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Scotch On The Rocks Season 1 Finale with Greg Fraser & Special Guest


Well Season One of Scotch On The Rocks is in the books and what better way to go out than to have Storm Force Guitarist- Songwriter Greg Fraser to come on to talk not only about what is currently going on with Storm Force as well as doing a bit of dive into the debut Van Halen record from 1978!

Fraze not only being a musician also had the good fortune of seeing VH on that debut 78 Tour so some stellar conversation happened  and better yet a “Surprise Guest” hoped on  as well to give his insight on the impact of EVH and that record.

“Surprise Guest” told the story about buying the debut VH on cassette tape at a truck stop back in 1979!

I’ve been lucky that the guests I have had on have had fantastic stories and Fraze delivered..

Want to hear what it was like for a 15 year old to witness VH live back in the summer of 78.

How about hearing a tune from VH 2 that same night a good year before it came out at that same show as Fraze talks about how VH demolished  headliner Black Sabbath.

One of my favourite stories is that time Brighton Rock had a Rod Stewart impersonator open for them.

One hour and 10 minutes flew by as it seemed like 15 minutes!

Click and have a watch …

Thanks for the support folks and see ya in the Fall!

Scotch On The Rocks With Alex Huard


Alex Huard is a big supporter of Canadian independent artists so much so that Alex has his own podcast doing just that which is called “New Release Day Series”. Not only that but Alex has teamed up with Brent Jensen on a project that they have called “Thursday Night Record Club” (on YouTube) which has Brent picking an album by an artist or band (VH-Bowie-Zep to name a few) as they discuss each album track by track.

It was a great chat with Alex as we chatted about The Black Crowes, Van Halen and of course Ron’s Camaro and while you’re at it throw down a follow for Mr. Huard on his Release Day Series on Apple/Spotify as well you can find Alex on all the socials as well!

SCOTCH ON THE ROCKS!: March/ April 2022 Schedule

After a 3 month hiatus due to Home Renovations (still ongoing) and three of us at home catching Covid (still ongoing)…

Scotch On The Rocks is back!

Remember folks to hit up the Scotch On The Rocks! channel on YouTube as I don’t stream off of FaceCrack.

Here we go…

Tim Durling starts things off on Wednesday March 16th at 7PM as we will chat about Tim’s fantastic book on 8-Tracks called “Unspooled”.

Not only that but we will also discuss the career of Y&T which should be fun as I look forward to Tim’s thoughts on the bands “Down For The Count” record as well as some other Y&T records.

Muk makes a long overdue return sometime in March and we will chat about the year of 1984 in Hard Rock. Who knows this may be a two parter as their a ton of records to go over.

Good friend to the streaming and blogging world John T Snow will hop on March 30th as we will do a deep dive into three albums that paved the way for a band that had huge success in the back half the 80’s in North America and that act is… Whitesnake!!

The first week of April brings my good pal  Brent Jensen back and we will tackle the world of Motley Crue specifically the years from 1982-1990. Matthew Trippe will be a topic as well. Who is Matthew Trippe? Tune in on Thursday April 7th at 7pm Sharp.

Also at some point sooner than later I will have Mr. CanadianGrooves and his better half Sarca on as well.

Geoff Stephen will be back also.

Not only all that but Alex Huard co host  of Thursday Night Record Club will be coming on as well. T.B.A

I’m also currently working on securing two interviews for April that until I get the dates down and actual confirmation’s and what not I’m saying much more than that.  I will keep everyone posted…



Jensen, Scotch and The Rock N Roll Machine

Tonight I’m psyched to have Brent Jensen who as you know is one of my all time favourite book writers, but did you know that Brent and Triumph guitarist  Rik Emmett are good pals?

We will dig into some Triumph music like the albums that made our skin vibrate! I know for a fact that “Allied Forces” will be discussed as well as the upcoming documentary on the Toronto three piece.

Join us tonight! Wednesday October 20th at 7pm on the official Youtube “Thunder Bay Arena Rock-Scotch On The Rocks” page.



