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Black Sabbath/Never Say Die(1978)

Well folks this brings to an end my Sabbath January Sabbath Posts! I hope you all enjoyed reading it much as I had blogging about these albums! They are fantastic pieces of work. Now there’s been a method to my madness for doing the 6 Ozzy only Sabbath albums. My good friend Metal Todd has very generously bought me a ticket (and a place to stay)to see Black Sabbath/Rival Sons February 3rd/2016  in Vancouver British  Columbia! Holy Frigg,Yeah I’m Going! (full show review will be blogged about) I’m stoked. So myself,Metal Todd,his wife Nicole and another friend of Metal Todd’s named Naisan are going!

It’s gonna be F*^kin Killer!

Thanks a million times over Metal Todd and Nic!

I’ve been real lucky over the years to see some real stellar all time great guitar players live such as  Joe Perry,Brad Whitford, Alex Lifeson,Eddie Van Halen,Ace Frehley,David Gilmour,Keith Richards,Ronnie Wood,Adrian Smith,Dave Murray,Janick Gers,Slash And Izzy,Kirk Hammett,James Hetfield and now Tony Iommi! Man,just to hear the King Of Doom riffs ply his craft live is gonna be a real mindblower for sure!

So what better way than to prep myself sonically for the show than to review these Ozzy albums! The 13 album that Sabbath released a few years back was I thought very good and I will review it at some point but I just wanted to focus on the 1970s version of studio Sabbath output for now.

Up to this point I had never done a full-out one month series of a certain band and it ended up being a good listening experience!

You gotta hand it to guys like Mike Ladano that will post fantastic written blogs exclusively on one band and do about 15 reviews in a row. I got to 6… haha….

Speaking of Mike check out his fantastic site and read his DVD review of the Never Say Die Tour! It’s a sneak attack Friday Special. Click here Folks…..


I also must mention that Aaron from The KMA listened to all the Motley Crue studio albums (7 or 8 at least maybe more) in a week! After that listening expeirience Aaron said one of the greatest one liners every stated about listening to all that Crue in a 7 day span! The quote was “I Feel Dirty And I Need To Take A Shower!”


Ok enough babble……

Never Say Die is Ozzy’s swan song from 1970s Sabbath. By 1978 the wheels were coming off big time! There was a ton of issues big time with Ozzy who actually quit before the recording of Never Say Die and was replaced by some fella named Dave Walker but Ozzy returned to rejoin and record with the band. On the Never Say Die tour it was common to hear that openers Van Halen were giving Sabbath more than a  run for they’re  money shortly  after the tour Ozzy quit yet again. So I guess when it rains it pours …..

Technical Ecstasy (1976)was recorded in Miami(party,drugs,cartel and hookers are the first thing that come to my mind) whereas Never Say Die was recorded in Toronto in January of 1978(cold,colder,coldest and the Toronto Maple Laughs(Leafs) are the first things that come to my mind).

Does Sabbath have enough gas in the tank to punch out another album of greats? Mmmmmm let’s see….

NEVER SAY DIE-Sabbath nail Gold right off the bat! Listen to the video of this song that I posted as Bill Ward plays his role of Satan Jazz Drummer playing Heavy Metal! Holy Frigg the drums on this track are so good they shuffle at a clip and Its amazing. That’s just the drums folks! The rest of the lads Tony and Geezer lay it down with a real good mix of bass and guitar! Ozzy and his vocals are mixed perfectly here. Gone is the sterile studio sound of Technical Ecstasy replaced by a good studio sound. I have no idea why people bash this album but let’s continue on shall we?!

JOHNNY BLADE-a creepy Mr Crowley like keyboard opens Johnny Blade and before long Uncle Tony and his guitar ramble out of the gate. This is a pretty cool tune. Ozzy howls down during the chorus “Jooooohnny Blaaaaaade!” Bill and Geezer are locked n loaded and along for the ride!

JUNIOR’S EYES-I may need to be corrected here but I tend to think that this is the only Sabbath song ever just to have Geezer and Bill starting the tune off and keeping the bass and drums going right through the whole song in a mid tempo kind of  fashion as it’s Sabbath jamming and it’s a pretty decent song as well. Tony even cranks out some psychedelic like riffs.

SHOCK WAVE-Wow I just love this tune! It’s Happy Sabbath or would that be High Sabbath! Regardless this song has a real good verse and even a better chorus driven by Geezer’s bass and Ozzy’s lead vocal. Even Tony lays off the doom gas pedal and drives the song with a clean guitar tone.

