy Kiddie Punk!” face to face in the elevator.

At that moment I could have told Singer Guy what my buddy actually thought of his band  but as quick as that funny thought of picturing some white skinny  dude brawling in the elevator with Andre who in all fairness would have dropped Skinny Dude like a bad habit.Andre blurted out to the skinny dude guy about his band…..


Great Trip….








Aerosmith/Done Live With Mirrors (3-12-86)


AeroStoned! Yes Please! Came across this real cool SoundBoard recording from Worcester Massachusetts (March 3 1986) recorded for a radio broadcast  on the Done With MirrorsTour!

Aerosmith was plugging the Mirrors record and that is an album that some people well perhaps a lot of people either like it or don’t like it!

Tbone I can vouch for along with myself that we dig the 40 minutes of Stoned Up Garage Sounding Rock that Done With Mirrors unleashed on us 18 year olds at  the time of its release! Hell, so much I reviewed it!

This is a 15 song killer set with Aero Not A Crumbling But Maybe A Little Stumbling Around but it’s great live Rock! No Fixings just all the Slop Rock Trimmings we like around these parts!

Joe Perry,Brad Whitford,Joey Kramer,Tom Hamilton and Steve Tyler lay down a Sonic Boom that in all intent and purposes Lets The Music Do The Talking!

Boston’s Bad Boys sock it out of the gate with Back In the Saddle and all the classics are played! Same Old Song And Dance,Big 10 Inch,Sweet Emotion,Walk this Way,Train Kept A Rollin,Last Child,Toys In The Attic,Last Child,Dream On(with a crazed out ending that is Ummm….bizarre,different like Tyler collapsed on his piano/synth…

Steve in between songs at one point says there recording this show for a live album. Considering how loop de looped Aero was in concert  Steve man was on good behaviour as he nails all the lyrics but maybe someone had a chat with him as the tape was a rollin!

It’s funny that Aero never “Officially” released this as they put out or their old Record Company did the two “Classics Live” releases which were a total $$$$ grab!

Now with the AeroBoys plugging the current album some new tunes are played. 5 from Done With Mirrors are represented and it’s a shame once Aero sobered up they for the most part dissed this album but I gotta say I think it has some of Tylers best lyrics ever!

My Fist Your Face has to be in my All Time Top 10 Aerosongs! It oozes sleaze the lyrics ooze coolness! Check these lyrics out to My Fist below…..(video is posted at the top of page)

Hey Betty Boop you got me droolin’
I’m buzzin’ ’round your hive tonight
You played the hooky ‘stead of schoolin’
Son of a bitch put out the light
Thirteen year old hookers
Drag yourself right through the thorns
You wonder why the man’s outside your door
Junior achievers, got the old bull by the horns
Back in the saddle get ya s’more (some more)

My Fist Your Face is classic late 70s Slop Rock carried into the mid 80s Stoned Up Blues Rock! Tyler at the show that night dedicates My Fist to (boxer) Marvin Hagler.

Course with it being 2016 The Texas Rangers (Major League Baseball Team) got into an infield brawl with The Toronto Blue Jays as Rangers 2nd Baseman Rougned Odor punched Jays Outfielder Jose Bautista right in the kisser!


My point being how about …My Fist Bautista’s Face? Does that work?  Seriously though what a super-duper track!

Sheila is another newbie that slips and slides into coolville. Sheila rocks with a swagger like stomp delivered by Steve and The Boys.

The Hop is  one of those throw together jam like tunes that only Aero could pull off and Tyler man blasts his  brains out playing that harmonica. Think Aeros Milk Cow Blues from Draw The Line sped up on a 78 rpms! Well Aero was literally Hoped up on something folks!

Ahhhh yes Let The Music Do The Talking…love Perrys slide playing and this song takes off like a rocket! Great verse,heavy-duty chorus followed by more Perry slide….Yessssssss!

Speaking of slide guitar She’s On Fire is another dialed up like sleazeball piece of rock! Great lyrics and this has to be one of those 4 am toss togethers that 30 years later (Holeeeeee Sheeeeit!) still sounds real good ….

The real surprise for me in this set list is the rarely played No Surprise from 1979s Night In The Ruts. This tune is pure brilliance lyrically,musically. It’s all wrapped  up as Tyler explains in his lyrics what Aero went through….

