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STP/Tiny Music…..(1996)

Well actually the full title to the third Stone Temple Pilots record is Tiny Music…. Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop.

1996 brings indeed a new STP record and another fine batch of tunes from Weiland/Eric Kretz and the DeLeo brothers Dean and Robert.

Basically another strong album from these guys…

Let’s get into this shall we?

A real chill vibe of almost an  Hotel Bar like vibe instrumental (bass/keys/guitar/drums) calling itself Press Play slams right into…

Pops Love Suicide a song in which the guitars are a buzz sawing and you gotta love Brendan OBrian’s production which keeps the sound of this record raw not too much polish. Weiland as he always does takes over vocally and this is a great opener. Sounds like the song is going off the rails but in a  cool kind of way…

Tumble In The Rough features Kretz slamming his drums forward thrashing about as the lyrics has Weiland not eating/not sleeping basically a ton of trouble coming on down, Robert lifts off a great solo as the band shifts into overdrive.

I love Big Bang Baby with that sleazy like guitar riff wrapping itself around the drum and bass line and what is even better is the video of this tune. Dean DeLeo is on another planet man! Haha….

Lady Picture Show is another great track which when it slinks into the chorus reminds me of an STP/Beatles mashup.  Love the vocal. Weiland is rock guy personify!

The band shifts into a lower gear with And So I Know which features a slow like groove almost a late night boozefest and everyone just wants to chill out with a nice atmospheric track. This song delivers it in spades as Kretz and his drums keep the track from going total soft! Great solo by Dean…almost jazz like!

STP ramp up on Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart almost sounds Weiland autobiographical love how he tackles the chorus as he’s “Not dead and Not for sale”

I love Art School. Everything about it! So cool. Lyrics/Music and how it goes right nutso on the chorus as Weiland and Dean go all Grungey even though its 96!

Adhesive is in another time zone as far as I’m concerned. Behind it lurks a little evil with those big blasts of power chords throughout and the song just gets filthy during the chorus. My Kinda Rock as STP does not play it safe!

What a great title in Ride The Cliche.  Another out there trippy like track as the song breaths at times during the chorus and then  STP goes all psychedelic during the verse.

Daisy you don’t see this one coming and once again STP tosses a curve ball and that’s just a short little music interlude with some more nice circa jazz like guitarist.

Things ramp up for Seven Caged Tiger as the song features some nice fretwork from Dean almost slide like guitar during the solo and such. A mid tempo tune to wrap things up at STP HQ’s!

You know digging into these albums this week was a great revisit. Both this album and 12 Gracious Melodies are excellent albums 20 plus years later.

It’s a total shame as Weiland is no longer here. STP had a run of some great albums folks and you gotta love the vibe of this band.

You had Weiland who was the frontman with the rockstar deal and the charisma. You had Dean DeLeo who played some great riffs while looking like he was on a whole other planet while his brother Robert with that slick back combed hair with the shades looks more like a CIA/DEA agent than a fantastic Bass player and writer which I should add. Wrapping up things you have Drum fella Eric Kretz who looks he just traded in his surfboard for a drum kit but plays some great patterns throughout STP albums.

A band and a Man missed!

STP/Purple-12 Gracious Melodies(1994)

A few weeks back I commented somewhere that I had 2 half-finished STP reviews sitting around for a while. John and James both told me to get em done! So I did and here’s numero uno!

Stone Temple Pilots right off the bat when they dropped the debut Core album in 1992 were a real good band. I dug that debut as Wicked Garden is just that. A wicked track as were a bunch of others.

So with a ton of sales from the Core album you knew the hype was going to be huge for the followup which is Purple which hit the streets back in June of 1994 and with lead off single Vaseoline speeding up the charts it was a quick purchase. Plus add the fact that  it was announced that STP would be opening for the Stones on there Voodoo Lounge Tour in Toronto it was a win win for both myself and Tbone as we had tickets to this show! (it must also be mentioned that Mr Books was present at this show as well!)

What a great marketing move whose ever idea it was not to print the album tracks on the back  cover. All that was printed was 12 Gracious Melodies.  Ha! Those funny Seattle Dude’s!