HARD ROAD-This song a revved up Sabbath rocker. It trucks along  at a decent clip. Pretty cool song actually not sounding like Sabbath. Iommi plays a mean clean guitar while Geezer drives the bass along with Bill on the drums.

AIR DANCE-Freaky Sabby! Ozzy outs in space and this is one of those tracks that as a listener your thinking to yourself “WHUT?”.

OVER TO YOU- Kinda a different tune. Iommi though as like many a Sab tune starts it off and it’s a different kind of Sabbath. Different tempo changes as Bill does his jazz drum fills along with Geezer and Tony joining along for the ride. This tune at first I was like ???? Now I would rank it !!!! It’s a  grower for sure,give it a few spins kids!

BREAK OUT-Now where would we be without a Sabbath musical only song? Right! Ozzy gets the day off in Toronto and Geezer,Bill and Tony play what could almost be considered a Sabbath Stripper like tune! There’s horns and an off beat like stomp. Not a bad tune if you’re heading to a seedy late night hours bar!

SWINGING THE CHAIN-Bill Ward does the lead vocals here. I guess the deal with this  song was that Dave Walker who had replaced Ozzy for a little bit worked on this song with Geezer,Bill and Tony. When Ozzy came back to Sabbath to record he refused to sing this song as another  singer had worked on it! Ha! Goes to show you that Sabbath was just  writing enough material for their  albums and no more! I guess the album tour album tour etc cycle can catch up to Ya and in this case it does as there are no extra songs lying around. This tune is a mash-up of sounds even a distorted harmonica is heard(The Wizard? Ha!) I dunno I think the Sabbath gas tank is pretty much empty by this tune. It’s like “let’s get this over with and hit the pub!”

For the most part I really like Never Say Die.(5 – 6 Tunes I dig) To me in the Ozzy Sabbath catalogue it’s like what Done With Mirrors by Aerosmith is to Aero. Two albums by these two powerhouse acts and they don’t want to know about them!

For myself. I dig em tons and if you have been reading my Yammers (blogs as most people call them) than you know my utter dig fest for Done With Mirrors. I reviewed it and it’s floating around the site …Never Say Die is another one of those albums that if you give it some time will grow on Ya! Trust me!

FINAL YAMMER- For everyone that read,commented and just flat-out took the time to check out my Ozzy Sabbath Series thanks tons! What a real cool part of Metal History and I was glad to go along for the ride with Sabbath!

My first Ozzy related owned Ozzy Sabbath was Ozzy’s Classic Speak Of The Devil which you can click here and read about how it affected me as a young snot nosed kid…https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/sonic-waves-ozzy-osbournespeak-of-the-devil/

It’s amazing how many people love the first 4 albums and as  Mikey Ladano commented perhaps the essential first 6 many people would attest too being the Ultimate Sabbath.

I do have to say that Technical Ecstasy and Never Say Die were the two albums that surprised me the most. Now,I’m not a huge Sabbath expert like many others out there but Never Say Die kinda knocked my socks off especially the first 5 songs as like I said earlier is parallel to Aero’s Done With Mirrors. Kinda funny that to me both those albums songs tail off towards the end and that would be due to the bands being Hammered amongst other devices floating around at the time!

Still though there are points of genius amongst the songs like the tune’s  Never Say Die and Shock Wave and that’s due to the drive of Bill Wards drums. The cat just blew my mind with his drumming,percussion playing and singing the odd tune as well. Too bad currently him and Sabbath are on the outs with each other.

Geezer Butler and that fuzzed out NIB tone as  the dude set the bar for total bass jamming and riffing and let’s not forget that it was most likely Geezer who had a huge hand in the lyric writing as well.

Ozzy is Ozzy man! But you can hear how his voice had developed from album to album and got stronger as Sabbath went on in there recorded history.

Tony Iommi is the Sniper with guitar riffs of doom! The guy is legend and kudos to him as I have no idea how many various incarnations of Sabbath he had kept going through the 80s (Hello David Donato!) Tony plowed through and through and now were At The End as Sabbath are calling it a day and I hope they stick too  it being The End!



Black Sabbath/Technical Ecstasy (1976)

Interesting turn of events at Camp Sabbath as when Technical Ecstasy is released the production has changed. Gone is the wicked warmness audio of the first 6 albums replaced on Techinical Ecstasy a more kind of  sterile studio sound. Everything even the songs are a different kinda Sabbath. Still though what do you do in Sabbaths case? Do you keep doing  what you’re doing and people will call you out as your not changing it up (musically) or do you in fact change it up and people will still bust your chops about changing. This record for me is Sabbath in no man’s land. Trying to move forward yet still trying to keep the crack of the door a little open on there past!

