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Aerosmith Live (Get A Grip Will Ya!)


Aerosmith/Jackyl/June 13 1993/Minneapolis Minnesota/Target Center

June 93 and Aerosmiths Get A Grip tour touches down in Minnie and its the 8th date of the tour that will last til Dec of 1994! (224 shows played)Now that is a tour! Having seen Aero twice on the Pump Tour it was a no brainer so myself,Oinks,Andre and a new recruit Budge made the trek!

Jackyl was the opening band and if you recall there deal there lead singer would cruise the stage with a chainsaw during there hit tune The Lumberjack! Jackyl was promoting there second record Push Comes To Shove and they were a decent live act kinda had some ACDC in em! At the time Jackyl had a few things going for them and they were on Aerosmiths label(Geffen Records),they were produced by Bruce Fairbairn(Aerosmiths producer),they recorded in Vancouver (like Aerosmith) had the same record company guy(John David Kalodner) so yeah getting added to the Get A Grip tour was a no brainer like Aero is not worried about Jackyl! Overall a good show they put on kinda redneckish! But amusing!

Must mention that both these vids are from the Woodstock 94 show! Aero is playing in the rain at night so Ya can’t see the crowd much but earlier in the day Jackyl played and man check out the crowd shots there’s some interesting crowd( AHEM! )interactions to,say the least! Hahaha…

So now back to Minneapolis and Aerosmith and the first thing I noticed is Aero has stripped the stage set back down to the basic stage amps/Drum riser and huge lighting rig! Gone is the big rooftop stage of the Pump tour and it’s simple Simon but for Aero it’s the music not the gimmick so….

Those tribal drums start off beating and around Joey Kramers drums is a curtain and you can see the silowhets of each Guy on the curtain and there’s the top hat of  Steve Tyler and bam curtain drops and it’s time to Eat The Rich! What a great opener love how the bass and guitars are synced and this tune reeks heavy AeroRock! Man I still to this day love this song…..we go from Eat The Rich right into the title  track of the newly released Album with Get A Grip! Steve and the boys go from telling us to Get A Grip right into Fever!

So if we’re keeping score the first three Aero tunes played live are right from the new album! Holy crap that’s crazy it’s like Aero is saying here it is! C’mon and help yourself to some new music! I was Impressed  by this move I mean how many bands do that!? Yeah,not many like Kiss would ever do that!! Hahahahaha…..

So Aero keeps it rocking and it’s a blast from 1989s past and that’s Young Lust and there’s Steve kicking the harmonicas ass In it and man if Aeros Young Lust doesn’t get Ya jiving Ummm your brain dead! And here comes the real deal and thats….

I”mmmmmm Baaaaaaaaaaaaack,Back In The Saddle Again oh yeah my first time ever hearing this tune live and  man it does not get any better than this! Brad Whitford and Joe Perry just slam dunk the guitars on this classic! Aero goes right back to Get A Grip with Cryin so that’s 6 songs in and 4 are from the new album! I always dug Cryin I mean anything with Harmonica wins me over and Tyler can play the fuck out of that thing….

Of course in the crowd there’s the MTV kids and heres Rag Doll for Ya and the place goes cuckoo Over It! Last Child one of those cool little gems from Rocks is played followed by What It Takes from Pump! Steve-o than grabs his harmonica and tells the crowd about his Big Ten Inch Record and they blast thru that one at lightning speed!

Tyler introduces Joe Fuckin Perry and they launch into a rocking version of Walk On Down from Get A Grip and him and Brad Whitford just wail on the guitars plus Perry handles the Lead vocals on this as well! Great track!

Now its back to the debut from 73 with Walkin The Dog for the diehards followed by Janie’s Got A Gun for the MTV Aerogeneration crowd! Amazing that they can shift gears from material from 73 to 89 and not skip a beat! And the place goes bonkers for Dude Looks Like A Lady!

The coolest Aeroballad ever Dream  On is played and once again we go from 1973 to 1989 as Aero crams everyone into the(Love in A)Elevator! I love the guitar action in this song Perry and Whitford man there a great team! Flinging solos back like Tbone/Darr/Rugg(lifelong friends ) fling beer cans back!

To end the regular set its time for a double bubble pack from Toys In The Attic album with Walk This Way and the song Toys In The Attic! I was just walloped on the side of my head of that one two punch! I’m TKO’d!

Steve and the boys cruise back out for the encore which starts off with Livin On The Edge(great song!) followed by Sweet Emotion and the now the huge enormous lighting rig shifts around and forms a ‘A’ Train Kept A Rollin ends the show…..

