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The Cult/Hidden City(2016)


Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy along with producer Bob Rock(who has produced 5 Cult albums) have once again  changed up the culture and landscape that is The Cults sound!

No two Cult albums sound a like. Starting with 1985s trippy ‘Love’ album followed by one of my all time favourite Rippin n Snortin street albums 1987s ‘Electric’ (Wolf Hat Included). The Cult early on decided to go down different avenues per release! While some fans may like some albums more than others you can’t deny the fact that The Cult just keep trucking along!

This is a total headphones album! Listen to it and hear Duffys Rhythm guitar work. We all know he can play the leads but man his rhythm playing here is top-notch!

One of the few bands you won’t find me doing any “Filler” reviews on!

2016 and along with Ian (Vocals) Billy(King Of Cult Guitar Riffs) John Tempesta (Drums) are joined by new bass guy Chris Chaney.(Bob Rock even plays bass on a few tracks as well) I almost forgot there’s a ton of tambourine on this album! Giddy Up!

Yah Yuh!

DARK ENERGY-The Cult rock right out of the gate with the drums,bass and guitar leading the charge. It takes all of 20 seconds to hear that Bob Rock is letting The Cult loose sonically  and keeping the sound a little more raw John drives this song with his shuffle and groove on the drums. Billy plays a garage like sounding guitar that fuses well with Rocks mix. Ian struts the vocal and delivers a real good leadoff track. Cue up Wolfchild slamming the tambourine in the background! Yah Yah!

NO LOVE LOST-John lays down tribal like drum patterns and along with the bass this leads  into Astbury County and Ian here I will tell you all right now that this is some of Ian’s best singing ever on a Cult album. His voice still has that raunch but the way Rock mixed his vocals it sounds total live like!

DANCE THE NIGHT-Cult like single action here. Why not they deserve it. The chorus harkens back to yesteryear for the Cult with a real catchy chorus “Dance The Night …On The Boulevard” Smooth as silk. Great tune!

IN BLOOD-Duffy plays a real cool swagger of rock riff here. It’s got a real chill vibe and Ian sings about seduction and the opening line sets the tone “I Fell In A Bathroom Stall,5Am On A Tiled Floor,Twisted Night,The Hooker Smiles,When Does It End,When Will It End” the song builds up into a fantastic pre chorus into the chorus and Billy throws down a real short yet so catchy guitar solo! The guy is so friggin good!

BIRDS OF PARADISE-slow tempo  that features the keyboards driving  the song along with Billy’s guitar. This album features a ton of keyboard induced sonics! I’m totally ok with it as The Cult  know how to do it right! They use the keys to enhance their sound and tread lightly  not to override Master Duffys a Guitar Hero-ness! B.O.P is a great slick track a different vibe and let me put it this way to you all Cult fanatics! There is no Peace Dog in sight! In its place is a grown up Cult, a wiser Ian but please dude I could always go for a great rip n roar of the tambourine of Peace Dog! In other words The  Cult have grown up! I have not! Ha!

HINTERLAND-Wowzers this is a classic track! Gotta love the fuzzy bass that opens this track and what an awesome smack a roo of percussion throughout this track! It’s solid Cult and man this album is just blowing me away. Just a few months ago I had no idea there was a Cult album finished and  now a monster is unleashed! Astbury on this album lays down some real good vocals while Duffy keeps his solos short and simple and they are so good! He’s the King Of Riffs N Rolls! Destroy The Destroyer! Ok kids watch the video posted!

G O A T-Greatest Of All Time! Yep! The opening riff is right off the Electric album and before to long John(drummer) lays down the groove to the tune.  Duffy is in full solo jam mode(this song had to have been constructed from jams!) Not too fast of a pace but still a decent kick. This song is total Jammin Cult! WolfChild hollers “Greatest Of All Time ” during the chorus while John smashes the cymbals hard! Awesome tune! Love the throwback sound on this one! Greatest Of All Time Indeed!

DEEPLY ORDERED CHAOS- This song is Zep tinged with short blasts of synths and it carries the song through as Ian goes about almost on the unrest and violence  in some European countries! Well that’s how I hear it anyways! It’s a good song and shows that even though all Cult Songs can’t be like off the rails hard rock like the Electric album it’s ok as Ian N Billy are in there early 50s they can still kick your ass in a chill kind of way! That’s saying something!

AVALANCHE OF LIGHT-Whoah! This song is just plain brilliant! This song needs to be heard and if The Cult don’t release this as a single they need to hire me as there P.R Guy! Avalanche Of Light is a GEM! Love the rhythm guitar crunch on the left side while the on the right side it’s almost lead like guitar that goes on for the length of the song. The beginnings of this song lead you to believe that the song may go one way but it goes into another gear and it just does not get better than this! Cult Rock 2016 is alive and well friends!

LILIES-Piano and some slick John drumming propel this song into another kind of tempo. Not what you would expect from the Cult! I posted on FaceCrack a pic of the album and said “Don’t expect the expected!” This track is one of them!

