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Wanted “Such’s” Or Alive!

So back in December 2017 I blogged about Alec John Such on whether he was going to show up to the recently announced at the time Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction.

I basically wrote how about Alec got the shaft from his employer (we all know who that is) and I wanted to shed a bit of light that Bon Jovi is not the same band  now  as it was back than!

Hey,I’m not the only one with the line of thinking. The law firm of HMO/Ladano and Associates agree with me as well!

Course Alec disappeared from sight but give the Man credit as he did indeed show up to the Hall induction which was good on him!

So much to my amazement a few weeks back a comment  for moderation came into my inbox and it was from Alec John Such.

Yup a simple comment of “He Did” meaning Alec did indeed show up…

Was it him actually checking out my post? Or is it just some smart ass messing around? Perhaps and kudos to ya…

I forwarded it to Mike and we figured out some stuff that maybe it was Mr Such! Not going to tell ya’s how we did our detective work but we put it at 90% that it was him!

So Alec if you come across my site again. How about giving me and my  readers out here in Blogsville The Interview? Hell I won’t even go down Jovi Avenue. Just more of where have of ya been and a welcome back!

Keep The Faith!

Below is the the thread from my original post…

‘Such’s’ To Be You


Last week Bon Jovi gets their induction into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and now all the talk surrounds Jon Bon and who will show up meaning ex members Richie Sambora (who said he will show up ) and Alec John Such (nobody knows where he is..so who knows?)

Mikey Ladano in one of our group emails last week  name dropped Alec John Such and that got me thinking about doing this post. This is not a bash Jovi post. It’s a post that shows you how this band named Bon Jovi is a Business. Plain and simple. Jon is the CEO and everyone else is an employee.  Like anywhere if you’re not cutting the mustard you get canned. Alec was underperforming  in the Boss mans eyes and got fired!

Now remember this is all from 1994-1995 when this went down.  Long time ago but it is what it is and thanks to the internet and chat forums this shit is out there!

To be fair I seen Bon Jovi live back in the  day and that was August of 1989 and to be totally honest to Jon Bon when I was at the show I didn’t really pay too much attention to Alec as Jon and Richie were the main focal part so I will give Jon that!

Still though if all of this was true. I mean there is only one side to this story and so many years have passed but man its a hoot to read  and if AJS does indeed show up to the Rock Induction Ceremony next April that will be something to see but if not….

Write a book Mr Such…I will buy it! Posted below is the interview that probably helped AJS out the doors at Jovi HQ’s.

Below I posted the link (great read)where I got this article from. You can judge for yourselves. But the bottom line is Such got fired for spilling the Rock Beans and Boss Man Jon wasn’t happy….


Keep The Faith Friends…


Article published in RAW-magazine no. 154, July 20th 1994

In a special column on first page of interview the following semi-headlines:

The facts:
-Such has been banned by Jon Bon Jovi from doing any interviews
-Such is perpetually been treated like an ‘after-thought’!
-Jon Bon Jovi tells Such his bass playing “sucks”!
-Co-founding member is not appearing on the new Jovi LP!


Way back in June 1990, we printed a spoof list of ’15 least likely people to be interviewed in RAW’. Topping a roll of dishonour which featured Black Sabbath keyboardist Geoff Nicholls, Chris Johnstone of the Quireboys and Allanah Myles, one name stood proud. Alec John Such of Bon Jovi. It was intended as a bit of a laugh – admittedly a rather cheap one – but everybody knew what we meant. Poor old Alec was the man nobody seemed to know about, or care, too much about.

The media are always on the look-out for a juicy quote from that glamorous and charismatic duo of frontman Jon Bon Jovi and guitarist Richie Sambora, and it has been left to Alec, keyboardist David Bryan and sticksman Tico Torres to scrap amongst themselves for the leftover attention. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever read a full-blown interview with Alec John Such.

