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Top 10 “Used Vinyl” Purchases in 2020.

This may be my last ever “Top 10 Used Vinyl Purchases” as the one place I had bought my used records from (Moon Money Vintage) closed up shop a few weeks before the world went into the tank back in March 2020

I liked buying used vinyl from that place as they were on consignment so they weren’t selling shit records. Sure I may have paid a buck or two more but at least I knew I was getting a decent used record.

When all is said and done I think I was able to build up my collection to well over 350 LPs from that place over a 2-year time period.

There are a few pawn shops in town that sell used vinyl but they just dump the records in a bin and I can’t be bothered rummaging and hoping for the best. Especially in these times.

Maybe things will turn around and someone can open up a cool record shop here in Tbay. In saying that I’m not holding my breath!

Before I forget make sure you watch for Snowmans/ Ladano’s and Mr. Buried On Mars Best of 2020 list’s  that are coming out sometime soon.

Here are their links to their sites. Give them a follow if you haven’t already.




So here we go…

#10- Alice Cooper: Constrictor(1986)– Sure the Coop’s “Constrictor” release sounded like it was recorded in a tin can. There is some Cheesy Alice stuff on here (Thrill My Gorilla) but when Alice came back in 86  “Constrictor” was my entry world into the Coop. So this album gets a pass from me. Alice hooked up with Kane Rambo on guitar and they muscled up some decent stuff too (Your The Life And Death of The Party, The World Needs Guts).

#9- Boston: Third Stage(1986)– Tom Scholz back in 86  confused me that he led off “Third Stage” with “Amanda” (power ballad) but as an old man now in 2020 I get why he did that.  Doing things differently was Tom’s motto so it kinda works.  I mean Tom back then was battling his record company in lawsuits and whatnot as well as battling ex-members of Boston at the time. “Third Stage,” I think out of the first three Boston albums is the third-best record in the Boston catalog. Give it up for the late great Brad Delp whose vocals soar all over the sonic highway on “Third Stage”

#8-The Georgia Satellites: The Georgia Satellites(1986)- Who doesn’t love a good barroom stomping good time record. Dan Baird and the Sataliites cook up 8 originals,2 cover tunes, and this album blasts off from the get-go! Sure everyone knows these guys for the one big hit(Keep Your Hands To Yourself) but ask Tbone about the other tracks on here like “Red Light”! You cannot go wrong with this one!

#7-RUSH: Hold Your Fire(1987)- Can’t believe it has almost been a year since Neil passed on. Finding used RUSH records is a rarity in this town so when I have seen them I would pounce into action. Hold Your Fire is one I grabbed for a good price($10) and added to the collection. Geddy/Neil and Alex wrote some killer stuff on here (“Prime Mover,” “Time Stand Still”, “Lock And Key”). Nice addition to my collection.

#6-KISS: Asylum(1985)- I have been trying to finish up the KISS collection on vinyl and I grabbed this one from Discogs. “Asylum” is a good album once you get by the band wardrobe malfunction that Gene and Paul were into at the time. The songs though speak for themselves as “King of the Mountain”, “Love’s A Deadly Weapon”, “Tears Are Falling” are good tracks. There is always the matter of “Uh All Night”. lol But yeah it’s a decent spin.

#5-Dokken: Beast From The East(1988)– We all know this story. Dokken put out 4 solid studio records, opened up for every rock act at the time, and when this Double Live album came out the wheels came off of Dokken as Don split and the other guys sued as they were about to make that move to the arena headliner.  Still, though the tunes on here are brilliant and George Lynch is the man on here!

#4-Ozzy Osbourne: Bark At The Moon(1983)– On any given day this may be my favorite Osbourne record. Jake E Lee shows up and lays down the gauntlet on guitar. For all his hard work on this album, the Osbournes don’t credit Jake with any co-writes on “Bark At The Moon”. Highway Robbery 101 if you ask me. Did Ozzy write that opening riff to “Rock N Roll Rebel” or the title track? C’mon man no way that happened when Ozz was snorting ants and licking up piss back then. Cheers to Jake as his contribution is huge on this album!