HEATHENS-Cult Rock kicking you hard up the arse! Just as you may thought Ian and Billy were gonna slow down…Nope they crank up there Marshall amps and let loose with a real rock of a track! Dirty Heathens….Dirty Heathens bellows Wolfchild adding on the way out of the door “Hard Rain A Fall” yup that just about sums it up!

SOUND AND FURY-By the title you would think this was gonna be an end of the album Cult Stomper! Nope it is not! It’s got piano a lot of it and Ian holds up his end and delivers a real smooth like vocal. Even though it’s piano driven you gotta hand it to the Wolfchild when he chirps “Killing Floor” at the start of the track! Yup Ian may be Chillin but he will still kick your ass with his vocabulary even though sometimes I have no idea what he’s going on about!

FINAL YAMMER-When I first read back last November that The Cult was releasing a new studio album Hidden City I was like ????? How and when did the Cult record an album and keep a lid on it? Impressive for the fact that in this day and age guys like Mike Ladano did not even know until I told him! So there Ya go!

Ian,Billy,John,Chris and Bob Rock step up on what is an even better album than Choice Of Weapon and it proves that without a doubt Cult Rock is alive and well in 2016!

Thanks Cult for stepping up and delivering a full 12 song album meal deal!

Fuckin Love These Guys!

The Cult/ Choice Of Weapon(2012)

The Cult pull out the stops on this ass kicker  album from 2012! Right away I dug the fact that Ian Astbury(Wolfchild/ Lead Vocalist) and Billy Duffy(The King Of Street Riffs / Guitar) totally stepped up and put out a classic Cult album! Once again the Cult never release the same album twice.

Choice Of Weapon(produced by Chris Goss and Bob Rock) though is a mish mash of all the Cult albums from Love (1985)thru to Born Into This(2007)  basically like if you dumped all the studio records into a blender Choice Of Weapon would be the end result!

The other thing is that this marks  The Cults first album ever where the same lineup recorded back to back albums! Hard to believe that Ian And Billy had that much of a rotating rhythm section album to album but they did but now they have a Continuity which i guess would be a new word for those guys!

WOWZERS….UPDATE….The Cult are releasing new music February 2016 with a album called Hidden City!  They got a new bass player so that ends the streak at 2 in regards to recording with the same lineup in the studio! Bob Rock is producing so this is Rock’s  5 th album with The Cult! New  Cult ..I’m there! Hail Wolfchild and Duffster! As my pal Space Ace would say “YAH YAH!”

In regards Hidden City it ends the trilogy started with a Born Into This and followed through with Choice Of Weapon….hmmmm gonna have to backtrack Into Born Into This….I Assasin from that disc  is a great track…..

Wolfchild,Duffy,Chris Wyse(bass) and John Tempesta(drums ) lay down the Hard Rock Law!

Now let’s trip back 3 years ……

Hell’s Kitchen D.M.C……

HONEY FROM A KNIFE- The Cult start off like they always do and that’s rockin! Duffy as always shows up with the riffs while Tempesta on the drums drives the song forward with some real driving beats! Ian shows up and the way his lyrics line up this song is the start of a kinda concept album here at Cult Central!  Cool use of piano during the verses with tambourine intact! “We Got The Drugs …..We Got The Drugs In Here!” chants the Gang like backing vocals! Once again The Cult show up with a killer album opener!  The middle part is the money shot where Ian and Billy toss the Ol hook in line  “where I’m drowning get me out of this place,” Great solo and  Ian and his Indian wild hearted self tosses down a end of the song classic  line “Kali,Fucked Up Childern!” Boom ..songs done!

ELEMENTAL LIGHT-think U2 if they had rock balls! That’s Elemental Light! Duffy gets some real chill like The Edge guitar  sounds and blasts off into another orbit. Here comes Johnny on the drums rolling those tom toms like some I know roll reefers! Great atmospheric piece and jeepers  its only track 2!

THE WOLF- The Wolf opens with big bombastic Cult Rock and befores you know the song changes tempos and how’s about some cowbell getting the shit smacked out of it by Tempesta and I dig the little Zep like synth sounds in the back during the verses! Do not be deceived by the bible and liars bellows Ian! Yah Yah! There are many in the world that will take advantage of you’s and that my friends is the message! There are a ton of Wolfs out there kids take shelter!

LIFE>DEATH- is a moody piece complete with piano and such and its a great tune. Astbury can dig himself out of the WolfChild persona but when duty calls…. Life>Death is a great tune and Duffy gets a real different sound out of his guitar….

FOR THE ANIMALS- The Cult come ripping out of the gate with the pedal pushed to the floor in regards to the music being produced, real cool use of percussion and as always there’s that catchy piano like Kiss’s  Christine Sixteen except the Cult speed up the piano by about 100 mphs. Duffy tosses down some cool riffage and there’s Astbury and listen to his voice as he once again tells us “For All The Fucked Up Childern….Starin Down The Barrel Of A Gun ” he sells the line ….Bam The Cult than tear it up! Crank the vid posted but you tube has edited the naughty words out! Fuck Censorship!