Brent Jensen Hops back on the Lebrain Train this Friday March 19th at 7pm.

Back last November we had book author/podcaster and all round good guy Brent Jensen on the “Lebrain Train” and Brent was awesome as he answered all of our questions and was game with whatever we threw his way.

Well Folk’s..

Brent’s agreed to come back  this Friday Night (March 19th @7pm) and chat some more as we have a ton of stuff to cover which I’m not going to say other than you gotta tune in to Mike LeBrains Youtube channel and join in the fun.

Plus it’s Ladano’s 1 Year Anniversary since he started this streaming thing so come on friends let’s make it good one and support Mikey as well.

Did  anyone say anything about cassette tapes??

10 Questions With….Brent Jensen

Folks! Welcome to something new here that I’m calling 10 Questions With… I’m asking Fanboy stuff here(nothing to personal) and I hope you all Dig it! No one will be safe from my “10 Questions With’. Hell I may even ask you! 

As many of you already know by reading my blog. Brent Jensen is easily my favourite  writer as he has written three excellent books (No Sleep Til Sudbury/Leftover People/All My Favourite People Are Broken) which  are all standouts!  Brent is a real cool guy plain and simple! Support local independent writers! Not only that, but Brent is kicking ass with a podcast over at iTunes! Please check it out…

Take it away Mr Jensen.. and thanks a ton for doing this!


  • When did you decide to write the book No Sleep ‘til Sudbury? Was that the plan from the get go? Or were you just jotting done stuff and realized you were sitting on a book?

I decided to write the full book in 2010 after really giving some thought to the emotional investment I had made in music as an isolated small-town kid growing up in the 80s. I had been writing articles for magazines at the time about bands like Guns N Roses and Motley Crue – edgier, more critical stuff about the bands that compelled me as a kid, not just the retelling of music history. I figured it may be a good idea to weave these critical pieces together using a very personal, conversational narrative that focused on what it was like to grow up in the middle of nowhere really depending on music to pull me through the time.


  • No Sleep is such a great read as any music fan can relate to it, even if you’re living in Bangkok! I have to ask – were you surprised by the reaction you got from it?

Initially I was, yes. But I did figure that someone else out there in the world could relate to my story, and my primary intention was to ‘speak’ to those people through the book – the kids who spent hours in record stores, the kids who studied liner notes with laser focus, the kids who were interested in how music FELT as a result of its sound and look.


  • I like in No Sleep how you tell the story of seeing iron Maiden in 1984 and then bookending it with the Maiden tour in 2006. In between you saw Maiden with Blaze Bayley after Bruce Dickinson left in 93. I don’t want to give away the full story about it, but how long after the Bayley show was it that you listened to Maiden again?

It was depressing for me to see that Bayley show, and I say that with absolutely no disrespect intended toward Bayley nor Maiden. It was a real low point for the band, after they had ruled the world for years and years. I said in the book that it was almost like visiting a friend in the hospital, because they seemed so vulnerable and exposed in comparison to how I ever seen them at any other time. I had witnessed the band live at the height of their powers in 1984, and I had felt a kinship with them almost as absent friends because I was such a rabid fan. It wasn’t until that Powerslave-themed tour in the late 2000s that I took up with them again, because I felt like it would bring me full circle.


4-Your second novel “Leftover People” documents your journey on a book promotional tour of the United States. It must have been a surreal moment when of all people Jack Starr(Virgin Steele) was sitting there at one of your tour stops. Who else have you come across in your travels that has surprised you?

Yeah, that was bizarre. There were a lot of metal-looking types there that day, but I kept looking at Starr from the podium trying to figure out where I knew him from. It came to me just before the Q&A portion of the book signing ended, and we shook hands and chatted afterwards. Great guy.

Since then I’ve been lucky to have a few other musicians drop by in-store signings, but no one too crazy. Someone in the industry did tell me once that Axl Rose read No Sleep ‘til Sudbury, and so did Nikki Sixx. But they haven’t turned up to have their copies signed yet J


5-Following “Leftover People” you wrote  “All My Favourite People are Broken”. How did that idea come up? I mean let’s face it, we have all had conversations about music with our friends but you took it one step further and documented it. What spurred that on?

