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Badlands:One Night Live In Boston(1990)



Badlands did not put out to much live stuff but One Night Live In Boston has slid through the cracks as a bootleg. I’m guessing it was an FM Radio Broadcast which has been Bootlegged a million times over since 1990…

One Night features Ray Gillen/Jake E Lee/Eric Singer & Greg Chaisson slaying a crowd with 9 live tracks that show the power that this act had. Yet many people missed a great opportunity  at seeing Badlands or buying their stuff..

Snooze you Looze as I say….I did my part did you? If not its never too late to check this stuff out!

1. Hard Driver
2. Ball And Chain
3. Devil’s Stomp
4. Dancing On The Edge
5. Rumblin Train
6. Dreams In The Dark
7. Winters Call
8. Purple Haze
9. High Wire

The band rips along as opening song Hard Driver leads off with Chaisson and Singer locking up in a Bass/ Drum mashup that is soon joined by Jake’s Guitar and Ray’s vocals…

From there its a great live representation of the debut album played along with a cover of Purple Haze tossed in for good measure! Ray sounds total chill when he intros songs but then again he rips these songs apart with his great voice as soon as the songs pick up steam!

The audio of this recording is pretty decent at times a little treble like but the Bass comes through pretty good actually.

Total drag that these dudes did not put out anything official live as I would have been all over that but thats the way it goes ….

I must mention that Badlands put out a third album titled Dusk. 10 songs were recorded basically live by Badlands in 92-93 but the songs were shelved as Atlantic Records didn’t like the direction and cut the band loose from its deal.

I do have Dusk and to be fair I have never really given it the due as the first two albums by these guys were STELLAR!

Ray Gillen though passed away in December of 1993 which was tragic as the world really never ever got to hear this guy sing..

Still though the music lives on so if you ever come across any of this stuff do pick it up as its worth the time and money spent!

Thanks for reading along Folk’s…..