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Krokus/Heart Attack(1988)


Krokus named there 1988 release Heart Attack and it was an appropriately named album if there ever was one. It’s basically Krokus flatlining once and for all after a  promising start career wise in the early 1980’s.  By the end of the 80’s Krokus and more importantly there creative gas tank was on empty….

The dry up started back in the 86 with the Change Of Address album where Krokus got all glammed up and put out a stinker of an album. I bought it…..Tbone bought it….we were fooled by the zany Swiss fellows…. Krokus man in that pic below would have had their asses handed to them if they were involved in a street brawl against the Village People!


Swiss Cheese…

Marc Storace – vocals
Fernando von Arb – lead guitar
Mark Kohler – rhythm guitar
Chris von Rohr – bass, piano, percussion
Dani Crivelli – drums

Tbone was smart. He zipped right off the Krokus Tour Bus after the Change Of Address fiasco whereas I stayed the course and bought the awful live album Alive And Screaming.  The awful part was the recording of  it. I think I only listened to it a few times as the sound was atrocious. The cover was Goofy….see pic below…


See what I mean….Gah!  Show a live action shot for Gawd’s sake! Crap Cover =Crap Album…

Yet still…

1988 and Krokus ditch the glam look that scared Tbone away and went for a street look and a back to basics kinda vibe with trying to release a Rock N Raw album. Like a true Music Fan Boy I bought  Heart Attack in the summer of 88 on cd….

The verdict….

Not Good! It’s surprising that outside the drummer this is the classic lineup that demolished my senses with the Headhunter release from 1983. Von Rohr split before the Blitz album from 84 but returns here to salvage a sinking ship but it’s too late ….

Code Blue…The Song’s..

Side one
“Everybody Rocks” – 3:50
“Wild Love” – 4:01
“Let It Go” – 4:31
“Winning Man” (Fernando von Arb, Chris von Rohr) – 5:15 (originally on Hardware)
“Axx Attack” – 4:24

Side two
“Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight” – 3:58
“Flyin’ High” (Krokus, Jürg Naegeli) – 4:14
“Shoot Down the Night” – 4:37
“Bad, Bad Girl” – 5:58
“Speed Up” – 6:24

The only song I recall even somewhat liking 1988 style is Let It Go(posted the video for it

The production handled by Von Rohr and Von Arb is decent enough but that isn’t gonna salvage the tunes…


3/4’s Filler….KROKUS/Change Of Address

A little bit of Rock History 101 with yous! Krokus I first heard thru my buddy Muc who had there earlier album Metal Rendezvous with the great track Heatstokes! It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the lead vocals of Marc Storace were very similar to the late great Bon Scott!

So Krokus became the band for me and Muc to fill the void in the early 80s  with a sound very similar to AC/DC and for a while it worked. Below I will talk about a few of there releases in short before I get to the main review and well by the time you get to that part of my babble you will understand why I explained there previous works before Change Of Address!

Krokus/One Vice At A Time- this one came out in 1982 and I purchased it quickly as did Muc and mean how could we not? The sound was raw like ACDC,the songs sounded like ACDC,the song titles could have been ACDC. Tracks like Long Stick Goes Boom,To The Top,I’m On The Run,Playin The Outlaw…plus they did a cover of the Guess Who’s American Woman as well so that won some street cred with us! Krokus for me and Muc were our rock smack for some ACDC style rock when the main dudes(ACDC) were hibernating in between releases!

Krokus/Headhunter- geezus these guys get Tom Allom(Judas Priests producer) and ramble off the Headhunter album in 1983. Sure they sound still ACDC but now they got a little Priest mixed in as well. Songs like the title track Headhunter,Nightwolf and Eat The Rich drive the album along and oh yeah Krokus covers Stayed Awake All Night the BTO Tune and its a good cover.

Krokus/The Blitz- Krokus bids adieu to Real hard rock and shifts it’s gears to a little more Americanized sound on the Blitz! Big time production on The Blitz courtesy of the late Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock.This album was pretty good. Krokus tackle a somewhat kinda ballad (Our Love) which is kinda a stinker but there a few good tracks as well here including Midnite Maniac,Boys Nite Out(written by Adams and Vallance) and real cool cover of Sweets Ballroom Blitz recorded live of the floor and man they should a done the whole record like that! Also of note me and Muc caught Krokus opening for Sammy Hagar on the Sam mans VOA tour of 1984. Of importance welcome aboard Tbone as the Blitz is his first Krokus purchase on cassette tape!(umm T’s visit to KrokusVille would be short and sweet!)