My old friend from high school Garvey and I had been talking for decades about those songs that really move us, the ones that really make your skin vibrate. We talked about it so much that I finally proposed the idea of gathering up all of these songs and secluding ourselves for a while to really go through all of them once and for all. I figured it would be interesting and lots of fun, but I learned so much more about myself than I had imagined that I actually developed the idea into a podcast, a professional speaking gig, and a group team-building exercise I do with companies now. Music can tell us so much about ourselves, if we have the guts to ask the hard questions.


6- Now you’re doing podcasts as well. NSTS podcasts are pretty diverse, as you have everyday 9-5 working folk but you also have snagged rock dudes like Phil Collen (Def Leppard) and now Rik Emmett(Triumph). It’s amazing how you get some of these artists. Just wondering who would be on the Brent Jensen Bucket List?

It’s a long list, man. Axl and Metallica’s James Hetfield would be up there near the top along with some other musicians, and there are so many others I’ve considered beyond the realm of music – pro athletes, actors, and other people who have intrigued me over the course of my life for whatever reason. But in a guest, all I really ever want is for them to be engaging, open, and real. That’s when the magic happens. Rik Emmett was a perfect guest in that regard, as you’ll hear this week in the episode we taped at his home. He was just outstanding. And I played some of his guitars – that’s some bucket list stuff right there!


7- First album ever purchased with your own money?

Hmmmm…I believe it was either KISS’ Creatures of the Night on vinyl, or a cassette of Loverboy’s Get Lucky. One of those two.


8- I know you’re not big on lists. BUT if you had to go with 5 albums that would make your skin vibrate, what would they be?

I really do hate lists. But five albums that make my skin vibrate (in no order) would be The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, Ryan Adams’ Gold, David Bowie’s Hunky Dory, Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark, and Metallica’s Ride The Lightning. But there are soooo many more. Do I only get to name five?!?!?!


9-Arena or Stadium Show? What band or performer was the best?

Sheesh. That’s a tough question. I don’t know if there was a best, but the ones that come to mind right now as being really outstanding have been seeing Metallica at the Sudbury Arena in 1986, Bruce Springsteen at The Pyramid in Memphis in the late 90s, that Maiden show you mentioned earlier in the late 2000s, Paul McCartney in Toronto mid 2000s, and seeing Axl fill in for Brian Johnson with AC/DC at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Stadium in London in 2016. That was truly life-enriching.


10- Plug away your stuff or whatever it is you’re currently up to? Thanks for participating!

Well, the books and the podcast keep me busy, and late last year I co-founded The Firefly Group of Companies to facilitate the speaking engagements and team-building exercise I mentioned earlier, coupled with an insights and research consulting component that my business partner oversees along with a presentation skills training program she also spearheads. AND….book #4 is being talked about. I’m working with a new publisher, and it’s going to be quite an adventure. More on that towards the end of this year.


No Sleep Til Sudbury/Brent Jensen (2014)


Not to often I can say I have read the same book 3 times over cover to cover. But when it comes to Brent Jensen’s spin on his life growing up in Sudbury as a teen in the 80’s listening to Metal this book resonated with me on a whole other level and I will tell you all why its been read that many times!

For followers of this Blog(I thank you) you may be asking why now are you reviewing this book as you have already reviewed Brents other two fabulous novels in Leftover People that chronicles and documents Brent’s U.S.A Book promo tour for No Sleep with an American Writer Named Chris Long(Knock Knock) and Brent’s latest book All My Favourite People Are Broken which Brent journeys into the forest(literally) to a cabin with a buddy named Garvey and they put the iPod on random and dissect all kinds of music between them. Both Leftover and Fav People are highly recommended and have both have been reviewed here!

I first came across No Sleep via the Bravewords website and once i read about the fact that some dude basically wrote about the whole genre I grew up to and worshipping all things Metal, I clicked quicker than you can say Dogs D’Amour and No Sleep was delivered straight to my mailbox.