AMENESIA-This number is like a mashup of the Love album and Cermony! Duffy the genius starts with a super riff and the drums shift the tune into overdrive! Love the verse it’s a brilliant piece of written performed rock! Astbury throws it down vocally especially during the chorus! Kudos to Bob Rock for keeping a real laid back affair in the production dept! I guess Chris Goss should be commended as well!

WILDERNESS NOW-Ian and the boys slow it the hell down! Piano drives this tune! Great after dinner kind of melloishy tune as you know some crack lurks around the corner as his name is…..

LUCIFER- do not for a minute think this is some Motley Sixx “hey we’re gonna yammer on about the Devil” to move some copies of new product. Nope this Lucifer is about Crack and being high for the devil ..The running theme of helplessness continues in Lucifer! Hard to make choices when your messed up says Ian. Cool groove laid down by the fella’s in the band! Big time power chords angling all over the place from Duffy…..

A PALE HORSE-end of the album GEM! Total throwback tune! Love the bass,guitar,drums,Ian and his tambourine are locked n loaded and ready to whip the Pale Rider! This song oooozes cool! The bass from Wyse drives this tune! There’s something romantic on how Astbury phrases lines like when he sings “with a wave of my hand I will crusuuuuuush  your sweet skull!” Yeah that’s cool shit. Kudos to Bob Rock for keeping the production real live like! No bells and whistles just straight ahead good time rock n roll with a swift hard boot up the ass!  Super cool Duffy solo with Tempesta spinning the drums into submission …..great F’n track! Pale Horse according to my pal Space Ace is slang for Heroin! So there Ya go kids too much smack will crush Yer Skull!  Don’t believe me? Ask Ian and ask Space Ace!

THIS NIGHT IN THE CITY FOREVER-Ian is cruising the Subdivisions of your local neighbourhood pondering just what thee fudge is going on! Chill pace and vibe and Ian channels his inner Wolfchild and combines it with the Lizard King vocally. All of Ian’s friends are drunk in a sense of a flame! He said it not me…also of note Ian sings “toss your weapon to the ground!” I’m kinda wondering where all the fucked up Childern are?

EVERY MAN AND WOMAN IS A STAR-A great track! Duffy strums some real slick power chords and Astbury sings about there always being a light at the end of the tunnel and in this case your all stars! That’s right that’s Astbury Testament right there! Great song just a no nonsense Rock song with a positive message! Considering a lot of this album is about addiction Wolfchild kicks it in the ass and moves on! Fuck Yah Sez I!

EMBERS-5 minutes of serious Cult! This song builds musically and lifts off into areas that the Cult aren’t famous for!  Not a straight ahead rocker nor is it a pile of mush rock! Astbury grabs the reigns vocally and Duffy lays down some real good cool guitar.

UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US-Drums,guitars,bass and some cool distorted synth drive this track! Astbury during the verses sounds AHEM out there but he whips into neutral gear during the fabulous chorus! Astbury sings the chorus brilliantly while Duffy keeps pace on his guitar! Easily another Cult Classic!

SIBERIA-Gotta love distorted bass openings and Siberia does that ! Wyse plays on this album some real cool bass lines. Duffy adds a real cool atmospheric sound with his guitar. Duffy can play many styles and this album proves that! He is one talented cat! Siberia’s chorus is real goooood as Astbury sings it real good as well! Astbury as well he can sing man he’s got a distinct style. I mean no one can do the Yah Yahs …and Shake Shake Shake quite like Ian but the dude can belt a great tune and Siberia  he shows his vocal abilities! Did I just type that! Hahaha…..

IN CONCLUSION- The Cult storm back with a musical tsunami that takes us on a journey through  the streets of drug addiction and all the things that go with it! You know the deal,drugs,hookers,pimps,more drugs,needles,smack ,dead end streets,f*^ked up childern,loaded barrel of a gun! This is Cult Avenue Folks! Fasten your seat belt and get out of Dodge!

Choice Of Weapon is a fantastic concept  album and I lookie forward to Hidden City in Feb of 2016!


The Cult/The Cult(1994)


Quick observation for you’s! When Metallica put out St Anger(2003) remember when everyone went seriously cuckoo over the snare drum sound that sounded kind of tinny and drove listeners crazy?

Guess what folks,the producer Bob Rock not only produced St Anger but he also produced The Cults self titled debut from 1994 as well and listen to track 10 on the Cult album Universal You(video is posted)and tell me that sound of the snare isn’t the same kind of snare sound on Metallica’s St Anger? Pretty damn close says I!

I didn’t read about anyone ripping Rock for the production angle of the Cult album(than again there was no social media back than) but man he got sizzled in the musical electric chair over the St Anger Album….ok this wasn’t a quick observation ….

Seriously the snare drum on both of these albums does not bother me in the least…

Now ….The Cult are a exceptional band as no two albums sound alike.