So for Aero being messed up they could still knock out Gems of tracks ….Crank the video and sing along with Steve-o!

“No Surprize”

1971, we all heard the starters gun
New York is such a pity
But at Max’s Kansas City we won

We all shot the shit at the bar
With Johnny O’ Toole and his scar
And then old Clive Davis said
He’s surely gonna make us a star
I’m gonna make you a star
Just the way you are

But with all his style
I could see in his eyes
That we is goin’ on trial
And it was no surprize

The boys kept kickin’ ass
As usual time would tell
But some bitch in the choir
Throw water on the fires of hell
She loved to show and tell
Lord, she loved to tell

But with all our style
You could see in our eyes
That we is still on trial
And it was no surprize
No surprize
No surprize
No surprize

Midnight lady
Situation fetal
Vaccinate your ass with your phonograph needle

I say looky here
Friend of mine
You scratch like you need calamine
Flamingo boots, soles a creakin’
Still in love and Puerto Rican too

Ridin’ on wheels of hell
Smokin’ our axle grease
Oh, the backstage is rockin’
And we’re coppin’ from the local police
That’s right, the local police
Or the juctice of peace

But with all our style
You could see in our eyes
That we is still on trial
Baby, it’s no surprize
No surprize
No surprize
No surprize

Rock n’ roll, junkie whore
Got my foot inside the door
Knock knock, knock knock, knock
Nobody’s keepin’ score

Bad times go away
Come again some other day
Topaz and sazzafraz
Will keep the blues away

Candy store, rock n’ roll
Corporation jellyroll
Play the singles, it ain’t me
It’s programmed insanity

Could ever make a mountain fly
If Japanese can boil teas
Then where the fuck’s my royalties…aar
Yak yak yak yak ‘oow

100% dEKe Approved!

T-Bones Top 20 Albums Of All Time(2016 Edition)

TBones Sacred Top 20....
TBones Sacred Top 20….

This past Saturday(April 14/16)  Stick It In Your Ear reader Jon (who runs his own fantastic website which you should check out here by clicking the link and reading about everything Rock!)


posted on his FaceBook Page his Top 20 which Jon also said you could have easily done a Top 40 Fav Album List! True That!

Jon had some real cool albums such as Whitesnake(Slide It In) Y&T (Meanstreak) Motley Crue(Shout At The Devil) and KISS Alive amongst others!

It got me thinking about my Top 20 (a few months ago we did a Top 15  list with fellow WordPress Bloggers which was a ton of fun to see people’s tastes in music and books etc). So via Jon’s page I clicked the link and voila right to the page to enter my Top 20!

It was easy to do and entered in my Top 20. So I linked it right to Facebook went my list and first order of business was issuing a bit of a fun challenge to others as what your favourite 20 albums would be!  Only could  be studio releases(no live albums) and one album per artist as I would have loaded up on VH, old Aero,old Kiss,Maiden,AC /DC and that would have been it….hahaha…No Cheatin!

Tbone(whom I have known for 4 Decades!) right away came through in the clutch as he posted right away  his list ( T’s list is at the top of the page) and it was great to compare! A buddy of mind Tony also posted his Top 20 but he broke the rules with  as Tbone typed  “19 Anvil compilations and High N Dry don’t count!” Hahaha….Seriously though thanks for participating  Tony and how about a  shout out to Blackie Lawless!

My Top 20 you can see posted just below……

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 3.32.42 PM

It’s cool to see and compare lists with Tbone….I thought a post about Tbones Top 20 along with my usual smart ass comments would be a fun thing to talk about ….Shall we…?!

We are on the same page with The Cults Electric and Guns N Destruction albums and it’s kinda cool to see that back in the year that both of these albums were released (1987) myself and Tbone turned 20 years young and that Guns had opened up for The Cult on the Electric Tour! Yup groundbreaking info here! Hahaha…..

Of course Rush would be there as Tbone tossed in Moving Pictures which was basically our introduction to Rush that year of 1981 when we started at Lakeview High School and quickly learned that Rush had played at our very own School back in 1973!

I was very surprised and glad to see Maidens Number Of The Beast (1982)on there! Ha….Tbones parents  at the time probably thought he was gonna burn down a church after they could hear the  Air Raid Sirens wails of “6-6-6 The One For You And Me!” resonating from his bedroom. I’m sure his parents were relieved when they heard Bryan Adams Reckless(1984) which itself is  a solid pick T!  It is indeed an all time slab of great  CanRock that even to this day does not sound dated! Another great call is Tom Pettys solo album Full Moon Fever and its 40 minutes of an Ass Kicker Album!

