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Sonic Waves….Aerosmith/Live Bootleg


Well how about a shout out to my all time fav live album- Live Bootleg from Aerosmith.

By the time I got around to getting Live Bootleg(summer of 1981) Joe Perry/Brad Whitford were gone and there was no press around for Aerosmith. I was hooked at the time on Joe Perry’s solo album I’ve Got The RockNRolls Again so shortly after I purchased Live Bootleg and what’s in these grooves of this double album was classics track after track! Also for reading pleasure I can say for the Sonic Wave history books that Live Bootleg is also Tbones fav live album also as we have had many a dicussions of its importance to our listening habits over the years. This album is the real deal!

Loved the packaging on Live Bootleg,pics,Gatefold sleeve,notes and places and dates of  where the songs were recorded,Aero bootlegging themselves!

So Steve,Joe,Brad,Tom & Joey thanks for kicking out the jams on this beauty of a live beast!

Let’s all hope aboard the Aero Express circa 78….

BACK IN THE SADDLE- I’MMMMMMM BAAAAAAAAAACK….a song everyone has heard a million times over but this one I love over the studio version. Aero is out of the starters box with a bang and man listen to the looseness of the guitars between Perry/Whitford. Basically it’s Aero 1978 smashing an thrashing about in your local saloon and the boys not knowing when to stop!

SWEET EMOTION- Joe yaps into his talk box and Steve takes over and man this song just rocks ,I mean Aero is putting down the gauntlet here. Second song in and it’s a take no prisoners approach here.

LORD OF THE THIGHS- smash,crash and as soon as Sweet Emotion ends Joey drives the Aero drums right into Lord Of The Thighs and for the next 7 plus minutes were gonna go on a Aero ride of  some good guitar jams some excellent Tylerisms like whack a,whacka, whacka ,whacka ahhhhh shit and than some fine drug induced(I’m sure) Maracca playing…….does it get any better than this???

TOYS IN THE ATTIC- yep it does get better…were into the Attic and this song is played at break neck  speed. Aero punches the gas to the floor or perhaps it’s there boot on your throat  and they ain’t letting u up!  Man this is a wicked crazy good version and I love how it ends, like yeah that’s it song over!

LAST CHILD- this song has some real cool Tyler lyics as so many do but he’s on fire here with this track. Whitford lays done some serious law on the guitar here and you can hear through the notes he’s  saying “hey the other guy might have the talk box but I got the guitar chops” hahaha…..

COME TOGETHER- this is a slop  assed so cool  cover of the Beatles song from that real crap film Aero did with Peter Frampton! Man these guys are gone on this. But you know what? Who cares….it’s Aero it’s meant to be played this way and for me as a young fella hearing this for the first time….I say Right on! But just say no to drugs! Except for Aerosmith,they make drug use seem cool!

WALK THIS WAY-out of the drug induced cool coma of Come Together comes the big hit of Aeros(up to that point) Walk This Way!  Joey sets the  tone and man he’s driving the bus at break neck speed . Holy Hell this live version compared to the studio version is on hyper drive. Perry nails the talk box and Tyler gets down on the muffin and well it’s Time to Walk This Way…she told ya too…….crazy good version,best live version I ever have heard!

SICK AS A DOG-just when you think you have heard cool before it’s wiped away with Sick As A Dog.  This is song reeks of cool man oh man I wore the grooves on this one out. It builds slow and than man Tyler has got to talk to you! Man he’s rocking the song big time. Seriously just close your eyes have a substance of choice(your deal)  and you can time machine yourself back and Aeros playing Sick As A Dog in front of you!

DREAM ON-ok I may have lied this may have been Aeros biggest hit up too that point (1978) and well what a monster track. I mean Aero knew back than knew how to do a ballad and they always put the ballads on the end of the record well on the earlier albums that was. Still this live version is a standout performance considering how loupe de loupe they were and a ton of street cred must be given to Tyler when he drops “MotherF*#ker comes back to you” sneakley! Atta boy Steve-o!

CHIP AWAY THE STONE- was I think a leftover that was lying around and the boys decided to put this out as the single for Live Bootleg. Cool track and if urban legend is concerned I think this may be Tbones fav song off of Live Bootleg or one of his fav Aero tunes of all time!

SIGHT FOR SORE EYES-is from the Draw The Line album and Aero is chugging along and by the end of it you can almost feel Tyler teetering on the edge of the stage singing the lines Sight For ,Sight For…..they almost TRAINWRECK this song but nope at the last minute they pull It back on course and Aero has saved the day(well the song that is)

MAMA KIN- when you think of trademark tunes of a band this Kin would be it! This is a total sleazed out 8 ball of a corker! Don’t believe me check it out!

SOS- man Aero just keeps on giving on surprises as they don’t play by the rules and put on those little hidden gems of songs and in this case it’s SOS from the Get Your Wings album. Great live version.

I AINT GOT YOU- ha Aeros says hey we got bootlegs of our shows so here’s one from 1973 from a place called Paul’s Mall! Listen to Tyler’s voice on this one as well the next he said he never felt comfortable with this style of singing so he changed it up to how we here him now. Cool little snapper of a tune!