Once I opened the book and seen the Contents and Titles of Chapter 1 – A Shout Out to the Devil 

Chapter 5- Metallica,Slayer,Raven,and…Dokken? 

Chapter  6-Living on a Thrash Metal Prayer I knew I would be immersed in this book and it’s safe to say I read it within 2 days. I was hooked never being a junkie this 295 Page Book blew me out of the water and became my needed fix. It wasn’t before too long that I sent Brent an email telling him what I thought of his book and how it basically summed up my musical habits here in Thunder Bay within the same decade that Brent wrote about.

Brent emailed back and Like I have said previously I probably came across as some blabbering lunatic or a fruit loop, to be honest, going on how great of a read this book was. I also didn’t want to come across as some ass kisser. (Ha…maybe I did?!) but the damage had been done as Brent had emailed back.( Thanks Brent for not putting a restraining order out on me!)

In the book Brent you can see how music is the foundation of one growing up. You read all about Mr. Jensen’s first concert which was Iron Maiden/Twisted Sister back in December 1984 at the Sudbury Arena. Brent delves into everything about the show on how it wasn’t even marked on their tour program. How Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson said Maiden would come back. (Maiden never did) and you can sense the reason how this show would come full circle for Brent. More on that later!

It’s cool that Brent talks about the next two concerts he seen which were Metallica/Metal Church & Kick Axe? in December of 1986 and Alice Cooper/Sword in 1987 all in Sudbury.

Kerrang the British Metal Magazine had a huge impact on both of us as it was basically written by a bunch of Hooligans who had a real flair for capturing Metal at the time in the roaring ’80s unlike the American Magazines like Circus & Hit Parader which as Brent describes them as ‘Handlers for the Record Company’s”  in other words they just gave hand jobs to get the bands as the articles were bullshit! (ask Axl Rose) Kerrang was the real deal the only knock was always on import for $5 every two weeks yet the real plus was what you were reading was pretty current.

A ton of bands is reviewed from Brent’s own cassette collection. You name any band and Brent gives a paragraph or three to them.  Cinderella/Keel/Krokus/Saxon/Tesla/Van Hagar/Danger Danger/Vain/Sleez Beez many more acts are written and explained in detail and how they resonated in Sudbury. Tesla is one band that is written about and you see how it was a long process on how they finally won over Brent.

Must also mention that there is a Top 5 list of songs Brent never ever wants to hear again. Ha…I can’t divulge all the sordid details now can I?

One of my favorite chapters of the book is titled So Much For Hollywood where it is reviewed when the Blaze Bailey fronted version of Iron Maiden played Hamilton. I won’t say whether it’s a good review or a bad review but its friggin hilarious! Also in this chapter, Brent discusses when old members return to their bands after splitting. One of the best analyses of this is Aerosmith where Brent writes and I quote him..

“There is Old Aerosmith and there is New Aerosmith. Old Aerosmith is that slutty Jezebel that would take you upstairs to deliver the groceries at the end of a sloppy late-night boozefest. New Aerosmith was the beautiful prom queen with great smelling hair you were proud to bring home to Mom. Both got your rocks off but one cut through the artifice and did it on a much more primal level.”

That paragraph sums up Aero verbatim! Pure Brilliance!  Wish I wrote that!

No Sleep comes to Full Circle when Maiden announces their Powerslave 2006 Tour! Once you read this book you will know what I’m talking about here!

Don’t let the title of this book fool ya friends, You can be from anywhere in the world and relate as we are all fans of the genre of music.

Geez, how many dudes from Sudbury can actually say they had the personal emails of Tommy Lee and Wolf Hoffman at one point?

Such a Great Read is No Sleep Easily one of my all-time fav’s Get it!

(I must also mention that Brent is now doing a No Sleep Til Sudbury Podcast that you can download on iTunes for free and it’s a great listen as Brent Interviews people in the music industry and just plain music fans on the songs that make there skin vibrate! )

Top 10 Posts @ Stick IT In Your Ear (2016)


For fun here are my Top 10 Blogs that were published and read most by you through out 2016!

