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Holy #%^* It’s Beatle Paul…


Thursday, December 7 1989/Paul McCartney/Skydome

Now I love me the hard rock lets not kid ourselves here but also in the 80s I got on a good-sized Beatles kick with TBone. We wore out his cassette copy of The Beatle’s  Rock N Roll Vol 1. We must have played Revolution a million times, anyways later on around early 89 I got the CD Wings Over America, and I just fell in love with that record. A triple live album which was unheard of at the time(1976) and it rocked!

Shortly after it was announced that Paul was gonna be playing Toronto (Dec/89) and as it was his first tour since 1976. I quickly did the math and figured if it took him this long to do a tour(first tour in 13 yrs) who knows how much longer till his next one( he tours all the time now)so I scooped a ticket flew to Toronto hooked up with some buddies and off to the show.

There was no opening act, but it was packed out like 58,000 or maybe more. So anticipation was building for Paul, cool and casually he strolled out under white light, waved grabbed his bass, and kicked off with Figure Of Eight it was a quiet freak out!

Then he played Jet, freakin got a little louder, than he played Rough Ride( another new song) THAN….he launched into Got To Get You Back Into My Life his first Beatle tune and people totally lost their shit in the Dome and from there it was hit after hit. The crowd ate it up.  I loved it man here is an icon belting out Live And  Let Die, Let It Be you name it he played it(no one ever talks about his bass playing=fantastic) and for the encore, he played the whole second side of Abbey Road. Man the Dome was bummed when his show finished he coulda played all night…

It was cool that someone posted the actual version of Got to Get You Back In My Life from the Skydome as for the title of this blog it was an older geezer in his 50s who belted out HOLY #%^* It’s  Beatle Paul! when McCartney launched into this song(the geezer was standing next to me I howled man)

Thanks pal wherever you may be……hopefully spinning some Beatles vinyl somewhere!