“I haven’t been allowed to do any if you want to know the truth” shrugs the four-stringer, who was in London to participate at the Gibson’s Night Of 100 Guitars anniversary show.“I was told that nobody wanted to talk to me and that came right from Jon’s mouth. For me it’s time for no more secrets. I’m gonna tell it like it is. Anything they said I did probably did, but I would lie for Jon and I have done.”

Does Alec feel that he has compromised himself?
“Put it this way, they say that you can forgive and forget. But you can never forget, you can just forgive.”

Alec’s ‘no interview’ embargo was placed on him for the whole of Bon Jovi’s last world tour. Was he banned because he said the wrong things when he was allowed to talk?
“I never really asked Jon about that, but I did tackle Jon about a lot of other things. For me, that was just the way it was, and I started to believe that people didn’t want to talk to me. After a while I realised it wasn’t true.”

One thing which was sorted out when Bon Jovi re-grouped to prepare the follow-up to 1992’s ‘Keep the faith’ was that Alec would not be playing on it. For a week before Such himself would confirm his non-participation, rumour had suggested that ex-Todd Rundgren bassist Kasim Sultan was taking his place.
“No, I haven’t split up with Bon Jovi. And no, Kasim is not doing the record,” he clarifies.“I’m gonna be doing the tour, but they’re using a guy called Huey MacDonald. I’m not doing the record with them this time, I have no desire to.”

Er …. Why?!
“Jon tells me I suck all the time, and I have no desire to get involved in all that tension again. Because I work better onstage than I do in the studio, it gives me the chance to do what I want to do out side the band. I love being on tour and change will help everyone when I go back because it’ll be fresh again. We still keep in touch and they still send me tapes. I’m just very honest with them now, whereas before I guess I wouldn’t have been quite so truthful.”
So how are relations between yourself and Jon?
“Now when I see Jon he’s fine. He knows I can’t be taken advantage of, although that’s maybe not the right word for it. I’m slowing down to smell the roses, and it’s not like I haven’t done all this stuff before. I never cared to be in the limelight for more than one day a week. Now there’s other things that have a higher priority; I really enjoy doing things like my Gibson bass clinics.
Now it’s a pleasure when I play out with different people,” he continues.“They ask me what kind of equipment I need, how the monitors sound for me. But with my band (Bon Jovi) they say,‘OK make sure Richie sounds good. Is everything alright for Tico?’ I haven’t experienced people caring about my requirements for a long time.”

So basically you became a bit of an after-thought?
“Yeah. But it doesn’t bother me anymore. There’s been a ton of good times. And there will be many more.”

Does Alec think that Bon Jovi have got out of control?
“I don’t really think so,” such says cautiously.“But what I intended it to be and what Jon wanted are two different things. I wanted to have fun, but then those guys wrote a hit song, and now there is so much pressure to keep having hit songs. I’ve always felt that you write a song and *others*(originally in cursive print) will tell you it’s a hit, you don’t write a song to be a hit and tell everyone,‘This is a hit song’.“

What happens if Jon writes a song that Alec hates?
“I don’t think I would say that I didn’t like it. I’m not a writer so I can’t criticise.”
Has he ever wanted to be a songwriter?
“I know how things work, y’know verse-chorus-verse, but that’s a God-given talent that I would know if I had.”

Jon is said to have smirked at the prospect of an Alec John Such solo album.
“I could believe that. But my calling is something totally different.”

Alec had better watch himself, as too many negative comments might just cause Jon to decide he’s not in the touring band either. There’s a million bassists out there, after all.
“When I decided not to be on the record – and it was my decision, which I took in the second week of January – I didn’t think everyone would just go,‘OK’. First off I called the guys who handle my money and asked them if I’d loose my house if that happened,” he explains.“They said as long as I didn’t buy a yacht every week I’d still be able to have a good life.”

