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Back Covers: Coney Hatch (1982)

Since the mighty Can Rock act Coney Hatch is playing this sleepy northern town tomorrow night (November23rd) I thought why not do a Back-Cover feature on what I would consider a ‘Classic’  album!

This self-titled debut came out in 1982 and I think if memory serves me correct I had read about Coney Hatch and seen the adds for the self-titled release in the Canadian Magazine ‘Music Express’ which always featured a bunch of Candian Artists as well as International Artists. Thanks to Music Express I was kept in the loop on what was going on in Canada.

Back in 1982, I was 15 really into Hard Rock. When I seen the back cover photo of the band (courtesy of David Street) I was hooked as here are four young Rock Guys( Dave Ketchum/Andy Curran/Carl Dixon/Steve Shelski) who had the look and by the time I got through the album, Coney had the songs as well.

A pretty simple shot but it’s effective. You get the gist that if a picture could say 1000 words this would be one of them.  Plus with song titles like Devils Deck/Victim of Rock/I’ll Do The Talkin/Stand Up you know this 40-minute slab of vinyl will kick your ass!

It did!

From there I purchased anything and everything Coney Hatch put out after that. Outta Hand (1983) Friction (1985) and Four(2012) are all solid additions to anyone’s music collection

Looking forward to Finally checking out  Coney 2019 Live with Sean Kelly/Carl/Dave and Andy after waiting oh for what? Three and a half decades!

Better late than never they say!