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Brother Cane/Brother Cane(1993)

Brother Cane put out a real solid debut album and it gained a bit of traction but the big problem for this album was the year of its release which was 1993!

Growing up a Hard Rock Fan in the 80s and by the time the Grunge Tidal Wave hit in 1991 Music had changed. We all know the culprits from the Pacific Northwest that basically took the whole Hard Rock/Metal Scene and flushed it down the toilet for a few years.

What did I do you ask? Hey! Thanks for asking! When Maiden/Leppard put out there releases at this time I still purchased but as a whole the millions that did in the 80s went the other way.

In certain circumstances though some albums would trickle out on a Major Label of all things and really catch my ear. The debut from Brother Cane was one of those albums!

Before we go any further….

The Dudes…

Damon Johnson – lead vocals, guitar
Roman Glick – guitar
Glenn Maxey – bass guitar
Scott Collier – drums

The Tune’s Of Cane!

“Got No Shame” – 4:34
“Hard Act to Follow” – 4:35
“How Long” – 4:55
“Don’t Turn Your Back on Me” – 4:54
“Woman” – 5:32
“Pressure” – 4:27
“The Last Time” – 5:41
“The Road” – 4:41
“That Don’t Satisfy Me” – 4:42
“Stone’s Throw Away” – 4:38
“Make Your Play” – 7:11

Got No Shame the opening track cooks from the get go and its a ramped up romper stomper of a track! Tons of loud rock guitar mashed up with a distorted harmonica along  with driving drums and a rock solid drum beat blast this song right out of the gates! Damon Johnson has a tailor-made rock throat that has an edge of super coolness to it. Hell toss in some cowbell during the chorus and Woop Woop we got a Winner! I suggest you watch the video of Got No Shame below and be prepared to have your ass kicked by a great tune!

Damon Johnson who wrote all these tracks himself shifts gears on this album and its apparent by the second song in that Damon didn’t write 11 Tracks of Got No Shame. Hard Act To Follow has that 1990’s early Black Crowes like vibe and as the harmonica is put down out comes a Hammond like organ with a nice mix of acoustic and electric mixed in. Great chorus as well. No,make that catchy as Heck!

That’s the great thing about this album as Damon shows up as a huge songwriter who doesn’t pigeonhole himself as one kind of songwriter. Give this man credit he definitely was not following the ‘Trend” so to speak.

The rest of the album follows the same like vibe. Bluesy swampy rock at times followed by tunes with added textures of keys and  acoustic sounds that enhance the songs not detract.

The album doesn’t let up with tracks like That Don’t Satisfy Me in which Johnson has a real knack from hard rock blues swamp rock!

Give B.C credit though as they gave it a shot in Kurt Cobain County Circa 1993…

Great album still….