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Back Covers: Alice Cooper-Constrictor (1986)


Alice Cooper really came onto my radar back in 1986 when the Coop released the video The Man Behind The Mask which was the tune that was plugging the Friday The  13th  horror movies that seemed to come out every 6 months back then. 

I didn’t care for the movie but the song intrigued me as MuchMusic actually had it on their rotation at the time.  

Cooper I knew had released many albums before this one but he was off of my radar and the movie tune piqued my curiosity so much so that when Alice released his Constrictor album I was onboard.

For many in 86, Constrictor was the return of Alice for me it was my introduction to the music of Coop. I bought a few new releases on cassette tape that year and Constrictor was one of them. Love the cover for it.

It was a good listen in the Walkman at the time when riding my bike around or walking to school. The production was handled by Beau Hill who I knew from seeing his name on the back of the records he produced for RATT.

Even the song titles are 1986. Thrill My Gorilla or how about Trick Bag.  Need I say more? Kane Roberts the Rambo looking dude on Guitar did a bunch of co-writes with Alice on this album and look who is slapping Da Bass. The one and only KIP WINGER!

Yep, before the Winger song “17” went up the charts a few years later in 89 Kip was learning the ropes with the Coop! A pretty good education in rock don’t you think?

A few months back I posted a BackCovers post on Mellencamp’s Scarecrow album that had all the lyrics printed on the back cover which I thought was a brilliant move as I had no idea until I picked up  Scarecrow used on vinyl last year.

Coop follows that path as well. It looks like a continuation of the front cover which would have made a pretty cool gatefold.

Constrictor albeit its tinny sound on the production is a fun listen in 2020. Good on the Coop whose career took off back in 86 and is still going strong in 2020!