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Guns N Roses: Appetite For Destruction-(Super Deluxe Edition/2018)

Ok Folks…Let’s put this one to bed early! I did not pay that ridiculous   $1000 bucks for the whole physical  package of the 31st Anniversary Edition of the mega upon mega selling Appetite For Destruction CD/Viny.l (and whatever the Hell else it was issued on!)

Nope….Do not have that kind of cash at my disposal but….

Putting my  Character Flaw aside(HAHAHA)  iTunes had the Deluxe for $29 bucks that features no less than 51 Tracks and over 3.5 Hours of Music (and was released June 29th 2018!)

Pretty sweet deal and I can tell you as I only have ever owned the original Geffen version of Appetite(which  also  included in this reissue is the EP Lies but no One For A Million Folk’s!) There is a whole bunch of stuff I haven’t heard like the various live tracks from a show at the Marquee Club(England) from 1987. Bunch of songs in initial stages like November Rain/Back off Bitch and snippets like The Plague amongst many others.

It’s the 19 tracks that Guns recorded back in 1986 in which they dubbed the Sound City Sessions which is the clincher!

These are the demos that make up AFD! I will go on record saying I cannot get enough listening to these versions of the songs.  Sure you heard em a zillion times over the last 31 years.

But…keep reading….

9 of the Original albums 12 tracks are featured in demo form.(It’s So Easy/Sweet Child & Mr Brownstone are the three left off) It’s  like the band is playing live. Everything is kept minimal. The sound is mixed brilliantly. I read somewhere that Nazareth Guitarist Manny Charlton actually produced the Sound City Sessions. I’m not sure if this is the case but as I don’t have the credits so if it indeed Charlton who produced these demo’s Mike Clink the fella who produced the Geffen records version of AFD basically kept the sound almost the same. Duff McKagan’s Bass on these demo’s is a lot more upfront for one thing. Izzy Stradlin’s Guitar is on one side of the speaker while Slash’s Guitar is n the other side. The songs here are finished just a little fine tuning when Guns signed their Record Deal.

It’s really interesting as you hear only Axl Rose’s voice and no backing vocals on any of these tracks. You can hear some songs being worked out in their earliest stages. Others lIke Welcome To The Jungle have a bit of a slower pace almost old school Aerosmith at times! Paradise City with a different beginning musically ….

It’s amazing as I bet ya Axl had basically about 98% of the lyrics finished and if you listen to Rocket Queen (posted at the top of the page) you can hear Axl figuring out the ending part of the songs lyrics and musically the band with a different arrangement at the 3 minute 30 second mark. Slash working out the solo’s. It’s all here. Drummer Steven Adler basically counts in every tune..


Cool Stuff….

There’s a bunch of extras from Sound City as well. Covers of Jumpin Jack Flash/Mama Kin and Heartbreak Hotel along with original tunes like Reckless Life and Move To The City.

Such a ton of music to cover. But for my dollar its the Sound City material that is the deal breaker. It’s cool when a band can release this stuff  that is  31 years(yikes!) young   that you  can hear the same songs that you heard a million times over originally but  in a different light.

What is fun is that it can  bring  back that initial buzz of hearing  Appetite For Destruction for the first time!

Great Reissue!