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Cool Lil Numbers….The Beastie Boys/Jimmy James


Ha! What’s  a old Metal Head doing reviewing a Beasties Track? Well let’s not forget though that when the Beastie Boys dropped Licensed To iLL and when that record blew up with Fight For Your Right To Party and No Sleep Til Brooklyn in early 1987 we all gravitated towards this sound I mean there young guys(Adam Yauch(RIP),Ad Rock and Mike D) rapping over drums beats that I swear to God were done by Les Warner(drummer from the Cult) but weren’t but man Rick Rubin had just  produced the Cults awesome Electric record with Warner on the kit but yeah the Beasties of course had some metal sounding riffs(the dude from Slayer in the Fight For Your Right video) and what the hell so we all bought it!

Next up was Paul’s  Boutique in 1989 and I loved the heavy bass of Shake YourRump…hahahaha and well they kinda confused me they were changing it up with a curveball of a music shift but my head was buried in Warrants Cherry Pie at the time!  Hahahaha…

Of course I followed them from a distance but man they made some real cool videos!

So fast forward to late June 2014 and Aaron from keepsmealive.wordpress.com drops in the mailbox not one but 2 Beastie cds! One of the things he told me via email was he was interested in how a rocker would perceive the Beasties sound!

Challenge accepted! Sorry Aaron it took so long a full album will be coming but for now lemme tell Ya all about how this Ol Rock Dog hears Jimmy James! A song about Jimi Hendrix!

Jimmy James comes from the 1992 Beastie album Check Your Head.

This song is just a chill beat and a ton of Hendrix samples( they had to get the Ok from The Hendrix estate)tons of rapping and listen to dudes scratching and hacking on there turntables. These  guys were in my book originators but of cousre I’m about 23 years late to the party !

I always thought the three dudes had real cool rap voices that all blended  together remarkably well! Case in point,how about when in Fight For Your Right during the line where the 3 Dudes each throw down ” Your mamas just jealous it’s The Beastie Boys!” Never heard stuff like that back than…

More To Follow….