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What do you get when you mix Ozzy guitar heroics  with some Zeppelin like based riff rock? Ya get Badlands.

The Guitars are handled by Jake E Lee. Lead Vocals are by Ray Gillen. Bass is handled by Greg Chaisson and Eric Singer is the Drum Dude!

Badlands kicked to the curb the Hairspray Antics Of Poison as they  could play and they fused a sound that was its own. They came together at a time that perhaps wasn’t as ready for them as should have been. It happens!



The song’s speak for themselves! Opener Hard Wire leads the Charge with Jake playing super charged rock riffs while Ray(RIP)  has the vocals to deliver. They had a sound that would be similar more to the 70’s than the late 80’s! Bombastic Rock I say!

The rest of the tracks are just straight ahead Blitzes of Hard Blues Rock(Streets Cry Freedom and Winter’s  Call are awesome)making  Badlands  a band that people should talk about.

Before the release of the next album Voodoo Highway (1991)drummer Eric Singer got a call from Ki$$ and it was adios amigos as was Badlands after an onstage meltdown between Lee and Gillen shortly after.