In 2016 I Posted 120 Reviews! What’s crazier is back in 2015 I posted 180 Reviews! …. WHUT??!

I Thank All Of You!

Here we go….

1-Toque- Thanks to Toque Guitarist Cory Churko for taking the time to read my review of Toque. Not long after my review was posted  on the Toque FaceCrack page but also on Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz’s Facecrack/Twitter Pages! Thanks guys and on Fitz’s page some Drum Guy named Eric Singer gave the Toque Review a Thumbs up! Ha…..

2-Rock The Fort Day 2…The Cult/Cinderfella……-Kudos to whoever the promoter was for this show as they brought in a mix of Canadian and American Acts over Two days! Day 2 was awesome and The Cult and Cinderfella( Tom Keifer) delivered Knock Out Performances along with all the other acts that day. Thunder Bay Rocked well…I Rocked!

3-Black Sabbath/Black Sabbath (1970)- In wild anticipation of going to see Sabbath in Vancouver this past February I decided in January to review all 8 Ozzy Sabbath albums from the debut to Never Say Die. Course I get to Vancity Ozzy calls in sick and it’s a no go but fret not still had a blast with my good friends Metal Todd and his wife Nicole!

4-SLOAN/Live @ Crocks N Rolls/April 7th 2016- This was my first time catching Sloan and I was blown away at how talented these cats are at delivering a high-octane Rock Set! Plus the swap around of the instruments between the Sloan dudes just proves how good they are at everything! I will never miss another Thunder Bay Sloan show ever again!

5-Metal Heart: Aiming High With Accept- The first of 3 Book (That’s Right Mr Books!)entries in my Top 10 and Martin Popoff makes it a real good read considering I’m not the biggest Accept fan out there. But I do like a good read on Bands that haven’t had much written about them especially in Book Format! Support Martin People. Not to many writers out there that will take the time and effort to write these kinds of books!

6-KISS Rocks Vegas(2016)- Course those Old Buzzards Demon and Starchild would make it here. Rocks Vegas is the audio version I reviewed (thanks to Mikey Ladano for hooking me up) and along with Singer The Cat and SpaceMan Thayer deliver a rip roaring cool batch of tracks that sound like they didn’t monkey around at all with them in the studio! Kiss I Salute You!

7-Shout It Out Loud/The Story Of KISS’s Destroyer- Book Number 2 in the Year end Top 10 is a great read about the making of Kiss’s Destroyer album from 1976. Very thorough research by James Campion uncovers a ton of facts that I didn’t even know and I’ve been listening to Kiss for almost 40 years!

8-Def Leppard/Hysteria(1987)- This was a fun one to write about as how many bands can release a whole bunch of singles(6) which is basically Side  1 of Hysteria! Huge album sold lots and still resonates with a  ton of people out there in Blogsphere and Beyond!

9-All My Favourite People Are Broken/Brent Jensen- Brent Jensen is not only a real solid guy but a great writer who has written 3 Wickedly Excellent Reads(No Sleep Til Sudbury/Left Over People and All My Favourite People Are Broken) Brent writes books with a flair and a style that is hilarious with great stories about his Journeys  growing up to making and meeting people(Famous and not so famous) and wrapping it all up in his Books! Do take the time to check out his stuff…Worth The Cash!

9th Place Tie-Where Are They Now? /Paul Laine- A bunch of us Bloggers picked different artists and did a Where Are They Now post. I picked Paul Laine as he released back in 1990 the criminally underrated Stick It In Your Ear album from 1990. Paul is still out there making music in 2016.

10-Little Caesar/Brutally Honest… Live From Holland(2016)-
Had no idea that Lead Vocalist Ron Young was leading this pack of these L.A Rocker dudes until I came across his Facecrack page. Wowzers give it up for Caesar as they are still touring and putting out product! Case in point with this Double Live Album recorded in Holland. I purchased it off iTunes for $4.99! 21  songs for under 5 Bucks! Proving that you can just put out music and not charge a ton of cash! Brutally Honest is Live from the soundboard and is a fantastic In Your Face album! Highly Recommended!