MOTHER POPCORN- Aero hasn’t quite left Paul’s Mall and they crank into some Popcorn and throw down some sax courtesy of a Mr David Woodworth according to Steve and than he loses his shit vocally  at the 3/4 mark of the tune! Great raw sounding tune this one and I Ain’t Got You provide. We get to hear early Aero and my friends there is nothing wrong with that!

TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN/STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT- so let me give a little lesson hear on hidden Gems! See when I bought this back in 1981 one of my fav Aero Tunes was Draw The Line and I still remember the little wee minor of a letdown that song was not listed on the credits. So by the time I made it through all four sides of Live Bootleg and Mother Popcorn ends well you go from 20 people at Paul’s Mall back into the arena with 20,000 and what!!! it’s……

DRAW THE LINE- wow this totally blindsided me what a f’n A spectacular surprise. My fav song as the hidden track not listed anywhere but thank you for including it fellas! This is a firecracker of a song!

Now back to…

TRAIN KEPT A ROLLIN- the boys are heading toward the finish line and man when it comes to Aerosmith the Train does indeed keep Rollin. The party ain’t stopping with Perry playing Strangers In The Night to close off the night festivities..

IN CONCLUSION- as far as live recordings go this one for me is the King of the live Heap so to speak! For all the bands that get raked over the coals for doctoring up live releases Live Bootleg I think has no doctoring whatsoever as Aero was probably to medicated to worry about fixin  uppin anything let alone a live album and for that…..


SONIC WAVES….Aerosmith/Done With Mirrors

1985…so me and TBone are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Aero album Done With Mirrors. This is big news in Tbay (well for me and him) as when we first got into Aerosmith Perry /Whitford were gone and were blessed though in the meantime with a very good Aero record in Rock In A Hard Place, it wasn’t the original fella’s!

So when word hit the street that in 85 there was gonna be a new studio opus we were pumped! So when Done With Mirrors hit the deck in November maybe just maybe Aerosmith would save the day for all of us hard rockers cause now the big empire VH was hidden away in the foothills of LA,  Rothless, and hey who was gonna carry the hard rock battalion now?

Well sure enough Aerosmith would right? Well, kinda, sorta not in those years from 85-87 until Aerosmith shot to the top with Permanent Vacation but were getting ahead here. Done With Mirrors came out floundered around up and down the charts and sank quicker than TBone doing a tequila shot!

What the hell happened? Aero enlisted Ted Templeman to produce and we all know who he had produced (VH)so we were kinda shocked to learn that the album did not do well and they canceled there Duluth appearance as well(1986)not due to tickets but due to someone being sick?? (take your pick) Who knows what the deal was but for me and TBone, this album cooked liked a batch of Tyler’s Bitches Brew mixed with a dose of Perry’s I’ve Got The Rock n Rolls Again…and you know what we loved this record. It was raw, sloppy, and the songs were downright slimy!

Let’s check on the Aeroboys as there headed down a One Way Street into oncoming traffic…

LET THE MUSIC DO THE TALKING-Bam out of the gate. Ol Joe and his slide guitar are at work here and Aero is playing quicker than a jet taking off of a runway! As any fan knows this is a remake version from Perry’s solo album 5 yrs earlier (1980) but Steve-o changed the lyrics for this version. This album opener is off to a rocking start!

MY FIST YOUR FACE- Perry/Whitford kick it off and Kramer drums it into the wall with some ass-kicking beats. Lyrically and vocally Tyler is at the top of his game here and we’re only on track two! The only guy that can make the line “Whacha pissing in the wind for” sound mega cool! Actually, all the lyrics on this track are some of my fave Tylerisms ever!

SHAME ON YOU- slows the pace down to that sleazy, sloppy jam that we all love from Aerosmith! Aerosmith 1985 is beyond stoned! But beyond stoned here is a real good thing for these guys! Glad they did not sober up on this release!

THE REASON A DOG- ends side one and wow holy shit how time has flown. 4 songs in and 4 classics hatched! Once again Tyler at his lyrical best! Man, he could craft lyrics! Kinda neat how during the middle of the song it builds with a bit of Aero-snyth thrown in but not overdone!

SHELA-starts off with Kramer on the hi-hats and he’s joined by the Aeros and they cook this number, catchy verse catchy chorus. Catchy everything. Just love the rawness of this. No polish!

GYPSY BOOTS- this one is a corker of a rocker. This is the boys not fooling around. Tyler is sharing the mic with Perry and Perry’s trying to keep up! The guitars are blazing along with the drums. This is Aero going 120 mph in a 40 mph zone….these guys cannot drive 55 if their lives depended on it. They manage to keep it on the rails though….

SHE’S ON FIRE-reminds me of a head-on collision between Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. Check out the acoustic slide guitar action and Kramers drums just kick it along.  Great tempo, great song!  Aerosmith makes being doped up in the recording studio seems, Ummm cool!

THE HOP-is The end of the album jam. Like they threw it together in 5 minutes but Aero putting a song together in 5 minutes some bands can’t put together a cool anything ever! Plus Steve-o says it best at the end ” cause you’ll be kicking ass tonight with the boys in Aerosmith” yes Steve you were talking to me and TBone!

IN CONCLUSION-this is 36 minutes of classic Aerorock in my book! Man, we played this over and over. Laughed at everything being backward in the credits. If your going to get cleaned up in rehab at least check-in after one more bender! Aerosmith made that promise with Done With Mirrors!