Give Aero props man,8 shows into the tour and there playing 6 off of the current release(Get A Grip) for some i’m sure there would be some griping though the tracks they did play from it,I like so if you were at that same show as myself,Oinks,Andre and Budge and thought it was too many new tunes being played…well…GET A GRIP!

Also must mention that the show was not completely sold out as there was empty seats but those were in then nosebleeds,must still have been about 13,000 or so there ….



SONIC WAVES…..Aerosmith/Rock And A Hard Place

Let’s see 1982 and well me,Tbone,Muc and well that’s about it are the only ones that care about Aerosmith! Steve-o,Joey and Tom have replaced Brad Whitford and Joe Perry with two newbie guitarists in Rick Dufay and Joe Perry kinda lookalike Jimmy Crespo! For a band that is supposedly down for the count!(ha Y&T) The Aero express pulls out all the stops on this gem and hey who cares if back in 1982 that it took $1.5 million dollars to record these 10 tracks! Me and Tbone signed on and next to Live Bootleg and Draw The Line this was the third Aero album I owned and For Tyler Rock In A Hard Place I guess for him is the forgotten ex girlfriend that he doesn’t wanna Remember but for me……a different story……

Considering Aero was cooked by this point (I mean the Stonehengey type cover is kinda fruity to say the least )  this is a absolute scorcher….

Lets pool our cash and bail Steve out of the rock n roll Slammer cuz of….

JAILBAIT- Aero 1982 is off to the races right out of the gate. New guitar boys Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo set the grooves on fire here and the regular cast of characters Tyler/Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer set the tone and my young Rock ears can’t believe how quick  Aero is giving er!  The Aero Xpress must have loaded up on speed man as there’s no slowing this Xpress down! A bonafide classic!

LIGHTNING STRIKES- some crazy swirly keyboard sets the song afire and here comes some drums/guitars and Tyler and in that order! “Boys and there dukes are read to rumble!” Sez Steve-o and what a great song and vid and man I love this video as Aero is blasted off the rails and watching this as a 15 yr old! These are rock gods! Sez I. I bow at the trashed out temple of AeroRock!

BITCHES BREW-Strikes ends and the song segues into Tyler sounding a little (ahem)sinister and this is a great song as the chorus kicks into some demented sounding piano driving along the song and so far 3 tracks in and this new version is standing almost toe to toe with the old Aeroversion and that’s impressive! Another fantastic track. Don’t go fooling with the Bitches Brew! I still hear that demented piano sound going thru my head….fuckin love it! Crank the song above !

BOLIVIAN RAGAMUFFIN- Jimmy Crespo rocks out of the gate riffing on his strat and making just making us forget a little about Mr Perry well trying too anyways. His playing on here is awesome and it’s too bad that no one ever talks about Crespos infleuence(musical that is) on this album. He shreds and riffs and keeps Aerosmith true to form here!  Tyler also must be credited with his lyrics very crafty here!

CRY ME RIVER-side 1 ends with Tyler at the piano and overall a very good track! Tyler I guess is tired of the people around him! His ex band mates/his ex wife/ management everyone can go Cry Him A River! I think it’s safe to,say Steve wasn’t tossing any life preservers overboard to save anyone!

PRELUDE TO JOANIE- is Aero bizarre and man it’s a minute and half of zany Tyler speaking almost thru Joes left behind talk box(you heard it at the beginning of Sweet Emotion) as a 15 year this screwed me up but it’s Tyler chirping about what’s to come and that’s…..

JOANIES BUTTERFLY-ah ha this makes sense now! Wowzers Tyler should be teaching sex education ahhh than again maybe not! But this song is driven by Joey Kramers drums and features some real cool acoustic picking until the electric guitars kick in! Love the part of the tune where Steve sings…’Oh ,no,no,no,no,no,no,Took off in flight,No,no,no than came the light ‘ Stevey sounds almost I don’t ever say this but it sounds Jaggerish! Cool though maybe I just hear it, do you?

ROCK IN A HARD PLACE-classic Aero! Big sounding drums as Joey is laying waste to his cymbals and the guitars of Dufay and Crespo are cranked and hey how about Steve and some harmonica and now some Sax! As a hardcore fan this tune is a Aerodelight!

JIG IS UP-this song is also typical Aero a real cool groove and Tyler once again at his lyrical best. The song starts with the guitars and bass in synch and Joey Kramer once again leads the charge and this song is a real good rocker but a rocker in  like i noted earlier in a Aerogroove kinda way!