Scott Weiland(RIP)/Robert and Dean DeLeo/Eric Kretz put out a great record that is still great today…

From the opening track Meat Plow(great title) The Pilots lay down a solid groove almost Sabbath like with the gears a grunging. Meat Plow just has a real cool groove to it. Hey man Weiland has a bullet watch out! STP can play no doubt and ask Tbone as this album is lodged in his all time Top 20!

Vasoline was everywhere in the summer of 94! Such a cool wicked groove between the drums/guitar/bass and Weiland lays down the law with a great vocal! Still remember when they played this track opening for the Stones back in  94 with Weiland slipping all over the stage doing  his Vasoline  stage move! Such a great talent….

Lounge Fly features some huge sounding drums. Cool off beat like stomp featuring some slick like slide guitar from Dean DeLeo. Weiland to no ones surprise drops down an awesome lead vocal!

Ok! I will go on record saying that Interstate Love Song has to be one of my favourite tunes from the 90’s. It has all the great ingredients of a Classic Track. Great groove/Great vocal/Great  music and best of all one of the best choruses you will find anywhere with a real slippery like bass line from Robert who cuts through the mustard with Kretz and his drums! Must mention the real smooth like opening before the faders are pushed up and the song lifts off! PURE BRILLIANCE meaning PURE GOLD (in my book of Rock)

Still Remains keeps the momentum pushing forward with a real cool like Keith Moon smash a roo with the cymbals.

Pretty Penny shows us that these cats can shift musical gears and go all acoustic with some real crazed like rhythm changes during the chorus when Weiland tells us all how Pretty Penny is gone! STP can kick ass even acoustically…..

Back on board with some more Sabbath like music with Silvergun Superman(great title!) but they also chill out melodically during the chorus and they go right back into the Sabbath Doom cave with the verse that features some real like melodic like playing  from Dean! Tony Iommi would be proud of this one….

Big Empty has a smoke-filled bar like atmosphere during the verses in other words a real easy like vibe with Weiland and Dean playing  chill with some slide like acoustically noodling before the chorus ramps up and gives you a swift boot up the arse!

Unglued is so good as well as it stomps right out of the gate and slams your head against the wall. Loud pissed off rage and Weiland has this rage coming over him.. Case in point..

moderation is masturbation
what is what, and what makes you feel good
all these things I think about,
I think about
always come unglued

Dig the groove of Army Ants as it to goes right off the rails as Weiland starts singing. STP does not play it safe with tempo changes and man thats this tune. These tracks work well with a band like STP as they had a singer who could handle it and make it work vocally!

Kitchen Ware and Candy Bars closes the album with Weiland sings about “Sell me down by the river” as this mid tempo rock features a real nasty distorted solo from Dean that end’s this album.

My Second Album  starts a few seconds after Kitchenware and sounds like a 70’s tune with piano and Weiland’s voice and it sounds like I dunno an AM tune from decades ago. Those Silly Temple Pilots mucking around and good on them not taking themselves seriously!

What can you say about this album? A total classic and I would have to say along with Soundgardens brilliant Superunknown (1994) I would  have to say are the two best albums that came out of Seattle.

Alright, alright. I know a lot of people love Pearl Jam. I like PJ as well but these two albums are so good and hey it’s just this schmucks opinion as well.

You can see why Tbone has placed this in his  all time Top 20 as all the tracks are excellent.  No make that all 47 minutes 3 seconds of 12 Gracious Melodies are Classic!



Age Of Electric/The Pretty EP(2017)


2017 and Regina Saskatchewan’s Age Of Electric are back with a 4 Song EP that clocks in just under 13 minutes!

The Electric Men Are…

Todd Kerns – vocals, guitars
John Kerns – bass
Ryan Dahle – guitars, vocals
Kurt Dahle – drums, vocals

Great to see these Guys back in action where they had a decent run in the mid 90’s with the albums Age Of Electric(1995) and Make A Pest A Pet(1997). Like many a band A.O.E packed up shop for a  few years(17 years if you call that a few) and various projects by the members as in the Dahle Brothers  forming Limblifter while the Kern Brothers released the excellent Static In Stereo album. Todd as any rock fan knows  ended up slinging Bass in Slash’s solo band while also putting out the real slick throwback all Canadian Covers album with a bunch of Canadian Hotshot’s and calling themselves Toque which as you know I have reviewed!