OK, enough speculation. Let’s find out a little about Bon Jovi’s bassist. A portrait which appeared in RAW 151’s Jovi pull-out painted him as something of a mystery man. It is duly produced and Such nods quietly in agreement that his date of birth is indeed 14 November 1951. He chuckles when reminded of the T-Shirt he wore at Wembley Arena that said:‘Blow me … And Just Leave!’(“That shirt was a great idea”), but he wants to set the record straight about the eye-patch he wore on the last tour.
“My eye was infected. It was dripping away every night ad I had to put this Vaseline on it,” he claims.“That was the only time anyone ever saw me with an eye-patch. I wasn’t going or a pirate look because that would be nuts – but I *am*(again, originally in cursive) nuts in other ways!”

Such’s other hobbies away from the spotlight are vintage motorcycles and cars, personal computers and he’s also partners in an Australian company that makes turbo-chargers. But his biggest interest is amateur radio, something that stems from seeing roadies using walking-talkies at the Bon Jovi shows. Now that he owns his own set it’s grown into an obsession. He just loves ear-wigging on other peoples’ conversation!
“If people have anything crazy to say they shouldn’t say it on a radio or a cordless phone,” Such maintains.“I’ve heard many, many salacious things over the years. In Nashville we once got a prostitute on the line and she was telling her pimp how she was ripping off the punters. In LA, you start to get all the drug deals and sex phone calls.”

It takes Such several minutes to list all his motorcycles, and he also adds also owns a pair of ‘his and hers’ 1964 Honda Dreams.“You can’t teach people to ride on a Harley because it’s too big,” he explains with a glint in his eye.“They look at the lighter, 50cc version and go,‘It’s so-o-p cute, of course I’ll ride it!’“

OF Course, music is another huge feature of his life. Alec tends not to attend the big-name concerts, but he’s a regular at local New Jersey venues like the Fast Lane where he checks out smaller bands. His future plans include co-managing one particular fledging Florida act that he has already spotted.
“I’ve been spoiled for the big gigs. If I can’t go backstage and just hang out there I don’t usually bother,” he confesses.“If we go together as a band a commotion will sometimes start in the audience, and that’s not fair to the band you’ve gone along to see.”
“But I’ve been listening to new bands like Candlebox, Tool, Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins a lot because it’s so refreshing. People are calling it the Grunge scene, but to me it’s just Rock’n’roll getting back to its roots”.
“These bands aren’t embarrassed about what they do onstage; they don’t have to look a certain way and if they don’t have an instrument to make a sound they’ll go (mumbles noise like a didgeridoo), and that is great.”
Many felt that Bon Jovi went too far left of field with ‘Keep The Faith’, but such feels it didn’t go far enough. What he’s heard of the new record – which is “just about all”– suggests it won’t go too far out on a limb.
“I know how Jon writes and I know how Richie writes,” he says.“I put those two guys together. They should be patting me on the back ‘cos without each other they’d still not be writing right. Jon writes cowboy songs, they all start out that way. He needs Richie to harden ‘em up and turn ‘em into Bon Jovi songs.”
Our allotted time is vanishing, but Alec has enjoyed the experience. He has his bass clinics, he manages his band, he’d like to be more than just an anonymous face at the end of the row … but not a great deal more.
“This is a new facet of what I do,” he beams.“I’d like people to know a little more about me. I’d like them to come up to me on the street and be able to say something more than,‘Hey, you’re in Bon Jovi’.”

Bon Jovi/Slippery When Wet(1986)


This Jovi post is for Tbone’s wife Christine who is Toronto going to see her favourite band tonight. Tbone for Christine’s birthday emptied out his wallet  right down to the lint in his pockets and scored her an all-inclusive VIP Package for the show!

Tbone ..you are one great/broke guy! Seriously a round of Beers N Cheers as T has totally stepped up for Christine! 

I told Christine that I would review a Jovi album but only released Jovi output from 1984-1992. Her first choice was Slippery followed by New Jersey which I told her I had already reviewed a ways back! 

Slippery it is than! Of note in this review I flat-out refuse to post the videos from this release that we have seen a billion times over! I will though post  a clip of one of those as I call em Album Gems for you’s to watch!