Speaking of Maiden a few sentences back I went with Seventh Son Of  A Seventh Son! Moonchild is one of the best opening tracks on any Maiden album….EVER!

I take full Blame and responsibility on Tbone hoping aboard the HALEN Tour Bus Sonically that is and it didn’t surprise me in the least to see Fair Warning (1981) on his list! I mean any of those first 6 Dave Roth Albums could easily be in The Top 20 no problem! Speaking of Roth.  Bam! Here comes Eat Em And Smile (1986 ) and with that kick ass musical combo Dave had behind him(Vai,Sheehan,Bisonette and Tuggle) we spent many an hour chatting up songs like Bump And Grind,Big Trouble and Elephant Gun and wishing we were Dave(1980s Dave that is)….Another great pick T!

U2 with Achtung Baby we both could have  had on our list easily and perhaps I should  have as well but man Bono annoys me …..Achtung though what a brilliant album and along with the production angle of Lanois/Eno is so groundbreaking and to this day  to my ears is still one of the best sounding studio albums! Not as good as Rick Rubin’s produced Cult  Electric Album mind you but Achtung holds it own..

Great call on ZZ Tops Eliminator Tbone! Man how could I miss that one? I could have easily bumped out Cheap Tricks Dream Police for that  It goes without saying  that Tbone dug deep into this list and pulled out some Gems! After which Tbone drank deep into his Scotch! Haha…

Safe to say Standing Hampton(1981) by Sammy Hagar   is the Ultimate Shock A Roo! What a fantastic add! I just about spilled or was it spit out my coffee at that pick… Like I said earlier T did his homework and stepped up! Course this album features Heavy Metal and One Way To Rock but how about I’ll Fall In Love Again and Baby’s On Fire….easy peasy pickins! It’s a great album as it has a good sound as Sam I Am hadn’t fallen Into those 80s trappings of whiney  synths!

Nice to see Tbone select Stone Temple Pilots (1994) as well here with the Purple album and this was when we saw STP open for The Stones in Toronto on the Stones Voodoo Lounge Tour! Not to be outdone I selected Superunknown(1994) by Soundgarden! Man I love Cornell’s voice! Limo Wreck is a classic ! The Stones both made our lists with Tbone selecting Sticky Fingers and me going with Some Girls! Another band match was Zep with Tbone tossing down Zep 4 and Ol DeKEs dialing up Physical Graffiti!

Tbone rolling with Aerosmiths  Toys In The Attic and myself choosing Rocks are actually no brainers as it proves without a doubt that me and Tbone like our Aero slopped up  when Steve n Joe were loaded up on party treats (special mention must be given to Done With Mirrors) and wrote real cool songs before they became that AeroSap Band doing soundtracks and wanting to become something they weren’t ….

Another Shock A Roo pick from T would be Mr Books favourite band Sloan with Navy Blues! How can you go wrong with She Says What She Means,Izzy and Angus and the classic DC stolen riff of Money City Maniacs! Exactly you can’t! Did not see this one coming as well but a real good pick!

I went with another Canadian Band and that’s The Tragically Hip with Road Apples (1991) actually any of their first four  albums I could have picked! I love Road Apples as it reeks Canadiana,smells of Weed  and Cold Canadian Beer! ” You Just Hit Me Where It Hurts,I Guess It Felt Quite Primitive!” Bellows lead singer Gord Downie during Twist My Arm! Great track!

Bon Jovi with New Jersey(1988) made Tbones cut and fair enough as it was a strong album (the tour for it was a real good show)and still holds up well by today’s standard! Too bad Jon has currently disintegrated  a once great act into a big pile of Music Poop!

Tbone sneaks In Collective Soul’s (1985) self titled second album which  is a great rock record. Ross Childress plays some real supped up leads while Ed Roland is a talented singer songwriter! My only knock are the drums sound programmed but still great songs especially the opener “Simple!”

Before I let you all get back to reality(thanks for reading)  how could we not talk about AC/DC pre Axl Rose era! T says Highway To Hell(1979). DeKEs says Flick Of The Switch(1983)Can’t go wrong with either! Tons of salty lyrics (Rising Power and Beating Around The Bush) Lotsa Angus! What more do you need?

