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SONIC WAVES…George Thorogood & The Destroyers/Maverick

You know back in my highschool years 1981-86 we all dug George Thorogood and his low down n dirty sleazy breezy slippin n sliding Guitar and why wouldn’t we?

A few years earlier George and The Destroyers put out the classic Bad To The Bone album with the mega hit title track and other cool tunes like Wanted Man,Nobody But Me,Boogie Chillin and for George he covered other artists tunes but I never heard the original versions so who gives a flying frisbee as young Deke is ok with George’s deal! In other words he took these cover songs( he had originals as well) and boogie woogied EM up to his own style and for young knuckleheads like myself and Tbone! Sign ussssss Up!

George and the Destroyers in 1985 release what I could say is my ultimate favourite George album and that is Maverick!

Kudos must be given to the Destroyers(Hank Carter on Sax,Bill Blough on Bass and Jeff Simon on drums) these guys cranked but in a different way! Blues, sped up shot back with a bottle of Jack laced with coke(your preference of which) and a swift hard kick of blues up the Arse!

Like Tbone sez “If you don’t start Drinkin,I’m gonna leave” naa,he never said that ….but it sounds  cool…..

GEAR JAMMER-4 times 4 straight out of the gate George rocker! The Destroyers are in the minivan slipping n sliding all over the place and man what a start! George hunkers down with his big white ass Gibson Byrdland Geetar and complimentary slides are included! Hank The Tank storms the gates with some cool Ol Sax …and what can Ya say! George is back and he told Ya so! Ha!

I DRINK ALONE-Yup the title Sez it all! This was the single from Maverick and it did quite well and it has that slow smokey Blues out brawl vibe that there’s gonna be trouble a brewin! The pace of the song sez it all and cranks up a little at the chorus! I guess George had a knack for doing Drinkin tunes. I can vision it now some record company suit telling George ” can you write some of those Drinkin tunes for radio?”

WILLIE AND THE HAND JIVE- George sings during the song  were “doing that crazy Hand Jive on MTV “now if there was ever a namedrop for self promotion that would be it! Ha! But let’s all hail Thorogood a mulligan and can Ya blame him? 1985 and not to many guys are out there like The Destroyers slugging it out with multi million acts while these guys were doing all right on there own! This tune has a cool off beat rhythm to it and it’s a good track! Sing it ” hand jive,hand jive ,hand jive ,doing that crazy hand drive!” Okie dokie George!

WHAT A PRICE-Georgie slows down the pace and that’s allright! You can’t keep the pace of Gear Jammin at full throttle! This is a good song and man the sonics are great on this album as they had Terry Manning he of ZZ Top fame producing these guys! Cool solo and just a great big Ol piece of bluesy cool!

LONG GONE-One of these days it won’t be long …you look for me, a me you won’t see! Ha! This song got tons of mileage out of Tbones tape deck In the summer of 85! This has to be my fav original Thorogood tune! It’s a joyride with George & The Destroyers. Quick guitar pickin,Hank blowing his brains out on the sax while Bill and Jeff hold down the fort with bass and drums! Crank the video I posted and you too can transport yourself back to 85 and pretend your in Tbones bad ass tank he was driving at the time and when all is said and done you too can realize just how big of Knuckleheads(word of the day here at ArenaRock)we were! Ha! Long Gone is just plain down n dirty awesome! I call it a Gem!

DIXIE FRIED-The cops are gone and I’ll be Dixie Fried! This is a Guitar players slide delight! George takes songs that aren’t his own and makes em sound like there his own! That to me is a great artist. This song keeps the album moving fast forward….great stuff!

CRAWLIN KING SNAKE-Cool Hand George plays some real cool slide with the kick drum providing the back beat! Kinda like along the similar lines of George’s One Bourbon,Scotch and Beer tune not that it sounds like that song but the best is kinda similar. See George…insert slide guitar here!

MEMPHIS-we have all heard this tune and George ramps the amps to 11 and blitzes thru this tune and you feel like your in Memphis man! Great cover version.

WOMAN WITH THE BLUES-slippery slider George plays this song with a slip n slope of slow it down boozey Blues  in this kinda Ummm would we call it a ballad,yeah we would CUZ George’s Woman Has The Blues! Hey Honey! If that’s the case go and crank Long Gone and wipe those blues away!

GO GO GO-this tune sounds like a Chuck Berry song and well it is! A quick little little ditty of a rocker tune thrown in with a added dose of slide guitars and Hanks Sax! Good end of the album song,well close to the end of the album!

BALLAD OF MAVERICK-Ballad Of Maverick is the close of this album. It’s George and his drummer dude Jeff clicking the sticks to keep George in line. It’s story time to wrap up Maverick! Thorogood man  I can see it now he just likes to slam it out loud with some serious loud slippery slide guitar,sax,bass and a side order of drums thrown in!

IN CONCLUSION-Thorogood man,loved this album upon release in 85 dig it still 30 years later…you kidding me?! My first purchase of this was along with Tbone as well on cassette tape. There was no liner notes,no credits nothing! It was years later when I rebought Maverick on cd that I realized when I seen the credits that out of the 11 tracks on Maverick,George wrote 4 tracks!

Thats the kind of talent George had I thought outside of the tune Memphis of course was the only cover song. Ha! Boy  was I fooled! That’s like what I said earlier George can take any cover and make it his own. Maverick proves this point to a T!

Great Album…..Still ……