I will say  however that High Five Hand Slap between Alec and David in the Wanted video is the best part of any rock video ever! Haha….Well from this genre that is……


Seen the ad for the  self titled debut in Circus Magazine and I was sold on it as Jovi looked like a rock band.  Purchased this on vinyl and it’s a pretty decent debut album with some good rock tracks…


So since the debut was decent enough a followup purchase on cassette  was in order when 7800 Fahrenheit was released. 7800 was not a hot album but kinda a clunker. Outside of the opening track In And Out Of Love and Tokyo Road  the album did not deliver. The production as well was weak/sterile sounding….


Jonny and crew hire Producer Bruce Fairbairn(RIP) and Bruce’s sidekick Bob Rock and proceed to high tail up to Vancouver B.C and the album known to everyone Slippery When Wet is Unleashed in the East! South! North and West! Basically all over!

The debut single You Give Love A Bad Name is released a month before the album hits’ the shelves and the song spurred on by the video lays down the law in some pre hype album curiosity for everyone ..well that would be me and Tbone!

When Slippery is released were all hooked on its great songs/singing/playing and production…..

For the record …Tbone always preferred this cover of Slippery! Just saying! ^^^

The Jersey Mafia!

Jon Bon Jovi – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, rhythm acoustic guitar (t
Richie Sambora – lead guitar, backing vocals, lead acoustic guitar
Alec John Such – bass guitar (credited), backing vocals
Tico Torres – drums
David Bryan – keyboards, backing vocals, horns* (Credits as Lema Moon which is his nickname).

Studio musicians
Hugh McDonald – bass guitar (wrote and recorded the bass parts, uncredited)
Tom Keenlyside – saxophone
Lema Moon – horns

Well the Great Alec John Such never played a bass lick on this studio album but back in 1986 we didn’t know any different. Give props to Such though while Jon/Richie and ensemble were recording Alec was trolling Strip Bars in Vancouver and living the High Life! (Just making this up but that is how I would have done it!)

The 10 Pack……

1. “Let It Rock” Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora 5:27
2. “You Give Love a Bad Name” Bon Jovi, Sambora, Desmond Child 3:42
3. “Livin’ on a Prayer” Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child 4:09
4. “Social Disease” Bon Jovi, Sambora 4:18
5. “Wanted Dead or Alive” Bon Jovi, Sambora 5:08
6. “Raise Your Hands” Bon Jovi, Sambora 4:16
7. “Without Love” Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child 3:30
8. “I’d Die for You” Bon Jovi, Sambora, Child 4:30
9. “Never Say Goodbye” Bon Jovi, Sambora 4:48
10. “Wild in the Streets” Bon Jovi 3:54

So as you can say by the writing credits Jonny has in hands in all 10 songs  while Richie riding shotgun contributes to 9. No to be outdone and since the 7800 album did not have a ‘HIT’. Song Doctor Desmond Child is brought in the mix on 4 tracks and two of these tunes shoot the band into superstardom and never looking back!

Let It Rock starts off with a ton of Keyboard Swirls by Bryan and before I can shout “Jon Cain” Sambora blasts out of the gates along with Tico on the drums leading the charge. Let It Rock is a good opener more of a mid tempo  rock track than an all out assault. Sometimes you do not have to drop the hammer right off the top and for a few bands like Jovi they get away with it!

Ok what do you say about You Give Love A Bad Name that hasn’t been talked/written about? Let me try to rewind back to 86 on my thoughts as opposed to 2017 where we have heard this song a million times! The first time I heard it I dug it lot’s and why not?! Features Jon and crew doing capella at the start and the band roars ahead spurred on by a huge Richie riff. Just an all out fun party track. Great solo as well and great  lead and backing vocals.

Richie borrows Framptons Talk Box and one of the biggest 80’s Rock Tune’s ever is heard and at the time you quickly realize that Jon is trying to be  the Pop Rock Metal version of Springsteen in the lyric department telling the tales of people down on their luck. The pre chorus into the chorus is the money shot which made the 3 songwriters here a ton of Cash! We all have heard this tune a zillion times.