Tony Iommi,Geezer Butler,Ozzy and Bill Ward recorded this in Miami! Say no more as I’m sure there was a wee bit of partying going on at Sabbath HQs and they probably realized at one point “Ummm we gotta get a album done!”

BACK STREET KIDS-Iommi nails a heavy riff and the fella’s as they always do join in. Think Hearts Barracuda  pace not that this sounds like it  just the tempo! BackStreet Kids is a great song except that Ozzys vocals are mixed trebly like and perhaps that due to the sound of the album in whole but especially this song. Ozzy sings the tale of being in a rock n roll band going from nothing to something. The middle point of the song has a good ol synth a roo making a cameo which sounds once again Who Quadraphonia like. BackStreet Kids gets the album off to a rocking start!

YOU WON’T CHANGE ME-Sabbath is right changing gears. You Won’t Change Me is almost a slowish tune that weaves in and out with different time changes.

ITS ALLRIGHT-Bill Ward does the lead vocal here and he’s got a pretty decent voice. Sabbath is getting technical here! Not resting on their past success. It’s Allright is a no frills track! Pretty decent actually.

GYPSY-Ward kicks off Gypsy with his drums and cymbals smashing around and Gypsy ramps Sabbath back up. But wait a minute this tune almost sounds like a mini rock opera as the song shifts gears slows down and brings a mid temp pace along with some keys. Gypsy is a real interesting track. A bit of it sounds like Sabbath and a bit doesn’t! Give these guys credit there baked from the sun recording in Miami and there still shaking things up! This is a great song! I posted the video so check out Miami Sabbath!

ALL MOVING PARTS(STAND STILL)-Love Iommi’s riff n roll on this song and hey there’s a creepy 70s synth seeping in the background. Nice pace by the boys here. You know Sabbath took on a ton of heat for this record but seriously these songs are good it’s funny even Sabbath disses some of this stuff!

ROCK N ROLL DOCTOR- Junkie Sabbath looking for a fix! The lyrics say it all. “If You Wanna Feel Groovy,Give The Doctor A Call,Doctor Rock Will Help You Anytime At All!” Hey readers! That’s the deal of this tune almost a throw together good time tune and that’s Miami talking I believe. Even dig the honky Tonk piano throughout the tune as well. Happy High Sabbath just wanting a good time!

SHE’S GONE-I guess the song Changes kinda affected Ozzy and Crew as they were trying to write chick songs at times succeeding and others sometimes falling short. Too be honest this one falls short I mean the stuff I think of Sabbath is heavy doom and gloom. You can’t blame Sabbath as they’re trying to channel their inner self through song! Whoah that’s deep! Ha!

DIRTY WOMAN-Wow! Sabbath ends their album with the 8 minute plus Dirty Woman workout! Basically tells the tale of Ozz wondering around looking to score and picking up a  Dirty Woman she don’t mess a round.(could be about Hook or Smack) Iommi,Butler and Ward pull out all the stops how about some big drums,loud guitars and pumping bass changing the song structure up and before you know back to all Sab hands on deck for a heavy metal workout with Bill smashing his double bass drums at a ferocious clip!

Techinical Ecstasy by all accounts is a pretty good album. I know for many out there it boils down to the first 4 Sabbath albums and fair enough. Some and from what I read  the critics bashed this one and the next one(Never Say Die) but as I pointed out earlier people sometimes have a hard time accepting change and perhaps these songs aren’t classics but for myself there pretty good especially if the production angle  could have used  had a little more liveness to it….

Never Say Die coming up on Freaky Friday….




Black Sabbath/Sabotage(1975)

Geez man that’s a Creepy Cover! Than again I shouldn’t say much myself as I’m a walking fashion diaster but Sabbath is not gonna make any Teeny Bopper Magazines circa  1975 like 16 or any of those print media publications with those crazy looking threads. What does matter though is that inside the sleeve is a Hard Rock continuation of classics put forth by Black Sabbath!

HOLE IN THE SKY-Sabbath on album number 6 kick out the jams with the Sabotage opener! Ozzy sounds like he’s about to bite the head of a bat here as his voice right off the hop is full of piss n vinegar mixed with a shot of Evil. Bill Ward drives the drums with cymbals a smashing almost Keith Moon like in approach. Iommi and Butler crank riff over riff.