#3-AC/DC: Let There Be Rock(1977)– Earlier this year I came across a fella who was selling 8 AC/DC albums for $80. I already had 4 of the 8 so I asked the seller if he wanted to just sell the 4 that I wanted.  He preferred to sell the whole lot.  So I figured what the hell I’ll buy all 8 and the 4 I already had I would pass onto Tbone which I did. “Let There Be Rock” was one that I did not have on record. Now I do and I’m all the better for it. Angus and  Bon crank everything up to 10 and well…just get a copy for yourself and while we are at it…” Let There Be Rock”.

#2-Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers(1984)– I have always held in high praise this reunion album of Deep Purple. “Perfect Strangers” was my entry point into Deep Purple. This album is an all-time great as Ian Gillain sings for his supper as Richie Blackmore being all moody and shit slays everything in site with his strat. Not one dud track on this album and yeah still to this day my all-time fav DP record!

Now my Used favorite score in 2020 goes to …

#1- Kim Mitchell: Kim Mitchell(1982)- Kim ditches Max Webster dials in his strat and cranks his Marshall to 11 and plays on what I consider some of the best electric guitar recorded to tape. Ask Ladano and he will tell you this is the Best EP ever and I tend to believe him as there are no drop-offs or let down on these 5 songs. Kim basically recorded this as a power trio and it shows. I was beyond giddy when I scooped this for $5 Canadian. If any of you readers out there want a crash course in rock guitar dial this one in on your streaming choice and crank it! You can thank me and Mikey!

There ya have it, folks. Three Top 10 lists in 2020! Thanks for reading and commenting throughout the year!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!




Georgia Satellites: Georgia Satellites (1986)



I still remember like it was yesterday even though it was over 30 years ago when The Georgia Satellites back in December 1989 rolled into Thunder Bay and played their barroom boogie rock for the faithful.

During the encore Satellites frontman/guitarist Dan Baird asked the crowd that had somewhat filled our auditorium if there was anything they wanted to hear.

Tbone not wasting a second hollered out ‘Red Light‘ and Baird acknowledged the shout out and they played it! After the show as we headed home in that cold December air, I asked Tbone while chuckling ” Why Red Light?”

Tbone replied with a verse from Red Light.

“Yeah my baby called up said I done made her mad
she’s takin’ me off for everything that I had
ran out of town and now she’s come back
got Van Halen wailin’ on the stereo eight track
watch out baby that’s what I said
there’s a red light, roadblock, bridge out ahead”

Ah, the Van Halen line.  I should have known better but good on Dan and the boys as still to this day I have never heard a band that loud before or after in our crappy auditorium. Crank Up Red Light Below. Under 3 minutes of fine Barroom Boogie Rock!

So when I saw the self-titled album from these fella’s sitting in the used bins with the cover staring at me.  Recalling Tbone hollering Red Light at Baird. It all resonated with me so it was an easy grab and dash so to speak.

Sure everyone knows the biggie hit Keep Your Hands To Yourself which went bonkers on not only video but the single charts as well(reaching Number 2).

But if you were to say erase Track 1 that being Keep Your Hands To Yourself from this album the other 9 tracks are all solid keepers even the cover of Every Picture Tells A Story is done Satellite style that they make it there own.

I was talking to Tbone’s brother Darr and he commented that this record is very underrated and Darr totally makes the case as everyone talks about ‘THAT SONG’  but dig deep and there’s some Gold in them grooves.

Have to hand it to them as well as they did not give a shit about fashion as it was a T-shirt and Jeans for the Satellite  guys which were the exact opposite of some other bands in 1986( Take a bow Poison!)

What you find on this album are a bunch of tracks of which 7 are written solely by Baird while Lead Guitarist Rick Richards wrote and sang the slide guitar-driven Can’t Stand The Pain. 

Baird is a crafty very underrated lyricist and the songs here prove that theory. Mauro Magellan (drums) and Rick Price(bass) drive the rhythm bus at times almost AC/DC like on tunes like Railroad Steel

The album produced by Jeff Glixman kept it a little rough around the edges and didn’t add to much polish so it sounds pretty live which is another endearing quality to my listening habits. 

This album and band I will always dig as they went against the grain of what was selling at the time and they succeeded for the most part.  