Def Leppard  with its mega zillion selling album Hysteria (1987)  made TBones Grade while I prefer the hard rock stylings of High N Dry(1981). Both are classics and like I have said in every Lep review I have done that once Steve Clark died lots of creativity in the riff department went to heaven with him…..

Holeeeee Shatz! This kinda went on but it was fun to go down memory lane sonically with my pal of 40+ years! (WHUT?) Thanks for reading and well….

As you were!





Aerosmith Nine Lives Live …….

Aerosmith/Jonny Lang….Aug 14th/1997/Minneapolis Mn/Target Center

So the Aero juggernaut landed in the State of Minnesota and along with myself and Tbone we had a special guest with us and that would be my wife Sue who was along for the ride(as well as she was 6 months pregnant with our first daughter Kylee!)

When me and Sue first met(1994) I don’t think it took her to long to figure out that i was a music junkie and in hindsight she listened to me babble on and on about bands,music in general and she would sit there and just  listen  and man in the year of 2015 I can’t believe sometimes she didn’t toss me out back in 94 as I would have tossed myself out! Ha!

Sue liked music but didn’t have much of it. She told me she was at the Black Crowes show here in Tbay back in 1993 a show I loved her not so much as she said the songs went on forever! Hahaha…sooooo true but I did not hold this againest her!

She did say she always wanted to see Aerosmith live as she was a fan of Steve Tyler so it was a no brainer that when tickets went on sale for the Nine Lives Tour we were in and Tbone as well. So there we are two dudes hanging in the U.S. Of A  with a pregnant woman! Haha!

Nine Lives…..Puss N Booty!

Jonny Lang was the opener and he played a real cool opening 45 minute slick set! His album and the title track Lie To Me were all over video and radio that summer. Also opening for Aerosmith in front of 10,000 plus fans every night can’t hurt either! Myself,T and Sue loved Lang. He had a real cool voice,played a real cool strat and had a good tight band to deliver the music! Plus I think at the time he was like 16 or 17 years old ……Yep you read that right …..

So there’s the big Aero Curtain draped over the stage and they had all this Nine Lives Literature and images over it and before to long you could hear a cranked up sitar and percussion and as it got louder you could hear the opening few bars of Nine Lives and Tyler doing his chesire cat screeching and Brad Whitford and Joe Perry laying down some feedback that echoed throughout the Target Center and before long theres  Joey Kramer,one of the great rock drummers ever smashing the shit out of his snare and along with Tom  Hamilton on bass crank the voltage up ….

BOOM…..curtain drops and there’s Aero 97 ….

Nine Lives is the opener(see video above) and its a ACDC like straight ahead rocker with Whitford playing the lead guitar on it and man and we’re off and running. Aero doesn’t ease off the gas as they launch straight into Love In A Elevator and of course the crowd sings the ‘oh oh yeahs ‘ at the end of each verse and Perry and Whitford lock and stock the solos together and man I dig the solo by Perry on this tune. He melds cool and guitar playing together like no one else……

Falling In Love (is hard on the knees) the first single from Nine Lives is the third track played and I always have and still do like this tune! The chorus is good as it ramps up and I like the snippets of horns used as well plus I love Tylerisms like when he sings “don’t give me no lip I got enough of my own!” Ha ….

Up next is for the pre MTV generation (myself and Tbone) and that’s Same Old Song And Dance! Great story about a wife’s aggravation, cocaine and lawyers what else do you need to make a great song and oh yeah Tom Hamilton lays down a superb bass riff at the end of the song while the rest of the guys just jam out the riff….great song back to 1974! That’s the great thing about Aero they know there’s the MTV crowd but they also know there’s the old school farts(hello once again to myself and Tbone) that devour this kind of stuff……Gold!

The current single at the time Hole In My Soul is played. It’s a ok Aeroballad. There are superior ones than this one(Dream On) and there are aweful ones that are real bad(that Armageddon sell out sap track! Blah) the one cool thing they did do to this tune was add a verse of Cheee Cake(from Aeros 1979 Night In The Ruts album) at the end of Hole In My Soul….ha now that was a cool move Steve-o!