DON’T START(TOO LATE)-Once the sonic opener of Hole In The Sky is finished here’s Tony and his acoustic are relaxing with a nice little piece of music to make everyone let there guard down than……BOOM INTO…..

SYMPTOM OF THE UNIVERSE-Bam!!! You want a menacing opening  kick you in the ass opening Riff? Symptom delivers just that! Iommi is on fire with his Gibson SG and what a set of chords to lead the charge. Geezer and Bill are locked n loaded and they just rock it real hard! Ozzys back and he’s taking us through the centuries. What a crazy good song as Bill goes all apeshit on his drums. Dig the quick start stop of the drums right before the solo. Sabbath is not losing steam at all if anything there gaining traction so what’s next?

MEGALOMANIA-Whoah! Megalomania is one big epic piece of Sabbath Prog Gone To Hell Rocka Rolla! Seriously this tune starts like your sitting in a castle with  Ozzy and your about to get your noggin cut off and in strolls Bill with some cowbell. Atmospheric is this song! Some real huge riffs and you can hear where Zakk Wylde(Ozzys solo guitarist) learnt from Iommi on this song! The band wails all over the musical map! This is a lesson taught by Four Professors(Iommi,Ward,Butler and Osbourne) who are polluted to the max but when Hells Bells rings at 12 Noon they open there Musical Lunchbox and school everyone on how Devil Prog is done! Gem I  Say!

THE THRILL OF IT ALL-Big time Riff driven song with Iommi in the drivers seat! The song stomps and I love the crunch of Tony’s guitar. Thrill Of It All at some points (middle point of the song) I hear some Who Like Synth creeping in to enhance the sonics.

SUPERTZAR-Do you really think we were gonna sneak out of a Sabbath album without a creepy sinister sounding song? Not on Sabotage folks! This is a piece of music that sounds like Hell has hit Disneyland! Tony’s guitar is huge but behind him is a wall of strings and a Choir that’s gonna give  you nightmares into next week. Sabbath Haunting Sabbath! This is a Ozzy less track of your wondering….

AM I GOING INSANE-The wheels are coming off the Sabs! Ozzy sings this song like he coming unglued at the seams and he probably was as all of Sabbath were. Geezer pounds a decent throbbing bass line that leads the tune into the looney bin! Kind of a psychadelic sounding Sabbath. Wirly Twirly vibes are on tap here.

THE WRIT-Cue Ozzy laughing at the beginning and laughing and laughing! The Writ is another huge chug of epicness! Over 8 minutes of Sabbath over the musical horizon. The Writ is a slow menacing track that weaves its way around different time changes and cue up some mandolin at one point and hop aboard with Geez,Bill,Tony and The Ozz as the good ship SS Sabbath leaves the port. The Writ Is where it’s at.

See you all back here next week for some (Technical) Ecstasy!



Black Sabbath/Sabbath Bloody Sabbath(1973)

This was the real first Sabbath album I heard courtesy of John Young (M.I.A) front to back back around the early 1980s or so. When I told you all about my first encounter with Sabbath was with Dave Cunis. He had all the Sabbath vinyl etc but my first actual listening expierence was Sabbath Bloody Sabbath so for that thanks John!

Tony,Ozzy,Geezer and Bill keep the Party Rollin with another classic Slab Of Metal along with a good dose of Party Treats!

You Bastards…..

SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH-What a opening riff! Bonafide classic! Tony nails this riff   right off the hop! Ozzy,Geezer and Bill join in a slam away at a awesome song that just builds and Ozzys vocals are real high here. Not that kinda high but high pitched as his singing just keeps getting better and better! Love the chill breakdown of the song and the buildup back of Tony’s guitar! Bill as he always does keeps everyone in check.” Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” sings Ozz followed by “Nothing More To Do. Living Just For Dying. Dying Just For You” Yup that’s to the point followed any another Iommi Classic burn on the fret board and Bill And Geezer roll out at real good end of the album jam….

A NATIONAL ACROBAT-Second song in and Sabbath is off into jam ville! This song shifts into a different gear. Less menacing than the opening title track. Still it’s Sabbath creeping along with a shot of sinister thrown in.

FLUFF- Time for Fluff! Keeping the traditon of chill-axing at Sabbath HQ’s Fluff is a Ozzy less (no vocal)piano and Iommi guitar driven mid tempo kind of tune! Fluff the title Sez it all …Light Devil Rock! Ha! Just like Solitude. The title says it all!