Social Disease is good ol after rip of a party tune! Love the use of Horns on this tune and you can see how Aerosmith (1yr later) and  Motley Crue (2 years later) used the same Producers/Studio/Horns and crafted  their own masterpieces at times using Brass in their tunes.

Wanted Dead Or Alive once again I’m going back to 86 and when I heard this tune for the firs time I loved it as it builds slow  with the use of acoustic guitars and morphs into a electric Sambora kicker of a solo. Like the fact that Jon wrote about touring town to town as the video showed them onstage/backstage and made us all want to see the Slippery Tour.

Side 2 blasts off with Raise Your Hands which is another fun straight ahead rocker and you can hear the big riffs layed down and Jon telling us to ummmm…. Raise Your Hands!

Without Love to my years is an obvious single but It wasn’t for some reason than again this album produced huge singles so Jovi must have felt good that he could write a song like Without Love as a single and not use it. Good song actually with a pretty decent hook in the chorus…

Ok! Track 8 is my fav one on here and that’s I’d Die For You  and it just blasts out of the gates and even though in the first verse is awash with Bryan’s Synth Fairbairn never lets the keys take over the Loud Rock Guitar! Great everything about this song and for myself it  will always hold a special place for me as this was the second song in the Jersey Show that Tbone and myself caught in Winnipeg(August/1989) and as I called it my review of the show The Olympic Bra Toss as it rained Bra’s/Panties on those dudes on stage….

Never Say Goodbye was the big power Ballad which did nothing for me. That’s ok as Power Ballads were the obligatory release point’s by the 1980’s standards  So since everyone was doing them after a while i just got nauseous with the whole deal!

Wild In The Streets ends the album it’s a rocker track but for me it’s so so but the chorus is good basically Slippery ends for me after Track 8. Still though Wild  was an ok tune if I could stumble past the previous tune which wasn’t too often!

Holy Crap this was a real long review….U still with me on this Christine??

Jonny steps up and delivers and makes a bunch of fanboys on this album as Jovi had the looks for the ladies and the loud guitars for the dudes. Great album and put these guys on career path that they even survived past the Grunge Era…

Actually I was hoping Christine was going to pick 92’s Keep The Faith but she was The Boss on this one and made the call! Keep The Faith is an album I will tackle at one point so friends thanks for reading and….

Keep The Faith….  (yeah that was pathetic)

^^^ –Actually Tbone never said he preferred that cover I’m just mucking around with him…..

Than again maybe Tbone did say it!!


SONIC WAVES…Bon Jovi/New Jersey

I have to give credit where credit is due! For me I gotta suck it up and say that when Bon Jovi dropped New Jersey on our senses in the fall of 1988 we were all drinking what Jon was selling! What was he selling Deke you say? Well simple he was fronting one of the biggest bands In the world. I bought into Jon’s rock plan from about 1984 – 1992! After Keep The Faith the guy and his band of hired men  just flat out sucked and to that point I could do about 5 or 6 Jovi albums of  3/4’s Fillers but I cannot even get into tracking these albums down to give them a spin! Like seriously when he did that fucking goofy Hee Haw (country) record Left Feels Right? Hey if you love those albums I respect that I really do but  Geez people  the last great track you had been Dry County from Keep The Faith and then you punt the great Alec John Such from the band…ok I’m getting off topic but yeah friends New Jersey is a great rock record even today. It was produced by the great Bruce Fairbairn(RIP) and Bob Rock…….

Richie Sambora(gone) Alec John Such(canned) David Bryan (puppet) Tico Torres(no say guy) and Jon Bon Jovi(no comment) recorded and wrote some real good tunes here…..

Where’s Tokyo Road again?

LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME-the intro to this song is pretty damn cool i must say it ebbs and flows into all kinds of rock territory snippets of chants of “Hey” pop out sonically and then hope about you throw down some chill with what sounds like a hammond b3 with  Jon telling us to Lay..yada yada and then crank up the sonics the song rocks out of the gate and all is well here at Jovi HQ 1988! Sambora plays some big riffs and the drums and bass groove along real good. Granted Jovi knows the deal here but he cranks the attention of my 21-year-old brain at the time and opens the Jersey album with a real good track! Bravo Jovi i say!