Monkey On My Back along with tons of Perry slide guitar is dealt and were kinda into the MTV Aero portion of the show. One of my favs from the MTV era is Livin On The Edge! What a great well written track! Love that even though Aero was playing the game somewhat they released a 6 minute track and and stuck to there guns on it! The middle part of the song before Perrys solo when Tyler sings “Tell me what you think about your situation…” The riff that Perry and Whitford play man….it’s Awesome!

Pink is a mid tempo AeroRocker complete with Tyler and his trusty harmonica(kewl) Pinks a decent Aerotune but man with a catalogue as deep as Aeros there’s  better! But as I have said before I wouldn’t tell that to Tyler’s face but I would tell him Tbone said it!

RagDoll complete with Perry Playing his steel guitar gets the crowd pumping and the MTV Generations peeps are bobbing up and down and just yucking it up! I have to agree, for MTV Aero I diggity this tune ….” never leaving by the back door Maaaaaaaan!”

Taste Of India follows and i just love this tune and so does Aero as two huge inflatable  Cobras flank each side of the stage and they weave and bobble around! This track is awesome start to finish! It’s just a plain great Aero track! Splendid friends…just splendid!

Janies Got A Gun one of the biggie singles from the Pump album of 1989 is played and it features Perry playing a great acoustic solo…….

Wooooo Whooooo now it’s time for some Rocks material and that would be Last Child and as added feature Aero brings out Jonny Lang to jam it with them! What a great track one of the best…dig the Aero shuffle driven by Kramer on his drums….

Joe Fuckin Perry as he’s introduced by Tyler launches into Falling Off the track that didn’t make most the domestic versions of Nine Lives just available to the Importers! Slick sneaky move Aerodudes!

More Tyler Harp is displayed on Big 10 Inch record and it becomes one of those long AeroJams that just  takes a life of its own! Lyrics and guitars make this a Aero classic which came from 75s Toys In The Attic!

Any of you diehards up for a 10 minute blast of Jammo supremacy of a song called Rats In The Cellar! Me and Tbone squealed with delight as we were transported in time like as if we were watching Aero on there 1976 Rocks Tour! That would have been something to have seen! I recall Tyler jiving the maracas, while the rest of the dudes just slammed there instruments hard! The MTV crowd in attendance were lost for this part of the show! Ha! Get educated in AeroRock Folks!

Dream On,one of the greatest  all time Aeroballads is played and Tyler even sings it how he sang it on the Aero debut from 1973 in a deeper voice! This is how it’s done folks! Kinda wished Tyler would have tossed me the “motherf*^ker comes back to you” like he did on the Live Bootleg release!

Cryin and the MTV’ers are happy in a snap crackle pop kinda way! Cryin I dig as Tyler blows that harp! Ha! He’s one talented cat man and one of the best frontmen ever!

Joe gets into the talk Box and Hamilton plays that opening bass riff and we all know what that is! It’s time for a little Sweet Emotion and we all know the tune! Man the end of it live is always washed in a ton of feedback from Mr Whitford and Mr Perry ..show is over kinda!

Ha I’m fooled Aero rips into Mama Kin! What a great all time classic! Kramer keeps the bus on the road with his groove! The dude is a monster on the drums! One of the Best! Aero blasts it straight to the finish line!

Ok…..now the show is over!……kinda!

Aero saunters back out and dives head first Into The Farm a track that myself and Tbone did not see coming to say the least! Ha! The Farm is a great track. It sounds kinda like  Aero Looney. I love the off beat musical stylings of the track and Tyler’s lyrics are zoned out as well(could be autobiographical!?) love the ending of this tune where it sounds like the band is coming unglued but you know they aren’t!

Dude Looks Like A Lady keeps the encore going and this as we all know resurrected Aeros career well helped i guess as the Run DMC/Aero collaboration of Walk This Way was that song that put Aerosmith back in the spotlight well……forever! The MTV fans rejoice ……

Speaking of Walk This Way its the wrap up of the show it’s the end folks! Joe Perry solos and solos with Brad Whitford while Joey Kramer smashes the shit out of his cowbell and bammo just like that the old diehards and the MTV crowd can agree on this song and we all fill out of The  Target  Center in the August air knowing we are all one! Hahahahaha……that was a sappy last sentence……

Aero delivered one high octane rock show! They have to keep the diehards happy with the old school stuff and the late 80s early 90s fans happy as well! That night Aero succeeded on both counts! Nine Lives is a great Aero record and the show they put on was a great one as well!