So 1986 June of that year to be precise and Krokus drop Change Of Address and by than I don’t even know if Muc is still following them  but me and Tbone are boy did we  ever get fucked over by Krokus! This review of Change Of Address will be short and simple!

This album is bad so bad I don’t even Remember any of the songs! The only one  i do recall is Schools Out by Alice Cooper yeah a cover song! Shit even Quiet Riot who repeatedly released a turd album after a turd album  least had a couple of good tracks(just a couple) that you could at least say..Ummm, not bad! No sign here of anything good! This band officially flatlined Krokus went glam too glam in look and sound and chased the American $$$ and it flopped! So disappointed me and Tbone were with this both of us gave up on them after this slab of whatever you wanna call it so if Krokus came  looking for us we went M.I.A!(missing in action) I’m sure we weren’t the only ones….

Even Krokus knew the ship had sunk! Change Of Address sank quicker than the Titanic and in doing so they put out a 9 song live album with one song from C.O.A (Hot Shot City) in October of 1986! I never bought the live album titled Alive And Screaming but I did hear it as a guy at school had it(on his Walkman..ha I’m old!)and the somics of it (recording) was aweful! I passed(gas) on this and that’s being polite…..

watch the vid ….say no more….



They Call It…..Heavy Metal Noooooooise!


October 7 1984/Duluth Minnesota/  Sammy Hagar/Krokus

Thunder Bay never ever got top current American touring acts in the 80s it was only after the decade crashed and burned into the early  90s grunge wasteland that acts would make there way here…but hey that’s a story for another time. One top solo artist of the 80s who had a huge breakthrough was the Red Rocker the one and only Sammy Hagar. Sam was selling records especially with  his current release V.O.A with the huge hit I Can’t Drive 55! Sam finally made a name for himself in Tbay for Christ sakes but it was Duluth that was getting Sam The Man.

So off to Duluth for the show me and my buddy Muc and 40 other yahoos on a party bus. I was into Krokus big time I mean One Vice At A Time sounded like ACDC  the followup to it was Headhunter which they were sounding like Judas Priest no surprise since Tom Allom produced Headhunter and there they were in Duluth opening for Hagar on the back of there current release The Blitz sounding well ummmm commercial! Krokus as a opening act was a good act from Long Stick Goes Boom thru there singles like American Woman(cover) Stayed Awake All Night(cover) and old stuff like Heatstrokes and Eat The Rich good show so far but what would Sam have up his sleeve??

Well Sammy hit the stage with This Planets On Fire and just totally rocked the place. The show was sold out at about 5,000 or so as which he said from the stage he had only  3000 two years earlier. Who knows maybe he was bullshitting if he was I was buying it but hey who cares Sam rocked with his backing band  and put on a big time arena rock show with a lighting truss that came down during the song  Heavy Metal at which time he ran out above the crowds heads…we ate it up! This light Truss is the one Sam dragged with him to Van Halen the one seen in the Live Without A Net vid when Halen rips thru Ain’t Talkin Bout Love…but back to Hagar..great show and well as I had only the VOA album,on tap was more Hagar purchases. The thing I noticed was how much heavier Sam was in concert. Case in point his Three Lock Box Album was a AOR rock big time on the keys and commercial song after commercial song but VOA was a little heavier on the guitar(not much but a little) as Ted Templmen produced VOA and worked on the previous 6 albums with a  guitarist who has the initials EVH! Sammy proved that night to us he was a crazy good frontman working the stage with his wireless headset,playing guitar,high fiving the front rows,the dude was jacked, we sold our souls to the Red Rocker! Still remember when he played the song Red the whole stage was Red/Crowd everything . I’ve Done Everything For You, Plain Jane,Love Or Money, and of course VOA was well represented with I Can’t Drive 55,Swept Away,Dick In The Dirt,Two Sides Of Love and of course the the title track VOA!

Great show….

So less than 2 yrs later Sammy would bid his solo band adieu and head over to Camp Halen but because of his brilliant live show and album of the time Sam would be fine fronting Van Halen.


The above  vid is from well I’m sure ya can tell and that’s Farm Aid. This is SAMs final show with his solo band as he split to join VH shortly after this performance…