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October 2022 Scores!

My pal Snowman every month ┬áposts all his findings on Vinyl, Compact Disc, Cassettes and even 8 tracks at time’s.

I made the comment when Johnny posted his October Scores that this may be the one month I actually outscored him in his purchases.

We had a laugh and he told me to post my stuff…

Challenge accepted Sir!

Here’s John’s post and if you haven’t already give his excellent site a follow!


Here we go…

So it was off to Toronto back on October 8th with Tbone coming along as we were going to see Iron Maiden on the 11th.

Other than seeing Maiden live the other bit if business we had to take care of was scoring Vinyl.

‘Sonic Boom’ and ‘Kops Records’ were our two focal points of dropping serious cash in which we did.

It was a no brainer for me to buy vinyl but I was glad to see Tbone jump both feet in and grabbed what turned out to be 11 albums of his own!

Atta boy Old Man!

The day before we left (Oct 7th) Amazon dropped off an album at my house that was a gift from Tbone which was The Cult’s latest release ‘Under The Midnight Sun’ which is a fantastic record. What a way to start our trip the following day.

So here are the scores from ‘Kops’ and ‘Sonic Boom’ posted below..

Some more T.O finds except for ‘Skid Row’ which I ordered from Amazon.

As I mentioned earlier we were there to see Iron Maiden and of course a visit to the merch table is a must…

We also hooked up with Brent Jensen who brought us gifts including T shirts, books and for myself basically what is a demo version of Brent’s ‘Leftover People’ book before he sent the final copy off to get published. What a gift and its the only one is existence!

One other thing and that was the latest copy of ‘Rock Candy Magazine’ which I have been a subscriber since Day 1. Always a great read!

There ya have it folk’s…

Coming up..

November 12th- Record Fair

November 18th- Iron Maiden Triple LP vinyl set of ‘The Number of the Beast’ and the super deluxe box set of KISS ‘Creatures of the Night’ on (ugh) CD!

November 22nd- Headstones live in Tbay and kicking off there Canadian tour here of all places!


Tour Shirt Saturday: Iron Maiden


When Iron Maiden announced three Canadian dates for their ongoing “Legacy of The Beast Tour” all three shows we’re in Ontario.

I told Tbone on the flight down to Toronto ( along with my pal Metal Todd who was flying across the country to meet us) that with Maiden playing all three shows in close proximity, I felt that perhaps an Ontario only Maiden shirt would be available at the show.

By golly I was right for once…

Then again when I caught Maiden back in 2017 on “The Book of Souls” Tour in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota that was there first time back in the Twin Cities in  seventeen years so an exclusive shirt was made for that show which I purchased of course.

It was a quick grab as soon as I saw this Tee at the merch stand and it was a real quick parting of the cash so to speak..

As with Maiden its a very detailed shirt as you can see by the top photo posted.

Eddie is a lumberjack wielding a hockey stick as are the bears, the chainsaw has the current album titled on the blade, Canadian Geese and of course their are beer bottles in the picture. Trooper Beer that is!

What makes this shirt even better is you can see the Toronto skyline with the CN Tower in the top left corner. Thats detail!

A total score…

Concert review coming up!