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Dogman Visits Thunder Bay


Kings X/Kilroy’s (Bar)

It’s spring 2006!  Yours Truly,my brother Todd and about 98 others are standing around in a Tbay bar waiting for yep you guessed it…KINGS X !

Like is this not crazy!!

Kings X the band everyone loves so  who knows why this show was  poorly attended but give the band credit like true professionals they played just under 2 hours. Give local promoter Frank Lofreddo credit for letting the show go on! Kings X were plugging their latest release ‘Ogre Tones’ which is a fine damn record. Dug,Jerry,Ty think so as well as the first six songs from Ogre Tones are played live at the show….Bebop!


These guys were awesome they all sang lead and backing harmonies from the opener Groove Machine til the end  with Over My Head. Dugs bass almost tore my head off when he went into DOGMAN ! Gotta love those 8&12 string Hamer  basses ….massive bottom end!….

After the show the guys stuck around and signed CDs (had them sign my copy of Ear Candy as that is my fav of there’s!), pics whatever was handed to em…they were super cool laid back hippies that just so happen play Loud Rock! I was glad I went man….what a band…..

Thunder Bay …You Snooze….You Loose!