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“Scotch On The Rocks” Episode 1 with Greg Fraser!

Sometimes in life you need that push or perhaps a kick in the ass to get things moving.

Summer of 2020 I thought maybe I should start doing a live stream and the plan was to go live in October 2020.

That was the plan but  it took a back seat as I got comfortable riding shot gun with Mikey at his awesome show “The Lebrain Train”.

In other words I could show up five minutes before show time and not worry about a thing. I could spout off and then split.

We had booked Greg to come on the Lebrain Train but than Mikey’s world went upside down and he wasn’t that sure if he could do the chat with Fraze!

When one door closes (kinda) another one opens….

So I figured I didn’t want to cancel having Fraze on as he was one of the first guys I reached out too last year and agreed to come on Mikey’s show as myself and Mikey had never interviewed an actual ‘Musician’ before.

So with that in mind I said to Mikey. How about I fire up this stream thing I had been talking about for over a year and reach out to Fraze and if he is game (which he was right away) to come on and Mikey could ride shotgun.

Mikey was onboard and from there I set up my own on StreamYard account with help from Mikey. As well the Marsman who helped convert the theme song for the  show to work on Stream Yard, and of course Tbone himself who did and will continue to do the artwork or upcoming shows. (When time frees up for him. He will be on)

It’s truly a team effort.

So last night we went live without a net and survived.

Fraze as always was awesome. Told a ton of great stories about hanging out with guys like Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) and Ronnie James Dio plus we talked about some Brighton Rock along with also finding out some info on the status of the current Storm Force album.

Fraze jokingly said that one of the working titles was called “ClusterFuck” which myself and Mikey jumped on and said to keep it as title!

Better yet as a thank you to Fraze I secretly reached out to two of his pals Andy Curran and Sean Kelly and they both came on and myself and Mikey just let them roll with all the great conversation between them.

Hockey stories, road stories, guitar tones, amps, recording you name it those guys dealt it on Scotch On The Rocks.

I was blown away that it all worked out.

Coming up on the show. All show times are at 7pm

Thursday Oct 7th- My pal David McCulloch joins me as he was the first guy here in Tbay that I bought records with.

Thursday Oct 14th- Kev from Buried On Mars hops on and we will be dsicussing “Sloans Navy Blues” record. Rewinding back to 1998!

Wednesday Oct 20th- Brent Jensen with a topic to be determined.

Thursday Oct 28th- One of the biggest Tragically Hip and Pearl Jam fanboy’s that I know of Probie will join me as we will talk about these bands and more and trust me folks Probie has a ton of stories as the main focus will be on The Hips “Road Apples” album. Basically a deep dive back to ’91!

In November TBA… Geoff Stephen, Robert Dawson…Snowman and more!

Thanks everyone who watched last night and in case you missed it.

Check out last nights show below..

Show starts at the 3 minute mark..

Andy Curran comes on at the 1 hour, 4 minute mark..

Sean Kelly hops on at the 1 hour, 19 minute mark..


Greg Fraser from Brighton Rock-2019 Interview!

Just a little over a week ago at Brighton Rock‘s Facebook Page was a post about how they recorded there first new track in 28 years! Not to miss a beat I reached out to Brighton Rock Guitarist Greg Fraser who graciously answered my few questions about the New Song ‘End of Time’ and how they ended getting producer Beau Hill to do the mixing!

‘End of Time’ is available from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify! Please take the time to check it out …..

Actually Folk’s why don’t you all show your Visa or Debit cards a good time and just buy the song from iTunes! Here in Canada it’s for 99 cents! Not even a buck! Where can u find anything for under a buck nowadays??  The Dollar  Store doesn’t  even sell stuff for under a Dollar anymore!! ‘End of Time’ is great Ear Candy! 

For the record I purchased this tune….

Check out the video below for the song!

Listen to that opening  Guitar Riff and the song just lifts off! Full out kudos to  Gerry McGhee(Vocals) Stevie Skreebs(Bass) Johnnie Rodgers(Guitars) Mark Cavarzan (Drums) and Greg Fraser (Lead Guitar).  End of Time has that Brighton Sound. Total current sounding track that just flat-out Rocks but could have slid right on the Love Machine album back in 1991!