10th Place Tie-Tragically Hipped Out At Crocks….- Was first posted in November of 2014 but when Gord Downie announced his illness this past May  a lot of us Bloggers did a post on how or where there music impacted us. I decided to repost this as myself and my Best Friend Tbone caught The Hip in February of 1988 in a small Bar here in Thunder Bay! Must have been 20 people at the show as there was a huge snowstorm and I’m sure 2000 people say they were at the show now! Haha…..

Some other Posts that just fell out of the Top 10 were…Monster Truck /Sittin Heavy(2016)……Swords And Tequila/ RIOT’S Classic First Decade(Book)…..Black Sabbath/Never Say Die(1978)…..RATT/Reach For The Sky(1988)….Hip Review: Aug 5, 2016, MTS Centre, Winnipeg(Written By Tbone)

Once again …





I thought it would be cool to post what the TOP 10 most read reviews so far this year that You my faithful readers have enjoyed the most!

Some Surprise’s Here As Well…Mr Books would be proud!

These rankings are from Jan 1st right thru to today!(July 10th)

As always thanks for reading….Totally appreciate it! Of course I may leave a comment or two about ….hope you do as well!

STICK IT IN YOUR EAR…..Most viewed Blogs in 2016!

1-Black Sabbath/Black Sabbath(1970)- No surprise really that it would be a Sabbath album as I reviewed all the Ozzy fronted Sab records in January as I was going to see Sabbath in Vancouver in February only for Ozzy to call in sick and the show was postponed!

2-Sloan/Live At Crocks N Rolls(April 7 2016)- First time seeing Sloan live and well I won’t be missing anymore Sloan Tbay Shows again.


3-Shout It Out Loud/The Story Of Kiss’ Destroyer-A well written book documenting the making of the Kiss album that many consider their best! Book was well researched by author James Campion and it was nice to receive props from him on my review!


4-Evilyn Strange/Evilution(2016)- Mike Ladano spearheaded a movement to review this EP by a newish band which I bunch of us undertook. Pretty decent Ep as well! Yes I paid for it out of my pocket!

5-Def Leppard/Hysteria(1987)- Lot’s of discussion about this one  and I enjoyed writing about Hysteria as well. Just recall back in the Summer of 88 this album was Everywhere….

6-Little Caesar/Brutally Honest …Live From Holland(2016)- This album is a Double Live Album and it’s just a raw live in your face recording of a band that has never given up! As an added plus iTunes had it for $4.99! What A Steal! Umm yeah..Great Cover!


7-Where Are They Now/Paul Laine- Once again a bunch of us Bloggers all picked an artist and posted about what there up to now. Paul Laine was my pick and its neat to see people are still checking out his stuff and that he’s still out there doing it!

8-Black Sabbath/Never Say Die(1978)- For many diehards of Sabbath this album is the weak link in an otherwise strong catalogue from Ozzy/Iommi and crew! Goes to show you that sometimes a Bands weakest work brings up the most discussion! I like this album so of course I gotta be different!

9-All My Favourite People Are Broken/Brent Jensen-Hey Mr Books here’s the 2nd entry of a Book in the Top 10! Brent has written three excellent Books which you all should check out! Plus he’s a cool guy as well!

All I'm Going To Say Here Is...GET THIS!
All I’m Going To Say Here Is…GET THIS!

10-Metallica/March 10 1985(Los Angeles)- This is a live show that was included  in the Ride The Lightening Deluxe Edition. Say what you want about iTunes as at least I could just buy one show and not pay $65 for the rest!

There you have it Folks….Kinda cool to have a mix bag of stuff that you have read so far this year…

2 Books cracked the Top 10/ 1 Live Show/A couple of 2016 release’s/A double Sabbath entry and a Where Are They Now post!

Cool Stuff…

Thanks again for reading…..