The Cults Love(1985) album is trippy psychedelic rock! The great Electric (1987)album is street rock  masterpiece while Sonic Temple(1989) is Arena C%#k Rock 101, Ceremony(1991) pushed the big early 90s Arena Rock message a little further but 1994 brings new tunes from the Cult and massive shift in direction with sound! Kinda like a hard rock version of U2’s Achtung Baby(production wise) ! Hmm in the credits there’s Scott Humphrey doing keyboards and programming. Who is he you ask? Well let me tell Ya. Scottie is the fella who produced Motley Crues Generations Swine three years later (1997) you can hear a lot of this Cult album in the production angle with all the studio gadgets and such that Humphrey used on the Motley Sixx album!

In regards to  Generation Swine it had a ton of cool comments from the Arena Rock Followers  and just for the record your Honor… Ladano, only likes 3 or 4 tracks from Generation Swine….!


Just sayin!

Crazeee Antics Of A Beat Generation……

Cult 94 features Ian Astbury(vocals),Billy Duffy(guitar)and two hired sidekicks Scott Garrett(drums) and Craig Adams (bass)

For a added bonus The Cult are sporting some flashy new hairdos along with there new sound!

GONE-Wowzers, it takes all of 5 seconds to realize that the Cult 94 is not gonna sound like 1992s Ceremony album! Gone is a different breed of Cult!  Off beat piano and Fuzz bass start the tune smashing loud trebley drums,distorted guitars and the WolfChild himself Ian Astbury tossing down some F Bombs and Mother F Bombs as well! Cult 94 is a different beast! No Arena Rock posing here,nada,none zippo!

COMING DOWN(Drug tongue)-Cool, orbiting around the sonics is a synth and not before to long the band cracks into  the track. This is a straight ahead rocker that has Astbury singing in a chill kinda way in the verese before he lets the WolfChild out and slips into Rock mode in the chorus! Full out Tambourine assault is included in the track with Duffy spearheading riff a plenty! Super duper song Folks! I like this song more now in 2015 than back in 1994. Guess I’m finally coming down! Check out the live vid! Hey the Cult got haircuts but man they will still kick your ass! This shits the deal!

REAL GRRRL-I think this tune has some of Astburys best singing ever! Yep i do. Real Grrrl builds  slowly with the beat and how can you go wrong with some Na Na Na’s tossed in. The Cult never ever play the same song twice! I mean these songs go from one to another on this album and you don’t know what to expect!

BLACK SUN-This  is a great headphones record. Black Sun begins with a real cool riff by Duffy along with some cool percussion example tambourine and man Duffy is the unsung King Of Cool Riffs! He gots zillions of them and Black Sun is example of that! Astbury himself pushes the boundaries of his vocals sings low,sings deep as he totally steps up vocally on this album! Black Sun itself steps up and the pace picks up at the chorus and man what a real good well written tune!

NATURALLY HIGH-The beginning sounds like it’s from Achtung Baby. Adams and Garrett lock in with the drums and bass and they carry the tune with Duffy flinging guitar licks of brilliance throughout.

JOY-another great rock track. The song starts with drums and Billy playing quick little sounding off key riffs with a swirly keyboard buzzing over the top and than poof keys be gone! Ian and the boys speed It up during the chorus  with a ton of percussion and slow Er all down back Into the verse! The Cult Experience has taken full effect on Joy!

STAR-some weirdo synth sound starts and before you know it The Cult is firing on all cylinders! Duff and The Wolfman had a real good knack at writing singles but singles that didn’t puss out! Star is a classic here at Arena Rock! It has drive and Astbury bar nine is the greatest tambourine player in rock! Laugh and you will eat the beat! Sooo good and once again solid verses/chorus it’s all here! Watch the live the video posted along with Coming Down. It’s live ..it’s The Cult….it’s ROCK!

SACRED LIFE-Abby Hoffman,Kurt Cobain,Andrew Wood these are fellows that passed on early in life and Astbury writes some real serious stuff! People come,People Go sings Astbury while Duffy plays almost like a somber style of guitar. A great track that fits into this albums running order just fine….

BE FREE-Duffy nails Gold with the riff that starts Be Free! This song chugs at Cult Speed. Tons of cool percussion add fuel to the  Cult musical Fire! This song is a end of the album Gem as well as the next track! But first Duffy spins more cool rifffage and Garret on the drums keeps the tune in full out rock mode! Be Freeeeeeeee…..Sez Ian and he continues with “like the birds and the beeeeeeee’s” holy crap Peeps Astbury is schooling us with life lessons. Here’s some more ” don’t eat shit if  you wanna stay fit” and one more ” and “don’t get high if you wanna fry,like Dusty and me”. Also Astbury throws down about 30 “Come On’s” at the end of Be Free! Someday I  gonna just do a whole blog on Ian’s lyrics….man I love this stuff…..

UNIVERSAL YOU-here’s the snare folks! Ha….enjoy the video posted! What a Soundgardeny sound mixed with a pint  of Sabbath to knock you on your ass! This song friggin cooks… Ian and crew get real greasy and grimey here and it shows and hey how some cool Ianisms lyrically like ” all gods childeren they got ass,they got class!” Ha ha! Even though Ian ditched that cool looking Wolfhat (displayed on the cover of the Electric album) by 94 he still throws down some real good at times oddball lines but man he delivers it with real style and coolness. Put it this way if I walked around saying ‘all Gods childern they got ass,they got class” I would be locked  away for decades!