SABBRA  CADABRA-Awesome title. Sabbath Crank it back up to 10 and Bill does his Jazz Satan Like Swing Drum Fest and we’re off. Bill as you gathered by the other four previous albums is the Battery of the band leading the charge! Ozzy sounds good in this tune as he’s singing about some Voodoo Hoodoo Woman that’s on his mind. Tony Iommi is riffing at the end of each verse. Sabbath is rocking,make no mistake!

KILLING YOURSELF TO LIVE-I think next to the title track this is the second best tune on this album(my opinon). The song has a bunch of crazy demonic temple shifts and during the chorus I hear Soundgarden loud and clear! Why not right?! Sabbath Mach 1973 roll out a kinda deep down sludge(I’m not saying Grunge) creepy sleepy riff n roll and gives the world what we wanna hear! Killing Yourself To Live! Crank the video posted ! Listen to the song and tell me if I’m off  my rocker about the Soundgarden deal!

WHO ARE YOU-Wowzers this track is Sabbath jammimg around with a synth and man they are beyond Betty Crocker Baked! They are kinda messing around and who’s idea was this? Geezer was that you? Ha! These guys I give them credit as they were shaping different sonics  but man how high can you go? The song is just a spaced out tweaked out synth experience.

LOOKING FOR TODAY-After the Sabs unplug the synth they ramp back into Sabbath Single Land! Kinda,this has a almost dare I say it a poppy feel with some cool percussion but a kick in the pants by Satan to give it a boost into respectability. The tempo dictates a rapid speed rate for Sabbath.

SPIRAL ARCHITECT-End of the album Moody piece! It sweeps into a horizon of  full Sab landscape! Slow Cranky beginning…build’s up with the music with  Ozzy being Ozzy and Sabbath forging new Sonic Highways musically with themselves! Innovators and Originators Sabbath are!

Sabotage…..Coming up….

Black Sabbath/Vol 4(1972)

Continuing on. Vol 4 is indeed album number 4 from the Sabbaths and it’s a monster unto itself! Ozzy,Geezer,Tony and Bill are all at the top of there game and it’s surprising as when you read about this era of the band they were perhaps coming unglued. Perhaps else where but as far as the musical side of things are concerned there are no issues on Vol 4


WHEELS OF CONFUSION/THE STRAIGHTENER- Sabbath lays down the Devil Law as Ozzy tells us about how he was wondering around in his mind! Bill steps up right out of the gate with this track. You can tell that Sabbath dumped some dough into the sonics(production) of this album! Iommi’s guitar sounds jacked LOUD on this track! Total jam a Roo lots of of room with interplay between the drums and I think some gong smashes are mixed in there!

TOMORROWS DREAM-Oh yeah love the crunch of the guitar on this song! Mix it up with cowbell some tambourine and Tomorrow’s Dream is a straight no frills rocker! It’s such a great track! Lots of stops,quick starts and a melodic chorus and it sets it up nice into a Iommi solo! Bill and his percussion rule this tune!

CHANGES-Whoah is that Piano! Yeppers it is! It’s a Sabbath power ballad?!!? Strings included and Ozz nails a good vocal. Ozzy sings about going through Changes! Fair enough we all have gone through Changes at some point! Basically it’s like Ozzy Is hijacking Journeys Tour Bus and driving it straight into Hell!

FX-Is a bizarre 1 minute 44 second thing of wierdness! Different sounds  like a short bunch of F’n around in the studio…

SUPERNAUT-The Sabbath Audio Assault is back in full steam with Bill once again leading the charge! He was sooooo good on this album smashing the crap out of his drums and propelling Iommi and Butler into solos of greatness and Sabbath fools us as they at the 3 minute part go acoustic ditch the electric guitar while Bill is still going bonkers on the kit until Tony catches back up on the electric! Supernaut! Ha! More like a Sabbath Juggernaut!

SNOWBLIND-‘What You Get And What You See,Things Don’t Come Easily,Feeling Happy In My Pain,Icicles In My Brain (Cocaine)’ This is a great song it drives at a pace not too quick not to slow. Ozzy tosses down a deadly vocal while Geez,Bill and Tony slam it foward with some real cool twist and turns during the solo! Geezer especially could totally riff like a madman on the 4 string! The first time I heard the term Cocaine used in a tune was by Eric Clapton (it’s allright,all right ) but when I got the live copy of Speak Of The Devil by Ozzy in 1982 and he introduced Snowblind as a tune about Cocaine. Their lies the difference between Claptons Cocaine (happy happy) and Sabbaths (evil evil) I like Evil better! Ha!