It was. shame that the public never really got behind 1988’s Open All Night or 1989’s In The Land of Salvation and Sin(my personal fav)  but never the less to my ears The Satellites even though only 3 albums came out of this lineup they were all stellar albums so check em out if you haven’t and listen to some brilliant no-frills rock!

Baby I got my finger right on your pulse
poundin’ just like a drum
I need a little bit of Coca Cola
I need me a shot of Ron Rico one fifty one
ain’t nothing in this whole wide world
worth havin’ ever comes for free
and I swear to God in Heaven that little girl’s
gonna remember a man like me

Baby’s got to know about the way I feel
I got a heart that’s made out of railroad steel
cold, hard, true, and mean but when her train
rides through it’ll make me sing


Georgia Satallites/In The Land OF Salvation And Sin(1989)


Plain and Simple these guys Kicked Ass! Only about a year later after this album was released The Satellites called it a day but Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Dan Baird released in 1992 the classic Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired but that’s getting ahead of ourselves….

Back in 1989 though the Boys along with Baird/ Rick Richards(guitar) Rick Price(bass) and Mauro Magallen(drums) released this Fantastic Slab Of Southern Fried Rock served with a shot of Jack Daniels with a swift kick up the backside!

When it comes to these Satellite’s people always talk about the self titled debut from 1986 that featured the enormous selling single Keep Your Hands To Yourself.

Fair enough that’s what got these guys on the Musical Map and back in Hair Metal 86 with all of your Talk Dirty like tunes mixing it up with the Carrie singles of the world come these Red Neck Rockers wearing Levi Strauss clothes/Greasy hair/Riding around in the back of pick up truck’s and Loud guitars  breathing  Smokey Fresh Air in a genre that’s polluted with Crap Rock. These fella’s show up on the door step,kick the door off the hinges and toss a party!

1988’s Open All Night had some real good tracks like Sheila,Dunk N Dine, and the title track but lost a little steam but that problem was fixed when these boys put out Salvation And Sin!

Salvation And Sin is 14 Tracks Of Blitzing Rock….

1 I Dunno 3:10
2 Bottle O’ Tears 3:52
3 All Over But The Cryin’ 5:11
4 Shake That Thing 5:12
5 Six Years Gone 3:09
6 Games People Play
Written-By – Joe South
7 Another Chance 4:33
8 Bring Down The Hammer 4:23
9 Slaughterhouse
Written-By – Rick Richards
10 Stellazine Blues 4:11
11 Sweet Blue Midnight 6:26
12 Days Gone By 3:34
13 Crazy
Written-By – Gina Webb
14 Dan Takes Five

I Dunno blasts off at rocket speed and Dan being the main songwriter writes wicked tales of the Good and Bad side of relationships as I Dunno is just that! Richards blasts a quick lightening bolt of a solo and Good Times/ Bad Times /I Dunno/Just Pick Up The Dice And Baby Let It Roll sings Dan! Yee F’n Haw!

Bottle O’ Tears is a great tune that features the ying and yang of vocal play between Richards and Baird! This song oozes Cool! Too get a good feel of this Georgia Fried satellite tune I posted a live clip from 1989 speaking of which I reviewed these guys when they showed up to Tbay (Dec 1989) and basically took mine and Tbones hearing and obliterated it! Fantastic Show  ….Anyhoo enjoy the vid and check out Rick Richards mic stand instead of guitar pics he has 3 smokes taped to his mic stand! That’s Rock N Roll Swagger!

Baird can write cool lost love ballads like All Over But The Cryin that doesn’t lag and that’s thanks to Mauro’s drumming as he pushes it out of any chance of  bordering on wimpy!

Another strong feature of the Satellites is that when they cover tunes like Games People Play they make it sound their own which is a plus for these guys. Bassist Price handles the lead vocals on this track while Richards plays some wicked cool slide geetar action!

The party can’t always be rocking Another Chance features acoustic and mandolins guitars while each guy in the Satellites takes a line(not that kinda line!) vocally and it shows that these guys can shift gears at a moments notice!

SlaughterHouse is an under 3 minute Blitz of guitar riff action that features Richards doing double duty both singing and playing the slide rock guitar action…..

As you all know by now how I dig end of the album Gems well let’s give a shout out to the last track on the album Dan Takes Five which barrels out of the gate with a heavy like an AC/DC opening barrage of guitars and drums and this song is just is so good and for Dan its therapeutic  as it’s basically him writing about himself going through his divorce….I posted the lyrics below talk about autobiographical but delivered with a SledgeHammer! Watch…I mean Crank the vid!