PUSH COMES TO SHOVE-think the late 1890s and some place in the Midwest named the Crazy Horse Saloon and some dude sitting at a piano and that dude would be Steve Tyler rumbling away on his keys and man this song is soooooo good! This is how I heard the song the first time I heard it and now gulp 33 years later…sheeeeeit I still hear it the same way! Awesome end! So unlike Aero kinda but so cool!

IN CONCLUSION-considering everyone in the world left this band for dead Ummm. Listen folks Jimmy Crespo steps up huge in Perrys place and delivers flashes of brilliance on his guitar. It’s  never too late to discover or rediscover this forgotten gem! Except for me,Tbone and a few others never forgot about this one but Steve/Joey and Tom for some reason never talk about this one…me,I can’t shut up about it!

SONIC WAVES ….Robert Plant/Now And Zen

Tall Cool One….. man….still love that song today and that silly Bobby Plant sampling his own stuff on Tall Cool One(he dips into his Led Zeppelin catalogue and steals from himself=GENIUS!!)

So Mr Plant for me anyways puts out a high tech sounding keyboard drivin record in good ol February of 1988! Up to that point I bought all of Roberts solo stuff even Shakin And Stirred which I never really got into! Since I was 13 when Zep broke up(1980) I guess I took it upon myself to forge a sonic trail with what Plant was currently doing solo wise since he was basically doing no Zep at all on his solo tours of course that changed with the Now And Zen Tour but regardless…..

Hey,Hey Mama…..

HEAVEN KNOWS-wowzers  Plant and company(Doug Boyle/Phil Johnstone/Chris Blackwell/Phil Scragg) shoot out of the gates with a high tech keyboard  (almost) over produced sound and were only 20 seconds in to Now And Zen! Plant man whadda say about this guys voice? It’s tailor made for everything Rock. Case in point….you want loud bombastic Zep Rock (Black Dog) or Reggae tinged chill rock(Dyer Maker) Big Band Swing Rock(anything Honeydrippers) Plant delivers and lookie who shows up to the Plant Partee…..Mr Jimmy Page and he plays some guitar on Heaven Knows! Crank up those 1988 Zep reunion rumours(we won’t talk about the 40th Anniversary Atlantic Records(1988) romp when Zep did get back together or the Live Aid (1985)thingy were Page was drooling all over his double necked Gibson guitar) Heaven Knows is a great start and man the sound is polished! For me being a hard ass towards all records sounding too slick I’m good with this!

DANCE ON MY OWN- track 2 and Roberts rocking and this song is a keeper as well. Like the rhythm aspect of it the drums courtesy of Mr Blackwell keep the Plant machine in check and keep the song ploughing forward into….

TALL COOL ONE- what a cool tune! Look Jimbo Page is on track 3 as well and this song has all the trimmings of a 80s rock track! Well produced,well played,well sung,backing vocals courtesy of some chics! Plus the guitar of Boyle and Page are tuned up tighter than the empty beer cans lodged againest each other behind my buddy Ruggs bar! Dig the keyboard playing in this tune and well Phil Johnstone played a huge part in  this record not only playing the keys but he co wrote most  of Now And Zen as well! Dee Ditty Dee Ditty Ditty Dee Dee Dee(that’s my shitty example of the keyboard in between the vocals..hahaha) Like I posted as well at the top of the page Robert swipes his own stuff and samples down some Zep at the end of the track! What a awesome move! Bravo! Even later on Plant sold his soul to the Coca Cola man and this song was used in Coke commercials! Some call it sellout perhaps me as well but it’s Plant …so let’s toss him a mulligan on this one ok?

THE WAY I FEEL- drums and bass launch this song and Boyle plays a real mean clean guitar not on this song but on this whole album. Plant as he does delivers a great vocal but when does he not deliver a great vocal right ?! This is a mid tempo high glossed up rocker if that makes sense!

HELEN OF TROY-this song is a great track! It does have all the trappings of 80s rock! Clean overproduced to certain extent but the song does flow and props must be given not only to Boyle on guitar but Chris Blackwell on the drums! He pushes the Plantship forward into high tech waters but he doesn’t stall in rough techno waters. He’s a great on this track and on this album! Helen Of Tbone is another mid tempoish number with some time changes proving its ok to …well Were Gonna Groove!

BILLYS REVENGE-think The Honeydrippers doing speed that’s what Billys Revenge sounds like to me! It’s a 50s rollicking good time shuffle groove with finger snaps and Blackwell and his drums drive this tune and Boyle gets a little edgy with his playing and dumps a heavier somewhat tone! Plant I guess at the time was still fun changing up styles and why not that Honeydrippers EP From 1984 sold tons!