The Tuneage…..

A.O.E have put out 4 standout tracks. It’s like after all this time they never skipped a beat which is amazing but the caliber of the vocals/musicianship should come as no surprise!

Kids Break Bones leads off and is a straight ahead rock track. Like the shuffle of the drums along with the short blasts of guitar riffs. The chorus is oh so good once you hear it will be stuck in your noggin for hours. Not to heavy and not to light in the rock department  but just a good well written track. Check the video I posted below …

“There’s an Elephant in the room” sings Todd and were off and running. John Kerns drives this tune with his Bass and its a another bonafide winner here. Love how the drums pushes the song towards the end while the guitars and drums shift gears. The Rhythm section of John and Kurt take over this tune!

Show Me Your Weakness kicks off with a quick guitar riff and this fast paced Rocker features not only Todd on vocals but I believe Ryan sharing the lead vocal as well. Nice vocal interplay between the two.

Keys ends this shorty EP with another great piece of  rock. Guitars set the pace here. These guys do know how to write slick choruses and Keys is another one. Todd sings “Keys are in the Ignition and the door is always open” Nice sonics with the guitars on not only this song but the other three as well…Vid is posted…

Real cool that these Electric Dudes are back in Action! This is a great little four getting to know you all again starter pack! Dig the fact that in 1994 AOE released the 4 Song Ep and called it Ugly. Now 23 years later here comes the The Pretty EP.  The Kern and Dahle Brothers on this EP dip back a bit in there sound of yesteryear  yet maintaining an eye towards the future which I hope results in a full-out album release…

Look forward to the AOE  show when it hits Thunder Bay April 7th at Crocks! Get tix here by clicking…


I will be there!





Pearl Jam/09/09/2005 Fort William Gardens/Tbay

Yup! PJ showed up! Played Tbay! In one of the biggest Blunders in Rock N Roll History I did not go! My Bad and a Rock N Regret if there was ever one!

But faithful  Stick It In Your Ear reader Robbo( whose the biggest PJ Fan I know) attended and being the Diehard he is gave me a soundboard recording of that nights show!( Stayed tuned folks as Robbo is gonna drop down some  words of PJ wisdom at this site shortly in his own Bloggo Robbo Post!)

My first thought when I dumped this show onto my iPod was the mindblower that this show was coming direct from the Old Dump (Fort William Gardens) and it was actually a recording from Tbay!

Folks! If your reading this from other parts of the world (Thanks) but seriously I can’t recall anyone doing this when they play Tbay. I know PJ record all there shows for the fans as souvenirs and what better way than to have that nights memento from the show you just seen!

I’m not even gonna bull shat anyone and announce to the  world that I know and own everything about PJ. Of course I own 10 , Vitalogy, BackSpacer and a couple of soundboard  shows….

So other than the fact that PJ is a top-notch live band I have taken some notes and gonna share some thoughts for you’s out there .

Before we proceed how about a shoutout to PJ themselves..Eddie Vedder,Stone Gossard,Jeff Ament,Matt Cameron and Mike McCready by all intent and purposes blew the doors off the Old Dump known as the Gardens that Friday Night ..

Musings and Observations From The Audio Portion..

1- PJ live is a beast and if you’re a diehard you know that right!? The Songs are played tighter than Pat Benatars Spandex circa 1981 and it’s also real noticeable that the guitars live are clean sounding (McCready and Gossard) ditch the whole Seattle mopey guitar sound of the early 90s and jam it out with a real cool tone.