BAD MEDICINE-heres some keys..and boom Richie Rich plays big Arena Rock power chords and wowzers did this song hook me back than. Jonny and company nail the chorus at the beginning of the track and I’m shooting up with some Bad Medicine myself! The song rolls with catchy verse,catchy chorus and insert muscle guitar solo for good measure and viola you have a mega hit that myself,Tbone and many million others are hooked!

BORN TO BE MY BABY- the hooks keep coming ….the band fires off out of the starters gate and throw down some Na,na,na,na,na,na! This is a good song and give it up for everyone’s favourite salaried lead guitarist R Sambora! You can see now 27 years later and even back in good Ol 1988 how big of a clog Sambora was in this band. I always dug the live version of this tune when at the end Jovi would nail down some harmonica….instant street cred! Check out the live vid!

LIVING IN SIN- you knew just knew it was coming yepper doodle folks the ballad. It’s so so in my books I mean it’s better than that God awful sap sellout song  Always that came years later. You know it’s just your typical proto type balladeer but the drums push it a bit so it doesn’t fully land in dulls ville! Interesting rock fact that when myself and Tbone caught the Jersey Syndicate World Tour of 1989 Living In Sin was the current single and they did not play it that night in Winnipeg! Wouldn’t have mattered if they had  I would  have went for a piss during it!

BLOOD ON BLOOD- this I guess you could say In the Jovi catalogue would be the were all for one and one for all song! The song builds it’s the kinda tune Springsteen would do if he was doing rock n roll steroids! It’s a good closer for side one and I also recall when they played this live you know they did the high fives and putting each other’s hands on each other like we’re brothers! Yeah I bought into the program and then I read a few months later that all the dudes are just hired hands! The word BRUTAL comes to  mind!

HOMEBOUND TRAIN- this song is awesome. Loud distorted guitar,distorted harmonica and real fast tune! No slouching and man this song just cooks and smokes! Tico mashes his drums and paces this track and bravo! What a way to kickstart side 2! Don’t believe me ? Crank the vid!

WILD IS THE WIND- I really like this tune it’s a well written mid tempo track that features Sambora jacked up vocally next to JON in the mix! Real good chorus and yeah man if I was the tin man I guess you could say I have a heart! Haha! This is how a kindish power ballad should be done. Why they never pushed this out as a single who knows but pretty cool never less! First power ballad vid posted here at Arena Rock! It’s official Jon Bon Jingles has taken over what’s officially left of my brain!

RIDE COWBOY RIDE- drop the needle and you can hear the cackling of the vinyl of Jon and Richies acoustics! It’s short tune like a buck and a half (1 minute 30 secs ) and boom guns are drawn into…..

STICK TO YOUR GUNS-big wall of Fairbairn sound starts this tune and it’s a good song,a slow groover of a track and Jon and company tell us all to Keep The Faith! Don’t give up and if you do take a shot of Bad Medicine!

I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU- Yep this song was huge in 1989 real huge all over Muchmusic and it padded Bon Jovi’s bank account forever! It’s a power muscled ballad and even though this tune really isn’t my thing it’s better than Living In Sin and others! Features actually some real neat axe work from Sambora! Of course Sambora carries this tune with the Boss vocally as well!

99 IN THE SHADE- gem man! End of the album Gem! This is real cool party time summer fun rock! Almost like a tune you would hear in the 50s but Jovi cooks it 80s style and it’s a romping good rocker! Real money is on the chorus of this track. I have to say man these guys were on a roll at this time which is very impressive considering they were following up Slippery When Wet!

LOVE FOR SALE- Richie and Funny Jonny get hammered on substances and roll tape with the acoustics with Tico on the snare and end the album with a feel good end of the album Gem! Love the lyrics…just simple good and goofy! Well done Captain Kidd/King Of Swing!

