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Cool Vs Gah! Round 1…..Heavy Pettin….

Welcome To The Very First Post Of  What I’m Calling…..

Cool Vs Gah!

Do you like that title? ( Aaron over at the KMA Site once or well a few times answered his emails with a simple Gah! So dude thanks. I’m stealing Gah!) Well the deal here is I’m gonna post  two tracks by the same band. One track being Cool the other track being what I would  consider Gah!

I’m also going to try and not make this a repeat of something I posted in my 3/4’s Filler Category that you fine people have already read!

I will toss down my reasons why and for all intent and purposes feel free to comment and make fun of me ……

Batter Up…..

Love Times Love Vs Rock Ain’t Dead

This is a story that has to be written!  How many of you’s out there have heard of Heavy Pettin? Yup thought so, not many but I will tell you all a story how a pretty decent debut album(Lettin Loose/1983) which  gave me some hope for this band and  than it all went South with the followup.

Hell, these dudes even had Brian May (Queen) and Mack (Queen Producer) produce Lettin Loose so they got some decent muscle behind them and viola!

Heavy Pettin were young rock dudes from Scotland back in 1983 and had a bit  of run so much so the cassette tape of Lettin Loose made it into  my hands back in 1983.

The Heavy Petter’s featured….

Brian Waugh : Bass
Gary Moat : Drums
Punky Mendoza : Guitar
Gordon Bonnar : Guitar
Stevie Hayman : Vocals

So with a little hype kicked up in regards to the debut. In 1985 came  Rock Ain’t Dead the sophomore was released and with a few add’s in magazines plugging it I took the plunge and like any good friend would do I urged Tbone to do the same as he was buying up cassette tapes at a furious pace to build up his collection and it never entered his mind that I would steer him wrong!

Ha! We were both duped man! Rock Ain’t Dead? No it’s not,but on this album it was. Frigg! The wheels came right of the Pettin Tour Bus and it skidded right off the sonic highway.

Too be honest I think I played Rock Ain’t Dead once! Not to sound like a dick but think about it for a second. 1985 there was a ton of rock out in shelves of record shops,lots of magazines promoting stuff so when you  bought something and it stank you moved on and move on we did!

Tbone I think gave it more of an opportunity than I did but it sat there and collected dust on his shelf of cassette tape misfires…We all had misfires but man what happened? I basically led Tbone into camp Jim Jones and made him drink the Pettin Kool Aid!

Heavy Pettin should make a comeback especially with Gene Simmons and his whole Rock Ain’t Dead spiel in 2016.

So here’s the vid below for Love Times Love

Here’s a live clip from 1985 …Rock Ain’t Dead…


Love Times Love is a pretty decent track a little on the raw sounding side of things Rock but it has its moment with a good chorus…

Rock Ain’t Dead is as a cliché tune you could drum up in the 80s complete with wannabe Gang Chorus backing vocals and the falsetto screech of a lead singer as if he got kicked in his nut-sack!

In my world Rock Ain’t Dead but these guys ….