CORNUCOPIA-Hey you wanna go to Hell? Talk about a demonic rip of a groove here! Sabbath than punches the gas and goes 110 in a 55 mph zone! Ozzys vocals here are real good on this album! The guitar is fuzzed up big time as Bill goes all Kamikaze on his Gong and hey Ozzy yells a ‘ALLRIGHT!” Yeah Ozzy were Allright! Love the tempo of this track! Mega time changes …

LAGUNA SUNRISE- Acoustic guitar is on tap here! Just another one of those Iommi guitar genius workouts with a bit of a helping of some sonic awareness with strings in the background.

ST VITUS DANCE-Happy Sabbath for a few brief seconds before Tony ramps some serious guitar. The percussion like I have said is a absolute must listen for anyone out there reading this! It’s sick and it’s too bad later on Bill went off the rails of the Crazy Train! But back in 72 Bill had the chops down pat!

UNDER THE SUN-Is a heavy trip and no one in this song is telling Ozzy what to do! No one believes in him except himself so he will kick your ass and once again Sabbath flex there musical muscle sumpreme and they are jacked to the nines on speed here as well as this song shifts gears gets nasty and leaves you wanting more….

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath…..next!

Black Sabbath/Master Of Reality(1971)

1971 and Sabbath by now have recorded three albums in the span of under 2 years. Master Of Reality keeps the Metal rolling full of everything you would love from Sabbath! More heavy riffs,lot’s of drums,rocking bass and Ozzy! What more do you want?

Keep On Smoking It….

SWEET LEAF- My buddy BMellis does a bang up impersonation in regards to the beginning of this tune (Ozzy Coughing ) Sweet Leaf lumbers out the gate with all of Sabbath trucking along. Ozzy sings the tale of rock n roll “When I First Met You…Didn’t Realize ” oh oh all aboard the Crazy Train! Want another round of Great Iommi Doom Riffs! The solo as well is mindblowing with Iommi plowing  away on his six string Gibson SG with Ward And Butler swerving all over the musical map. The  song before you know it delves right back into the verse! Pure brilliance! I love you Sweet Leeeeeeeeeeaf! That’s Ozzy saying it not me! Also full props for Bill Ward doing Gong smashes at a couple of points in the tune.

AFTER FOREVER-Wowzers this is a deadly kick ass track! Geezer and Tony lock up bass and guitars and are in serious musical metal mode here! This song is bonafide Sab Classic! It reeks utter coolness. Real cool bombastic riffs and Bill drives the bus with his drums and Ozzy kicks Religion in the pants with the lyrics. Speaking of the lyrics one half of the Greatest Hits Duo BMellis came strolling into our Staff Lounge at work recently and quoted the line from this song.” Would You Like To See The Pope On The End Of A Rope? Do You Think He’s A Fool?” Now for the record I bust his chops about Greatest Hits albums but I tell Ya I give him total Street  Cred on quoting a line from this tune! So BMellis the video posted is for you pal! Now BMellis, you can go back to Smashes Thrashes And Hits(Kiss) now! Ha!

EMBRYO-Short  little guitar interlude by Tony Iommi. Snazzy picking!

CHILDERN OF THE GRAVE-Sabbath digs deep and  kicks off Childern firing on all 4 Cylinders! Cool heavy groove a quick tempo (for Sabbath) and Ozzy delivers a great vocal! When it comes to Sabbath they can play any style albeit with a smattering of doom spread through out. Bill adds some extra percussion to enhance the Song! Bravo Billy!

ORCHID-Nice little Iommi picking on the six string! It’s cool that Tony could lay down huge bombastic bursts of Metal Riffs song after song but on the Sabbath albums he could take a minute or two and give everyones ear drums a rest. Orchid is that.

LORD OF THIS WORLD-Well so much for Chill! Sabbath ramp it back up and kick out the jams! Geezer plays licks galore while Bill and Tony lock up and Ozzy rips a pretty decent vocal and this being album 3 every album he’s improvng as a vocalist. It’s too bad that his zaniness in the 80s took away his deal as a lead vocalist as he has some serious vocal chops!

SOLITUDE-Is that! This is quiet Sabbath! We’re not gonna pound your senses all the time just most of the time! Kinda funny that they would actually name the tune Solitude and it be just that. Bill gets the night off in the  studio during the recording of this track. More time  for Bill to board the NightTrain and plow through a calvacade of Snow on the tracks! (If Ya Get My Drift!) Nice different picking styles by Tony.