“Dan Takes Five”

Stuffed my heart in a bag slammed the back door
if I get home it’d be a home no more
took off runnin in the middle of the night
I was aimed for anything that felt half right
look out baby I’m gone a little ride
I see my name written on the center line
moon looks good air is cool
every bone been broken in the Golden Rule

Well I’m flyin through Dothan with radio
Taylor’s Ole Time Opry’s playin Hank Snow
sing’s my nightmares in his song
I say I’m with ya man I’m just movin on
look out baby your wish came true
you got your freedom the house and the whole F.U
I got the thangs that I need
I took the car my pride and three pairs of jeans

My brain is bleedin got nails in my spine
but I ain’t gonna stop ‘fore that empty line
radio’s fadin road’s like a snake
it’s two in the mornin’ and I’m wide awake
look out baby Gates of Eden got closed
but New Orlean’s open see the pretty lights glow
I’m goin in to get myself lost and found
it didn’t take too __damn long to tear a good thing down

It may not be ideal
but at least we’re not running at the mouth
I-10 to San Antone
woke up and went south
fleeced at the border
for thirty five and some change
but that’s a small price to pay
runnin from the pain
look out baby I’m gone a little ride
there’s a brush fire on the highway
gonna burn both side
wish I could throw our sins
in the flame and smoke
I’ll call you up if and when I reach hope

Wowzers what a way to end this album! From I Dunno to Dan Takes Five and everything  in between this album Smokes!

DAN BAIRD/Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired(1992)

Dan Baird, I tell you this guy is one fantastic songwriter and not just the Keep Your Hands To Yourself guy from his previous band Georgia Satellites. This dude knows how to put words to music and man if you don’t believe me check out songs like Dan Takes Five, I Dunno,Sheila,Red Light, Railroad Steel,I could keep going on an on. Baird split from the Satellites in the early 90s but he bounced back with a classic Southern Cooked solo album called Love Songs For The Hearing Impaired.1992

Let’s examine some action from Baird county….

THE ONE I AM- That’s what I am sez Dan and he’s up to no good with some pick action on the guitar sounds like the Satellites of course it is,the dude did it all in that band.

JULIE AND LUCKY- From waste your time Kentucky….I love that line this one sounds like if you were to drive your car straight into a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Canada to get a bit of a southern feel(I wouldn’t recommend it though)

I LOVE YOU PERIOD- Was the first and only single from this album. Ol Danno is pretty clever with them lyrics. Cool slide guitar and like I said sly lyrics.

LOOK AT WHAT YOU STARTED-Has a kickin honkey took piano with some big backing vocals/slide guitar man it’s just a happy good ol tune!

SERIOUSLY GONE-This nails out of the starters gate like a jack rabbit getting into some good Southern Comfort! Cool all out rocker…..

PICK UP THE KNIFE- Hey if you’re gonna pull a fast one on Dan and The boys you better go the distance once again some cool guitar and neat simple,production …keep it simple silly!

KNOCKED UP – Is a corker of a tune with some of the best Baird lyrics ever..case in point..”you got knocked up,I got locked up I guess you could say we both got screwed!” Man you cannot make up stuff this good I tell ya….

BABY TALK- Is the swampy sounding song on this album,like right out of the Louisiana backwoods…..cool effects on the guitar and vocal…

LOST HIGHWAY- Starts off with just the guitar and it kicks kinda like a slow grooving AC-DC kinda feel in the rhythm of the song. Lost Highway man,Were heading down it. May be only one way in and not a way out..my personal fav from this album!

DIXIE BEAUXDERAUNT- Ha,this is another fav of mine on this album and it’s Dan at some of his best story telling. A story in which he talks about a girl named DIXIE BEAUXDERAUNT  who works as a dancer, dancing to Twisted Sister(not lying)….great tune just drives the record to a finish.

IN CONCLUSION-this is one stellar solo album, considering the musical climate it came out in(1992) Baird just stuck to  what he does best and that’s take you on a lyrical and musical journey tour de force as if you the listener were living next door to him in the Deep South!