All My Favourite People Are Broken/Brent Jensen

All I'm Going To Say Here Is...GET THIS!
All I’m Going To Say Here Is…GET THIS!

Back in late 2012, I was surfing the net as they say and I landed on Bravewords.com. There I noticed a blurb about a book that was coming out called No Sleep Til Sudbury: Adventures In 80s  Hard Rock And Metal Deconstruction.

WHUT!?? The article mentioned that the author Brent Jensen had written a book about growing up in Sudbury during the 80s and how hard rock had shaped his growing up as a teen.

Double WHUT!!? I grew up in the 80s(well some would say that’s open for debate today that I grew up at all) and music ruled my life so before I headed to Amazon.ca I knew I was purchasing this book!

No Sleep was quickly ordered and once I received the book I could not put the friggin thing down! I was hooked. I blasted through the novel like a Downtown Hustler looking for change on a Saturday Night! No Sleep was that fantastic of a read! It was a quick reread if you’re keeping score!

Brent wrote  No Sleep about himself but the book could have been about me growing up in Thunder Bay! It totally resonated with me on a personal level. Not just the great musical stories but just life stories along the way with various friends of Brent!

Having said that I did not have a friend who tried to outrun Fire! Haha! (The dude lost!)  The book was more than music it was a way of  80s life!

I was blown away! This was the book I’ve been waiting for! Sure Chuck Klosterman wrote Fargo Rock City which is a great read as well but Brent’s book spoke to me!

So I went on Brent’s website and dropped him an email and told him what a fantastic read and excellent job he did on the book.  Brent wrote back and said he appreciated the positive comments that I put forward. I was kinda relieved Brent returned correspondence as when he read my email for the first time  I probably babbled on like some kind of Fruit Loop!

From there I would occasionally ask Brent “when’s the next book coming?”  Yeah, Stalker comes to mind but I wanted another fix. I needed more books dude!

In early 2015 I secured a copy of Brent’s second book release that he titled Leftover People. Instead of me recapping the story you can read my blog about it from a little over a year ago. Click here….https://superdekes.wordpress.com/2015/01/21/rock-101-leftover-people-by-brent-jensen/

So there Ya be! I stayed in touch with Brent to keep me posted about when his third book was coming! Also in the meantime, I would pick his brain on life, music, concerts, albums etc!

April 1st, 2016 and Mr. Jensen has released All My Favourite People Are Broken. If you have noticed from my other book reviews I don’t like to give out too much info as I want you the reader to check this stuff out but I will go on record here and state “Brent! You have hit another one(this book) out of the park!”

All My Favourite  People Are Broken details Brent hooking up with his long time friend Garvey out in Western Canada with as they say tunes, beers, and various party treats and set their iPods on play and talk about whatever songs come up! No artist is left behind.  Nothing was preplanned!

Brent and Garvey dissect each song on what made it good/bad. Sure they talk about Hard Rock/Metal (Garvey’s description of Tawny Kitaen and her involvement in the Whitesnake video is a hoot! Well said, Sir!) Other genres of music are discussed as well. Pop,Rap, Country, Alt Rock! Alison Moyet anyone? Al Green? Go-Gos?  Guns N Roses are talked about and as crazy as it sounds and I’m not saying who said it in the book but on page 75 the comment of “I would like to hear Axl Rose sing some AC/DC before I die ” is stated!

Triple WHUT!!! Ha! Someone became a prophet at that Cabin Lodge that weekend especially since it’s being reported that Axl is going to be fronting AC/DC for 10 shows at some point this year.

Brent writes with a style and flair of his own and he knows how to keep the reader engaged with one eye on keeping the book moving forward in a quick fashion while adding some comedic like stories so as a reader you don’t get bored! Case in point Chapter 13 titled LA LA! Did someone say Party Treats?

There are a lot of Music Lovers out there and we all have talked music. Brent took it a step further documented it and wrote a Fantastic Book about it.

This is my third Jensen Book I have devoured and I will tell ya they are three books you should all take the time to seek out and purchase!