2-Eddie Vedder says a few things and their classic like ” Thunder Bay is the smallest show of the tour and the hottest. By the way how the fuck do you play hockey in here?” Vedder also talks about the importance of neighbours as in Canada helping out New Orleans which was submerged in water at the time(2005) as Eddie says his own country turned there backs on their own but Tbay even sent a boat out to aid in supplies sent to New Orleans. The funniest line is  as Vedder says ” I may be getting old but I can still fuck like a jack rabbit” Ha!

3-PJ toss in a cover of the Police’s Driven To Tears which in itself is a great track and PJ plays this tune brilliantly! I mentioned this to Robbo at what a great song this was and how PJ perfectly executed it live. Robbo said a lot of people in the crowd were like “Whut??!!” Not knowing it was an actual cover tune! Robbo we are officially Old Farts!

4-Even Flow is a Monster of a track! Gone is the grunge sound of the guitars and in its place is a clean vibrant sound not if that makes sense. McCready takes over and jams a real bunch of great riffs while Stone,Jeff and Matt hold down the Fort and I  could picture Eddie hanging off the ceiling and climbing around the Gardens like he does in the Alive video. I have no idea if this actually happened….sorry i’m tripping out…..

5-Save You is a real good track! Vedder is one of the few that can drop F Bombs galore during the chorus but it adds to the song and he makes F Bombs sound classy..hahaha…Fuck You If You Only Hear What You Wanna Hear! … Ament just assaults his Bass like there’s no tomorrow!

6- Rockin In The Free World is a 8 minute jam out with opening act Supersuckers and there’s even a little fellow (Ed’s kid? ) who almost steals the show….Classic


Set List From TBay…

Present Tense


Save You


Given to Fly


Even Flow

Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town

Light Years


State of Love and Trust


Driven to Tears
(The Police cover)



I Am Mine

Encore 2:
Last Kiss
(Wayne Cochran cover)
Rockin’ in the Free World
(Neil Young cover) (with Supersuckers)
Yellow Ledbetter

SLOAN/Live @ Crocks N Rolls/April 7th 2016


Sloan Live At Crocks N Rolls/Thunder Bay Ontario/April 7 2016

When it comes to Sloan I’m not gonna B.S anyone in saying that I’m the Biggest Sloan fan around. That would go to fellow blogger buddy Aaron from The Keep Me Alive Site. Aaron worships these guys and fair enough as Aaron has everything Sloan.(that would include 10 Studio Albums,2 Live Albums and some Compilation albums)

My collection consists of 2 Studio Albums .(One Chord To Another and Navy Blues) and 1 Live album(4 Nights At The Palais Royale) Yeah I  know I’m lagging behind but when Frank Laffredo (concert promoter) announced he was bringing  Sloan to his bar (Crocks) and Sloan would be playing the entire One Chord album front to back in one set and a second set consisting of Greatest Hits. I was sold!( A local writer wrote a preview and had interview with Bassist/Lead Vocalist Chris Murphy in which the opening of the article was written that with Sloan you know at least two of their songs? Whut? Haha..ok I think the general rock public could pick out more than 2 Sloan tunes even if you’re not a huge fan by the amount of Sloan that is played on the radio)

One Chord To Another was the first Sloan album I bought(back in 96) after I had seen  The Good In Everyone Video and was hooked by guitarist Patrick Pentland’s knack for writing a real slick under 2 minutes 17 seconds  of sheer guitar rock brilliance with a oh so goody hook line and melody added along for good measure.image

You quickly realized with Sloan that they had their own identity in a world of millions of bands and  these cats could sing and perform at a pretty cool level.( Drummer Andrew Scott and guitarist Jay Ferguson also sing lead vocals ) Why I didn’t keep buying all their stuff is one of life’s  silly mystery’s….

Once a date was set it was a no brainer with my best pal in tow Tbone it was off to the show we go. Crocks is a pretty cool place to see band’s with good sound,sight lines and lots of cold beer!

Crocks was packed for this show…..

So when the Sloan boys sauntered into Crocks from their tour bus that was parked  outside of Crocks it was kinda funny watching some girl (not realizing) she was blocking Andrew’s walk to the stage!  She almost hip checked him! Ha! She probably had no idea who he was …maybe she did?

