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Trapper: ILLEGAL/ Bye Bye Mon Cowboy (2020)

What could be a better way than to start a new work week than do a Double Trapper Review with the one and only Mikey Ladano! Click the link below for a great read!

REVIEW: Trapper – “Illégal” / “Bye bye mon cowboy” (2020 single)


Growing up in Northwestern Ontario I learned very on early at a young age about hunting and fishing as that’s a big recreational activity here around Thunder Bay. There are thousands of lakes and hundreds of miles of bush to hunt and fish in.

My Grandfather was a huge Hunter/Fisherman so much so he never called himself a hunter or fisherman. My Grandpa referred to himself as a Trapper!

Another kind of Trapper is the band that hails also from Ontario that was formed a few years back by Sean Kelly,  Tim Timleck, Jordan Kern, Emm, and Frank Gryner.

Trapper has steadily been gaining momentum for a few years now as they supported Def Leppard a few years back in Eastern Canada as well as the members of Trapper are very talented in there own right.

Sean Kelly is a monster on the  6 string! Sean, who not only in the past has fronted his own band Crash Kelly has also released a couple of classical albums as well having recorded and played with such acts and artists as Coney Hatch, Gilby Clarke, Helix, Lee Aaron, Alan Frew, and many others. Sean also wrote the classic book Metal On Ice that chronicles a ton of bands touring our fair country.

Emm Gryner fronts a 3 piece act Trent Severn as well Emm was part of David Bowie’s live backing band and has been a 3 time Juno nominated artist!

Frank Gryner is a talented videographer as Tony has made videos for Def Leppard and recently for Alice Cooper (Don’t Stop is the new Coop song and the video is brilliant by the way)

Tim Timleck has drummed for Carole Pope, Trent Severn, and others.

Talented Folks, I would add!

If you follow Trapper through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram you know that they have released a couple of Rockin new cover versions of some classic Québecois Rock from the 80s.

The first track is Illegal (originally done by Corbeau) which is a great song(wicked Bass guitar work as well) and features a stellar vocal by Gryner who if I was to compare Emm vocally to has that Benetar/Patty Symth vibe in her vocal. Kelly dials up a fantastic solo and this proves what a talented cat the man is and why so many acts/artists want to work with Sean. He is the real deal.


Bye Bye Mon Cowboy the second track starts with some driving cowbell courtesy of Tim Timleck who pushes the song forward with his fantastic drumming. This song has that late  80s early 90s Aerosmith feel by that I mean the use of horns in the chorus. Bye Bye Bye Mon Cowboy was a single by Canadian artist Mitsou as she was played lots on MuchMusic TV back in the day.

Kudos to Trapper for putting out two killer tracks yet issuing them both vocally in French!
Even though I don’t speak or understand French as a language the music here performed by Trapper has them speaking to me in the language that I’m familiar with and that’s …


You can buy these two tracks on iTunes for real cheap and it supports local talent!  Itunes also has the 5 song EP that Trapper released back in 2015 called Go For The Throat-EP.

I hope there is a full-length original Trapper album in the works from these folks!