INTO THE VOID-What a way to end the album. This is Slippery Sabbath the one that grooves the best! Into The Void builds up to the solo section where Geezer is flinging bass lines like Ozzy sniffing lines and Iommi just wails a absolute monster of a guitar solo! Into The Void! End of the album Gem! It grabs you,chokes you and pummels your senses into a wall of Sabbath Sonics! Just plain huge….


More Sabbath coming ….Vol 4….


Black Sabbath/Paranoid (1970)

My brother Todd (guitar) and Todd’s son(my nephew) Cambo on the drums! Iron Man done Tbay style!

Pretty impressive that Paranoid the followup to the debut (Black Sabbath) was released just 7 months later in 1970! Goes to show you when your rolling with your  thoughts  of creativity great things will happen and Paranoid from Ozzy,Geezer,Bill and Tony is just that! Bam! Just like that here’s another batch of Sabbath cooking with Witches at Black Masses! Ha! That was brutal but seriously lets get to it!

WAR PIGS-Wowzers can you say classic right out of the gate! Iommi and Ward lay a down a groove that punches you in the throat! Add on top of it a the wail of a siren added in and Heeeeeeeeere’s Ozzzzzzzzy! Boom, love the interplay between Ozzy and Bill on the drums during the verses! Ward smashing his drums,cymbals a smashing and huge Iommi power riffs make this an all time classic! Love how the solo builds and just tears your head off. The tempo changing is soooo good!

PARANOID-One of Metals most recognizable opening riffs if there ever was one! Iommi man what can Ya say! Paranoid speeds up like Aaron from The KMA downing a bottle of fine wine on a Saturday Night in Owen Sound! Geezer rolls the bass while Ward bashes along for the ride and Ozzy sings for his supper! Talk about a live staple at all Sabbath and Ozzy solo shows!

PLANET CARAVAN-Trippy slow vibe almost sounds like Bills beating the bongos. Nice chill blues like solo by Iommi while Ozzy is in space vocally.(literally sounds like that) Sabbah  here spread there wings and let everyone know that there’s gonna be song surprises along the way.

IRON MAN-This song lives on of course now with the Hollywood connection but back in 1970 Hollywood would have been scared of these guys! I mean as a rock fan who has not heard this tune! I Ammmmm Iron Man bellows Ozzy and Tony drains his guitar down to the depths of hell while Bill drives his kick drum pedal into the ground! Love the riff of this tune and per Sabbath protocol lets speed this tune up with Geezer flinging a millon bass riffs per second and than viola back to the opening riff! The video posted is  my brother (Todd) and his 4 year old son(my nephew) Cameron(I call him Cambo) jammimg a few bars of Iron Man up at my brothers jam shack! I love how Cambo smashes the cymbals and keeps everything in time! THIS IS THE GREATEST MUSIC  VIDEO EVER! Yup call me a proud Uncle DeKEs with a side order of bragging tossed in!

ELECTRIC FUNERAL-Funky Sabbath mixed with a ton of wah like guitar blasts while Bill ramps up the beat and Geezer and Tony go bonkers! You gotta love those slow build numbers during the verse’s and when it comes to the solo all bets are off and Tony,Geezer and Bill just go off on another level! Sabbath are the kings of this!

HAND OF DOOM-My buddy Brent Jensen told me when he seen Sabbath live a few years back he said when they  played Hand Of Doom it was crushing! Gotta agree this song has tons of hugeness! More of a slippery slope of Doom here at Sab 101 but put Yer Horns on we’re going to visit Uncle Lucifer! Considering its 1971 this is one mofo of a heavy album with snippets of calmness in the midst of a Blizzard Of Ozz! I should also point out that by album two gone are the long jams of the first album in its place are songs more tailor made for the masses who listen to Black Sabbath!

RAT SALAD-Quick musical only muscle workout with no Ozzy but as a added bonus Bill hammers down a drum solo in the studio no less. Tony and Geezer are also along for the ride here while Ozzy chill’s out..

FAIRIES WEAR BOOTS-Some nice relaxed picking from Iommi and it gets going with Ward leading the charge on the drums! Too much smoking and drinking will get to you Sez Ozzy! Ha! Does it ? Double Ha! Once again another real serious classic Sabbath tune! Drums rule on this track! The way Ward plays his drums it sometimes sounds like he’s a jazz drummer! A jazz drummer from Hell! We all know about Sabbath and Drugs but man say what you want they knew how to write classic songs, play exceptional patterns  and perform studio mastery under the influence of whatever it was…..