Sloan launched right into Good In Everyone and man what a corker of an opening track! No fooling around. Patrick rips out one deadly short little sonic of a solo and holy crap these guys can light it up FAST!

Nothing Left Me To Make Me Wanna Stay is dialed in next and Chris takes over on lead vocals and its a great written piece of power pop.image

Chris being the lead guy/frontman keeps the talking between tracks short and tidy and the band just keeps it going. Autobiography is played  followed by Jay Ferguson who takes the mic on Junior Panthers and then it’s into G Turns To D which is awesome!image

Now here’s where it gets cool! Drummer Andrew leaves his drum kit grabs a guitar while Jay shifts to bass and Chris hops onto the drums.  Andrew does the lead vocal honours on A Side Wins.image

This is a real cool dynamic of Sloan and since this was my first time seeing them live(more on that later…keep reading)   you can see how they operate.

Drummer Andrew looking like Stewart Copeland from the Police (who was the drummer of the Police ironically enough) has a kinda aura about him with his dark sunglasses and Ball cap but the dude can play those drums on a minimal drum set(two cymbals) as well he plays a good guitar and sings decent as well.

Jay Ferguson who handles mostly rhythm guitar and sings the occasional lead vocal seems like the most laid back dude in the band. Seems like a real chill kinda guy..

Chris Murphy is always at stage centre. Not only does he sing and play bass but  toss in some drumming as well. He pounds the crap outta em! Speaking of his voice he can still nail those high notes and that proves another thing  that these guys have aged gracefully as their chops and  even their appearance has done them well. Train wreck does not apply to Sloan!

Patrick Pentland is the rock guy of Sloan. Not only does Pat play a mean six string  but he has one of those cool rock voices almost Ace Frehley 1978 like.  He takes his craft serious and that’s singing a ton of lead vocals while tossing out short shots of riff n rolls in the songs that he has had a clear hand in shaping.

Case In point when Sloan and Patrick launch into Everything You’ve Done Wrong it’s almost Beatles like except the guitar has some crunch live but the bass is very McCartney  and what’s  real cool is that the horns are used in the  solo section (sampled ) live  but I will tell Ya I love to this day that sloppy horn part on the studio version of this track. Still though live it comes across awesome  with a little more ooooomph added on top!

Must mention the dude who plays keys,slam’s some maracas now and then and does a ton of backing vocals. Gregory MacDonald is a valued asset to their live show and it’s brutal that whenever  you read a live review of Sloan the dude is never mentioned! Not here Sir! Mr M, Getting your due and then some!

Back to the show Anyone Who’s Anyone is played followed by Jay taking the lead vocals  on The  Lines You Amend (another real biggie single from this album) Take The Bench another Murphy sung tune is played followed by Patrick’s Can’t Face Up!

The opening set concludes with The Sloan Instrument swap a roo so Andrew can end the set with 400 Metres!

Well Done Boy’s….now go and take a breather and get back to the stage and slam them out….

After a short hiatus…There Back! Boom! Ramp it back up and that’s what the 5 dudes did! Song after song. It just keeps coming and one of my favs Money City Maniacs  is dealt! Love the opening  with the swirl of the police siren and Pat playing a Malcolm Young kinda opening riff and the stomp of Andrews drums! Fuck Yeah! Add in some lead vocal sharing between Patrick and Chris..Money City Maniacs…Joke,Dope and Alibi…..more please….

Unkind,Coax Me,If It Feels Good Do it,Who Taught You To Live Like That and another set highlight was when the Sloan instrument swap took place during Sailing Ships with Andrew strapping on his Gibson SG and man oh man! Sailing Ships is one of those Gems from Navy Blues and I hear some Beatles like influence except for  the fact that the sound is cranked up! Great Great Song…..the chorus  is GOLD!

Not to be outdone and a song I have not heard in years Losing California is played! WHUT?! How could I possibly have been asleep at the wheel on this one! What a scorcher as Patrick sings a real cool lead vocal and the backing vocals are top-notch! The Riff is here, the song just flat-out rocks….You cannot beat straight ahead rock tracks that are catchy as hell! This is one of them!

