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Cool Lil Numbers ….Sloan/Keep Swinging (Downtown)

This review is for the biggest Sloan fanboy I know and that’s Aaron from KeepsMe Alive. For this past Xmas he graciously bought me a copy of Commonwealth (Sloans latest) I have yet to review the full album but for now check out this great track ……

So Sloan just keep on going and going. When I mentioned that to Aaron that the last studio album I bought of there’s was Navy Blue back in 1998 he told me in no uncertain terms I needed to hear the double album Commonwealth (2014)as each band memeber (Chris Murphy,Jay Ferguson,Andrew Scott and Patrick Pentland) gets there own side of music, kinda like a solo album in a double album for each member! Get it?

From past listening experience I knew that Patrick Pentland was the rock guy in Sloan and let’s be honest here! I’m a rock guy so his songs on the Sloan records always resonated with me as he can write a pretty cool riff and he sings a good lead vocal as well!

So when I spun Commonwealth for the first time this tune Keep On Swinging (Downtown) totally caught my ear. I love how the song starts with Pentlands guitar and man listen to that piano it’s so simple but sometimes simple is all Ya need! I mean I’m a sucker for it it’s kinda like the silly piano that Kiss used on Christine Sixteen(studio version) on there Love Gun album.

The song features some real cool warm fuzzy bass lines from Chris Murphy and the rest of the band with Scott on drums and Ferguson on second guitar drive it along! Love the chord changes and the chorus is friggin catchy as well!

This is a deadly well written piece of good OL Rock !

Crank it……and thanks Aaron!