SHIP OF FOOLS- I will say it right here that this is one of the best slow mover tunes I have ever heard! What a great song! Plant delivers the ultimate vocal. Boyle plays super laid back picking riffs and knows his place in the song structure! Plus I love the sound of the bass on this by Mr Scragg. What a well done splendid track! Cheers to Bobby on this one! Crazy …..Ship Of Fools……

WHY- Rob gets off the Ship Of Fools and asks Why? Why is 80s Plant embracing technology and when I listen to this track its almost a exact opposite sound that Rob and the Boys would give us all with there next release 1990s Manic Nirvana. That’s ok though and I guess as well he wants to,distance himself as far as away as possible from Zep except of course when he triggered the samples from Tall Cool One! Why is a good track Boyle plays with a real clean tone and these songs as well are pretty much do written with Phil Johnstone (keyboardist) hence the sound.

WHITE CLEAN AND NEAT- finger snapping and between The White Clean Sheets comes Rob and crew. Big time synth action drives it from behind with the guitars,bass and drums  moving the song forward! Rob knows that the Now And Zen party is ending so he calls back the ladies from Tall Cool One to handle some backing vocals! There’s even a spoken word verse  You Snake charmer you! Robert on this release makes it that no two songs sound alike in his solo era and for that you really have to hand it to Plant!

WALKING TOWARDS PARADISE-The ladies stick around for the final track and Robert Plant Sez the party ain’t  ending Til he says its ending. Good song to end the evenings proceedings!

IN CONCLUSION-Robert Plant delivers a very 80s sounding record to that when I listen to it today it’s sounds 80s! Ha! But guess what folks Plant cans the old farts that played on his Shaken And Stirred release and gets a bunch of young rocking dudes and heads into Music Frontiers Unknown and and delivers a solid Gem of a release! You have to hand it Robert for a couple of reasons! 1-being he carved out a pretty decent solo career by this point. 2-he changed it up sonically from release to release. Case in point his next album Manic Nirvana is the exact opposite album sonic wise than Now And Zen. 3- Ummm he sang in Led Zep! 4- like I said at the beginning. Plant samples his own back catalogue…..that’s Street Cred in my book!

SONIC WAVES…Faster Pussycat/Faster Pussycat

You know that this debut album by these LA sleazeballs came out two weeks before Guns N Roses Appetite For Destruction? (July 7 1987 for Pussycat and the 21st of July for Gunners!)No shit Sherlock! Seriously though it did and of course we all know that Gunners sold millions upon millions of copies of Appetite and Faster Pussycat well they put a pretty decent debut of there own which sold well,went gold so not too shabby!

These guys I know  we’re one of Tbones younger brothers first cassette purchases but I know Darr and Rugg  had it….so yeah let’s 

Look What The Pussycat Dragged In….

DONT CHANGE THAT SONG- Taime Down is the singer and he has a different kind of voice but one that suits this band! Taime sing it pal “Don’t change that song it’s my favooooorite wreckoooord!’ Ha that’s how it has always sounded to me! This song was there debut single and   It was just a simple straight ahead back alley rock. Catchy verse,pre chorus and chorus. Brent Muscat and Eric Steele lay down some simple yet effective Rock guitar the sound is remiscent of Hanoi Rocks not the vocals but the music.

BATHROOM WALL-drums and bass lead off this super charged tilt thru the stalls of the Bathroom Wall! And hear comes sloppy guitar the kind that I have always liked. This song is pretty damn catchy and well they must have honed there craft in the bars cuz this sure sounds like it was one of those 3 am throw downs in the studio!

NO ROOM FOR EMOTION-booze n blues and The Pussycat has no room at there inn for emotion! This is a great tune one of the better on the debut. It has a old school Aerosmith vibe that’s what it sound likes to me anyways! Cool interplay between the guitars. Love the Ol school sleaze sound of yesteryear!

CATHOUSE- bam,here comes some riffing on the six strings and the drums,bass and here’s some rocking piano(remember the piano on the studio version of Christine 16 by Kiss? Speed that piano up to 78 rpms and you got Cathouse!) This is another rocker and its a full tilt no holds barred corker!

BABYLON- holy shit! Pussycat rap rock…this song is another fav as no other rock artists were doing this at the time but these guys did. They should have put this out as a single! Record company dropping the ball! Crank the vid!

