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So since Masonry Man was the leadoff song on Hodder To Hell. 57-90 is the final song on Hodder To Hell track #8 to be precise!

When me and TBone decided to take this idea back in 93 and run with it  we decided at the very earliest to write a record about growing up in Tbay/Current River we bashed out ideas that were Current River related and one of em was our Highschool which was Lakeview High School (public school) which opened in 1957 but was sold to the Catholic School Board in 1990. There ya go folks there’s the title of the song 57-90 I remember some people asking if it was about the years of someone’s life……aaaah nope! What are we U2??? We ain’t getting serious here people,nope ,nada not happening In our backyard!

So yeah me and TBone did things ass backwards we tossed around song titles and than it would be our job to figure out everything else well in this case TBone grabbed the bull by the horn and wrote the damn thing overnight lyrics included and when I went to his house he said check it out! Told him I dug it and no changes needed to be done!

Thats the thing with TBone, some people will sit in there houses and dabble in all kinds of shit illegal/legal but with T he was dabbling in music and to his credit he figured out everything on his own! Trial and Error and like I always said the dude has a ton of patience. Figured out the guitar,drums ,singing and than purchased a 4 track Fostex and ran with it! Dude had so much patience he taught me to play bass! Hahaha…

I also forget to mention that Tbones solo in Masonry Man is one of  of my all top 10 fav solos of all time and no I’m not taking the piss out of it. Seriously listen to the solo section where T starts off doing a George Harrison picking solo and than ramps it up into Van Halen territory and than slides back into 80s Hair Metal power chording. Love it !

Acoustic guitar and good ol electric make up a lot of 57-90. We called it our Irish Jig Tune whereas someone has told T that 57-90 reminded them of Green Days Time Of Your Life?  Well say what you want but we were 5 years ahead of the  Green  Day song.

During the recording of this and many tracks were all done in the winter months of early 1993 and when it came time to do the drums I would push record on the fostex and Paul Mitchell would do his best Peter Criss/BunE Carlos and bash out the fills  and we would have to beat the furnace kicking in or we would have to start over as the furnace would pick up in the recording.  That’s one reason why our songs were all under the 5 minute mark. We called it best the furnace!

So yep here is another track for ya all to dig and also if you push the CC setting ya can sing along with the lyrics after some beers/scotch/hemp whatever your deal is! Here’s some clues about thè video.I’m in it and I know guys like Ladano and Aaron   are always up for a challenge,so the deal is I’m wearing a tshirt of a band I have mentioned on http://www.mikeladano.com but not yet on my blog! Can ya figure it out ?

Wanna thank my fellow blogger pals especially Mike,Aaron,Sarca,Scott and my pals from work Yahnmower and Rockstar Super Paulie who have downloaded Masonry Man to there iPods via MP3 ! Me and T were just talking about releasing these tracks via my blog a week ago and now a week later our pals are downloading em!!

So here’s a heads up to all of ya’s. Here’s the track listing and writing credits  of the Hodder To Hell release.

This Side (side 1)

1-Masonary Man(Tbone)

2-Boulevard Blues/Strathcona Shuffe (Tbone/Deke)

3-Rockin In A Rubber(Tbone)

4-To Hell With 92(Tbone/Deke)

That Side(side 2)

1-Hodder To Hell(Tbone)

2-Cops At Robins(Tbone/Deke)

3-Bush Jacket Boys(Tbone/Deke)


All songs  written & recorded between Jan-March 1993 at Graceland North Studios.

The Band….

Tbone-lead and backing vocals,electric and acoustic guitars.

Deke- a four letter word called Bass and the odd vocal line.

Paul Mitchell-drums

Special Guests,

Todd aka Ed Jr. – lead Guitar on Boulevard Blues/Strathcona Shuffle

Rugg- lead guitar on Rockin In A Rubber