EMPORER’s NEW HORSE-builds up slow and than takes off like a rocket! Astbury throws down some real classic lines as in ” Being angry is your game,Overdosing is part of the game,So you read all this French Symbolist Poetry,You don’t even get it on the Fucking BBC!” Astbury man what can you say he tells it like it is in other words he’s middle fingering the uppity ups in society! For that I thank you kind sir! This tune drives  forward also for a added feature The chorus is real good as well! Gem I will say!

SAINTS ARE DOWN-lotsa acoustic here folks as The Cult put away the distortion and end the album on a slow kinda sweeping but epic tune! A great finish to a great album!

IN CONCLUSION-  I  appreciate  this album more now in 2015 than when I bought this on 1994. The Cult shift direction and plop down a brilliant piece of work! Bob Rock produced a deadly wall of different textures while Duffy/Astbury continue there streak of not rehashing the same sound album to album. Astbury steps up huge with his vocals and lyrics while Duffy as always is one of the  best King of Riffs(dude should get more respect) Adams and Garrett on the bass and drums as well fill the role as they stay within the confines of the song. Actually it’s to bad as The Cult imploded in 1995 but of course they came back rocking by 2001.( Beyond Good And Evil) Hey whatever happened to the drummer and bass  guy? Poor chaps they join a decent band and than a year later there unemployed….

Regardless friends check this one out…..also for another great writeup check out Mike Ladanos site for a bunch of  well written Cult Reviews including this one and if you dig around hard enough in the comments of The Cult 94 you can read my thoughts on it! All I will say is that I would bump this up one full point from my original rating of it at Mikes Site…..

Some say pushing the musical envelope…I say The Cult take that envelope and torch it!


Guns N Roses/Appetite For Destruction

So what am I gonna say about a album that has sold 28 Million copies worldwide? Lots….well kinda! Just my Simple  Simon two cents worth…

There’s no need for me to go into the background history of Gunners as well all know the deal but a while back some one asked me to jot down some words on this classic piece of Vinyl Slab! My apopologies to the person who requested as I forgot who it was who asked! My Bad!

Appetite I purchased in late 1987 as i was so heavily Into Drugs! Hahahaha….kidding i was heavily into The Cults Electric album. A bonafide all time classic here at Arena Rock(‘YaYa’ Sez Ian Astbury) and it was Gunners who were the opening act for the Cult on there 1987 Canadian Tour. So I figured If The Cult is ripping out AC/DC style riffs and drums on Electric these Gunner fellas must be doing the same …


The Songs were street rock,oozing with sex,dope,hookers,cranked amps,crazy wired lead singer,raw production no gloss as it was opposite to what was the current sound of late 1987 early 1988 (take a bow Mr Coverdale and Bandanna Micheals) a sound myself and Tbone had only heard on a album like Aerosmiths Toys In The Attic and Rocks! Basically the common theme running with the two Aero records and Appetite you believed what you heard both lyrically and musically! Not to many of those low down dirt street albums are out there if you ask me.

Mike Clink the fella who produced this album has to be given props as well. He kept the production raw,simple like plug in a record! Probably has more to do with budgetary reasons than anything and for that it’s for the better sonically speaking!

One of my fav all time concert Intros was when myself,Oinks,Andre and few others caught Gunners on there second show of the Use Your Illuison Tour(May 1991)…the voice that introduced Gunners said… “You Wanted The Best? Well They Didn’t Show Up!”


Oh,one  more thing! For the Love of God Guns  please don’t reunite for anything ….keep your history how I wanna remember it! Sleazeball Rock before the Lawyers/Handlers/Suits/ Destroyed it ……just leave it man ..

Slash,Izzy Stradlin,Steven Adler,Duff McKagan and Axl stomp on Poisons lipstick and make B Micheals cry!

WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE-So it begins the riff! And from there here’s  Bill Bailey doing his siren wail like snakey slithery slippery drawl and we’re off! Guns a storming and setting LA fires as they go! Slash rips into the solo and I love the breakdown of the track when Adler nails his cowbell quicker than Tbone downing Tequila on a Saturday Night! The song cranks back up for one final push towards the drugged out finish line and man oh man what a stomper of a track!