SMASH ALLEY- side 2 leads the charge and the chorus rocks and holy crap were bar room brawling with the Pussycat Guys circa 1987. Shit if we’re keeping score me and Tbone were just turning 20 than! This song has nifty guitar solo and it’s a straight ahead dash to the finish line!

SHOOTING YOU DOWN-this tune is alright I find it so so. Not bad,not great just so so! Kinda like the Big Mac of tunes meaning it’s just some slop thrown together. Sometime rock slop can be pulled together and a real cool tune can come about like Aerosmith with My Fist Your Face from there Done With Mirrors album! That is slop thrown to the wall and it sticks and I still love that tune (My Fist Your Face) that is my comparison of cool rock slop Vs close but no cigar rock slop!(Shooting You Down)

CITY HAS NO HEART-ok so the band puts some gas in the tank after almost running out on Shooting You Down and man they rev up on this song! This is a great rock track! It’s all there at Pussyville! Cool guitar, lyrics,chorus it’s all here! Love it!

SHIP ROLLS IN-more Booze n Brawl from the boys this is a ok rocker! Nuthin to write home about.Pussycat are not reinventing the rock wheel here.

BOTTLE IN FRONT OF ME- speaking of Booze well here’s the tune that ends the album and hey fella’s it’s been a slice! The song is a little slower but it still has that OL stingy barroom smoke filled aura goin on.

IN CONCLUSION- Faster Pussycat puts out there debut and I kinda dug it. Even now revisiting it all these years later I still say that the first 5 songs are real good and that side two except for (City Has No Heart) kinda lagged behind but this is still a good debut. Fortunately for me I kinda lost interest when there second album Wake Me When It’s Over failed to really make a Sonic Impact on yours truly. But for little time when everyone was being signed out of LA in the mid to late 80s these guys had a shot…..


3/4’s Filler….KROKUS/Change Of Address

A little bit of Rock History 101 with yous! Krokus I first heard thru my buddy Muc who had there earlier album Metal Rendezvous with the great track Heatstokes! It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the lead vocals of Marc Storace were very similar to the late great Bon Scott!

So Krokus became the band for me and Muc to fill the void in the early 80s  with a sound very similar to AC/DC and for a while it worked. Below I will talk about a few of there releases in short before I get to the main review and well by the time you get to that part of my babble you will understand why I explained there previous works before Change Of Address!

Krokus/One Vice At A Time- this one came out in 1982 and I purchased it quickly as did Muc and mean how could we not? The sound was raw like ACDC,the songs sounded like ACDC,the song titles could have been ACDC. Tracks like Long Stick Goes Boom,To The Top,I’m On The Run,Playin The Outlaw…plus they did a cover of the Guess Who’s American Woman as well so that won some street cred with us! Krokus for me and Muc were our rock smack for some ACDC style rock when the main dudes(ACDC) were hibernating in between releases!

Krokus/Headhunter- geezus these guys get Tom Allom(Judas Priests producer) and ramble off the Headhunter album in 1983. Sure they sound still ACDC but now they got a little Priest mixed in as well. Songs like the title track Headhunter,Nightwolf and Eat The Rich drive the album along and oh yeah Krokus covers Stayed Awake All Night the BTO Tune and its a good cover.

Krokus/The Blitz- Krokus bids adieu to Real hard rock and shifts it’s gears to a little more Americanized sound on the Blitz! Big time production on The Blitz courtesy of the late Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock.This album was pretty good. Krokus tackle a somewhat kinda ballad (Our Love) which is kinda a stinker but there a few good tracks as well here including Midnite Maniac,Boys Nite Out(written by Adams and Vallance) and real cool cover of Sweets Ballroom Blitz recorded live of the floor and man they should a done the whole record like that! Also of note me and Muc caught Krokus opening for Sammy Hagar on the Sam mans VOA tour of 1984. Of importance welcome aboard Tbone as the Blitz is his first Krokus purchase on cassette tape!(umm T’s visit to KrokusVille would be short and sweet!)

So 1986 June of that year to be precise and Krokus drop Change Of Address and by than I don’t even know if Muc is still following them  but me and Tbone are boy did we  ever get fucked over by Krokus! This review of Change Of Address will be short and simple!

This album is bad so bad I don’t even Remember any of the songs! The only one  i do recall is Schools Out by Alice Cooper yeah a cover song! Shit even Quiet Riot who repeatedly released a turd album after a turd album  least had a couple of good tracks(just a couple) that you could at least say..Ummm, not bad! No sign here of anything good! This band officially flatlined Krokus went glam too glam in look and sound and chased the American $$$ and it flopped! So disappointed me and Tbone were with this both of us gave up on them after this slab of whatever you wanna call it so if Krokus came  looking for us we went M.I.A!(missing in action) I’m sure we weren’t the only ones….