IN CONCLUSION- Yo! If you have been reading this site for a while you have probably been  wondering where’s the Jovi album reviews? Hahahaha than again maybe not! New Jersey came out when I was 21 and they rocked this record pretty good! It’s filled with all good things 80s! Big production,catchy songs, big singles, big(gulp) ballads and it’s all here for the pickings!  I give them credit they never did go down Cheese Wiz Avenue as much as others did (did I hear someone chirp Poison?) still I gotta hand it to these guys this is a great rock album……..just don’t get me started on after anything Jovi related after 1992!


Bad Medicine In The Peg


Bon Jovi/Skid Row/Winnipeg Arena/Aug 25 1989

So basically the biggest tour of 89 next to the Stones/McCartney was the Jovi Jersey Syndicate road show that waltzed its way to the Peg with me and TBone in tow! This show was packed to the rafters and leading off that nights festivities was Skid Row who were selling a ton  of records at the time with the big single being 18 & Life at show time.

Skid Row hit the stage to Makin A Mess and basically ripped thru the debut album. They were energetic and wired up with enthusiasm  even Sebastian Bach name dropped Thunder Bay at  the Winnipeg show. When me and TBone ever heard shit like that we just  laughed..like Jesus man..its Thunder Bay??? But hey Sebastian thanks for noticing that we drove 9 hrs to get to the show!


So once the  house lights are killed, on the screen above the stage were now backstage with the guys in Jovi and one by one they come out of the dressing room until the last two guys Sambora and Jon himself get the loudest cheers and bam were into Lay Your Hands On Me and its shrieking women everywhere holy crap TBone were on a desert island except the shrieks are towards those two guys (Jon and Ritchie) and not us (two schmucks from Tbay) damn…oh well and man it’s loud,no not the band but the crowd. I guess this was Jovimania 1989 style. Were not even thru the first song and  its an Olympic Bra toss to the stage!

So once my senses are a little clear from the crowd I realize there having issues with Jovi’s mic and it’s only about halfway thru song two I’d Die For You that all mic issues are resolved. It’s becoming pretty evident about halfway thru the show that the first two albums are gonna be ignored and they were. Nothing was played off of the debut or  7800 Fahrenheit ! Bummer I was hoping Only The Lonely would be played so David Bryan could reprise his tuff guy role from the video ,sadly tonight it was not meant to be! All the hits are played but I wish they would thrown down Homebound Trainimage

JBJ was on the front page of the Winnipeg Sun.
JBJ was on the front page of the Winnipeg Sun.

or sumthin but na only so much you can plug even there current single at the time Living In Sin wasn’t even played. That’s how deep the Jersey album was with singles. That and  Leppards Hysteria must have had at the time the most released singles from said releases.

The stage was a slick-looking affair with no obstruction behind meaning they sold seats behind the stage was packed as well I think about 16,000 and it has to be one of the most packed Peg arena shows I ever seen. When they played Let It Rock the lighting truss lowered from the ceiling(see vid)  and Jon and Ritchie could run the length of the arena  just above the floor crowds heads. Pretty damn impressive. You can also see the lighting truss effect on the Lay Your Hands promotional video.

Born To Be My Baby,Wild In The Streets,You Give Love A Bad Name,Wanted,I’ll Be There for You,Bad Medicine,Blood On Blood were played as well as a cover of Were An American Band.

For the time this was THE big band in the year 1989! I still have never been to a show since where the women were screaming like there was no tomorrow and that’s how Jon the corporate guy liked it.  This equals -$$$$$$

2014 I couldn’t care less about this guy and his music. I will say New Jersey has stood the test of time perhaps it was this tour but the album as a whole is very solid.


It’s been years since I left the Jersey Syndicate due to well after Keep The Faith I found there albums lacklustre  to say the least but back than me an T were full-fledged card-carrying Jersey Syndicate members so no complaints back that night in August /89.

Give Jovi credit though and I will say that he had one impressive show back than….