ITS SO EASY- Duff launches his soon to be out of tune bass with a real wicked opener and it’s one of those bass lines that’s just DNA ‘d into the sonic regions of your Noggin! Adler,Slash and Izzy all join in and here comes Axl in that deep style singing which I actually prefer to his screech at times! This song is total destruction! No one and I mean no one has come close to these kind of tunes since than in regards to a debut! It’s all here on this Firecracker of a song! Of course right before Slash blasts off on the solo(I dig that little breakdown before the solo ) Axl throws down of of his many F Bombs on this album and well this song who knows how many? A Bakers 12 pack of F Bombs! Sure it’s all here….! Years ago (1988) myself and Tbone were in our local deptmartment store at then time (Zellers) and in there music section they had a actual juke box loaded with 45s! Of course we mosied on over and took a gander at such selections and Lo and behold there was a 45 record of Gunners Sweet Child Of Mine and on the flip side! Yup you guessed it it was It’s So Easy. Boom! I emptied my pockets dumped the change in and selected Its So Easy except for the fact that when it came on it was a live version and Hahahahaha….all you could hear was Axls voice throughout the store especially at the end of the song when he loses his shit on the F Bombs! Hahaha…. A few weeks later we were back at Zellers( we bought Project Driver at Zeller!!)and the jukebox was still there but the Gunners 45 was pulled! Ha!

NIGHTTRAIN-Adler smashes the tar out of his cowbell and we’re off with a huge dose of GNR smatterings all over the musical map! Axl man say what you want about his zany crazy off stage antics but lyrically the cat could write lyrics! I recall Tbone saying this exact comment to me when the Illusions came out to the effect of that there was a ton of lyrics written! Axl was never at a loss for words that’s for sure! Ha!

OUTTA GET ME-is a great rock track its Gunners skidding off the road  and I mean everyone in Axls Noggin was out to get him! The verse  has a real chill vibe and of course the chorus ramps up and Axl delivers us his sermon from the Rock Temple Of LSD(Lead Singers Disease) and we are followers and we all believe! Like Axl Sez its a song about people trying to hold you back yada yada yada! Like I would hold him back if I bumped Into Axl. Tbone though would pull out his business card and go a different route with Axl in conversation  and it would probably pay off! Trust me I seen Tbone live and in action hand his business card to a very famous Canadian Musician and man I fuckin giggled like a school girl after that move! I will tell all in a review coming up…..(hype)

MR BROWNSTONE-one of the best Guns tracks! Love the percussion at the beginning with Izzy and Slash wahing out there guitars and its a real cool groove that is Mr Browstone! The lyrics like so many or should I say all of them are street! You believe Axl when he says ‘ “worryings a waste of my fucking time!” Great vibe and the chorus is Gold! Drugs especially Heroin are bad kiddies Uncle Ax is telling us so!  This is a Groovers delight! The second video is Mr Brownstone a bootleg from Philadelphia. It’s ruff and live man……ain’t no slick polish police around these parts known as Gunnner County!

PARADISE CITY-we all know  the the lyrics right?  Slash begins the festivities with a nice little cool hum and strum and Heeeeeeeeere’s Axl! The song has a jacked up what sounds like to me a cranked up synth and Axl blows his whistle and we’re off! Back in day I loved this as a single because you had your Warrants/Poisons/Firehouses singing there syrupy ballads of  love and heres Izzy and company blasting that shit into the next decade and here’s Paradise City cranked and no ones  worrying about love…..

MY MICHELLE-a super fried out space cadet named Michelle is the topic of Axls story line and that’s what this song is about! Porno,Heroin,Partying …well well well……that Michelle she’s a messed up bird but like Axl says be careful because most of all this song is true! The rawness of this track is great. More Cowbell,Thanks! Great solo and the chorus just kicks it into another frontier! Also bonus points for the end of the song when Ax sounds like he’s comimg unglued for like the 150th time where here hollers..My,my my my my my my Michelle(repeat as many times you like …Go)

THINK ABOUT YOU-once again some great cowbell kicks this tune off and it’s a song no one ever talks about it eben Gunners! So here I posted this track as the video as its a little hard nut kicker of a track! It should get its due and by golly I giving it it’s due! I mean I could go with other tracks but c’mon peeps I can’t be that predictable…..

SWEET CHILD OF MINE-Slash man one of his epic guitar tunes and solo! What the hell could I possibly add in  regards about  this track?

YOUR CRAZY-Wowzers! The band fires up the Party Bus and lifts off into no mans land! Dig the chill vibe during the chorus and boom it ramps up with Adler and Slash leading the charge!

ANYTHING GOES-this one has a Aerosmithy vibe at the beginning and it could have fit snugly on side two of Aeros Rocks after Lick And A Promise and before Combination! Great tracks! Cool tempo change as well..

ROCKET QUEEN-the ultimate song ends this album! Adler and Duff lay down the groundwork and before you know it Slash and Izzy join in and Axl lays down a real good rock voice along with lyrics and man the chorus is DA SHIT! Over 8 minutes of Gunners weaving in and out of different grooves and how about the second part of the song where Axl goes real high with his voice! Man he’s one cooked dude! But he delivers it in spades here! Kudos to the other guys as well! Mint man Mint!

IN CONCLUSION- this review was more about mine and Tbones shenanigans than anything Ha! High jacking Juke Boxes,  handing out business cards,purchasing cassette copies of Project Driver! Frigg that’s lame oh! But if I told Ya all we were doin  hookers,blow,money and partying on the Nightrain you wouldn’t believe us so…..lame it is!