The only real knock I have is that once it ends that’s it!  Your left with that wanting more feeling. You know I had to ask the questions to Greg like how about more songs? An album in the works? Showing up to play  in Thunder Bay? ( Ok that last one was my doing) Seriously, you have to hand it to these guys that these are same Fella’s that released the debut album Young Wild and Free back in 1986! Now in this day and age of rotating band lineups these guys have stayed intact as a Musical Unit!

I would like to personally Thank Greg for being a great sport as always like he was last summer when he was one of the first guys to get back to me with My ‘10 Questions With’ segment…

Let’s Do This…..

1- Greg! Thanks for doing this Interview with me once again! Pretty exciting news from the Brighton Rock camp that you guys are releasing your first new tune in 28 years! End of Time is the new song and tell us all about whose idea it was to get a song done/recorded/written.


My pleasure Derek.  A while back BR was trying to write & record a new record & we soon found that our schedules could never match up. It was impossible to get all 5 of us in the same room together. There was always somebody that had other commitments.  After a while we decided to scrap the idea hoping one day things would open up for everybody schedule wise. If anything it’s even harder to get together now than before. A lot of songs were written & recorded but in pieces, meaning some songs still needed vocals or keyboards or guitars etc. The only song fully completed was ‘End Of Time’ & we decided to finally release it.


2- Now correct me if I’m wrong but this being your first new song since the Brilliant Love Machine release from 1991. This song would mark Keyboardist Johnny Rogers first tune with Brighton since  1988’s Take A Deep Breath release!


You are correct sir. And the song does not have any keyboards on it! It’s a real balls out rocker & we found that keyboards sweetened it up too much. So Johnny strapped on his Les Paul & rocked out with me to get that twin guitar attack. He plays great on this song.


3- What also is real cool is that you got the great Beau Hill to mix the new song as well! How did you guys go about getting Beau who produced many albums in my collection including Ratt/Winger/Europe/Alice Cooper basically a who’s who of hard Rock back in the 80’s!


Back in the Myspace days over 10 years ago I was in the process of releasing a solo/band record called Fraze Gang. I started posted songs & Beau somehow got wind of it & reached out to me & said he loved what he heard & said to call him. I was shocked to say the least. This guy is a legend so I initially that this was a hoax. I called him & was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was indeed really him. He said he wanted to mix my songs. I told him the record is pretty much done but we have one more song to record & if he’s interested he can mix that. He said send it over. The song is called Jackhammer & he loved it & mixed it. We actually did a video for it on YouTube if you want to check it out. When we were making our second record Fraze Gang 2 he said he wanted to mix the whole record. So I would send him each song as they were recorded & we would talk about how to approach things and slowly built a friendship that has lasted to this day. We would always check in with each to stay in touch & in fact he’s making plans at some point to come up here a visit me. When we decided to release this new song I mentioned it to Beau he jumped right on it & did a fantastic job .We could not be more happier with the results.


4-Now the question has to be asked. Is End of Time going to lead to more songs or is this indeed the End of Time for Brighton? Am I digging too deep here? LOL!


We would love to do more stuff but like I mentioned our schedules our insane. Just getting us all together to rehearse for a gig is near impossible. Time will tell.


5- Brighton has an appearance on the Monsters of Rock Cruise next month (February) after that is there anything on the cards for more Live Brighton shows in 2019?


We have a bunch of offers that we are mulling over but no contracts have been signed yet. We definitely will be doing more shows though.


6- With Lead Singer Gerald McGhee running a successful record plant any thoughts on reissues of the current single or perhaps the previous albums being issued on Vinyl?


There are talks on reissuing all the BR stuff on vinyl at some point but nothing is set in stone yet.


7-  Once again thanks for doing this Greg! Please keep us posted here at Thunder Bay Arena Rock on any more news with Brighton Rock! Take Care and Continued Success!


Any time Derek. Have a fantastic 2019 my friend!