The Other Man and 500 Up ended the second set and Crocks was rocking. Sloan came out delivered a high-powered rock n roll (2) set!

Aaron had told me to stick around as usually a couple of Sloaner’s  will hang out and chat.

Chris Murphy hung around the merch table so I proceeded to get inline and get my copy of One Chord signed. Chris I tell ya’s out there reading this is a real cool down to earth chap! I told him it was awesome to see guys around  my age (48) still out there rocking it night after night. Chris said he was 47. He asked me how many times I had seen Sloan live. I retorted with ‘ my first time!” he quickly replied with a ‘where have you been man!’ HA! Fair enough and than asked what was my first live show. I answered Kiss! First show ever I ever saw live….Kiss/Dynasty Tour(79)image

Chris laughed when I told him the opener at that show was supposed to be Judas Priest but they bailed and it was a young John Cougar who got royally booed through out his set! Chris said he’s a pretty good pal of Kiss Biographer Ken Sharp…

Chris made time with everyone who stuck around. Great guy and good call Aaron!

Of course I had to tell Chris that I dabble in a Rock Blog at which he answered with a ” Don’t Trash Our Shit To Hard!’ Haha… As I was on my way out…

Great end to a friggin great night of Rock!




Our Lady Peace/Live(2003)

Oinks was the first guy I knew that bought OLP’s Naveed  disc back in 1994. Of course i seen the video Starseed video over and over again on Much Music but it wasn’t Til i seen Van Halen on there Ambulance Tour (1995 )for two shows in Toronto and opening was OLP!

OLP was a interesting opening act for Halen. VH as we know are party rock!(PoooooundCake!) OLP not so much. Case in point OLP covered Neil Youngs Needle And The Damage Done both nights in Toronto  so Ummm there ain’t no party rock happening there!

OLP did however find there niche somewhere in the upper registers of my noggin once Clumsy came out! Like thousands of others I was onboard and of course Supermans Dead with Raine Maida’s nasal drawn voice and there my friends is the difference from OLP and many others. Raines voice,you either dig it or you don’t,no in between  and fair enough the other cats in OLP had some real serious chops,Steve Mazur(guitar),Duncan Coutts(bass) and Jermey Taggart(drums) so there a band I dug my heels in with pretty much until the Burn Burn Burn (2009)album.

2003 and the chaps release a live album and thanks to my good friend Rockstar Supa Paulie he scored me copy (Thank Ya Kind Sir!) and well OLP called it LIVE!

Live was recorded in Calgary,Edmonton, Montreal on there 2003 tour and  it was also released along with a live dvd as well! Let’s explore shall we!

ALL FOR YOU-so you hear the crowd along with a bunch of feedbacking guitar with a little snippet of O Canada thrown in and BAM just like that OLP takes off with some real slower paced heavy crunch riffs courtesy off Mazur. Taggert on the drums is solid! Maida is interesting to say the least he weaves in and out with his lyrics and vocals and this is a big bombastic of a opener with a slower groove!

SUPERMANS DEAD-I’m sure most of us know this one right! ‘Whyyyyy why is Supermans  Dead’ hollers Raine in his off tempo off key vocal but man it works in this band. The Sonics of this track are heavy in a groove kind of way! Taggert drives the OLP Bus man! Seriously behind every band I like the drummer propels the ship! OLP dip in and dip out of grooves and that’s because Jeremy has spoken!(ha!) Get it!

NOT ENOUGH-this tune is a slow builder! Real atmospheric guitar almost spacey tripped out starts off but when we hit the chorus its a full out Rock Attack complete with driving drums,throbbing bass and power chords galore! Raine is off his high horse here but he keeps himself amused by hollering “it’s not enough,” over an over! When I think of big 90s Rock this track comes to mind! Always have been a sucker for slow builds and a  ramped up chorus followed by loud rock guitar! But you already know that!

NAVEED/LIFE-big time longish guitar kind of beginning and Mazur is locked in with Taggert and his snare while Coutts fills out the bottom end! This is a great  track man the prechorus into  the chorus just rock man and OLP mixes in there other tune Life and revert back to Naveed for the big send off! Ass kicker of a track!