Seriously though when I think of this album 27 years later….Classic comes to mind! It does not get any more street than this ……

One of the all time best……

Hope ya’s dug the ramblin!



SONIC WAVES…The Cult/Sonic Temple

1989 is rolling along and bam here comes the Cult with there super duper produced Bob Rock opus Sonic Temple. The build up to this release was huge,I mean we were buzzing with anticipation of the Sonics coming from the Temple!

The Cult knew how to build a buzz and man they delivered a huge some would say C*%k Rock release but for me a plain out ol masterpiece that could go toe to toe with Electric but they were different beasts. Electric is street rock thats gonna take you out in the backyard and kick your ass in whereas Sonic Temple will be a little more refined in the backyard perhaps a BBQ and some cold ones are on tap than a ass kickin!

This is the Cult streamlined gone is Les Warner and his sideburns on drums  and session guy Mickey Curry is recruited for the studio and along with regulars Astbury/Duffy and Stewart the Cult bangs out some serious Rockage!

Ian ditches the wolf hat and tambourine  and begins a new journey as the,

SUN KING- some slow drums and bass throbbing start track one and before you know it the Cult shift gears and are locked and loaded and into the Sun King and the first thing you notice as a listener is this is big time Arena Rock, gone is the back alley ass kicking sound of Electric in its place is The Cult going for the 20,000 seat arena pay days! By golly it worked for a time! Super catchy Chrous and man what a start…

FIRE WOMAN- the big debut single Astbury throws in some shake shake shakes which is his style and it’s pretty damn apparent that Billy Duffy has a ton of huge rock riffs up his sleeve. Yee ha! Classic Cult and Astbury has stepped up lyrically. Love the line about the hot tin shack!

AMERICAN HORSE-Stick it in your ear cause it ain’t exactly clear what you people hear! Ha your right Ian. This song shifts almost into a Aerosmithy zone at the end by the fade out but I tell ya the Cult are serious with the craft here. Kinda funny how Astbury hated this period of the Cult well from what I read,like why man?,playing arenas?selling zillions of records?your face plastered everywhere,?women throwing themselves at ya???party treats everywhere?geez dude at the time of this release I was washing dishes in a kitchen hospital and the only thing being thrown my way were burnt pots from the cooks! I should have hated this time myself but you know what ..I loved it man, it fed my addiction and that’s RAWK!

EDIE- ahh Ian And Billy find a moments silence and Billy turns the Marshall down and for a ballad at the time(89) this is a good one not like that Bad English rubbish that was trying to assault my senses..pretty atmospheric this track is with the use of strings…good job Cult good job!

SWEET SOUL SISTER-some solo keys start this tune off and than Billy and the boys join in and man this is a great rock track! Super duper catchy Chrous! Some duper cool solo! Super Duper vocal delivery just plain old Super F*%kin Duper Tune. Plus for good measure Astbury chucks in some cool Hustle and Struts along with some ya ya’s thrown in and it’s all good!

SOUL ASYLUM-7 minutes plus Cult. On the Electric album that would have been two Cult songs so the boys here are stretching there wings so to speak and were right into a Zep/Cult mash up! What a great tune …epic comes to mind…slow slow builder. This boys and girls is not a song ! It’s a masterpiece !

NEW YORK CITY- The Cult bid adieu to Zep and smash and grab and make the pilgrimage  into NYC and it’s a quick energized track and basically it’s Ian telling ya to stay out of Hells Kitchen! Iggy Pop makes  a guest appearance and all bets are off as Billy lays down a great solo and this song rocks. If you need a boot in the ass on a Monday morning. Crank this little sucka up!

AUTOMATIC BLUES-is another kinda mid tempo song. Big Chrous and big riffs having said that at least the Cult don’t pansy out when they do decide to take it a little commercial! Ian ain’t no sucker he ain’t no fool just talking about the Automatic Blues. Plus back than when Ian was headed for a bit of commercialism he would still toss out a lot of ohh,ohh ,baby,baby,baby………

SOLDIER BLUE- Mickey Curry drives this tune on the drums. It’s a snappy happy Duffy shuffle on guitar as well. Lyrically for the Cult this is as deep as it gets! To me it sound like Ian is asking about the perils of war and what good is it for.( insert serious comment here)

WAKE UP TIME FOR FREEDOM- you know me and TBone talked about how it’s great when you get into 7 or 8 tracks into a album and there are songs as good as tracks 1-5. This for me is one of em! Cool laid back song and  some cool cowbell and percussion jive up this track and Astbury delivers the goods vocally. Love how outside of NYC on side two that these tracks are pushing 5 minutes in length.

MEDICINE TRAIN-man over time this is my fav song off of Sonic Temple! Love the harp at the beginning of the tune followed by a big Duffy riff with Astbury torching out a shout of Shotgun!! And now were riding  on the Medicine Train…never coming down again! Sounds good Ian and of course Ian and Billy rip out in hyper speed with Ian bellowing ..oh Gimmie a lot of that Medicine,whoa oh Train! Whoosh…..what a great ending now get the frigg of the Cult Xpress !