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Black Sabbath/Black Sabbath (1970)

May 1970 and the world is dealt the debut album by Tony Iommi(guitar),Bill Ward(drums),Geezer Butler(bass) and Ozzy Osbourne(vocals). I’m sure if you dig deep into the real roots of Metal there may be bands that came before them but for myself this album is the beginnings of Metal! Slow,brooding riffs courtesy of Iommi (and his missing fingertips that he lost in a factory accident),Geezer’s fuzz like distorted bass blasted thru his amps,Bill Wards drum jazz like playing  fused together with Iommi and Geezers sonics all meshed together with a very young Ozzy many years before he Barked At The Moon. Playing  the role of a actual frontman before Hollywood and Sharon drove his stock into the toilet until he regrouped in the studio with Sabbath for there ripping good time all things doom classic 13 album back in 2013!

My first foray into Sabbath was late 1981 I was onboard with the Dio fronted Mob Rules but a fellow that me and Tbone hung out with at the time named Dave Cunis(MIA) had all the Sabbath and once after  I came out from behind Kiss’ Flop A Roo album The Elder and I hear Dave telling us how great Sabbath is (and sure they and still are but I will tell Ya all  now that I appreciate these guys more now at age 48 than I did 30 years ago at age 18!) Perhaps one reason I didn’t wrap my noggin around the Sabbath fronted Ozzy at the time was he was out of Sabbath back in 1978 and I was  drooling over the awesome Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman albums featuring Randy Rhoads(RIP) slaying and shredding on his guitar that were recorded with Ozzy! Why go back? Ummmm yeah dumb ass move on my part!

Sabbath has forged a place,there own niche so to speak so perhaps it’s time to toss down some Yammering on some Sabbath and please feel free to read along as I go through each Sabbath album….


BLACK SABBATH-Audio sonics of pelting  rain and thunder well basically a real dose of doom and gloom! There’s Iommi  and his crack of doom riffs that begin followed by the crash of Bills drums and Geezers bass. The song gears down to a halt and here’s Ozzzzzzzzzzzy! “What is this that stands before me’? sings Ozzy. Yikes! This is creepy metal! Black Sabbath the tune sets the table folks it limps along dragging my senses into a fog hazed drug induced tonic of wham bam thank you Satan mam into a different musical land! Like many other Sabbath tracks this song ramps up and chills back down. Pure genius! 1970 and Sabbath are driving stakes thru the hearts of a hippie generation!

THE WIZARD-Is that seriously Ozzy on Harmonica? Say whaa!? The Wizard drives along and picks up pace after the opening song! Sabbath tosses down the gauntlet that it’s not all gonna be dooming and glooming but there can be a little bit of a uptick in the beat (just a bit). The Wizard is a damn good catchy song! Watch the video posted and yup that’s the album cover of Black Sabbath! What a eery creepy cover but it’s kinda cool with the witch n all!

WASP/BEHIND THE WALL OF SLEEP/BASICALLY/N.I.B- Bill Ward plays some doom like jazz drumming with a Satan Shuffle tossed in for good measure along with Iommi and Geezer laying down some serious law on guitar and bass respectively. 9 minutes 44 seconds of all things heavy! Ozzy is first heard in the right side of your speaker than the left side than both sides! Trippy dudes these cats! The rawness of the music is really something with Tony nailing solo after solo and Geezer slamming down bass line after bass line! Bill keeps the beat a grooving until a fade out at which time Geezer is heard riffing that famous bass intro to N.I.B!

WICKED WORLD-Quick like drum shuffle along with guitar and bass! Lots of different time signatures going on here. Almost a Jazz tune but played at loud volume while Ozzy loads up literally and belts it out.

A BIT OF FINGER/SLEEPING VILLAGE/WARNING-Acoustic  guitar begins this 14 minute song. Ozzy man sounds in pain vocally here but that was probably the vibe he was shooting for and before long the acoustic is gone and here’s Sabbath jammimg electric.  This is a different Sabbath as  there doing long jams but they don’t bore you as a  listener!

EVIL WOMAN- Dig the interplay between Geezer and Tony along with Bill and Ozzy! Snappy little chorus! Ozzy sings Evil Woman don’t play those games with me” The guitar sound is pretty raw on this album but it’s got a great sound to it considering this album is 46 years old this year! That’s nuts!

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