Even Krokus knew the ship had sunk! Change Of Address sank quicker than the Titanic and in doing so they put out a 9 song live album with one song from C.O.A (Hot Shot City) in October of 1986! I never bought the live album titled Alive And Screaming but I did hear it as a guy at school had it(on his Walkman..ha I’m old!)and the somics of it (recording) was aweful! I passed(gas) on this and that’s being polite…..

watch the vid ….say no more….



SONIC WAVES……Ratt/Dancing Undercover

So fall time 1986 as the leafs are changing colour and here comes a new Ratt album,Dancing Undercover and upon first listen it sounds like they rushed it out and I remember Tbone saying those exact words to me at the time in our hallowed halls of Lakeview High School. Who knows maybe Tbone still feels that way but for me I think out of all the Ratt albums I think over time this one has become a sleeper hit,one that flies under the radar as everyone focuses on especially Out Of The Cellar. Too bad but hey if your reading this thanks and check this one out If want some Raunch N Roll!

Lets hop on the Ratt tour bus and listen to what’s cooking!

DANCE- first impression of the lead single is man Ratt is stripping down the sound. Gone is the high gloss of the two previous Atlantic releases (Out Of The Cellar & Invasion Of Your Privacy) and the ladies are boarding the Greyhound bus towards the Ratt show. Warren DeMartini like he always does plays some blistering rock guitar and carries the tune as he usually does. This is a good leadoff number and Ratt N Roll is alive and well…..

ONE GOOD LOVER-Dance barely ends and it’s into One Good Lover and that’s the thing with this album the songs are coming at ya fast and furious as there is hardly any space between em. The guitars are mixed raw and I can honestly say here and I might be setting myself up for some debate this may be Ratts record version of Aerosmiths Done With Mirrors! Track two and this record is dripping with sleazeball Rock .

DRIVE ME CRAZY- is a straight ahead no nonsense rocker and features the late Robbin Crosby on lead guitar and such. This record is starting to feel like there’s gonna be no ballads I mean if there is its gonna be a raunched out love song! Whatever the hell that means!

SLIP OF THE LIP-real cool song it kinda does have that old school Aerosmith feel to it.” Slip Slip,Slip of the Lip “bellows Pearcy and sidekick Warren delivers the tune on his painted up Charvel guitar. Man you feel the sleaze dripping with grease from this tune as it slips and slide all over the map and why wouldn’t it? There from LA !

BODY TALK-yep another single and this was on the Eddie Murphy movie that flopped (Golden Child) but this song is not a flopper as it rocks! Bobby Blotzer steamrolls his drums in double bass fashion and hahaha he looks like he’s about to code blue at any moment! Another ripping solo and that seems to be the deal with Ratt as long as Dimartini is writing guitar riffs Ratt is safe…some what….

LOOKING FOR LOVE- side 2 begins with Stephen Pearcy slinking around Looking For Love and with any Ratt record yep it’s the guitars that carry the tune but also bassist and backing vocalist Juan Croucier who you can hear in all the Ratt tracks and his voice blends well with Pearcys (ahem) vocal style!

7th AVENUE- for me this is one of the highlights from  Ratt. It’s a slower tune but with all those 80s elements of more sleazeball LA rhythms from the original Ratt Bastards. This song for me oooooozes cool!

IT DOESNT MATTER- this song bounces along at a Ratt like style and well this another one of those albums that the songs are still snappy towards the end and for me that’s always a gauge of good Rockin coolness! Croucier is cranked up with his backing vocals and man thats  always a good thing

TAKE A CHANCE- Steve-o is staggering around the local Holiday Inn bar circa 1986 scoring chicks and would you the lady reader here take a chance? Hahaha….the song fits in nicely and if we’re keeping score there’s no snoozer like power ballads here so far! And hey even after all these years later (2014) I can honestly say I can listen to this album front to back no probs…no probs whatsoever!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH- Pearcy and Demartini start of the final track on Dancing Undercover and man it’s a great number cuz Emough is Enough is it love is it love cuz enough  is enough..Hahahaha …sometimes goofy cornholio lyrics but I’m ok with that! It’s all about the Rock!