IN CONCLUSION- so once again the Cult delivered in huge spades! I mean what a way to go out in the late 80s a TKO that’s for sure! Ian and Billy delivered a solid batch of tunes and they were twisted at the controls by Bob Rock and the this album made em arena headliners back in 89!  An all time great rock masterpiece!

SONIC WAVES….The Cult/Electric



Spring 1987 and a friend of mind who goes by the name of Pizza Thief (long story) tells me too check out the new Cult record. My first reaction was naaa. I had  seen the  videos from Love on Muchmusic but I guess the whole gothey look they had going at the time just wasn’t doing it for me. Now I know what your thinking. Don’t judge a book by its cover! Absolutely true and I will explain later on but…..

Yeah Pizza Thief reiterated to me that I REALLY GOT TO CHECK THE CULT ALBUM OUT!!!! And he follows up that line with their doing AC-DC style rock! Screech….what? AC-DC?? You F*%kin with me? Nope says the Thief and well now it’s off to the record store. So let me tell you as soon as I heard the opening guitar from Billy Duffy at the beginning of WildFlower,holy crap Pizza Thief was right! AC-DC rock indeed !

Let’s listen to what Billy and The Wolfchild are riffing on……

WILDFLOWER- Billy Duffy Starts off the Electric album so for the next 38:51 The Cult  will hold me hostage with there street rock kicking out the jams at loud volume. I love the production on this record by Rick Rubin. It’s like once Duffy comes to his solos he cranks the fader up so the guitar is just gonna shred your stereo speakers! Luuuuuv it! One other thing that has to be mentioned is Ian Astburys tambourine playing! Man it makes the songs on this record come alive a f*#kin tambourine! Never ever thought I would type that in 2014!

PEACE DOG- Whoah …Peace is a dirty word!! By the second song I’m the Wolfchilds little bitch and he’s slapping me silly! This is tough rock man B-52 Babbbbbbbbeeeeeeee……(Ian is belting it out) Way up in the skyyyyyyyyy……this is like a B-52 bomber landing at the Thunder Bay Airport! Oooops I’m supposed to say International airport!(for the local blog readers)! We are a wanna be big city with a small town mentality.

LIL DEVIL- I think Ian and Billy must have hung out with Malcolm and Angus on this album and just jammed. This like many others on  this album was huge. That’s the great thing about the Cults music I know people who love the Cult and that’s about it as far as heavy rock goes for em! God bless em! But for some reason People love the Cult like people love AC-DC. Just keep it simple silly I guess the saying goes.

APHRODISIAC JACKET- the cool thing about Ian was sometimes figuring what the hell he was going on about at times! For me this is one of em! But who cares, drink beer,take drugs,and look for a fight that’s the Cult Mach 1987!

BADFUN- is a kicking track. Props to the drum mix on this whole record. Les Warner may be working at Walmart or sumthin now,but back than he had the Phil Rudd whole meal beat deal down pat!

KING CONTRARY MAN-lots of Yeahs in this song and lots of No’s as well plus Ian drops cool lines like “Zany antics of a Beat Generation” cool vibe he had strutting back than especially that awesome WolfHat on the cover of Electric….I Say Yeah!

LOVE REMOVAL MACHINE- wow now this is the number. I mean just crank it LOUD!  Billy just slays this song on guitar and Ian gives it to the Scarlett woman. This song garnered huge video play here in Canada. And of course tons of babeeeeee’s….shake it don’t break it’s as well thrown in for good measure!

BORN TO BE WILD- the cover version of the (fill in the blank) song when I hear this song I always think of the solo..just how jacked up the sound goes on it! Good version……Astbury nails this song vocally……

OUTLAW- The Cult is showing up,to your local tavern and cleaning all the alcohol out and telling the tale about Jimi the Boogie Man….must have been a true story somewhere that got Ian inspired! Imagine if  Astbury was the anchorman of your local 6 pm news hour! He would start off the telecast with ‘ Jimi the boogie man,took a shotgun in his hand,turned on dude candy man”..geez I could listen to Astbury read the news all night!

MEMPHIS HIP SHAKE-is the last tune on the Electric and Ian kicks the can one last time with a lot of shakes/ shake / shake. Astbury is the King of cool circa 87. Plus the fact that he nailed a mean tambourine is full on props as well. Also we can’t forget about the lightning bolts that come out of Duffys guitars in these songs .This album is well….ELECTRIC!

IN CONCLUSION-The Cult had already grabbed a foothold in Canada by the Love album which I ignored due to the Gothey looking videos as I called em! My bad,my mistake but like I said earlier you cannot judge a book by its cover and by that thank god Pizza Thief spoke to me about the Electric album. I’m sure once i seen the vids I woulda got around to it. But after the release of their next album Sonic Temple I purchased Love and all these years later I still love Rain,Nirvana,Revolution and She Sells Sanctuary from it!

Watch the video…great live performance of Love Removal Machine and then into She Sells Sanctuary that morphs into Born To Be Wild! Check it out! And crank it!

Now what’s Pizza Huts phone # again?