INNOCENT- this is a good track in that I like the vibe of the verses better than than the actual chorus! The chorus itself is good not great I mean Raine does his high tweak “I’s” I dunno just something about this tune that just doesn’t resonate with me as much as other OLP tracks….

BRING BACK THE SUN-is a chill vibe kinda tune once again we’re in that part of the live show that I’m not feeling it with this song. In other words if I was at this show this would be the point where it would be a Beer Run or a T Shirt Run or a Piss Break! Maybe one of the three or all three. Who knows…..

ONE MAN ARMY-I like the studio version of this tune as well as this live version! Off beat drums super cool hooky chorus and man I’m a One Man Army! Cool driving bass line from Coutts as well! Love the goofy swirly fuzzy Synthy sound. Glad OLP ramp it back up with a real good solid rock rock track! Hey Tbone! You awake!?

IS ANYBODY HOME-OLP slam the breaks on and Raine sings about loneliness and he’s trying to send the message across via synthy swirls and a bit of a kick into the chorus. Mazur plays a decent chill guitar and rocks it when duty calls.

OUR TIME IS FADING-Raine tells the crowd if anyone wants to hear a new track that no ones heard! So be it now we all have heard it and to be fair even though it’s a full out rock track I don’t get it! Jeremy slams down  off timing beats and such but Raine goes all Squirrely vocaly and man I’m missing the plot here! Just a little too bizarro for my liking! Give me Wham Bam Amsterdam from Halens Balance than I know what your talking about….

ARE YOU SAD-OLP goes all trippy on this 8 minute performance! For my liking it’s about 4 minutes too long/slice and dice fella’s! I’m sure if your at the show and there doing there trippy off time chill vibish tunes complete with swirling lights(I’m guessing here) than that’s  one thing but to listen to it on the iPod walking it’s not a real foot mover! Song itself isn’t bad just live it drags ……

WHATEVER-tons of interplay between Raines vocals and Mazurs guitar. Whatever is late 90s hard rock post apocalyptic Grunger rock! Complete with kicking guitar feedback  and heavy devy drums.

CLUMSY-Wowzers! Now this is how a live song is done that blows away the studio version! Yep I said it! Clumsy is that song! Kudos for Taggert for adding some real cool added percussion bits! The guitars here are crunchy! How I like it live! Captain Crunch Sonics! A little more bite in the live guitar! Hey say what Ya want but this is a well written piece of Rock! The verses with Raine going off on tripping on shoe laces scuffing your skin just shrug it off,shrug it off Sez Mr Raine and by golly I will! The pre chorus and chorus are the  money shot as the band just lay down a infectious groove that will leave Ya humming! Ha! Watch the vid …..

STARSEED-we must be getting to the end of the show folks! Here comes the biggy track from the debut and Starseed is rocked! Pumping bass line and once the bass,guitar and drums lock it’s a loaded sonic attack! Raine is all over the map with his voice at times but this  one he steers the rock bus to the next stop! He’s meaning business and Starseed is one of those catchy tunes that 20 years later is still a good rock track! That’s saying something especially for this Ol Buzzard yammering about this…..

SOMEWHERE OUT THERE-Another biggie track from these guys it’s almost a post grungey power (gulp) ballad kinda,sorta and it doesn’t get soft but keeps a decent rock vibe clip going. A good well written piece of hard rock! Hey! Some bands can’t destroy the endings of there shows all the time! OLP just kinda rock it in a  different kind of way!  I mean this isn’t Bret Micheals show where your twizzling off pyro and ending your night with Talk Dirty To Me! No siree this is OLP leaving you all for some hope! Chances are you will get laid later after the show so what’s the big friggin deal?

IN CONCLUSION- Bada Bing….OLP for the most part deliver a pretty decent live album but there’s a few bumps along the way but overall I guess I’m being bitchy! These guys had a pretty decent run and by all accounts there still going today…….albeit the days of Arena runs are over for lot of these guys but there still out there  so give them that!