IN CONCLUSION-I would have to say as some of you may be snickering at this review don’t judge a 80s hair metal Rock act by there look! Listen with your ears people! Ratt for me was not rocket science just straight ahead good time rock n roll! Ratt didn’t care either. Look at the cover ( the picture for the vid of 7th Avenue is the cover)for this record they don’t give a shit it’s just there mugs and the packaging to this record was pathetic but man the grooves inside rocked and for me that’s all that matters!

Cool Lil Numbers….INXS/Heaven Sent

Once again ‘J’ over at Resurrection Songs reviewed the KICK album (1987) by INXS  at his site and I recommend you should if you haven’t check out his site! J reviews something for everyone and just like he did when he reviewed Talk Is Cheap by Keith Richards I had to review the single from it (Take It So Hard). J once again gets  into my Ol noggin and Bam with INXS  it’s one track of there’s that really stands out to me and that  is Heaven Sent!

INXS in Canada in the late 80s into the early 90s was big business. Tons of records sold ,shows sold out and well for me it was like “when’s the new Van Halen album coming out?” Yeah that’s where my head was at but I don’t think INXS was to worried about me jumping aboard there ship I mean I think they were wanting females,sex, drugs and rock n roll aboard there ship not some 80s dude wearing a KROKUS tour shirt crashing there party….so be it!

Heaven Sent (from the album Welcome To Wherever You Are)was released as a single in July 1992 and for all the hype of Grunger Mania floating around from Seattle INXS for some crazy unexplained reason caught my ear with this tune! Yeah man it’s ok to ask! Yes I have Heaven Sent on my iPod!

This song is basically a straight ahead no frills rocker and its got hooks,catchy verse,cool clangy guitar,driving drums and the late Micheal Hutchence delivers a real good vocal along with some real good lyrics!  Good on INXS for just laying back from the bell and whistles of the 80s pop schlock and just deliver a rocker in post Hair Metal society! Kudos to Andrew/Tom and Tim Farris/Kirk Pengilly and the dude with the coolest name,Garry Gary Beers!

Up to that point I had not purchased any INXS and give these Aussie’s credit. They even made a Halen Fan Boy wearing a Iron Maiden  t shirt take notice!

Don’t Burn The Library Til You Have Read The Books!

Sonic Waves…Frehleys Comet/Live + 1

Check out the vid above as its a actual commercial plugging this release! Love the fact that you can see about 10 people infront of the stage if Ya watch closely! Hahaha….

1988 February to be exact and Space Ace drops a little mini Ep with his allstar backing band consisting of John Regan(Frampton ) Anton Fig (David Lettermen) and newbie guy Tod Howarth. This is the act that appeared on the debut Frehley Comets album one that had a bunch of hype attached to it as Ace basically disappeared from DEKEs radar for about 6 years until he finally issued the debut Comet album which in all fairness was pretty good except for that goofy track Dolls? So anyways I guess Ace was wanting to keep the momentum going so he issued this little firecracker of a Ep in which it was recorded In Chicago back in September of 1987.

Since Kiss was plugging Crazy Nights and making dumbo rock videos like Reason To Live,Ace decides to show em a little Rocket Ride could go a long way….

RIP IT OUT- yeah man one of my all time fav Ace tunes and Ace has the crowd in his pocket already. Ace sings this like he’s in space and the rest of the fellas lay it down. Fig drives the Frehley bus as he pushes the band and he’s the snappy little drummer boy pounding out fill after fill. Great opener!

BREAKOUT-Eric Carr did the cowrite and man the Comet is trying to break outta jail cuz the food here sucks! Yeah man tonight there’s gonna be a Jailbreak and not the Lizzy kind,but the Frehley Kind involving a Deloreon,prescription drugs,and a high speed cop chase wait a minute that did happen to Ace! Give Ace some street cred man. Ok well this song is topped off with a Fig drum solo and in case anyone’s wondering Ace tells us and the Chicago crowd that Anton’s the best!

SOMETHING MOVED- Newbie guy Tod Howarth does the honours hear and it’s a good track. A lot people criticize Howarth as he was the one to blame for the followup Comet album Second Sighting tanking. Second Sighting tanked quicker than TBone downing 8 beers and hot Mexican food at a old Chi Chi’s(Mexican ) restaurant back in  Winnipeg (early 90s! )Don’t blame Howarth peeps, I’m sure ol Ace had a say as did good ol megaforce records on the direction of  Second Sighting. On second thought maybe Ace didn’t have a say….

ROCKET RIDE- baby wants it fast baby wants a blast she wants a Rocket Ride….cool man Ace serves us a fastball down the middle of the plate and the Comet drives it over the centerfield wall! Ace dips into his Kiss catalogue and man he nails this song well he should it’s his man…..

WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH- the Comet borrows ZZ Tops synthesizer and pop out a studio track. This is the plus 1 of the program. In 1988 this was a song that was pretty good and basically sold the hype to me on the next Frehley purchase (Second Sighting,I was fooled)which may be a 3/4’s Filler story someday. Good song especially as Ace sounds out of it which is when he sounds best!

IN CONCLUSION- considering every Tom,Dick and Harry rock artist were putting out material in 1988 Ace was smart for just releasing a short little 25 minute Ep to hold the fort til the next release later that year. Too bad the Comet crashed and burned shortly after but Ace spaced us out one more time!

Cool Lil Numbers…Robert Plant/Liars Dance

All righty friends usually in the Cool Lil Numbers section here at Arena Rock I’m throwing down Loud Rock tunes but today lets shift gears and talk about a great acoustic track from Robert Plants Manic Nirvana(1990) album titled Liars Dance!

I have said it before and I’ll say it again for me back in the day of buying things music I loved those songs crunched on the end of the record that are absolute Gems! Liars Dance is that and much more. Next to the Roberts ode to horn dogs tune (Big Love, track 2) this is my fav from Manic Nirvana.

Liars Dance is just Robert and his guitar player Doug Boyle and Boyle plays a real cool acoustic piece that clocks in under 2 minutes 40 seconds! (Studio Version,Live Version is a little longer)Crazy how catchy this tune  is in such a short order of time!

Bobby and Dougie don’t screw around and they take the Don’t Bore Us Get To The Chorus approach and it pays off in spades! Love how Boyle just cranks up the strumming halfway thru like a crazed man and just shifts right down into the catchy verse! Awesome stuff…

Dig the words I mean where else would you fine the line….

Trees cry-men bow/Kneel before the fatted cow/Lets take a little moo before we go/No we won’t be back again/Won’t be back again….

I posted the live clip and you can see how they pulled it off in that kind of setting….

Great Friggin Track….

Cool Lil Numbers….The Circle/Poundcake


1986-Sammy Halen releases 5150/David Lee follows suit with Eat Em And Smile…

1988-DLR unleashes Skyscraper/Sammy Halen fight back with OU812

1991-Mr Roth puts out A Little Ain’t Enough/ Sammy Halen cranks out the F.U.C.K album.

2015-Yo! So Van Halen does the most crazy thing and decides to put out a double live cd with Diamond Dave! What’s even crazier is that Sam I Am teamed up his longtime sidekick Micheal Anthony on bass along with guitarist Vic Johnson(Hagars lead dude since 1997) and Jason Bonham(we all know who his Pop was!) on drums and KABOOM here comes the live album from these cats called The Circle!

Lets backtrack here for a sec…

So on a recent Sunday I read on Blabbermouth what  Hagar and crew are up to and than 2 days later on iTunes is preorder for The Circles Live Album called At Your Service!

Now back to the present…

Click the  preorder button (album release is not til May) and also with the click of the preorder comes The Circle doing Poundcake!

I have spun this track a few times now and I will tell you it sounds way better than the live album that Hagar/Anthony did back in 93 with VH (Right Here/Right Now) Poundcake here sounds live real live and gotta give Sam credit he announces to the crowd here’s a song from 1993 …Poundcake! Hey Sam, Poundcake came from the 1991 release F.U.C.K so there Ya go people. Good on Sam he could have touched that glitch up in the studio but nope he leaves it warts n all . Good on the Red Rocker!

Vic Johnson well man he plays Poundcake as if EVH was but he kinda gives it a redo job and well the fella can play! No doubt about it! Anthony and Bonham lay down the bottom end and they groove this tune with the simple sounding bass line driving the bus froward! Hagar is amazing folks! He along with Steve Tyler are around the 66 year old mark and there voices are still intact! Impressive! Plus any dude that sings the line ‘…….I love my baby’s Paoundcake” at the age of 66 is alright in my book!

When I preordered the album i seen the track listing for the album it’s got Solo Sam,Sam Halen,Sam Montrose,Zep tracks. I guess that’s what Sam means when he talks about his musical career coming full Circle!

Poundcake version 2015 is a winner here at Arena Rock!

The video posted is not the actual release ..its the only thing that was out there! I howled at video on the screen behind the band showing actual clips from the Poundcake video except Al and Edward Van Halen are totally edited out of  the clip! Hahahaha …

Silly Ol Buggers!